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July 8th 2016

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COMMENTARY: PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION We are informed that Alfred Russell Wallace (below right) was a co-originator with Charles Darwin ( below left) of the theory of evolution in England in the nineteenth century. But whereas Darwin restricted his theory of evolution to material, physical aspects, Wallace was a Spiritualist who would have argued that evolution continues in the afterlife. Evolution of the spirit - not of the body. We now know that, as residents in the afterlife dimension, we continue to evolve. On crossing over most of us land in the Third Sphere (or Realm, or Level). But we do not stay in the one place. Our mind and our spirit continue to evolve to higher Realms - to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th realms in the afterlife. From physical evolution to spiritual evolution - that is something we have to understand is possible.

PHYSICIST DESCRIBES HOW HE TESTED PSYCHICS Hal Puthoff Ph.D. describes some of the tests he did with psychics Ingo Swann, Hella Hammid, Uri Geller, Pat Price, Joseph McMoneagle and others. He explains that a problem faced by all psychics is the mixture of real received information and either imagination or extraneous data. At 26.00 minutes he describes how he dealt with a 'super skeptic' who accused him of fraud.

CELEBRITIES WHO HAD PSYCHIC EXPERIENCES ‘Ghostbusters’ and 'Blues Brothers' actor Dan Ackroyd (left in picture) claims to be "haunted" by his best friend and co-star John Belushi (right in picture) who died of a drug overdose in 1982. He claims to see Belushi in Studio 8H where they worked together. “It’s weird,” says Dan Ackroyd, “It’s as if John is trapped in limbo there.” (Courtesy of Craig Hamilton-Parker).


"All the difficulties, wars, greed, selfishness, the by-products of materialistic thinking. These cannot be abolished until man on earth expresses the divine qualities of love, affection, pity, compassion, service. These are the divine attributes with which he is endowed. Until he manifests them he is retarding his unfoldment. Every act of exploitation or cruelty hinders his or her advancement, apart from its deleterious effect on others, be they human or animal." Silver Birch.

WONDERFUL VIDEOS OF THE LESLIE FLINT TAPES Musician and artist Jack Terrence Andrews has spent thousands of hours since 2007 working as a volunteer for the Leslie Flint Educational Trust. He has converted many hundreds of recordings of Leslie Flint direct voice seances to audio files so that they can be shared online. Recently he created pictures and music for 105 videos of tapes which he uploaded to the New Leslie Flint Youtube channel. He writes: "All I ask in return for those hours, days, weeks, months and years of work, is that you at least open your mind enough to listen to some of these." Beautiful work Jack.

The tape below contains 3 segments:
1.00 Mickey, Leslie's spirit helper, talking about the inter-connection of all life.
3.32 Jock, a Scotsman, on why we incarnate.
6.00 Jenny Wilson - a woman farm laborer from the Victorian era.
9.22 Jenny describes what happened when she died in childbirth. She said that she found herself standing in the fields with her baby in her arms. Later she was welcomed with her baby into the spirit world by "The Christ".
14.14 Rudolf Valentino talking about eternal life, the nature of God and the need for science to evolve.
16.44 Ghandhi Ji: "There is only one way and it is the way of love.

Question: what happens to children when they die so very young? And why do they have to die so young not having had the opportunity for a much longer life? Altea B.

Victor: When children cross-over, they are taken care of by specially trained spirits. Children grow up in a similar way to if they remained on earth - which means they will have some form of education until they get to adult level. They are also looked after by loved ones - a crossed over grandmother or others. But they will get all the help they need for their social, spiritual and educational needs. We are told that dying young was part of the child's 'blueprint' of the life they planned. Some say that they needed only limited experiences which they could not get in the afterlife.

NEW DOCUMENTARY ON REINCARNATION: THIS LIFE PAST LIFE Keith Parsons, now retired, was formerly a BBC producer. Many of you will have watched his wonderful 54 minute documentary 'This Life, Next Life' which offers scientific evidence for the afterlife. It is one of the most popular videos we have featured.

In his new video, Keith presents three 'hypnosis' cases for which a huge amount of evidence has been found. He also examines the spontaneous past life memories of small children, with reference to the work of the late Professor Ian Stevenson of the University of Virginia. If you enjoy either of these documentaries you might also like his racy yet 'spirituaI' novel, 'Lucky James?' published in February 2016. All proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres.

The television show Sensing Murder New Zealand (2006-2010) caused a sensation. The show's producers claimed that before each series they tested 70-75 psychics and mediums in New Zealand and Australia with a case that had already been solved. The most accurate 3 were then given a photograph of a missing person and asked to describe the person and what happened to them. Psychics Deb Webber, Sue Nicholson and Kelvin Cruickshank performed brilliantly. In many cases the psychics were able to give some 43 correct variables. A number of full episodes are available on Youtube.

PACKING FOR MARS A documentary movie released in November 2015 by Frank Jacob and Tonia Madenford claims that NASA has two space programs—the one NASA wants you to know about, and the real one (where psychics are highly valued) that has been kept hidden for decades. The movie consists of interviews with scientists, physicists, researchers, an astronaut, and some "well-informed whistleblowers". See short presentation by the producers at the June 2016 Australian Nexus Magazine Conference.

One of the participants in the movie was ITC expert, physicist Dr. Ernst Senkowski who crossed over last year. He talks about a "chronovisor", a device which sounds like science fiction. This device supposedly could allow people to view events from the past and the future, the way that remote viewers do. Dr. Senkowski claims that he talked with its inventor, Father Ernetti, who was also an early pioneer of electronic voice phenomena. Father Ernetti claimed that the Vatican took possession of the device because of its potential danger.

One has to remember that at the very moment of physical death, the real you comes out of the dead physical body. The real you is a replica of the physical body; it will seem to you and others as solid as we are in this dimension. You will have the same appearance, consciousness, memories that you had while alive. Any defects in the body you had while alive will disappear - the blind will see, the cripple will walk, the deaf will hear - your health will be perfect. You will have the same level of motivation except that your psychic faculties will be heightened. Later you will discard the unwanted memories but you will have exactly the same character and exactly the level of spirituality attained while alive. Read more...



Jeffrey interviewed by Sandra Champlain about his experiences with EVP and ghosts.

OUR COMMUNICATION WITH THE OTHER SIDE Do our friends in the afterlife hear us when we use our mind to speak to them? Strictly speaking no, not always. But if at the time you, mentally, are sending them a message and they are attuned to you, yes they will hear you. Whenever there is a heart to heart connection between those on physical earth and those in the afterlife dimension, then all the messages, all the thoughts are immediately known.

People to-day in the twenty first century will agree that it is time to clean-up those non-spiritual writings in the sacred books of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam - and of course in other "sacred" books. Many so-called "scriptures" were written thousands of years ago when the writers believed the earth was flat. The Bible still has some most horrific writings e.g. instructions to stone a woman to death for fornication. In the Talmud we are told to kill 'infidels' and in Islam we are told about punishing theft by chopping off hands.
All of the evidence that comes from many different sources is that the consciousness which underlies the universe is pure unimaginable love and would never encourage cruel practices. One has to make a distinction between being 'religious' and being 'spiritual'. Ultimately on crossing over, it is our spirituality which will determine our rightful place in the afterlife - not how much belief we had.

KOKO THE GORILLA WHO TALKS is a documentary which features footage from four decades and examines both the relationship between American animal psychologist, Penny Patterson, and gorilla, Koko, as well as the evolution of scientific methods. Premieres Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET on PBS. See preview.

See also A Conversation with Koko- a 56 minute Ahamo 2015 Winner: Excellence in Documentary Film available now on Youtube.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).
1) Thank you so much for your enlightening weekly Afterlife Reports – they are immensely appreciated. Hendri, Windhoek, Namibia

2) Such a great article that I could relate to about "My husband doesn't believe in the afterlife". So many of those questions I have been confronted with. Thank you for sharing. Linda

3)I've been reading up on this topic recently, and am blown away by it all! NDEs, SDEs, LBLs, reincarnation, it's utterly fascinating! And it all points to the fact that our most important focus is love. I used to be a total left brain chess- playing Mensan atheist computer geek skeptic, and it's been a wonderful journey of rediscovery of the truths that lie behind that mess called organised religion.
Love Ed

MUSIC FOOD FOR THE SOUL The ultimate in harmony, the BEE GEES singing what is, in my view, their most successful song. HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE has over 64 million hits. You just have to listen with your heart to this most beautiful music to feel the full effect - just so brilliant!


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