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April 8th 2011

APOLOGIES if I have not replied to your email. Still dealing with a lot of work. Victor

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'ACCOUNTABILITY' - Guaranteed, that if all people on planet Earth fully understood and accepted 'accountability' - that one day they will have to account for all their deeds during their life - most of our problems in relation to crime, violence, and other confrontations would not exist. Those who do not accept the afterlife, who don't accept that one day in the future they will have to account for all the things they've done, are more likely to indulge in crime, genocide, wars and violence. If a person knows that if he (or she) tortures other people they will pay the price by being tortured in the future, almost certainly, that person would not torture anyone. No one on earth can change the Law of Cause and Effect. The claim that 'confession' and faith in a saviour will absolve ALL sins is absolutely NOT correct. All serious violations against others, especially cruelty, have a karmic price. There are NO exceptions. No Pope, no Cardinal or Bishop, no Mullah, no 'holy-man' or 'holy-woman' has the power to interfere with, change, alter, modify the Law of Cause and Effect - that is the message that has been transmitted so many times by the highly credible afterlife teachers. "This Law works with mathematical precision" - and religious leaders should put more emphasis on 'accountability' in context of the Law of Cause and Effect -The message: NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH IT, NO ONE!

SCIENTIFIC PARANORMAL: INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES 'Mysteries of Consciousness' Teleseminars This teleseminar series exploring the Mysteries of Consciousness goes from April - June, 2011. Dr. Dean Radin, IONS' senior scientist will host many of the teleseminars in this series. The series also will feature Deepak Chopra, futurist Stephan Swartz, and transpersonal psychology pioneer Frances Vaugn. Other speakers include Amit Goswami, Stan Groff, Azim Khamisa Christopher deQuincey, William Bengston, Andrew Newberg, and Howard Hall. Free access to the teleseminars is available to the public the first Wednesday of every month, beginning April 2. Participation in ALL of the live teleseminars in this series is a benefit of IONS membership at the Partner level and above. Learn more about becoming a supporting member.


STUNNING, SENSATIONAL EVIDENCE FROM MATERIALIZATION MEDIUM DAVID THOMPSON: We are receiving magnificent reports from David Thompson's English tour. A pet dog materialized, barked and jumped on its owner for a reunion. Physical medium Scott Milligan, who has known David for many years, writes: "David Thompson was outstanding. You must go and see him. It was so much stronger, the detail to William's answers were longer and better. Also having a dog run out of the cabinet at the beginning, finding the owner and jumping up at her and William still in the middle of the room. Also the personal information for a sitter was so good. And the trumpet with Tim was the best I have ever seen. And the singing by the spirit people was brilliant."

Full tapes will be available in a few weeks but as a preview, in this clip your can hear William, David's friend from the spirit world, walking across the floor and then the barking of a dog which materializes and runs across to its owner. As William says, there is an afterlife for animals too. Listen.

GREAT PERSONALITIES WHO 'MATERIALIZED': In the last few years a number of 'energies' materialized through the materialization mediumship of David Thompson with the help of his afterlife convener William (right) -: Wendy and I (Victor) were present what could be described as a spiritual master - an energy called 'White Eagle'; Maurice Barbanell, the medium of Silver Birch WITH 'Silver Birch'; 'Ghandi'; the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Houdini (pictured, left) - I had conversations with both of them; the great English psychic historian Arthur Findlay and Society for Psychical Research afterlife investigator Montague Keen. Mediums Helen Duncan (pictured below, left), Coral Polge, Gordon Higginson and Leslie Flint materialized and so did the British professional comedian Quentin Crisp. As well universally loved entertainer Louis Armstrong (right) is a regular. Those in the afterlife know that it is critical to send very well known personalities to materialize to help disseminate the information that the afterlife exists. Wendy and I also witnessed over eighty reunions of those who had crossed over meeting their loved ones in the seance session. The reunions are solid evidence for the existence of the afterlife when those who materialize talk to those loved ones about familiar things only they knew about. Recently, two materialized spirits spoke in Chinese and one in Bangladeshi. Without doubt, materialization mediumship is the most impressive proof for the afterlife!
It it 'objective' - follows a definitive formula, and is repeatable over time and space! Listen to some of our favorite audio recordings of materialized people speaking.



ANIMAL SURVIVAL: QUESTION: It has been said by many guides that when an animal dies it returns to a group soul. However, there is considerable evidence for animal survival. Could you enlighten us on this apparent paradox?

Direct from the afterlife: "There is individual survival for domestic animals that have had positive association with humans. Thus they have been helped to achieve an individual evolution that is not possible with animals who are still in a group soul, or soul group, even on earth. It is part of the wonderful relationship that can exist between humans and animals, each helping the other to develop spiritually. You help the animal that comes into your surroundings to achieve a consciousness that is more personal and individual that it otherwise would have been. It is that which survives death. But where there is not this more evolved "human" expression it joins the soul group or group soul." (S Birch)

Dr Kenneth Ring talks with Dr Jeffrey Mishlove about his research on the profound effects of near death experiences. There is a sense of greater of self worth, feelings about other people, a greater love for other people, they become less materialistic, reduce their ‘ego’ – become more spiritual. Hear and watch this most fascinating video:



BRILLIANT MEDIUM LAURIE CAMPBELL SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED BY PROFESSOR GARY SCHWARTZ - 'ONE STEP BEYOND - THE AFTERLIFE : watch for yourself this impressive test. The medium knows nothing about Mark Ireland, the person being given information from the afterlife. It can't be cold reading because she cannot see the sitter. Watch.

' APRIL ISSUE can now be read.
The theme:- Lessons from our Earthquake http://thegroundoffaith.net/issues/2011-04/
"About 4000 people read this journal , including 55 Anglican bishops. We emphasize scientific method and are in no way attempting apologetics for any church doctrine. Nevertheless we do provide an independent witness to what people focus on in their faith communities."
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MORE THAN A QUARTER OF A MILLION HITS ON VICTOR'S HIGHLY ESOTERIC AFTERLIFE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE: Wendy reminded me that my videos on youtube collectively now have more than a quarter of a million hits - the total for all to see is now 258,324 http://www.youtube.com/user/victorzammit .

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? What happens to those who die violently or in accidents? (directly from the afterlife transmitted by Mons Hugh Benson- former Catholic priest - pictured below, left): "We were shown another large hall similarly appointed, where those whose passing had been sudden and violent were also in their temporary sleep. These cases were usually more difficult to manage than those we had just seen. The suddenness of their departure added far greater confusion to the mind. Instead of a steady transition, the spirit body had in many cases been forcibly ejected from the physical body, and precipitated into the spirt world. The passing over had been so sudden that there seemed to them to be no break in their lives. Such people are taken in hand quickly by bands of souls who devote all their time and the whole of their energies to such work. In the hall of rest we could now see the results of their labours. Had so many of these souls had but a small knowledge of spirit matters, these awakenings would have been so much the happier."

'DR OZ' CONVINCED BY MEDIUM JOHN EDWARD: In a recent interview television personality popular doctor Mehmet Oz talks about how he was shocked out if his skepticism by medium John Edward:
"TV Guide Magazine: What specifically about Edward did you find so believable?
Dr Oz: That's the exact word — he's specific. When he started [his readings] with our audience, I expected him to say things like, "I feel a white light behind you. A masculine light. Is there anyone in your family that might represent?" Well, of course! We all have someone male who died. But that's not what John did. He wasn't vague. He wasn't fuzzy. In one case he said, "Someone very near you had a loved one who died on Valentine's Day. I get the feeling they were run over by a car or a truck." At first John was saying this to one particular woman in the audience, and she kept insisting she didn't know anyone who died that way. It was really awkward. [Laughs] We must have sat there three or four minutes — which in TV time is an eternity — while John badgered this poor woman. He was so certain he was in the right part of the audience. But this woman just would not cop to it! Then all of a sudden, just to this woman's right, was this other young woman who whispered, "It's me." She was completely ashen and almost couldn't speak. It turns out, her best friend's brother was run over by a truck and killed on Valentine's Day. John had all the details absolutely right. And he didn't do this just once. He did it on our show, like, five times!" Read full interview.


QUESTION: we sometimes hear of those materialists attacking mediums and others who support the mediums – what is going to happen when materialists cross over? (Directly from the afterlife)
"Earth is an essential preparation for the existence that inevitably follows when death comes. Every happening is part of the price to be paid for evolution. Earthly life cannot be a monotone. It must have its light and shade, its sunshine and storm. You should feel sorry for the materialists because they have wasted their earthly lives. They have not fulfilled themselves. They are like children who have gone to school for the requisite time, learnt none of its lessons and thus are not equipped for the adult life that follows when the school period is over. Until awareness comes there is ‘darkness’ – (even for eons of time). Without awareness light cannot penetrate. (S. Birch)"

TOP TEN AFTERLIFE MOVIES Clint Eastwood’s HEREAFTER tells the story of three individuals touched by death in different ways, and how each of them deals with their encounter with the other side. Here’s ten other movies which explore what might lie beyond the veil of death
GHOST: This 1990 hit movie may have revolved around the sappy, sentimental story of eternal love between characters Sam and Molly (Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore), but the real star was Whoopi Goldberg and her portrayal of Oda Mae Brown, a fake psychic who suddenly finds that she can hear the dead. Here's the scene in which she first encounters the ghostly Sam (oh, if only such a thing would happen to Sylvia Browne). Read more and see trailer clips for other afterlife movies:

How can I heal myself?

(Directly from the afterlife dimension): "You should endeavour to spend time, day by day, in the remembrance of the source form which you have sprung.You are spirit, spirit using your body, so your body is only the tool of your spirit. If you gain a purer, clearer spirit consciousness of the Great Power, then you attune yourself to this perfect power and it will harmonise and heal the body, restoring it to health." (Ramadahn).

PASTOR (U.S.) - THEN HE LOSES HIS JOB!, " DURHAM, N.C. — When Chad Holtz lost his old belief in hell, he also lost his job. The pastor of a rural United Methodist church in North Carolina wrote a note on his Facebook page supporting a new book by Rob Bell, a prominent young evangelical pastor and critic of the traditional view of hell as a place of eternal torment for billions of damned souls. Two days later, Holtz was told complaints from church members prompted his dismissal from Marrow’s Chapel in Henderson." Read more...



– 15 DIE. An American Christian Minister – who wanted publicity for his negative prejudice against Islam and Moslems, decided to burn the Koran, the Moslems’ 'holy book', in public
to attract attention to himself. Unfortunately, this brought more hatred towards the United States, more riots and led to the death of some 15 people. The burning of the Koran was irresponsible in the extreme. There are always legitimate ways to voice effective criticism – especially directing the criticism towards the revolutionary, radical Moslems who are misinterpreting religion to justify their violence and the suicide bombings – a most recent one in Pakistan last week. Christian pastors, ministers, priests have to be exemplary - all should promote love not violence.

Hi Victor, Thank you so much for writing to me! I really enjoy your book, and the part towards the back of the book with statements about how things are in the Afterlife, gives me a lot of happiness and strength, and I've re-read several times. C.A.

(2) Hi Victor and Wendy, Great, great work!!! T.S.

(3) Victor and Wendy, Keep up this work - I need it to stay alive! J.K.

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