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COMMENTARY: SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO SILVER BIRCH: WHY IS SILVER BIRCH IMPORTANT? Silver Birch is a high level spirit teacher who transmitted information through the trance medium Maurice Barbanell (1902-1981). He came through to a group which met monthly in the home of London author and drama critic Hannan Swaffer for over forty years.

He claimed to have been a spokesperson for a collective of higher spirits: “There is a vast concourse, all with wills perfectly attuned, with minds in harmony, with souls all at one. They use me, even as I use this instrument, to tell your world the truths that have been buried for too long but which are now being restored and given their rightful place in the lives of thousands of men and women”.

Content analysis of the information transmitted by Silver Birch shows that it has a high level of internal consistency and has been acknowledged by millions as highly spiritual, educative and insightful. It sets out a wonderfully clear explanation of the spiritual laws. The highly inspirational information is also critical to inform us here on planet Earth exactly what is going to happen when we die, something that traditional religious books do NOT tell us!

I have been regularly reading these teachings for many years- and feel with absolute certainty it is the ultimate information for this lifetime - and the next. The information from Silver Birch can technically be regarded as a PRIMARY SOURCE because it comes directly from competent witnesses in the afterlife. Here are some very beautiful extracts from Silver Birch transmissions - read



ITC investigators: Mark Macy (U.S.), Prof. E Senkowski (Germany), Sonia Rinaldi, (Brazil). EVP investigators Tom and Lisa Butler (U.S.): People regularly ask me which area of psychic phenomena are we likely to get some spectacular results - something that will have a paradigm shift on a global level. In addition to materializations, the greatest objective evidence for the afterlife is very likely to be in ITC/EVP- where crossed over loved ones will come on the television screen and talk to us briefly. In fact, that is happening now. Mark Macy, Prof E. Senkowksi, Sonia Rinaldi and Tom and Lisa Butler all are powerful researchers who had success in this area of electronic spirit communication. When the afterlife scientists working with our own experts here finally perfect ITC and EVP - where we all can see and talk to crossed over loved ones on a television screen - there will inevitably be an afterlife revolution on a global level - no doubt about that. This is an area of psychic research that we must support.


This week we read an online petition for support for psychic research in Finland. It claims that compared to Sweden, where many parapsychological studies have been carried out with some public support, and where is even a professorship of parapsychology, the situation in Finland is bleak. Finland has an institute in parapsychology - mostly running with voluntary resources. But unless they can get some funding or resources, it will cease to exist.

The truth is that employed scientists only do research that they get funding for. All over the world those researching the afterlife and psychic phenomena are struggling. As Dr Julie Beischel of the Windbridge Institute says: " It is not surprising that more people aren’t working in this field and that it takes so long for us to accomplish anything: I can’t afford the necessary equipment and personnel to perform the types and number of studies I’d like to do.” If we want good scientific papers and presentations it is up to those of us who are passionate about the possibilities of this research to support those willing and able to do them. Some of the organizations that ARE producing brilliant afterlife results and deserve our support are:
The Windbridge Institute.
The Forever Family Foundation
Association TransCommunication

Jessica Haynes talks about her NDE, her discovery of the power of prayer and of her psychic powers.


FEEDBACK: FROM AN OXFORD UNIVERSITY TRAINED SCHOLAR ON THE BIBLE - Rev. Michael Cocks - Last week I claimed that the Bible is a Secondary Source on information about the Afterlife, inferior to other 'Primary Sources'.
My comment was precipitated by a debate I had with a Fundamentalist Christian who stated that EVERY WORD in the Bible is the word of God. I disagreed for many reasons. I cited the example of 'Deuteronomy' - in the Old Testament of the Bible, where God is shown to be the architect of genocide, inflicting pain, suffering - and slaughtering thousands of innocent men, women and children based purely on racial background. This makes God some violent ethnic cleanser with lower morality than a human being. I do not accept that- and most people around the world do not accept that either. Having said that, I repeat what I stated in the past: "if what you believe is making you a spiritually better person, then you have the right beliefs for you!"

OXFORD UNIVERSITY SCHOLAR Rev. Michael Cocks' reply: "Victor, I entirely agree with your stand that belief should not be in a religion, but in what can be established by properly observed experience, established in a court of law, or from scientific endeavor. And that is why I have been supporting you for a good many years. I do not wish here to defend the teachings either of the Catholic church or that of ten thousand other wildly differing denominations and sects.

But I cannot accept some of the claims you made last week about the Bible. For instance you claim that nobody knows when the books of the books the New Testament were written. This is not correct. There is general agreement amongst scholars of all persuasions that St Paul’s letters were written between 50 CE and before 70 CE. Similarly, that the Gospels were written after the Fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE and before the year 100. Readers can confirm this from Wikipedia." Read full article


'PSYCHIC DETECTIVES': AUSTRALIAN SKEPTICS DEFEATED: R Saunders of the Australian Skeptics claimed that no police officer ever stated that psychics help the police. This was in a televised debate with Simon Turnbull of the Australlian Psychics. We suggest skeptic R Saunders read some the statements made by 60 POLICE OFFICERS who confirmed that they were given most valuable assistance by psychic-mediums. In some instances, the police officers became 'believers' (ie, accepting the psychic evidence) - and many claimed that if it had not been for the psychic medium the case would not have been solved. It is time for skeptic Saunders - and all skeptics - to be honest and decent enough to graciously accept defeat on this one. Read full report - 60 police officers in their own words confirming they get help from psychic mediums PSYCHIC DETECTIVES


GUY LYON PLAYFAIR TALKS ABOUT CHICO XAVIER at the Second British Spiritist Congress 2013. Check out his books



JOSE MEDRADO- COMING SOON TO SYDNEY A teacher, lecturer and Brazilian physical medium, Jose Medrado, was a medium from childhood. He only started painting mediumistically at the age of 27, when the spirit Renoir came up to him and proposed to jointly undertake a work which would "change paint into bread." Although not trained as an artist, he goes into trance and produces wonderful paintings in front of an audience, in just a few minutes. Experts have testified that what he does would be impossible for a normal person. All money collected from his mediumistic painting goes to social work - food and clothes distribution, support for the orphanage belonging to City of Light and other charity institutions. According to the agreement set by Medrado and the spirit Renoir, during their first contact, Medrado's psycho pictography faculty would be discontinued if this philanthropic purpose is neglected. See video of Medrado painting. For information on his Sydney demonstration email Inge Crosson awakeningsoulsinfo[at]gmail.com

Luis Sergio Marotta sent this picture of a recent talk he gave at the Spiritist Center Manoel Felipe in Belo Horizonte in South Eastern Brazil. The topic was " Spiritism and The Paranormal in the World Today". Luis is a regular presenter on Kardec Radio.




QUESTION: I'm new to all this. But tell me Victor, after reading so many books and watching some movies - am I likely to become a 'ghost' when I die? Margaret, Santa Monica, U.S.

Victor: Margaret, you have been reading the wrong books and watching the wrong movies. Further, you must be a new subscriber - because if you read the material prepared for our subscribers, you would have read that we do NOT become "ghosts" on crossing over. Those subscribers who read the Afterlife Report every week accumulate a wealth of material about the afterlife. Many subscribers have been with us for some 13 years!! If you are a reasonable person, open minded, unselfishly helping those who come your way guaranteed, on crossing over you will be met by a loved one who will help you to go to the realm of the Light. Read WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE in relation to ghosts.


VICTOR, WENDY and MEMBERS OF THE CIRCLE OF SILVER CORD IN CONVERSATION WITH AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE: Last Sunday night, along with the members of medium David Thompson's Circle of the Silver Cord, Wendy and I had a very interesting conversation about spirit communication with an afterlife intelligence-'William'. It was as if we had a conversation with a dear friend in the lounge room. All the Circle members have the intelligence, experience, the discrimination and psychic knowledge to know that what they were experiencing was an independent personality, an extra person whose identity is separate from the medium's, and whose memory and personality have been consistent over a number of years. Those who have had the privilege to experience genuine deep trance mediumhip and physical mediumhip over a long period know that it is the ultimate proof that the afterlife exists.

on the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Australian (now International) Psychics Association. They have worked tirelessly to educate the public about a wide variety of psychic phenomena, to model high standards and to lift the profile of psychic/mediums in Australia. Simon for many years has advocated a balanced evidence-based approach to the work, and has consistently delivered outstanding evidence which has been promoted in the media. He has put forward the case for genuine psychic phenomena with trademark good humor in several high profile television debates with skeptics. In January 1991, the Association introduced a set of ethical guidelines for psychics giving consultations to the public, something that was constantly requested by people seeking referrals to creditable psychics. Through their publication of an Annual Australian Psychics Directory and Australian Psychic of the Year Awards they have generated a real sense of accountability and community. Well done.

Mark your calendars now, The Afterlife Convention in Santa Monica, CA is scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2013, 10am – 6pm. The Convention producer is Richard Martini, Author/award winning filmmaker of Flipside: Journey to the Afterlife, which explores startling new evidence for life after death. This Convention is for those with a legitimate interest in exploring the evidence for a life after life, watching a demonstration and engaging with like-minded people who are not afraid to question the conventional wisdom. Unlike so many gatherings that explore similar themes, the Afterlife Convention will talk about fact-based realities based on eyewitness accounts. Read more...

" The best thing about this book is that not only are the authors thoroughly credible, but they did an excellent job of compiling credible evidence of the afterlife in one place, so that those of us wishing to gain more knowledge on the subject would have a brilliant point of reference. They literally compiled evidence from a massive amount of different sources creating somewhat of an encyclopedia for those of us interested, to refer back to and further research if we are so inclined. They touched on every area of interest and supported their conclusions with credible evidence. Bravo!"
Linda Sanchez on Amazon.com

Where to obtain a copy of the book: And a big thank you to those authors and afterlife investigators who also inspired us to produce the book. AND a huge THANK YOU to all those who wrote a most favorable review for us. Available now from:-
Amazon UK
The Book Depository

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1) I love how you deal with closed minded skeptics, Victor. You remain calm, you present evidence, you use an elegant choice of words and you are not afraid to engage people in dialectical battles. Our cause needed a Victor Zammit, and it got one. Jean-François Montigny

2) Wonderful report as always, Wendy and Victor. Thank you
And listening to ABBA always makes me happy. Pure healing

3) Always look forward to reading these, excellent as usual!


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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.