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December 2004

31st December 2004

Report FRIDAY 31st December 2004

APOLOGIES ... unavoidable delay: -due to overwhelming very urgent work I am completing at the moment, kindly be advised that there will be a delay in answering your emails. Regards, Victor.

Hoping that 2005 will be just magnificent for all of you – the honest, decent, positive person –whoever you are. I would especially like to send greetings to those wonderful people who email me and have communicated with me over the years– I wish you well, wish you health, wish you wealth, I hope 2005 will be your biggest, most successful year ever!

31ST DECEMEBR 04: TIME TO ASSESS, time to introspect, time to review, time to analyze, time to question existing knowledge and cherished beliefs. Time for short AND long term planning. Time to make a distinction between spirituality and psychic phenomena; spirituality and religion. Time to ask a most critical question: WHAT are the immensely huge consequences of the afterlife?

Send your suggestion for the most important psychic/psi contribution of 2004:

WORLD CONFERENCE: May 14-15 2005 WORLD-RENOWNED researchers in the fields of parapsychology, energy studies, quantum philosophy, consciousness and life after death will participate in The 1st International Parapsychology Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. The Conference will be in Lutfi Kirdar International Convention and Exhibition Center.
Confirmed conference speakers:
• Prof Gary E. Schwartz
• P. M. H. Atwater
• Dr Konstantin Korotkov
• John A. Palmer
• Dr Jurgen Keil
• Dr Janet Cunningham
• Dr Jeff J. Ryan
These researchers who have been conducting scientific studies in various universities and foundations will share their experiences and most recent findings with us. Topics to be discussed at the Conference:
• ESP (Extra Sensory Perception): Telepathy, Mind Over Matter (Psychokinesis-Telekinesis), Precognition, Altered States of Consciousness (hypnosis, dream studies), clairvoyance.
• Energy Fields: Healing, Bio-energy, Auras, Alternative Medicine.
• Quantum Philosophy: Holographic Model of the Universe, Quantum Healing, Synchronicity.
• Holistic Living: Positive Thinking and Living, Yoga, Meditation, "New Humanity-New World"
• Life Beyond Death: Near Death Experiences, Proof of Life After Death, Reincarnation.
For more information on the conference centre see

RICHARD MILTON’S BRILLIANT 'ALTERNATIVE SCIENCE' is certainly worth a visit. He answers brilliantly a question about phony psychics Has a great description of a superb experiment on remote viewing
puts forward a great refutation of the skeptics dictionary's_dictionary.htm
and presents an excellent analysis of the debunking organization CSICOP and a great piece of the religion of Darwinism

TSUNAMI DISASTER: it is reported that over 125,000 (so far) men, women and children died in one of the world’s worst natural disasters. A number of people asked me if it was chance or their time to cross over. I have to admit, this kind of knowledge is outside my powers. I can only relate to what others from another dimension have stated. Silver Birch, a highly credible afterlife intelligence whom I have personally come to trust states – “… nothing comes by chance. These people happen to be at the right time, in the right place given their particular circumstances.” I will also re-state that under normal circumstances the average decent, honest person has nothing to worry about on crossing over.

‘RELIGION’ OF ‘MATERIALISM’ EXPOSED: Let’s call a spade a spade! Materialism is a ‘BELIEF’ – that everything can be explained by ‘matter’ – even pain, joy, depression, ideas, thoughts, behavior – all come from identified physical, neurological matter. It is a belief that we humans have only five ‘windows’ to understanding the world around us: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. Materialists tend to be aggressively selfish, self-centered, hedonistic. They absolutely DENY the psychic, the spiritual, the afterlife. Materialists are NOT skeptics. Skeptics allow for DOUBT- but materialists are absolutely negative about psi, afterlife and anything spiritual. Materialist experimenters NEVER attained any results inconsistent with their own cherished negative beliefs. A ‘fundamentalist materialist’ in his belief is really no different from a fundamentalist Christian, or fundamentalist Marxist. The features of ‘fundamentalism’ – the intensity, the extended assertiveness and sometimes the aggression, the Machiavellian notion that the end justifies the means all remain the same. We have a few extremist materialists psi empiricists who keep on finding negative results in psi – naturally enough! But materialism does not have the substance of objectivity, of science and empiricism to support that it has any proven validity. Accordingly, materialism is subjective, is a personal belief, and unlike the objective evidence for the afterlife, materialism does NOT have the support of science. Materialism is subject to fundamental errors to complete invalidation. Some notorious materialists include Prof Hyman, Prof Wiseman, J Randi. Materialism is the extreme enemy and the anti-thesis of spirituality and vehemently denies the ‘non-physical, psychic energy’ which has been proved to exist by the ‘new scientists.’ It is estimated (Andrew Greeley, sociologist) that only some 5% of Americans are really hard core materialists – who completely deny the existence of the afterlife. Do NOT be fooled by those materialists who try to disguise themselves as ‘skeptics.’
See the Materialists' Creed.

A LOVED ONE CROSSED OVER? For those who already accept the afterlife here is a New Year message to be studied carefully transmitted from White Eagle, one of the highest credible afterlife ‘intelligences’ to come across ever:
“Beloved, we give you hope. There is nothing to fear in life, except fear. Cast out fear and look forward with hope; not merely a vague hope in your mind, but hope throbbing as a life-force in your heart, a sure hope which tells you that all things work together for good; … that death does not divide and cannot stay the course of man’s progress to the eternal day. If a loved companion or child passes through the veil of death, do not fear separation, for you may go to your beloved now, and he or she can still guide and companion you in your earthly life. Only man’s materialism can separate souls who love; death cannot sever them.” (from W. E's ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 1’)

24th December 2004

APOLOGIES ... unavoidable delay: -due to overwhelming very urgent work I am completing at the moment, kindly be advised that there will be a delay in answering your emails. Regards, Victor.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! Time to be merry. Time to be with loved ones. Time to relax, to enjoy the company of wonderful people – friends and family. Time to sing beautiful songs, hymns and carols – and it does not matter if you are not religious. My warmest regards to those who are with the Forces of the Light and the millions of others helping in any way they can to bring true PEACE, LIGHT and LOVE into this world.

A PORTUGUESE version of the BOOK (top right) is now available. Many thanks to Jose Pereira who completed the full translation.

Of course I’m NOT against Christianity! I’m not against Judaism or Hinduism or against any religious beliefs. We live in a society where we can enjoy our beliefs. That is what distinguishes Western democracy from totalitarian secular regimes. You have a fundamental right to your belief. But on an academic level there should be debate as to the value of one’s belief, why we believe what we believe and where the beliefs came from in order to validate any beliefs. The decision will always be yours. And ultimately, highly credible sources state that it is not what you believe in that will determine your place in the afterlife dimension, but what you have done with your life. If you were decent, honest, unselfish and disseminated love the best way you could –you have absolutely nothing to fear and everything to look forward to in your inevitable life in the new dimension. But if you are habitually vindictive, cruel, selfish, greedy and disseminate darkness – you are likely to have a very rude, horrific awakening! Ughhhhh!

I DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY OF ‘BELIEF’ IN THE AFTERLIFE: a couple of uninformed materialists on their website keep on saying, “Victor believes in the afterlife.’! WRONG! I accept the objective EVIDENCE for the existence of the afterlife. Do NOT be deceived, do NOT be misled by those confused losers and defeatists materialists who cannot participate in a legitimate debate.Are you a 'believer' if you accept that 12+12=24? Of course not! These materialists have to be denigrating, silly and mischievous to try to score a cheap point. It is extremely difficult to find intelligent materialists to debate. As a matter of fact, it is these materialists who have BELIEFS that nothing apart from matter exists. And their belief is NOT scientifically supported. Further, no materialist, no scientist, no skeptic, no philosopher or anybody else had been able to rebut the objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife click on BOOK top right.

MOST IMPRESSIVE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE (NDE): Pam Reynolds is a singer-songwriter who had an amazing NDE in 1991. During an interview for the BBC documentary The Day I Died talks about an operation she had at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix where while undergoing a radical surgical procedure her heart was stopped and her brain was shut down. Shortly after her recovery, her doctors were baffled when she accurately described her surgery: the saw used to carve up her head, the box of saw bits held in reserve, the urgent conversations between doctors and nurses. Yet such recollections were impossible not only because her eyes were taped shut, her face shrouded and her ears plugged, but because her brain had ceased functioning. Read more...

NEW CUTTING-EDGE RESEARCH PROJECT NDEs Jan Holden, a professor of counseling at the University of North Texas and Bruce Greyson are determined to apply rigorous scientific principles to near-death research. With a $60,000-plus grant from the Bial Foundation, a Portuguese organization dedicated to research into human psychology and spirituality, Holden and Greyson launched a two-year study earlier this year. The study will involve some 60 patients who will have devices surgically implanted into their chests that shock the heart at the onset of cardiac arrest. Such patients make ideal research subjects because surgeons must deliberately stop their heart to test the devices. Greyson and Holden have installed an upward-facing laptop computer in the operating room ceiling that runs a randomly selected computer animation that can only be seen from a vantage point well above the patient's body. Patients are interviewed following the procedure to see if they have any recollection. Read more...

. Why isn’t there a professional organization to investigate medical FRAUD and DECEPTION when dealing with pharmaceutical products in the US? Why are these materialists experimenters obsessed with testing psychics using the ‘impossible to pass test’ and allow these pharmaceutical manufacturers to cause you and thousands of people harm, injury and even death? Have a look at this – because this COULD affect you or any member of your family or friend.: WASHINGTON: Government study led to warning about naproxen
Painkiller increased risk of heart attack, stroke in Alzheimer's research. An Alzheimer’s disease prevention trial was suspended after researchers said there were more heart attacks and strokes among patients taking naproxen, an over-the-counter pain reliever in use for 28 years and commonly known under the brand name Aleve. The study, involving some 2,500 patients, was to test whether naproxen or Celebrex, both pain relievers, could reduce the riskof Alzheimer’s disease among healthy elderly patients who were at an increased risk of the disease.

17th December 2004

IS CAPITAL PUNISHMENT EVER JUSTIFIED? Scott Peterson to be sent to the afterlife? In the U.S. the jury in the Peterson trial is recommending the death penalty for Scott Peterson who allegedly murdered his pregnant wife Laci. Sending Scott to the afterlife may satisfy those unaware of the consequences of capital punishment. We are informed from highly credible sources that sending Scott to the afterlife could be just transferring the problem into a different dimension. There Scott (and anybody else) has the potential to cause most serious mischief– hanging around the Astral level, visiting old haunts and inciting others still alive to commit crimes. If he’s guilty, as the jury seems to think, it is better to make life difficult for him as a learning experience and even to try to make him save someone else’s life.

JURORS AND BOOK DEALS: recommending death for financial gain? It is a bit sick that the jurors in the above case could be making a book deal about the six months trial. That could be influencing members of the jury – even on an unconscious level - to bring in a dramatic verdict and to recommend the death penalty - for shock effect to increase sales of any book!

HARVARD SCIENTIST PROVES AFTERLIFE EXISTS: Sensible people want to know if the afterlife exists. There are some hard core scientists who confirm that the afterlife DOES exist. If you are open minded, if you are honest, have integrity, are a fair and reasonable person who can assess scientific afterlife evidence, you will find the scientific the evidence for the afterlife most stunning. What once was a belief now is a scientific fact. Read more…

WHAT DO YOU TELL AN OPEN MINDED SKEPTIC WHO EXPERIENCES AN APPARITION? From UNSOLVED MYSTRERIES veteran actor Robert Stack tells us that Sam Zelikson, a Jewish gentleman living in the U.S., stated that after being hit by a car and taken to hospital, he actually witnessed an apparition – from the afterlife - of his son Barry who had died years earlier. I often receive information from people who state that they experienced psychic phenomenon. One open minded skeptic witnessed the apparition of her mother some months after her mother died. Consistent with all other reports from around the world, she said that she saw her mother looking younger, smiling at her with a telepathic message that the mother was feeling great and NOT to worry about her any more. For more about apparitions click on BOOK top right, click on SCIENCE AND APPARITIONS chapter 19.

Paul Harris asked me what proof do I have that Sir Winston wartime Prime Minister of the UK actually used to visit gifted psychic mediums. Well, Paul, Bertha Harris, a highly gifted medium in the UK during the Second World War was regularly visited by Sir Winston Churchill – this is NOT in dispute amongst historians.

FUNDING FOR RESEARCH ON PROVEN AFTERLIFE COMMUNICATION URGENTLY NEEDED. Become a silent producer if you have around $200,000. Some fifteen years ago members of the Inner Peace Movement taught me how to repeatedly communicate with intelligences from the afterlife – those who used to live on earth. The proof is 100% - but funding could formalize the process of the proof of communication. I still communicate myself – and there would be hundreds in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Canada, Puetro Rico who were taught by Fransisco Coll (now deceased) the founder of IPM how to telepathically communicate with those who crossed over.

JAPANESE TRANSLATION of the summary of the book about the afterlife has now been completed. Click on JAPANESE translation left column for those Japanese interested in the objective evidence for the afterlife.

THE EXISTENCE OF PSI PHENOMENA – just because materialist scientists cannot reduce some phenomena in a laboratory, does it mean that phenomenon does not exist? Millions of people around the world experience some psychic phenomenon – and yet materialist scientists keep ignoring the EXPERIENTIAL – something which is far more powerful that orthodox science. It is only a matter of time before orthodox scientists have NO ALTERNATIVE but to accept the inevitable. They will have to extend the definition of science to include that which has been repeatedly experienced - IS and will inevitably be experienced over time and space. Materialists can delay, but they cannot avoid the inevitability of the universal acceptance of the evidence for the afterlife

EXTREME PREJUDICE: Because of the EXTREME circumstances, the Natasha Demkina case is likely to be with us for a long time. The way she was ambushed by professional materialists was unconscionable. When I stated that the experimenters treated Natasha just like KU KLUX KLAN wizards treat a Southern African American I stated that the materialists experimenters were just as negatively prejudiced in their treatment and testing of Natasha as the KKK are PREJUDICED against the negro. The prejudice was willful, intentional and carried out with extreme deliberation. Clearly, I was referring not so much to the lynching and other violence of the KKK but at the intrinsic and intentionally blatant closed-minded negative prejudice. In Natasha’s case this caused pain, suffering and the destruction of her international good name and reputation. The evidence is still coming forth. This week a skeptic from Brazil writes about how disgustingly dishonest the experimenters of Natasha were- Read more…

10th December 2004

MEDICAL QUACKERY: CRISIS IN AMERICA! Why isn’t there in the United States a professional organization to make sure there is no QUACKERY, no CHEATING, no LYING about the pharmaceutical safety standards? Too may people have died unnecessarily. Some *28,000 have suffered a HEART ATTACK and thousands of others suffered STROKES because of colossal negligence, MEDICAL QUACKERY and because of the application of very low safety standards in testing pharmaceutical products in the VIOXX scandal alone. Yet when it comes to testing psychics, these negative experimenters use the ‘impossible to pass test’! Because of colossal negligence, quackery and low safety testing - over $17 billion in compensation will be paid out within the next 10 years to VIOXX side effect suffering. Isn’t anyone doing something about this American tragedy?
Click Here for More Information on Your Legal Rights!

THE BIRTH CALLED DEATH: a most interesting book. “Kathie shares what she learned during out-of-body episodes as she toured various realms with her older brother Troy, who had long since died. This spiritual training of hers began in childhood and has continued throughout her adult years, enabling her to become the loving and gifted individual she is today. I hope our current crop of teenagers and young people discover this book; for many, it will sound like an echo of their own voice describing the reality of the worlds they already know.”
P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., Ph.D – a recognized authority on Near Death Experiences.

NEVER GIVE CASH TO DEBUKERS! DO NOT be conned into sending money to those who are negative! A flamboyant debunking materialist on the Net is begging for money keeps on repeating there is no afterlife, there is no psychic phenomena and – people are deluding themselves when they experience some psychic phenomenon.. Do NOT give this negatively minded any cash. Why not? This flamboyant, debunking materialist who was professionally trained in deception CANNOT give you any GUARANTEE that what he telling is correct. In fact, I can tell you that he will use ‘verbal sleight of hand’ to mislead you, to misinform you, to delude you. They’re QUACKS! Do not give your hard earned income to anyone who is spreading DARKNESS in the world as these debunkers do. They are losers and defeatists – always negative. Go for the LIGHT, go with those who are optimistic, with those who can actively assist you and to give you the necessary information to be equipped to make the right decision for your own immediate, personal benefit. Any money you throw away to these negative defeatists is likely to be used for trips, first class hotel accommodation and other expenses. Don’t be a fool!

USE DISCRIMINATION. Neither must you go to quack ‘psychics.’ The world is full of quackery and charlatans, sharks and conmen and women, those who PRETEND to be psychic and who really are NOT. They are there to fleece you out of your hard earned income. However the record shows that there are some genuine, authentic, gifted psychics. Be discriminating. If you have to go to a medium get attestations – preferably three. Otherwise you are likely to throw your money away.

PMH ATWATER’S new book: The New Children and The Fifth World, Prophecy and Evolution Authors Note: P.M.H. Atwater is happy to announce that her latest book will be published by Inner Traditions, August 2005. Advance orders through Inner Tradition are always welcome. She writes: “Throughout my research of child experiencers of near-death states, I have been observing children in general - especially those born since 1982. These news ones are unlike children of any previous generation… People ask about the "Indigo Children," and I say read this book.” Read more

EVP (electronic voice phenomena)ghost voices on tape- voices from another
dimension: visit Greg Brammer’s Site: www.ghost-voices.comGreg takes this opportunity to invite you to view his recent EVP interview with Kansas City's FOX4 news at and click on one of the FOX4 logos to view the interview!

THE ‘EXPERIMENTER EFFECT’: This is extremely important! A negative experimenter influences the experiment to obtain negative results. This has been empirically proved. Professor Marilyn Schlitz was involved with a materialist doing the SAME experiment on the same subjects. The materialist kept obtaining negative results – and Prof Schlitz, a more qualified, more objective experimenter, obtained positive results. I suppose it is quite understandable that the materialist kept getting negative results on a psi experiment. If he had the capacity to be objective, the results would make him look rather silly– and would have made him feel rather ridiculous having spent some twenty years obtaining negative results.

MORE DRAMATIC INFORMATION ON HOW NATASHA DEMKINA WAS AMBUSHED: A statistician emailed me this week stating that the experimenters in the Natasha case abused their position by claiming failure when Natasha’s results are significant. He points out that Natasha only had to obtain 6 out of 7 for a perfect score. Explanation next week.

CRITICAL THINKING –has to be truly impartial, objective and unbiased. The MATERIALISTS – as you find with the anti-psychic groups and individuals are clearly technically ‘incompetent’ to test any psi as they already have a belief that the paranormal does NOT exist and cannot exist. Their deeply entrenched negative prejudicial beliefs negate any notion that they can test any phenomena fairly, in a balanced, objective way. This calls for a complete change on how to describe the debunking skeptics.

GROW UP PROFESSOR! PERMANENT: THE SCANDALOUSLY BOTCHED, CASE OF NATASHA DEMKINA. A cynical negative hypocritical professor linked with anti-psychic group in the Natasha Demkina case left a legacy of gross negativity, willful deception and heinous omissions. Yet he tried to give her his ‘advice’ for her future– to ‘give up’ her psychic gifts! This ridiculous and supercilious professor himself most unfairly and unconscionably exploited 17 year old Natasha. He indulged in heinous and disgusting behavior and had the cheek, the audacity to pretend he has authority to give advice to Natasha. I will give this professor MY advice: shape up, have the decency to be honest, have some integrity and mind your own business about what this gifted teenager wants to do. Grow up professor!

3rd December 2004

ADAM ‘THE HEALING WONDER’ – stunningly impressive – this 19year old boy is the West’s own Natasha Demkina (see below)! He can see inside a human body!–The skills are parallel – they’re both ‘medical intuitives’. Hard core scientist and Apollo astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell, was himself cured of a relatively serious physical kidney illness by this brilliant healer and medical intuitive Adam. He’s making skeptical debunkers look absolutely stupid! Adam, the healer, has magnificent attestations from hundreds of people. “Dr. Edgar Mitchell and his peers argue that the world cannot be explained through cause-and-effect Newtonian physics. They believe that quantum mechanics, a much less understood science, will one day show that energy is not restricted to time or location, but is connected to a parallel or universal field of energy that we can affect through our minds or conscious intent. Adam, so the theory goes, is one of the rare individuals who can apparently jump into this alternate field much more easily than most and manipulate the energy.” Also, the great rock n’ roll legend Ronnie Hawkins – much admired by Bob Dylan, John Lennon and others, stated he was cured of his pancreatic cancer by this miracle boy healer .. Read more …

DEATH BY MEDICINE, HUGE MEDICAL CRISIS IN THE U.S. Dr C Dean, Dr M Feldman, Dr G Null and Dr D Rasio stated in Nexus magazine Vol 11, No6…(Nutrition Institute of America Inc.) “…Alarming statistics on UNNECESSARY medications, surgical procedures, X-ray scans and hospitalizations confirm that the modern American health care system is in DEEP CRISIS.” And, “More than 40% of about 50 MILLION prescriptions written for antibiotics each year in physicians’ office were inappropriate.” And, “Dr Gofman predicts that 100 million premature DEATHS over the next decade will be the result of ionizing radiation (X-rays).” Other doctors are saying that some 80% of all pharmaceutical manufactured drugs DO NOT WORK!!!! Inevitably, these big pharmaceutical must be committing heinous fraud on to the American public. There HAS to be investigation by the Safety Standards and no amount of bribing ought to be allowed to lower standards. These doctors are saying SOMETHING HORRIBLY IS WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN MEDICAL SYSTEM! Why aren’t the members of CSICOP (the committee for the investigation of the Paranormal) investigating fraud where it really counts? THOUSANDS of people around the world, including in the U.S. are being killed by pharmaceutical products. Why are we not NOT getting results from this anti-psychic organization always begging for public funding claiming it seeks to eliminate cheating and fraud upon the public? Nobody gets killed by teenage psychics or by other gifted mediums. The evidence is that there is widespread corruption to willfully neglect to enforce safety standards in the medical/pharmaceutical industries.

C.G. JUNG, perhaps the greatest psychologist in the world, gave a message to all the world, “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as fraud.”

FORMER U.S. PRESIDENT, JIMMY CARTER is on record for stating: “The (psychic) medium went into a trance. And while she was in a trance, she gave us some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point, and the lost plane was there. Click on BOOK top right, click on Chapter 17 for REMOTE VIEWING.

COLIN WILSON, one of the greatest authorities on afterlife research and former a debunking skeptic stated: “The most convincing proof of the reality of the life after death ever set down on paper.” This was in reference to the CROSS CORRESP-ONDENCE click BOOK top right, click chapter 14

GALVANI, the discoverer of electricity, made this memorable statement regarding the closed minded debunking skeptics and corporate scientists who were constantly attacking him: “ I am attacked by two very opposite sects – the scientists and the know-nothings (debunkers). Both laugh at me, calling me the ‘frogs’ dancing master. Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature.”

THE ‘BOGGLE THESHOLD’ is the point at which we reject information which is too different from what we were exposed to growing up. It explains a great deal about our willingness to accept or reject the paranormal. Why? The country of your birth and the environment you grow up in will determine what BELIEFS you have. Your beliefs would be different if you were born in Japan, in the Congo, Argentina, China, Europe or the US. How do you transcend it? By examining the EVIDENCE.

ARGENTINA has a television channel called INFINITY which shows psychic and spiritual shows 24 hours a day. With the growth of interest in these matters in the West, as evidenced by the number of psychic and afterlife shows in Western counties, it is only a matter of time before there is a television station devoted to psychic and spiritual documentaries.

BELIEVERS v ACCEPTERS OF PSI EVIDENCE. It is just amazing how some of these silly debunkers keep on erroneously and condescendingly calling those psi empiricists who obtained positive results ‘believers.’ Empiricists who obtained psi positive results ACCEPT THE EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE – nothing to do with beliefs. Are you a believer if you accept that 7+5=12?
PROFESSOR WILLIAM JAMES, perhaps the greatest American psychologist, said: “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows!” Inevitably, in the future, all people in the world will say “we knew that all the time – that psi is real”.

PSYCHIC vs SPIRITUAL There appears to be a mistaken belief that being psychic is being spiritual. Not so! While spiritual masters often develop psychic gifts as a by-product of their development, one can be psychic but at the same time very unspiritual. If a psychic is using his/her skills to hurt or harm others that is being UNSPIRITUAL. And a SPIRITUAL person, irrespective of beliefs, does not have to be psychic at all.

AFTERLIFE PHYSICS Information related from the afterlife from highly credible sources needs to be studied and researched – the consequences are huge. Afterlife physics is objective. Whoever we are, wherever we come from, the vibrations of our duplicate spiritual body will increase or decrease depending on how we behave – here on earth AND in the afterlife dimension. Where we will end up in the alternative realms depends on the frequency of our vibrations. The higher the vibrations the better the conditions.

I received a number of complaints claiming that there are a couple of flamboyant closed minded debunking skeptics begging for money from the public when there is no guarantee the donors of the hard earned cash are receiving empirically based evidence. Those who complain describe a debunking skeptic as a ‘pedophile’ – but that is something which is independent to the propagation of empirically based information to assist people to understand what truth is all about and how to make distinctions between beliefs and empirically based evidence. But if the complainants are correct, then the pedophile will have NO CREDIBILITY at all and people should NOT be sending money to anyone who does NOT have credibility. There could also be fraud and tricks played upon the American and other people by those who have no credibility or by those trained in deception, fraud and trickery.

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