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June 18th 2010

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I have now been systematically researching the afterlife for some 21 years and am convinced beyond any doubt that there is an afterlife. Over the last five years I have been conversing with materialized afterlife intelligences; I have made 'intelligent' contact with them and of course, I have presented formidable evidence amounting to proof for the existence of the afterlife. After all these precious and vital experiences, I can say that the afterlife has huge consequences - see chapter 29 of my book. But the greatest mystery to me is why is it that some 5 to 7% of people on earth do not want to accept that the afterlife exists and do not even want to investigate the possibility. I would have thought that all humans on earth should at least have inbuilt knowledge that there is an afterlife. There is already more than enough objective afterlife evidence for those who can perceive the paranormal and the afterlife evidence with equanimity.

But it appears either through environmental negative programming - or for whatever reason a class of people appear not to have the skills and equanimity to accept there is an afterlife. Did they miss out on something at birth? Is it not reasonable to ask those higher intelligences in the afterlife to work out some way to equip every human born on earth with an built-in knowing that there is an afterlife and that we are accountable for what we do in our lives so that all humans start on an equal footing? My belief is that if people really knew without any doubt that there is an afterlife they would behave in a much more spiritual way and that those who committed atrocities were ones who did not accept there was an afterlife or accountability. We may not necessarily be on same level of spirituality but at least we should all know the rules of the game of life. Anyone with any ideas about this topic please email.

WINFREY - again! “Oprah Winfrey has fully shifted to the dark side and is a full-fledged New Age spiritual leader and occultist. Make no mistake about it: as with Vader, Oprah is fully aware that she has made The Shift.” So articulated a dogmatic extreme Christian Fundamentalist in 2008-, one of many who are making a concerted attack on Oprah. In October 2009 "O" God: A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah's Spirituality written by Josh McDowell, American evangelists and founder of "Josh McDowell Ministries" took the attack to a new level.

There is a kind of self-righteousness and intolerance in these dogmatic attacks. Why use words like - ‘she shifted to the ‘dark’ sidethe way Dark Vader did.’ What is the ‘dark’ side? Dark side is when someone shifts to do evil things, bad things, horrible things. No sensible viewer ever found Oprah to be anything like that – as a matter of fact, we see Oprah being highly spiritual by the service she does – the money she gives to charity, the money she gives to people to help themselves, by inviting inspiring spiritual leaders– such as the Rev Michael Beckwith, the Dalai Lama.. So, why the aggression? Why the violence? Why the vindictiveness against Oprah? Why the envy? Oprah is regarded as highly spiritual by most intelligent, informed people. Is it because this alleged Fundamentalist Christian has lost to Oprah Winfrey his congregation - to someone who is more inspirational, more spiritually alluring and more relevant than these uninformed thick headed Bible bashing dogmatists?

THE SCIENCE OF PHYSICS ACCEPTED THE PARANORMAL 30 years ago!! The sixth program from the "Mind Over Matter" series (Thames, 1980), in which eyesight and electron microscope researcher Dr. Kit Pedler and TV presenter, producer and writer Tony Bastable discuss how so-callled "paranormal" mental phenomena is compatible with quantum theory principles. Featuring interviews with Lawrence LeShan, David Bohm, Brian Josephson, Geoffrey Chew, Charles Tart, Elizabeth Rauscher, and Fritjof Capra.

Part 2 .........
Part 3


"Consciousness Beyond Life: The Secret the Near-Death Experience" by Pim van Lommel, M.D. was just released last week. For more than twenty years Dr van Lommel systematically studied such near-death experiences in a wide variety of hospital patients who survived a cardiac arrest. He provides scientific evidence that the near-death phenomenon is an authentic experience that cannot be attributed to imagination, psychosis, or oxygen deprivation.
See inside this book.

MESSAGE OF HOPE - directly from the afterlife: "Love is greater than hate. Spirit is superior to matter. The mightiest power in the universe emanates from the Great Power of all life. The natural laws, created by infinite intelligence and governed by divine wisdom, will ensure that slowly and inevitably there will come a better world than the one in which you live."

Bob Ginsberg talks about the way the Forever Family Foundation certifies mediums scientifically and about signs that are left by our loved ones. See website for list.

On this site you can “register” a sign that you plan on communicating to a loved one after you physically die. Forever Family Foundation will store this information and will notify your designated loved one that you have registered a sign with The Sign Registry. Upon your passing, if your designated loved one believes that they have received an after death communication from you, they can log onto our site to determine if this communication was in fact the same sign that you registered. You may be providing the greatest gift of all...

THREE CITY U.S. TOUR by brilliant US Medium James Van Praagh and UK Medium Tony Stockwell. Straight from the incredible success of their first tour working together in the UK in October 2009, James Van Praagh is excited to welcome acclaimed UK Medium Tony Stockwell as they share a 3 city U.S. tour in July 2010. Read more....

Author of a whole raft of best selling books James has also brought mediumship to millions of people through television. His daytime talk show "Beyond with James Van Praagh" aired in the U.S. from September 2002 through September 2003 and is still showing in syndication in Europe, Australia and South America. In April 2002, James began an ongoing relationship with the CBS network and produced an incredibly successful mini-series Living With The Dead, inspired by his first book Talking To Heaven. This mini-series starred Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen and was the highest rated show for CBS in two years. In October 2004 his second successful CBS project aired entitled "The Dead Will Tell" starring Anne Heche. Currently James is Co-Executive Producing CBS primetime series "Ghost Whisperer" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. It is currently seen in over 200 markets worldwide. To assist others in spiritual awareness, James travels the world teaching mediumship development classes, hosting spiritual cruises, and conducting sold-out seminars. He takes pride in having built a web site that encourages spiritual learning, grief support and friendships through its many online communities, resources and activities. Check out some of his wonderful books, audios and online courses. Read more....

James writes for us: " I am not sure if you knew it, but I was the very first medium to appear on Larry King Live and brought this work to the attention of millions. I have also had many sittings with Leslie Flint in Hollywood when he used to come over in the 80s from the UK. I was honored to have my mother come through at one of the sessions using my nick name. "

Terri has encountered the same problem Bob & Phran Ginsberg of the Family Forever Foundation had in that many grief support organizations do not want people sharing information about the afterlife. She is currently looking to organize a conference on after death communication. See her webpage.


Tommy Christianson writes: "We are some people in Denmark that have a Physical circle and having great results. Would it be possible that you make a link to us or bring an Articles on our work/site? Our Circle is called Circle Of The Sunflower and so far we have received: voices, spirit lights, orbs, fogs, Diodelights, Smells, Moving of objects, Knocking, Manifesting Spirit hands, Fox and faces in orbs, Music, Playing with our red light, Different color lights, Touching, Sound of a clock ticking, Winds, Koldness, Ectoplasm, shadows that walk around......and much more. The site is in Danish and English. Check it out at www.spirits.dk"

Can you tell me something about what kind of justice exists in the afterlife?

Here is an afterlife intelligence, a former Catholic Monsignor Hugh Benson who transmitted this information through his medium on earth Anthony Borgia in a book, 'FACTS' p47: "In the spirit world it means that not only shall the transgressor receive his just merits, it means also that all who have suffered during their earthly lives, whether from the evil deeds of others or from stress of adverse circumstances, or from illness and defects of the physical body, all such people shall be accorded full measure of compensation through the natural means which are abundant and lavish in spirit lands. Justice, you will see, will be given to those who have suffered through the fault of no one ..."

THE GREAT SIR OLIVER LODGE - remembered for saying, "... after investigating the afterlife scientifically, yes, I admit, there is an afterlife."
Here is more information about Sir Oliver Lodge in this great "interview" by Michael Tyme:
“If you could go back in time and interview anyone in history, who would it be?” That question was put to me by a friend over a cup of coffee not long ago. When I first chose Jesus of Nazareth, my friend asked me to limit it to the last thousand years. It didn’t take me long to mull it over and choose Sir Oliver Lodge, the distinguished British physicist, inventor, and psychical researcher. He edged out Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and President Harry Truman as my first choice. Although Sir Oliver transitioned to the real world in 1940, I managed to "interview" him anyway. If you are interested in reading that interview, Read more....

For twenty years, a group of spiritual seekers from many religious traditions met in various places around the United States under the rubric of the Snowmass Conferences to engage in the deepest form of inter religious dialogue. The experience was intimate and trusting, transformative and inspiring. To encourage openness and honesty, no audio or visual recording was made of, and no articles were written about, the encounters. When these encounters came to an end, it was agreed that reflections on what had happened emotionally, spiritually, philosophically, and theologically during the Snowmass dialogues should be written down. The result is a wonderful book The Common Heart.
Of particular interest is the mature way all the participants were able to come up with a list of the positive things each religion had in common-
1. Practice of compassion
2. Service to others
3. Practicing moral precepts and virtues
4.Training in meditation techniques and regularity of practice
Read more....

The Baha'i Faith’s Founder was Bahá’u’lláh, a Persian nobleman from Tehran who, in the mid-nineteenth century, left a life of princely comfort and security and, in the face of intense persecution and deprivation, brought to humanity a stirring new message of peace and unity. The essential message of Bahá’u’lláh is that of unity. He taught that there is only one God, that there is only one human race, and that all the world’s religions represent stages in the revelation of God’s will and purpose for humanity.

Bahá'ís believe in an afterlife in which the soul is separated from the body. At death, according to the Bahá'í faith, the soul begins a spiritual journey towards God through many planes of existence. Progress on this journey towards God is likened to the idea of "heaven." If the soul fails to develop, one remains distant from God. This condition of remoteness from God can in some sense be understood as "hell." Thus Bahá'ís do not regard heaven and hell as literal places but as different states of being during one's spiritual journey toward or away from God. Read more about Baha'i...

We received an email from a gentleman representing a group of leading Spiritists in Brazil who tells us that Brazil is one country where the knowledge of the afterlife is part of the culture. He claims that in Sao Paulo there is a cable TV channel and an AM radio station devoted to the afterlife. There are approximately 30,000 books in print on the philosophy of Spiritism. There are thousands of mediums in the country – there are 15, 000 Spiritist centres and there is more than one medium in each Center. He claims that the Spiritist Federation of São Paulo is located in an eight-story building and has 12,000 students of Spiritism and more than five hundred volunteer mediums who every day help more than two thousand people. The group has put together a business plan to create a chain of 80 franchised Spiritist mega bookstores which will have books, DVDs, CDs, movies and performance space for theater, concerts, lectures and spirit video any now are seeking a venture partner with capital. If anyone is interested in this most worthwhile project please email.


QUESTION: Have you ever asked afterlife intelligences if the people on earth are reasonable and will be all right when they pass on?

Victor: This is what was transmitted by a highly credible afterlife intelligence, "It can be said of the vast majority of people in your world that there is far more goodness than badness, more virtue than vice, more honesty than dishonesty, more service than disservice, more altruism than selfishness."

QUESTION: There appears to be a controversy as to how long we should bury our loved ones after they die. Any suggestions?

Victor: Directly from the afterlife: "Generally it is considered advisable, where there is complete ignorance of spiritual truth, for an interval of three days to elapse before there is either burial or cremation."

QUESTION: Are spirits or souls created when there is conception or have spirits lived before we come to earth?

Highly credible information directly from the afterlife tells us that "souls are not created; they have always existed ... As spirit you have always existed. You had no beginning. Spirit did not have to be created. There never was any stage when nothing became something. Spirit, the dynamic, the essence, the vitality that is life, has always existed. Spirit is the energy out of which every manifestation of life is formed, whether it be a plant, a bird, a tree, an animal, a human. Spirit is the mainspring of existence. When a child is conceived it is not a new soul or a new spirit. It is part of the eternal spirit that has always been in existence."

Why? Because according to the conditions he himself set up, Zwinge Randi states that in the final testing of the psychics, ONLY he has the power to judge whether or not the applicant proved any aspect of the paranormal. HE IS BEING A JUDGE IN HIS OWN CAUSE! HE is making the offer, HE drafted the conditions, HE is the adjudicator, HE is the judge and HE is the jury about an outcome HE has a huge personal interest in. And HE is the one who said, "I will always have a way out ( of paying any money to any applicant) ..." This is what the debunking Zwinge Randi told Professor Dennis Rawlings. THAT says it all!! Further, two fundamental conditions are missing: putting the challenge on oath to make it enforceable and meaningful - and having independent empiricists to carry out the testing to overcome a most fundamental problem: The 'Experimenter Effect'. Read full report

Like many scientists, experimenters, investigators and writers I am an open minded skeptic and will judge on results. But of great danger to society are the closed minded skeptics who could hold up progress for many valuable years. What’s wrong with closed minded skeptics? (More next week):

(7).Ken Olson, President, Chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corporation wrote in 1977, "There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home."
(8) The discovers of a microscope with atom scale resolution eventually received a Nobel Prize, but initially were greeted with hostility, shouts, a nd laughter in scientific meetings when they describe it.
(9) "SPACE TRAVEL IS BUNK" the scientist Astronomer Royal of Britain wrote before the first successful manned launches into space..
(from YOUR ETERNAL SELF BY R.Craig Hogan Ph.D.)

Dear Victor & Wendy, This is just one more "thank you" to the many you receive. It comes with sincere appreciation for your most inspiring and informative website. Thank you. Jean Lewis (Sydney)

2. Dear Victor, I am writing to you on behalf of my dear mother, to thank you so much for sending her your book, free of charge all the way to North Wales.... I must say that I find your articles absolutely fascinating, also your web site is so informative and opens doors in the mind you cannot close, which is how things should be in this materialistic world. Vanessa.

Thanks to you Victor and Wendy, your time, brilliant research, compassion and love to help many people through their grief, they now have an opportunity to understand The Afterlife and that our loved ones survive physical death. Wonderful information you are offering to people from all walks of life----even I am behind in reading all your research. Love Sam Harding, ( excellent psychic - VZ).

'PSYCHIC WORLD'. the most reliable, credible and readable monthly newspaper on psychics, mediums, Spiritualism and the paranormal in the United Kingdom- and the world to-day. I have a half a page column in this magnificent British psychic newspaper. To subscribe to PSYCHIC WORLD send just £13.00 GBP. Please note they cannot accept US dollar cheques ONLY £ sterling cheques or £ sterling money orders or credit card payments.
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SOMETHING REALLY WONDERFUL and HIGHLY INSPIRATIONAL One of our all-time favorites...' UNCHAINED MELODY' sung magnificently by the Righteous Brothers. This is one of the greatest songs ever written - but more: just listen and feel the inspiration flow through you- it's goose pimple stuff! We also get a chance to remember some really beautiful times of the movie GHOST - Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg.


Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.