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December 2nd 2011

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

For over 1800 years we in the West were locked into strict theological doctrines. The Inquisition (which lasted between 1270-1835), some historians tell us killed some 20 million people. Catholics say only some 100,000 were killed while historian Arthur Findlay claims 27 million (including many psychics and mediums - and if ALL countries were included - South and North America, all of Europe, North Africa and Asia - including India) were killed. The cultural legacy of this was enormous fear and a reluctance by the majority to question religious 'authority'.

THE REVOLUTIONARY INTERNET: Then some 30 years ago something dramatically happened in the West which revolutionized our minds - the unrestricted access to sharing information on the internet. This resulted in people accessing critical information about traditional fundamental beliefs which provided important answers to questions about our values, answers about 'blind faith', answers about where 'sacred' information came from.

LESSER POWER AND AUTHORITY: For the first time in nearly 1800 years the Church's censorship disappeared and the Church's 'power and authority' began to become insignificant. More people to-day accept the paranormal than go to Church services on Sunday.

NO MORE SENSLESS KILLING: Information on the internet gave interesting and thought provoking answers which in the past would have led to the writers of those answers being persecuted. I for one - and many we all know - in the old days, would have been burnt at the stake for spreading information not consistent with Church's doctrines.

"I am always telling people that our century is very important historically for the planet. There is a big competition between world peace and world war, between the force of mind and the force of materialism, between democracy and totalitarianism. And now within this century, the force of peace is gaining the upper hand". Dalai Lama

Dr. Eben Alexander has been an academic neurosurgeon for more than 25 years, including 15 years at Harvard Medical School in Boston. In November of 2008, he had a near-death experience that changed his life and caused him to rethink everything he thought he knew about the human brain and consciousness.


In a recent interview with Alex Tsakiris Dr Eben Alexander explains how he has been unable to come up with any physiological explanation for what happened to him and has concluded that the mind is independent of the brain. Listen to the interview and read transcript (Interview 154).


Keith Milton Rhinehart ( 1936- 1999) was a controversial physical medium who was based in Seattle. He was apparently the only medium in the world to have passed (in 1957) the scientific test conditions imposed by the fraud-proof infrared equipment of the Japanese Scientific Psychic Research Society. According to a report by medium Susy Smith:

" Under these test conditions many physical phenomena showing ectoplasm in various forms were produced under white light and photographed with still and movie cameras....During the Japanese tests ectoplasm flowed from Rhinehart's nose, ears, throat, and solar plexus, levitating trumpets and producing partial materializations. Some of the phenomena were photographed on infrared motion picture film, later televised in Japan.

At other séances, arranged under controlled conditions in Tokyo and Kyoto during the medium's visit to Japan in 1958, materialized spirits appeared: One was recognized as the deceased father of Professor Iki Goto, D.E., of Tokyo University an investigator at the séance. The spirit walked out of the cabinet down the room, turned around, and walked slowly back into the cabinet....

Some fifteen minutes later, the spirit appeared again. This time he had his sleeves rolled up and showed a scar he had received while in his earth life. This phenomenon, illuminated by white light was witnessed by some three hundred sitters who marveled and wondered, according to the widow of the late Wasaburo Asano, founder of modern psychical research in Japan and first president the Japanese Psychic Science Association. Read full report

Apparently the films of these test seances still exist and were reportedly seen at the Japanese Psychic Science Association in the 1990s. If anyone can help locate a copy please let us know.

BRITISH SCIENTIST RON PEARSON rejects Prof. Stephen Hawking's 'speculations':
Ron Pearson engineer and scientist fundamentally disagrees with Professor Stephen Hawking and other conventional physicists about the big bang theory claiming it has fundamental errors and contradictions. He created an alternative theory which he calls the "Big Breed Theory." Read a summary.

Ron says, "I want to send the book 'HOW SCIENCE PROVES GOD' to somebody in the USA who could use it. I wrote this specially to defuse the confrontation still going on over there. All the Creationists need to yield is that God is a consortium of intelligences that existed prior to the creation of matter so that the concept of God as a man replica is only symbolic to enable the primitive people it was meant for to relate to the creator. All the evolutionists need to concede is that such a creator exists and designed matter so that life forms could evolve. Accidental improvement by natural selection no doubt occurred. It can be left to them to decide whether or not some deliberated design was also involved. Contact me if you are interested to take up Ron's offer.

completed a five year study of mediums in a project called Psychic research Involving Selected Mediums. This resulted in three published papers by the Society for Psychical Research.

The third paper showed that even in triple blind conditions a good medium can deliver relevant information to a sitter with odds against chance being a million to one.

These peer reviewed papers published in a reputable scientific journal have never been seriously faulted.
1) Robertson, T. J. & Roy, A. E. (2001). A preliminary study of
the acceptance by non-recipients of medium’s statement
to recipients. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research,
65, 91–106.
2) Roy, A. E. & Robertson, T. J. (2001). A double-blind procedure
for assessing the relevance of a medium’s statements
to a recipient. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research,
65, 161–174.
3) Roy, A. E. & Robertson, T. J. (2004). Results of the application
of the Robertson-Roy protocol to a series of experiments
with mediums and participants. Journal of the Society
for Psychical Research, 68, 18–34.

This week Tricia Robertson shares a case where she took an item belonging to a murdered girl in an envelope to an unnamed gifted medium. She knew nothing about the girl or the circumstances of the murder. In 15 minutes the medium gave her 29 detailed facts, 22 of which could be confirmed as absolutely correct. The others were not wrong but just could not be confirmed.

She concludes: If we calculated to odds against chance allocating each statement a 4 to 1 chance of being correct then the odds against chance overall are 0.0000000118. These figures are surely something which must be taken seriously. Read details...


" (I was in bed dying ..) then I suddenly felt a great urge to rise up. I had no physical feeling whatever, very much in the same way that physical feeling is absent during a dream. But I was alert, however much my body seemed to contradict such a condition. Immediately I had this distinct prompting to rise, I found that I was actually doing so... I then discovered those around me did not perceive what I was doing ... I saw my physical body lying lifeless upon its bed, but here was I, the REAL I, alive and well... I knew at once of the alteration that had taken place in my condition; I knew, in other words, that I had "died'. I knew too, that I was alive, that I had shaken off my last illness sufficiently to be able to stand upright and look about me. At no time was I in any mental distress ... then ... I found myself joined by a former colleague - a priest - who had passed to this life some years before. We greeted each other warmly ... " (Transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson through medium Anthony Borgia in LIFE IN THE UNSEEN WORLD)

QUESTION: Do prayers help people to make their transition?

S. Birch
(highly advanced, directly from the afterlife dimension) :
"Awakening only comes when realization dawns. If you have knowledge, then your awakening is much quicker, much faster. We have to fight ignorance, misunderstanding, superstition, false creeds, erroneous theologies, all of which do not help to prepare the soul for its new life. Before these are conquered, the soul has gradually to accustom itself and there is a long period of rest. As in your world you have hospitals for bruised and injured bodies, we have to treat bruised and injured souls. But where an individual has rendered great service, and love, goodwill, affection and prayer accompany his passing into my world, then the awakening is speeded, for all those vibrations help him" ('TEACHINGS OF SILVER BIRCH' ed. A.W.Austen).

QUESTION: "Does everybody go through the same after-death process of rest and cleansing?"

(Ramadan was channeled by highly gifted medium Ursula Roberts. The following is taken from the book "The Wisdom of Ramadahn").

"No, for according to your degree of evolvement will be your consciousness when you come into the spirit existence. It may be possible for you to pass through the state of dying with a full awareness of what is taking place, and therefore you may come with a feeling of joy and will not need sleep, nor yet cleansing. But most certainly you will experience joyful reunion before ever you pass on to the next state of working, serving or expressing, according to your state of understanding." Read full book online.

Near Death experiencer Nancy Danison explains the amazing feelings of love and joy she experienced in the light.

- A SENSATIONAL PSYCHIC OF THE 60'S - from Czechoslovakia. During the 60's over a dozen para-psychologists from England, India, America, Sweden, Japan and Holland traveled to Czechoslovakia to test Pavel Stepanek. They were all satisfied that Pavel had real psychic gifts. Favorable articles about him were written in prestigious journals such as The New Scientist, and 'Nature.' Of course, the psychic evidence made the skeptics look silly - so with their usual nonsense and inadmissible in professional debate, "He must be cheating because the paranormal does not exist." They said this even when highly professional non-aligned investigators from around the world tested Pavel Stepanek and confirmed he passed all legitimate psychic tests.


PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE: IN INDIA! Read this stunning article how the paranormal has been a normal part of life in India for thousands of years.
'RAW - India's equivalent of the CIA, has advanced quite a lot in recent days. Sources close to New Delhi reports that RAW is using advanced satellite technologies and REMOTE VIEWING techniques to look into foreign intelligence activities within India. Remote viewing is the paranormal activities with psychics that can sense into the future and unknown. CIA in America has used remote viewing for many years. Many times remote viewing has worked very well for CIA and Russian intelligence. In recent days India has seen a massive amount of Pakistan's ISI agents arrested all over the country. The situation has gone so bad for Pakistan and Al-Queda that they are looking for reasons what is really happening. Taking clue for CIA, RAW Indian counterpart started remote viewing techniques many years back. They also tried to correlate the readings with high-tech feedbacks like satellite sensing. This is being further validated with in the field agents' report. The net results for RAW and CBI (Central Bureau of Intelligence - equivalent of FBI) are astounding)." Read more ...

A fascinating documentary on deep trance medium Ray Brown who for the past forty five years has worked with spirit surgeon who claims to be St Paul who lived on the earth plane over two thousand years ago. Together, Paul and Raymond have treated thousands of patients with all manner of illnesses from sciatica and disc problems, arthritis, rheumatism, IBS, stomach pain, endometriosis, eyes, ear, nose, and throat problems, MS and ME. The testimonials to their healing by highly qualified doctors are impressive.
Read testimonial by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Witold Falkowski.


Part 2 Part 3 Part 4



The fourth Stephen Blog can now be read. Do try it and see if it is your cup of tea. It discusses Stephen's teaching, and the interface between spirituality and science. This time we look at STEPHEN AS A SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR, and think about his prayer: “Father, let me forget that I am me, Let me remember that I am with thee. Let me not separate myself from thee, because I am me. " Read more about the book "Afterlife Teaching from Stephen the Martyr"


JUSTICE DONE! FORENSIC PSYCHIC-DETECTIVE SUES SKEPTIC-WRITER AND WINS. FBI agents testify in favor of the gifted psychic: I've come across something very interesting - something which should make those 'closed-skeptics' to think again - before they accuse gifted psychics of fraud. Highly gifted forensic psychic Noreen Renier was attacked by a skeptical writer John Merrell who called her a 'fraud.' Noreen Reneer sued for defamation. She brought her highly qualified witnesses to inform the jury that she is really gifted. FBI Special Agent testified he worked with Noreen Renier stating under oath that her psychic skills helped him enormously to close cases. Another witness for the gifted psychic was another FBI Robert K Ressler, a 17 year veteran with the FBI's Behavioural Science Unit confirming Reneer's psychic gift was a significant help to his department. He also confirmed couple of months before President Reagan was shot, that there would be an assassination attempt on President Reagan. The closed-skeptic was found liable - 'guilty' of the offence of defamation and had to pay the gifted psychic $25,000 and expenses.


85 YEAR OLD VATICAN PRIEST INSULTS HINDUS, BUDDHISTS AND OTHER RELIGIONS : this dogmatic and highly uninformed Catholic priest claims that Yoga and Harry Potter are the works of the ‘devil.’ (Read article) Time for the Church to get rid of this highly ignorant and intolerant priest who is bringing the Vatican into disrepute. He is taking the Church back into the dark ages where whatever a priest said had to be obeyed – no matter how silly, stupid, irrelevant and outrageous it was. Otherwise the Church’s Inquisition bullies would come around and burn you as a heretic - and take over your property. And if this priest, Father Gabriel Amorth claims he carried out 70,000 exorcisms, it can only mean that his particular Catholic teaching is inviting evil spirits to possess Catholic people. He said that yoga leads to ‘Hinduism, then to reincarnation.’ In any event, what's wrong with the religion of 'Hinduism' or 'reincarnation'? The Hindus will respond by saying Catholic CELIBACY has been shown to lead to PEDOPHELIA. Proof of this, they would claim, is the Church paid out BILLIONS of dollars to pedophilia victims around the world over the years. No wonder the the Church is in a serious crisis - people leaving the Church – with so much out-of-date rubbish being allowed to spread on a global level.


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The holiday season is particularly difficult for bereaved individuals. If you know someone who is struggling with a loss, consider giving the conference as a Christmas gift! We always feel so helpless when our friends are grieving, and we wonder what we can do to help. If your friend is open to learning about the afterlife, this is a gift that can brings lasting peace and healing. Read more...

1. Victor,
"Your articles make me very happy to know that life exists. Thank you God for choosing your children like Victor Zammit and others to show the evidence of afterlife through psychic phenomena and scientific research. Through this further research and evidence many people will change their life and will walk toward the light. Thank you once again dearest Victor Zammit to console me with your articles." J.

Dear Victor and Wendy......Thank you for knowing what I have always felt and known. Tired of the skeptics!!! They just need to open their minds. So glad you both are there and thanks for the weekly info in my emails. Need them to encourage me. L. A. S.

3. Victor: " ... thanks victor for answering my questions. it shows to me that your a very caring individual who spends time reading all e-mails and trying to answer each one. i really appreciate that you wrote back to me." Jn..


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: A REAL MASTERPIECE: listen carefully to the beautiful musical voices of Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli in the evocative 'Time To Say Goodbye.' (from LIVE IN TUSCANY).


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