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15th May 2009

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I apologize if I have not replied to your email or letter or sent out books yet. These last few weeks have been the busiest we have known and we have really only had time and energy to focus on the report.

Our colleagues who are conducting scientific research into the afterlife in Russia want it made known that Russia has taken a move towards religious intolerance. Russian Orthodox zealot, Alexander Dvorkin, has been "elected" to head a new committee operating under auspices of the Justice Department which will have extensive powers to introduce and enforce legislation on religious organizations.

Dvorkin, a high flying American Russian, has been a leading campaigner against "sects" in the Russian Federation. This includes "nontraditional" religious and nonprofit organizations, including Yoga, New Age, Theosophy and many movements, which spread Light and Knowledge about Afterlife as well as Scientology, Mormons, Followers of Krishna and Jehovah's Witnesses. According to Dvorkin there are over 80 "large sects" in the country and "thousands" of minor ones.

Russian academics and others are outraged at this shift towards intolerance, bigotry, illegal religious harassment and cruelty. The result of his election was a vociferous and immediate outcry from academic experts on religion and others acknowledging the multi-ethnic and multi-religious character of Russian society.

Attacks on religion are contrary to the United Nations’ International Covenants on Human Rights which are legally enforceable in each country that ratified the U.N. Covenants - virtually every civilized country in the world Including the Russian Federation. These covenants state that all countries must respect a person’s religious and other personal beliefs – not only traditional beliefs but also non-traditional beliefs.

So why would a high flying American/Russian stirrer try to oppose people who are NOT doing harm to anyone? Why oppose those who are trying to bring progress in Russia? Why betray the legal commitment Russia made to the UN about observing fundamental freedoms of personal beliefs? Why would this American/Russian stirrer try to take the Russian people back to the Dark Ages?
And why are the authorities in Russia allowing the spreading of anti-religious hatred, anti-afterlife scientific investigation and anti-paranormal research?

Intolerant religious bigots have a lot to answer for all over the world. Without any doubt whatsoever, one day this disseminator of religious hatred and bigotry will pay the price for his negativity and cruelty. The sooner we can spread knowledge of the scientific evidence for the afterlife the better.

Charles Tart discusses a conflict he experienced early in life between religion and science and how important the scientific evidence for the afterlife was for him. He concludes that different people need different spiritual practices- hence the need for religious tolerance.

Watch video (6 mins)

13th International Conference
June 17th-21st Tucson Arizona USA

As part of the conference, on Wednesday, June 17th, Windbridge Director of Research Dr. Julie Beischel and IONS Senior Scientist Dr. Dean Radin will be speaking during an all day Pre-Conference Institute titled Survival of Consciousness: A Matter of Life and Death. They will examine recent advances in mediumship research methods, and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a demonstration with certified research mediums. Read more...

And listen to Dr Julie Beischel talk about her experiences with mediumship research with Dr Dean Radin in this Shift in Action interview.

The Zerdin
Phenomenal Physical Mediumship Conference organized by Dennis and Rosalind Pearman has just concluded. It was held at what is reportedly a most marvelous venue for physical mediumship (and a relaxing holiday) at Montcabirol in France (May 1st to 4th). We are hearing wonderful reports of some sensational materializations including reunions with loved ones with
• The Bill Meadows circle • The Rainbow Circle • Yellow Cloud Circle of Eternal Illumination as well as some wonderful spiritual healings. Full reports will be published soon in Zerdin Phenomenal Magazine so now would be a great time to subscribe.

THE VORTEX- KEY TO FUTURE SCIENCE David Ash and Peter Hewitt. This remarkable book is a step into another dimension. The authors' rediscovery of the forgotten vision of an outstanding Scottish scientist promises a revolution which could change our thinking about everything. Pointing to a bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds, it opens the frontiers of science to the supernatural in a way never before possible. It also demonstrates the immense powers available through nature to those working on subtle energy levels. This important book was first published under the title of Science of the Gods. It offers new support for the reality of the supernatural, paranormal and psychic. It brings man's traditional beliefs - in miracles, unseen worlds, and life after death - into a credible framework. Read more...

OBJECTION OVER-RULED! No.18. “Psychologists don’t believe in the afterlife – in fact psychologists are highly critical about the existence of the afterlife … why should I?” (for objections over-ruled 1-17 … Read more …)

Victor: First, it’s wrong to impute that ‘all’ psychologists don’t believe in the afterlife. It is on record that there are psychologists who may not ‘believe’ in anything BUT accept the EVIDENCE for the afterlife because they are empiricists – see chapter 2 of the book on evidence on the Net. Some ‘high flying’ negatively entrenched psychologists are on mission to try to convince people there is no afterlife – but there is a hidden agenda to their motive against the afterlife. These negative psychologists – the Blackmores, Wisemans and others like them of this world belong to the ANTI- afterlife organizations. These anti-afterlife psychologists have no credibility at all because no one is to be a judge in his/her own cause. Mostly, these negative psychologists are using their academic position to promote their own career which means there is a obvious hidden agenda why they crusade against others who accept the evidence for the afterlife. That is why you must see beyond the façade what is really taking place in the world of psychologists’ motives for whatever they do.

Kevin Williams, who maintains one of the best websites on NDEs, has studied more of them than most people. Author of the book "Nothing Better Than Death" available free of charge he reflects on what he has learned about living from studying Near Death Experiences. Read more...


Estelle Roberts, one of England's most famous mediums, recalled being at the bedside of her husband, Hugh, as he died. "I looked again at dear Hugh, recalling the happiness we had enjoyed together, and while I sat there I saw his spirit leave the body. It emerged from the back of his head and gradually molded itself into an exact replica of his earthly body. It remained suspended about a foot above the body, lying in the same position, and attached to it by a cord to the head. Then the cord broke and the spirit form floated away, passing through the wall." Read more fascinating accounts of what happens at the moment we die in Mike Tymn's article When the Silver Cord is Severed.

FEEDBACK from JAMES VAN PRAAGH - ONE OF THE GIANTS OF AMERICAN MEDIUMSHIP “Victor Zammit, This thank you is a LONG TIME coming. I wanted to finally sit down and formally "thank you" for all of the incredible work you have done in defending one of the world's most important work, that of mediumship and proof of life after death. My hat is off to you and, I speaking for millions, appreciate all you have done for the cause of opening up closed minds and hearts. I do hope our paths cross one day, as it would be an honor to meet you. Sincerely, James Van Praagh

CROSSING OVER: We are informed that those who studied the afterlife and know the ropes – are likely to have very easy transition. Many of them even have to be told that crossing over has taken place!. It is just possible for you to doze off in the afternoon and wake up and find yourself in the afterlife! No pain, no trauma, no mystery and no problems at all. But for those ignorant about the afterlife, things may not be so easy at all! The afterlife has huge consequences. Read more about What Happens when You Die.


about the afterlife which helped me enormously are: Arthur Findlay’s ON THE EDGE OF THE ETHERIC and THE ROCK OF TRUTH. Arthur Findlay was a practical businessman and successful stockbroker, who approached the task of psychic investigation with a cool and rational mind. For five years he undertook a special investigation with John Sloan, one of the most gifted direct voice mediums of all time. As he put it:

" I have created conditions so as to make fraud and impersonation impossible, and, by persistent enquiry have obtained information about the Etheric (Spirit) World, its inhabitants and how communication takes place which should satisfy the average individual ... I have dealt with hard facts all my life. I have required a knowledge of economics and mathematics in my business life, and, outside of this, my special interest has been in physics. I have therefore approached this subject in a matter-of-fact way, and have obtained information which makes the phenomena, to my unbiased person, both reasonable and natural."

His first book On the Edge of the Etheric The Afterlife Scientifically Explained (1931) made it very clear that the subject of survival after death comes subatomic physics. Where Two Worlds Meet (1951) is the verbatim record of a series of nineteen seances with John Sloan, Glasgow direct voice medium. The Way Of Life (1953) is gathered from various works written by Mr. Findlay; it tells inquirers all we should know about the journey through death to a much more intense and wonderful life in the spirit world.
You can download copies from the Russian ITC site.

'ANGELS AND DEMONS' – THE MOVIE - featuring Tom Hanks, directed by Ron Howard. If you think you will be watching something profound or historical or some provocative theological issues or something of value or something interesting or entertaining or educational - FORGET IT! I found the movie, set in the Vatican, to be one of the worst movies I’ve ever watched. It’s all hype, it’s all silly fiction, it’s all improbabilities, it’s all tricky mind manipulations - and it’s a lot of rubbish. It’s a FIFTH rate 'Indiana Jones at the Vatican'. The only tiny saving grace was just one line when one of the characters mumbled something that science and religion should get closer – something I have been saying these last 21 years!

TERRORISM, NATIONAL SECURITY and PSYCHIC INVESTIGATION: ‘ATTACHMENTS’ AND THEIR POTENTIAL TO DO HARM: What you are about to read is NOT fiction, is NOT fantasy, NOT make believe. It may seem beyond the 'boggle threshold' - information beyond traditional logic. But just because you may have not come across the concept before, it does not mean that what is being conceptualized is not or cannot be valid. I have no doubt whatsoever advanced psychics will concur with everything I state hereinafter. As a researcher myself, I do not for one moment accept anything unless it has a repeatable empirical basis. I state that there is 'afterlife' evidence to support what is being conceptualized hereinafter. I am presenting an issue which hitherto has NOT been part of the procedure of crime detection training. One has to ignore the entrenched negativism of the closed minded skeptics (or as Professor Charles Tart calls them 'pseudo-skeptics') They are defeatists and I submit they are a danger to national security for retarding or preventing professional investigation of psychic phenomena. The argument is about powerfully negative afterlife 'attachments'- negative entities who attach themselves to living people- who manipulate terrorists to cause enormous harm, to murder, to commit genocide, to encourage suicide bombings to inflict pain, harm and suffering. Read more …

NATALINO: I am informed from Europe, (Malta, overwhelmed with Catholicism) that this transfiguration medium is doing really good work spreading the good news about the afterlife. We are informed that while he goes into trance by candlelight a number of different faces flicker quickly across his face. Great afterlife evidence. Well done Natal, keep up the good work.

A Prophets Conference Spiritual Journey to South India co-led by Amit Goswami, Ph.D. and Uma Krishnamurthy, M.D. 15-28 January 2010.
GUIDING THIS JOURNEY are quantum physicist Amit Goswami, a practitioner of spirituality and transformation who was featured in the film “What The Bleep Do We Know?”; and renowned yoga psychologist and child psychiatrist Uma Krishnamurthy, whose spiritual roots stem from being born into a family of Indian Theosophists. In addition to discussions and dialogues, Dr. Goswami will initiate us in quantum activism, a new integral (karma) yoga for re-establishing spirituality in our society. Dr. Krishnamurthy will lead experiential sessions using yogic tools such as hatha yoga practices, chanting of mantras, meditation, and classical Indian dance, allowing us to explore the realms of superconscious states. Read more...

REINCARNATION: I’m a Buddhist and believe that when we reincarnate we do not necessarily come back as human beings … we can come back in some form of other species. Agree?

Victor: No, I do NOT agree because I am NOT a ‘believer’ - I am an empiricist who does not have the luxury of beliefs, of blind faith or of subjectivity. Whilst I respect your beliefs, you have to respect the evidence about reincarnation. There is no evidence from past life regressions or from spontaneous past life that we reincarnate back to a lower species. Information transmitted from the higher teachers - the very highly regarded Silver Birch and even the top mediums in the world to-day unanimously agree that consistent with the process of evolution, we humans cannot regress to lower vibrational species. That would be contrary to the laws of evolution. We repeatedly receive information that ‘reincarnation’ – is rather complex but we never do come back in any lower vibrating species of any kind whatsoever. Of course, there are those who do not accept reincarnation at all. For those who want to assess for themselves the evidence for reincarnation go to chapter 24. To me personally it makes no difference at all if there is reincarnation or not. It does not worry me one iota particularly when there is an argument that reincarnation is not linier - ie, that only a part of our etheric at a time comes to earth for experiences and spiritual growth. We get to know with absolute certainty when we cross over.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY: do you want good income on your investment AND to help bring about afterlife LIGHT globally - something that will forever be in your favor - even when you cross over? Here's an opportunity for you to invest in an afterlife documentary. I was interviewed for the documentary and there are some great personalities lined up. I met the producer Vivienne Sommers a couple of times and she appears to be well and truly professional. If you are interested in this great investment email Vivienne on

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? Directly from an afterlife intelligence: answering a question, "If it is true that we reincarnate, will I be separated again from my loved one?"

"Those who love one another will not be separated from one another once they have passed through the incident that is called death. Love is the law; love is the attraction. Love unifies those whom the natural law has brought together, enabling the two halves to become one. There is no need to fear that there will be any parting between individuals who have found one another in perfect love." (S Birch)

A big thank you to Kathleen for sharing with us her after-death communications with her son Edward.

Dear Victor,

I would just like to say how happy I am to have been led to your fabulous site! I have passed it on to anyone I know that believes, and to those that don't as well. I figure they have to come to their senses at some point.

On January 6, 2007 my oldest son, Edward, turned 18. But just barely one week later, on January 13, 2007 he was unexpectedly and tragically killed. He lost control of his car on black ice, crashed 2 times, but managed to get out of the car. He called me immediately although hurt and confused. As I found out later, while talking to me on the phone he was crossing a hilly, dark road to go for help to someone that turned around, and he was struck by a car and killed instantly. I was blessed to have 'been with' him at the moment he died, I heard his last 2 beautiful breaths. (But his phone was 80' away!!!)

I was in a panic because I HAD to know that he crossed over and was where he belonged......in Heaven, The Other Side, whatever you care to call it, I needed to know he was there. Exactly one month to the day he died I went to sleep and I was taken by my Guides and Angels to see him! He knew I needed to be sure of his arrival. We were very close. Ed had even drawn a cartoon face in a notebook I was writing in- AFTER he died. I saw him 2 weeks after he died running down the stairs to his room, just like he always did. It was awesome! But I was still in shock and never thought of looking down the stairs to see if I could still see him. Duh. I have been to the Other Side twice that I remember. What an unbelievable trip that was. I have also been given a glimpse of a past life we lived together! I documented everything about those visits. I also took a picture of a cross we placed at the spot where he died, and his face is in the picture twice! Along with many, many other people, things...tons of stuff.

Edward is a very powerful spirit. Very evolved, as I have been told by those who are well known and give readings. I am able to communicate with him myself. We are writing a book together, after all, he tells me, "Mom, you have to admit that I have more answers that you do now!" Ed will float things through the air, light candles and all sorts of stuff. I did not go into any detail about my 'visits', I thought I would ask if you collect these types of experiences?

Your website just rocks! I wish I would have found out about it sooner. I would be happy to send you the details of what I saw and felt if you are interested.

I just wanted to tell you, again, that we need more people like YOU!! Thank you Victor for all the hard work you put into that site. It is a treasure trove of information.


Kathleen Ed's Mom

BEQUESTS: After you have provided for your family in your will consider making a bequest which will bring about ‘LIGHT’ on a global level after you’ve gone. Now more than ever before professional accredited and registered afterlife researchers are struggling for funding so that they can help the world understand that there is an afterlife. So far, we can highly recommend the following legally registered organizations who will use your funding to benefit humanity:

* The Windbridge Institute for applied research
* Zerdin Phenomenal
* The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena

* The Forever Family Foundation
* Mark Macy's World ITC- American based research on ITC
* Rhine Research Centre- Institute for Parapsychology
* Sonia Rinaldi's IPATI- Brazilian based research on ITC

In the future we will include other registered organizations which are doing afterlife research. Please email for details.

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.