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February 10th 2017

A non-traditional physicist reminded us about how slowly orthodox science changes. In order to achieve acceptance by orthodox science, anyone who wants to be taken seriously has to have their articles submitted to PEER REVIEW. However before any article is even published, three conditions have to be met:
, the author has to have at least a doctorate in their field,
the claimant has to be in good standing with a prestigious university,
their ideas must not contradict currently accepted theories.

BUT ... THE GREATEST INVENTORS of technological advances did not have ANY of the above. Anyone who switches on an electric light, turns on a television, makes a telephone call, watches a film, plays a record, takes a photograph, uses a personal computer, drives a car or travels by plane has the lone eccentric to thank. Their inventors had no university degree, did not go to a prestigious university and did not have a doctorate! And yes, orthodox scientists derided and ridiculed all of these inventors - before they perfected their products; people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs who both dropped out from university - and many others like them. Conclusion: orthodox scientists must WAKE UP to the twenty first century and judge by 'results'. They need to open their minds to the afterlife and 'paranormal' activity on the basis of the evidence.


DR ANTHONY CICORA'S NDE Tony Cicoria is a doctor specializing in orthopedic medicine, orthopedic surgery, orthotics, prosthetic supplies, and sports medicine. In 1994, when he was 42 years old, he was struck by lightning. He was able to look down on his body and see and hear other people talking. But they could not see or hear him. He says he was amazed to find that he could still think and concluded "Whoever I am, I always am, and whatever is on the floor (his body) is nothing more than a shell."

According to Mark Macy, a leading afterlife researcher, throughout the 1990's wonderful communication with spirit took place in research laboratories in Europe. Extended, two-way communication with spirit colleagues took place almost daily through telephone answering machines, radios and computer printouts. At the center of this work was a Luxembourg couple, Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach. For the full story of these miraculous communications see Miracles in the Storm: Talking to the Other Side with the New Technology of Spiritual Contact.

DR. ANABELA CARDOSO DEFENDS THE LUXEMBOURG ITC COMMUNICATIONS Dr. Cardoso, editor of The ITC journal, points out that "dozens of European figures of prestige and scientific knowledge witnessed, and in some cases were the recipients of those extraordinary communications" received in Luxembourg. (Read details of the Luxembourg communications) In her blog she posts the testimony of a first hand witness, respected Finnish writer and psychical researcher, Irma Weisen. Read more...

HOW TO CONTACT OTHER DIMENSIONS WITH ITC Some things that successful ITC communicators have in common are extreme dedication and a strong desire to help people who are grieving. If you would like to join their efforts, check out the series of videos and instructions that Craig Hogan and Rob Blackburn have created to show you how to help you set up Instrumental TransCommunication equipment, perform the recordings, and analyze the results. Here is the first video.

"When science begins the study of non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the centuries of its experiences." These days there are scientists studying non-physical energy and they are explaining the wonders of the paranormal and the universe.

Robin Foy and his wife, Sandra, have investigated psychic phenomena for over 40 years. They were core members of The Scole Experiment team in the UK in the 1990's, which was a five-year investigation into life after death. In this video Robin clarifies the difference between mental and physical mediumship and compares ectoplasm-based versus energy-based mediumship.

Robin Foy has run an online website to answer questions and share information about physical mediumship since 2009. Its future had been in doubt, but now Robin says "I am delighted to inform all members that the site is now back again and fully operational." As before, you can now contact Robin through the site, or email him at scolehole@yahoo.co.uk

Some people call themselves Spiritualists because they accept that the afterlife can be scientifically investigated through the use of evidential mediums. Others say that to be a Spiritualist you also need to study and accept the philosophy that has been transmitted through mediums by higher beings like Silver Birch. And some follow Spiritualism as a religion which has churches and services and generally follow the teachings contained in the Seven Principles of Spiritualism. Spiritualist churches are unique in that, as part of the service, they have mediums who give demonstrations of communication with the spirit world. Spiritualist churches and organisations often run development circles where people can develop their intuition.

Graham Nicholls is an English author, and a leading practitioner, teacher and researcher into out-of-body experiences. He brings both a wonderful commitment to objective science and a personal commitment to spirituality. His second book, Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience, has been widely praised by other OBE experiencers. He is also a co-author of Consciousness Beyond the Body, a scientifically focused exploration of the theories and evidence for OBEs, which was published in February 2016. He now lives in Estonia and gives individual tuition on how to have an OBE via Skype. Read more...

"One has to remember that each spirit, each soul, has the 'spark of the Divine'. A soul may be able to reduce his/her activities to bring the spark of the Divine to a flicker, but the light never goes out. The link to the Divine is a link forged in eternity. No soul descends so low that it cannot rise. No soul is so high that it cannot descend to help the lowest." (S.Birch)

Victor, why would people choose to do something bad that will affect them when they cross over? I would have thought that no one would be so stupid when they could find themselves in the lower, darker regions for being cruel and causing pain on to others. Any comment on that? Lew B. Ohio.(U.S.)

Victor: I do understand your sentiment and it seems very reasonable. But we have to see how we behave here in the context of our free will. We are here to learn and grow from our choices in life including our "mistakes". Every experience is valuable and we cannot make spiritual progress without this free-will. If some people act out of greed or cruelty or selfishness, they will have to experience the consequences of that both in this life and during their life review. And then they will have to work harder to increase their level of spirituality.


CAN WE EVER BE REINCARNATED AS ANIMALS OR INSECTS? That is a very interesting question put to me just recently by a young Buddhist who was concerned that Buddhism teaches that he could be reincarnated as a worm. Some Buddhist scholars claim that this is a complete misunderstanding of Buddhism. In any event it is certainly not supported by evidence. A few people claim to remember previous incarnations as animals during past life regressions. And many people claim that they are convinced that their current pet is a reincarnation of a previous one. But there is absolutely no evidence at all that we can come back to a species lower than the vibrations we have reached.




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FEEDBACK: (Three only)

1) Hello Victor and Wendy,
I much appreciated the simple but beautifully effective quotation from White Feather in the 3rd February Report ("Wise Words from Spirit"). I have been experiencing tremendous guilt about not dealing with my son's illness in a different way, but messages like this are extremely comforting and reassuring as I know how deeply I love him and I attempted to do the best in the situation in which I found myself. I was inspired to buy a book of White Feather's teachings today, which are comparable to those of Silver Birch, and look forward to learning more. Julia

2) You did it again Victor. Your last newsletter, Another super helpful contribution to my personal evolution and a wonderful contribution to mankind. Joseph

3) Great report and positive message again. Thanks for your indefatigable spirit with sharing every week. Elizabeth

HIGHLY INSPIRED MUSIC A magnificent presentation of the music Nella Fantasia sung beautifully by Sarah Brightman. The song itself is one of the most beautiful I have heard. The lighting and camera work from all angles highlight the very special music. Open your heart and listen to this sublime performance.




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