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Report July 27th 2007

COMMENTARY: CRISIS IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH - AN ISSUE WHICH HAS TO BE DEALT WITH BY THE VATICAN: I was invited to investigate an afterlife problem in the highly explosive situation in Catholic Malta in Europe – an island just south of Italy. As a scientific investigator investigating afterlife matters– I discovered something quite horrific! The Church there is teaching ALL children at school and catechism classes that the average decent person on crossing over goes to ‘purgatory – a place of suffering’! THAT’S WRONG! That’s evil, that’s horrible, that’s highly misleading and those priest/s who decided to teach that kind of horrible theology will pay a heavy price one day for that. Where is the authority to teach that nonsense? By what authority does the Church decide to teach something not stated by Jesus– something which is not in the Christian Bible anywhere? And the most fundamental question: WHY IS THE CHURCH TEACHING SOMETHING WHICH IS FUNDAMENTALLY INCONSISTENT WITH SCIENCE? This is the Galileo issue again! There is NO AUTHORITY from any valid objective source for that kind of fear tactics for the attempt to control the minds and the hearts of the innocent and the unaware. I will keep you informed about this very important matter.

STOP PRESS: My investigations now show that the Catholic Church itself around the world - its theology states that on crossing over, we ALL go to 'purgatory' - a place of pain and suffering! Absolute rubbish! There is no objective authority for that and in any event it clashes with the scientifically elicitied information from our materializations we do every week. More later about this horrific discovery. Any Catholic theologian is free to contact me about this most horrific belief.

FOUR WEEKS TRAVELLING AROUND THE WORLD: I’m now back in Australia, albeit with jet-lag, after six countries in four weeks. It was wonderful to meet so many friends and supporters along the way and to hear so many wonderful experiences with mediumship and direct afterlife contacts. It seems that afterlife communications are happening everywhere.

WHY HAVEN’T THE OTHODOX SCIENTISTS ACCEPTED THE EVIDENCE? Last week when I was being interviewed for a special on Malta television by Lou Bondi (see picture) in the historical Palace of the Inquisition– where many mediums were tortured to death from around the 1660's, he asked me a very important question. Why, he asked, do some orthodox scientists ignore the evidence for the afterlife? My answer is that the hard core objective evidence for the afterlife gives these materialist scientists enormous anxiety. This evidence shatters their lifelong personal belief that the afterlife does not exist. So, these anti-afterlife scientists try to ignore the sensational objective evidence hoping it will go away! As all litigation lawyers around the world know very well, no scientist will ever be in a position to rebut any evidence which is objective and which can be repeated over time and space. But ignoring the evidence does not mean the evidence does not exist - my view is that it only shows that these materialist scientists for the first time in history are tacitly accepting that the afterlife does exist and are keeping very quiet about it.

SCIENCE AND EXPERIENCE People, especially the younger generation, no longer have trust in ‘faith’ and ‘beliefs. Everywhere people are seeking to be convinced by reason coupled with their own personal experience. Blind faith is out and 'proof' is in. We, psychic investigators and empiricists, are confident that the phenomena classed as “psychic” and “extrasensory” such as mediumship and clairvoyance do stand up to scientific and empirical scrutiny and that the afterlife can be shown to exist with as much certainty as subatomic particles.

AN EXCELLENT MEDIUM Whilst doing research in Malta I came across ‘Dennis’ who runs the Flower Seed Spiritual Center. Like the American medium George Anderson, Dennis has had to battle with the problem of seeing and hearing spirit while growing up in a devoutly Catholic community. For many years he tried to ignore and suppress his gift but thankfully now times are changing and he is able to teach meditation and Reiki and see individual clients in his stunningly beautiful centre at Lia. Dennis claims that among his clients are a number of high ranking clergy from the Vatican. He told me that he now encounters so many people who no longer find blind faith to be enough and are searching for meaning in life through a personal experience with a medium. Dennis can be contacted at

TRANSFIGURATION MEDIUM: In Malta I was also fortunate to meet Natalino Vella, a developing transfiguration medium. Transfiguration is a rare form of physical mediumship which allows the face of a person who has died to appear on the face of another person. A number of people told me that they sat with Natalino in semi-darkness they saw his face change to embody a succession of faces of many different nationalities. “It was so amazing” said one witness, “I saw a number of faces flickering one after the other- European, Chinese, American Indian- many faces, all different- but it was definitely not his face”.

DAVID THOMPSON IN PERTH This weekend some fortunate people in Perth Western Australia are having the opportunity to sit in a public séance with materialization medium David Thompson. This is David’s first visit to Perth and for many people there it will be their first chance to experience this rare and spectacular form of mediumship where those who have died become solid and talk to their loved ones. We hope to be able to bring you some first hand reports of experiences from Perth.

DAVID THOMPSON’S MATERIALI-ZATIONS ARE BIGGER THAN GALILEO’S INCIDENT! Without doubt, after being part of a team which has been investigating these brilliant materializations, I can state without equivocation that David Thompson’s materializations are bigger in impact than the Galileo affair. Why? Because Galileo dealt with the way our solar system is designed – and it is one of the cosmos issues to study and which showed the writings of the Bible about our cosmos is definitively wrong. But David Thompson’s fantastic weekly materializations – proving with absolute certainty that the afterlife exists, refers to ALL humans on earth, giving direct critical information to all people that the afterlife exists and what is going to happen when they cross over. It is this communicating with afterlife entities that is the greatest discovery in human history!

Science is supposed to be cumulative so why do we have to keep re-proving what has been already proved?

Professor Richet, winner of the Noble Prize for Physiology studied materialization and writes of the phenomona in his book Thirty Years of Psychical Research: " I shall not waste time in stating the absurdities, almost the impossibilities, from a psycho-physiological point of view, of this phenomenon. A living being, or living matter, formed under our eyes, which has its proper warmth, apparently a circulation of blood, and a physiological respiration which has also a kind of psychic personality having a will distinct from the will of the medium, in a word, a new human being! This is surely the climax of marvels. Nevertheless, it is a fact.” Read more…..

UNHOLY ALLIANCE: it is just amazing how two opposing camps- the ignorant religious and the debunking skeptics can get together against psychics and mediumship. I can never forget how in Malta a Catholic priest joined forces with a known closed minded debunker in a radio debate against a medium.

PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP AND THE BIBLE Is it reasonable that primitive people would think of spirits manifesting through direct voice mediumship as gods or angels? Does it occur to those who claim that physical mediumship does not exist that the Bible and other "sacred books" are full of stories of physical mediumship? Dr Jacqueline Jones-Hunt has written a very informative book on the basis of her PhD research called Seances with God Through the Ages. In Chapter 4 she examines the Bible in the context of modern knowledge of physical mediumship. Moses, we are told, spoke to God “face to face” but after his death the people were afraid of the cloud-like substances (ectoplasm) which signaled his ethereal presence.

PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP IN ALL CULTURES Dr Jones-Hunt points out that physical mediumship is a key part of Shamanism (American Indians, Australian Aboriginal and African societies) but also was the basis of religion in Ancient Egypt, China, Japan, Greece, the Middle East and virtually every known culture.

LORD CHARLES HOPE was a British investigator of the paranormal, especially physical mediums. His long series of sittings with Rudi Schneider convinced him that the phenomena were genuine. He writes: “There is, of course, nothing new about many of these strange happenings. They have been alleged to have occurred for a great many years and you will no doubt recollect very similar incidents mentioned in the sacred books of various religions. At any rate, since the beginning of the spiritualist movement, phenomena of this sort have been consistently reported from all over the world. Nor has serious investigation of these things been wanting. Quite a number of eminent men of science have given their attention to these so-called supernormal phenomena.” Read more….

I am grateful to Michael Tymn for drawing our attention to one of the most detailed descriptions of the dying process in his post The Physician Who Watched Himself Die July 17th, 2007 on his blog (scroll down)

Report July 20th 2007

COMMENTARY: I am still in Europe. Next Tuesday I will be flying to Germany, then to Singapore. With Michael Roll, the British afterlife investigator, we went to visit the Palace of the Inquisition in Malta – the place where the Church in the 1600’s and 1700’s tortured people for alleged non Christian beliefs and practices and for their paranormal activities. Mainstream media producers carefully selected this Palace of the Inquisition for an interview with me and another member of the Circle of the Silver Cord about the evidence for the afterlife. The program was masterminded by Lou Bondi, a television documentary expert. It has the potential to go to the Discovery Channel, Cable television. I was interviewed by Lou Bondi himself and the other Circle member was interviewed by Rachel Attard. The actual interviews took place in the very Courtroom in which women and men were tried for their paranormal and other ‘irreligious’ activities.

THE SECRET. The essential truth of all religions and indeed of quantum physics is that at the level of consciousness we are all one. If we are indeed part of God, one in consciousness with the divine, then indeed we have the power to create with our minds. This is the meaning of the Biblical assertion that man is made in the likeness of God. The book and the video The Secret currently taking the western world by storm is simply a re-statement of this age-old truth packaged for a materialistic audience. Clearly our thoughts are extremely powerful and it is urgent for humanity to begin to act as one to envision a peaceful and abundant future for all.

SWEET SONG! I was contacted by a beautiful lady who lives in Florida. She has never written music before and is a dog groomer. She could not get certain words out of her mind and began writing, and since that day a song came out of her and it was brought to producers in the states. The song is directly from spirit, to people on Earth who grieve. They even brought it to medium John Edward and he played it on his show. I hope that you enjoy it!

Highlights from past reports

1. Close content analysis of information transmitted from the afterlife dimension tells us that there are several realms in the afterlife which are vibrating from the lowest to the highest. The lowest realm is what the Church calls hell. We were informed that entities in this dark, horrible realm do have an extremely bad time – but residence there is not for eternity. Consistent with the Law of Progress, these entities in the lowest realms will in the future, even if it will take eons of time, make it to the realm of the light.

2. Beliefs are generally irrelevant unless beliefs make one more spiritual – as distinct from becoming more ‘religious.’

3. That love is the most powerful force in the universe and that physical death does not and cannot destroy love where there is a heart to heart connection.

4. The average decent folk have nothing to worry about. In nearly all cases on crossing over we are met by our loved ones who will help us to pass on to the realm of the light – where conditions are hugely more favourable than anywhere on earth.

5. The Law of Cause and Effect is critical and has been in existence from time immemorial. All our behavior accumulates and gives us a particular vibrational level and all memories are embedded in the ‘soul’. Click on BOOK top right, chapter 27 WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE?

: It is totally unnecessary to despair, to be sad and to be miserable. Empirical information (information obtained using scientific method to measure and test afterlife evidence) shows absolutely that your loved one continues to exist in the afterlife, usually in conditions much more pleasant than on earth. These days spiritual scientists have given absolute objective evidence that the afterlife does exist. We know that our loved ones stay close to us and send their love and that when we cross over we will be met by them. Read more than TWENTY ONE AREAS OF OBJECTIVE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE about the certainty of the afterlife and about what happens when you die – click on chapter 27 right column or above this report.

MATERIALISTS, CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS, DEBUNKERS Psychics and others keep on asking me about dealing with the materialists… I reply DON’T! They have already PRE-judged the issue and they REFUSE to allow for the possibility that any paranormal phenomenon can be validated. When we analyze the work of the closed minded skeptics-materialists all we get is, “the paranormal, the afterlife cannot exist ..” THAT is NOT skepticism. That is nothing but hard core closed minded materialism. It is a closed belief system as rigid as that of any cult. I told them to put up or shut up– to show WHERE, WHEN, WHY AND HOW the afterlife evidence cannot be accepted. They appear to have shut up.

JUSTICE AND THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT: more complaints about lack of justice on this planet earth! For decades people have complained to me – even this week - that there is no ‘justice’ on earth. They complain that justice and law are totally different. Highly credible information from the afterlife dimension states with certainty that whilst you may not get justice on earth those people who lied, cheated and deceived you in life will inevitably pay a price for their entrenched negativity in the afterlife– this is guaranteed! The law of Cause and Effect means inevitably NO ONE gets away with it!

BRILLIANT SCIENTIST WHO ACCEPT THE PARANORMAL. DR STEPHEN PHILLIPS earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, where he also taught mathematics and physics. In 1979 one of his scientific papers was published, proposing a theory that unified particle interactions and predicted that quarks are not fundamental (as most physicists currently believe) but are composed of three more basic particles ('subquarks') which, may have since been detected at FermiLab, high-energy physics laboratory near Chicago in America. He has lectured on his research at the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University, to the Society for Psychical Research, to the Theosophical Society and at the 1996 Summer School of the Dharma Center of Canada, a Buddhist meditational retreat outside Toronto, Canada. His work has appeared in several academic journals, popular magazines and newspapers. He was the British physicist who published three books discussing the clairvoyant investigations on matter (occult chemistry) done by Leadbeater and Besant. They thought they were describing atoms, but Phillips recognized that they were actually describing subatomic particles. He says his work was reviewed by Brian Josephson, Hal Puthoff and others. His articles page has many interesting (but highly technical) subjects. (Thanks to Bill Walker for this interesting item). Read more …

PSYCHIC LIFE OF JESUS a book by Rev. G Maurice Elliot. “The Church in ascribing the miracles of Jesus to his Godhead has made a fatal mistake. The Church has divorced Jesus from the rest of humanity … This book is a humble attempt to show that all the so-called miracles of Jesus were performed in complete accordance with law – sometimes natural law, sometimes psychical law, sometimes spiritual law, sometime all three, but always in accordance with law.” This book is enthralling as it is intriguing and enlightening. Contact PSYCHIC PRESS 20 Earlham Street, LONDON WC2H 9LW UK.

DO YOU HAVE THE MORAL COURAGE TO READ ‘FACTS’ a book by a former Catholic Monsignor Hugh Benson now in the afterlife transmitted through gifted medium Anthony Borgia. The book is provocative, shocking, stimulating, challenging. It examines cherished Christian beliefs we’ve had for some 2,000 years. Mons Hugh Benson now in the afterlife claims to have access to the truth about what happens there, access to the truth about Catholic beliefs. We have to remember that mediumship has been repeatedly empirically validated. If you do have the courage to read this book you will do yourself a huge favor. FACTS by Anthony Borgia is not for those who do not want to know the truth; it is not for the weak hearted. It is for those who want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The Spiritual Books website has many of the classic afterlife books, including FACTS and all of Mons Hugh Benson's books (click on Spirit wordbooks or Spirit pdf).
The book can be also be obtained from PSYCHIC PRESS 20 Earlham Street, LONDON WC2H 9LW UK.

ESPIONAGE REMOTE VIEWING: psychic espionage works! Espionage leaders will exhaust all alternatives to obtain the best results. Here is a most fascinating website about military remote viewing, some history and a film. This shows that the United States, like other countries, has been most successful in its remote viewing program. Three brilliant remote viewers who made a contribution to their country who come to mind are Patrick Price, Ingor Swan and Joseph McMoneagle.
See also Chapter 17 in BOOK right column.

SPANISH TRANSLATION OF THE BOOK: for those who would like to read the book about the evidence for the afterlife – go to right column – click on SPANISH version. Many thanks to the three magnificent volunteer translators.

TRANSLATORS WANTED – make a world contribution! Volunteer your professional services (as others have done and are doing) to enlighten, uplift and help bring spiritual LIGHT to the world. Your contribution will never be forgotten here and the hereafter.

'NEW SCIENCE': is where the non-physical energy is being studied and researched by some of the most intelligent and advanced empiricists of the world to-day. Has the 'new science' revolution started? Some of the world's most advanced scientists who are part of the New Science include: D Byron Ph.D., Jane Kata Ph.D., Ed May Ph.D., Dean Radin Ph.D., Marilyn Schlitz Ph.D, Professor Russell Targ Ph.D, Jessica Utts Ph.D. And with absolute certainty, these scientists are not going to accept beliefs in lieu of empirically based research.

THE AFTERLIFE EXPERIMENTS - Breakthrough Scientific Evidence of the Life after Death. By Prof Gary Schwartz.” Science meets spiritualism in this extraordinarily precise and detailed chronicle of experiments … It is one of the most important books written on the subject” stated medium James Van Praagh.“ The Afterlife Experiments.” Prof Gary Schwartz - has come a long way in presenting hard evidence in support of the nearly universal theories and belief systems that consciousness, in some form, continues beyond cessation of bodily functioning. If you’re planning to make the trip – and who isn’t – then I highly recommend you read this book.” John B Alexander Ph.D., National Institute for Discovery Science.

Report July 13th 07?

Report July 6th 07

VICTOR IN LOS ANGELES: I met up with a great American national spiritual leader – the Rev. Dr Michael Beckwith – one of the giants of America’s advanced thinkers. He officiated at the wedding of my daughter last Saturday in Los Angeles, at the Inn of the Seventh Ray. It was the most inspirational wedding I’ve ever come across in my life. Both my daughter and my daughter’s husband had an existing connection with the Rev. Dr Beckwith. The Rev. Michael Beckwith is perhaps the most advanced thinker on applied religion in the world to-day. And at the wedding he demonstrated that. I mentioned the most inspirational music at his Agape Spiritual Centre in Culver City which I first came across during Christmas time 2003 and put my reflections on the internet then. It was the most beautiful inspirational, spine tingling music I’ve ever heard in my life as led by his wife jazz singer Ricky –a most sensational, stunning experience. Thank you and well done Rev. Michael, you are a real inspiration to us all! Check out his webpage Agape Live.

GROUND OF FAITH – ADVANCED CHRISTIAN THINKERS: The July 2007 issue of The Ground of Faith can now be read online. This month's theme is Near Death Experiences of children... And more. Editorial: Scientific method and this journal

Some highlights from Network Review Spring 2007:
1 Prof. David Fontana: "Why the opposition to evidence for survival?"
2 Nancy Ellen Adams and Joel R. Primack, California. : The view from the centre of the universe. (PP.7-10)
3 Robert A. Charman: Minds, Brains and Communication. (p.11-19)
4 Alister McGrath Oxford: The Twilight of Atheism (p.22)
5 Max Payne, Sheffield: The necessity of Spirituality p.24
6 David Lorimer reviews Home with God Neale Donald Walsh
Book Review: A Critique of Susan Blackmore's Dying Brain Hypothesis
Videos: Dr P M H Atwater: Near Death Experiences of Children:
Can premonitory dreams save us from tragedy?
An apparent prediction of the sinking of the Titanic.
Experience :
An Interview with Sir William Crookes - Mike Tymn.

Memorable items from the past Friday reports:

RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS MAKE CONTACT WITH AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCES: Russian scientists Drs. Vitalii and Tatiana Tichoplav and Dr Artem Miheev from the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication, St.Petersburg-Moskow-Tambov-Volgograd-Krasnodar, have made contact with afterlife intelligences. People who used to live on this planet earth are contacting them by way of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

JUDAISM AND THE AFTERLIFE “Traditional Judaism firmly believes that death is not the end of human existence. However, because Judaism is primarily focused on life here and now rather than on the afterlife, Judaism does not have much dogma about the afterlife, and leaves a great deal of room for personal opinion. It is possible for an Orthodox Jew to believe that the souls of the righteous dead go to a place similar to the Christianheaven, or that they are reincarnated through many lifetimes”.

This Week on Ghost Radio's Underworld Show:TONIGHT AT 8pm GHOST RADIO STUDIO TIME >>
Hear William Charles Caldwell address the listeners of Ghost Radio with advice from the afterlife. Hear the interview:

CRAIG HAMILTON’S NEW WEBSITE Craig Hamilton is a speaker, writer, workshop leader and transformative coach with a passion for the evolution of consciousness. He speaks widely about science and consciousness, collective intelligence, and evolutionary spirituality. He is also a dynamic radio personality whose conversations with leading luminaries are regularly heard by New Dimensions Radio’s seven million listeners, and form the basis of the forthcoming documentary film: Toward a Science of Consciousness. He is a founding member of Ken Wilber'sIntegral Institute, and a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Check out Craig’s new website at

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