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COMMENTARY: THE MALAYSIAN AIRWAYS AIRCRAFT: A MODERN DAY TITANIC? We had a lot of enquiries asking if a gifted medium or psychic has any accurate idea about the missing Malaysian plane. There have been many theories about how the plane disappeared. Perhaps the best way of getting accurate information is when a relative of a victim-passenger shows interest to get a reading from a brilliant psychic or medium. This would create a direct 'connection' with the case. This certainly happened with the Titanic (see Michael Tymn's wonderful book which details how people who came through and described in detail what had happened). It also happened when a sailor from the HMS Barham materialised in a Helen Duncan seance and told his mother that his ship had been sunk. I'm sure that there are mediums out there who have received such information (we know one personally) but are keeping quiet about it out of respect for the relatives. The most important thing though is to send 'white light', prayers and healing for those on the plane and their relatives.


Many people have approached us saying that the death of a loved one or a tragedy has caused them for the first time to ask questions about the purpose of life. They want to know if they will meet their loved ones again. Some who have read our latest book say that they now believe that there is an afterlife and want to know how to get the personal experience that will take them from believing to knowing. To assist them we have put together a list of suggestions on thing they can read, study and do to become convinced beyond a shadow of doubt. Read more...

Gordon Smith is a superb medium who was tested extensively by Tricia Robertson and Professor Archie Roy in the PRISM experiments. Read more..

DOWSERS MEETING WAS A HUGE SUCCESS! This is what the Speakers Coordinator of the Talks Organizer of the Dowsers Society of NSW emailed me after the exceptionally successful last Sunday meeting, "Dear Victor and Wendy, Just a note to thank you very much for your presentation at the Dowsers' today. It was amazing!! Why would anyone doubt the existence of the afterlife we have to wonder. My apologies for not thanking you in person before you left. I want to thank you both too for bringing so many visitors to the meeting. It is always good to have folk who have not been to the Dowsers before, and you are without doubt big drawcards. Wishing you both all the best, and many thanks again. Kind regards, Marie Wood - on behalf of the Dowsers Society of NSW".



GUIDED AFTERLIFE CONNECTIONS Our good friend Craig Hogan is the author of the wonderful book "Your Eternal Self" and several great afterlife websites including Your Eternal Self and The Greater Reality. He has also co-authored with Rochelle Wright a book on Guided Afterlife Connections that we highly recommend. A grief therapist, trained in the method, will have you put on headphones and listen to barely audible recordings of music and sounds alternating between the right and left ears. Then they will guide you through a sequence of actions that will lead you to having your own direct contact with a person in the afterlife. Rochelle is planning to train psychotherapists in the method and Craig is working with his nonprofit Centre for Spiritual Understanding to discover and refine methods for people to have their own afterlife connections. Read more....

AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATON-Bill Guggenheim on KSHB-TV 41 in Kansas City, Missouri

QUESTION: Your 24 years of researching the afterlife, have you come upon anything on "getting a better deal" when I cross over? Brad. T.

Victor: It's my 25th year of afterlife research this year. Yes, we have been repeatedly informed by highly credible afterlife higher teachers that unselfish good works performed during the lifetime on earth will give us higher level of vibrations of the spirit-soul body on crossing over. So, to maximize your time on physical earth, if you can, do a lot of unselfish voluntary work to help those who really need help.

A possible problem with the Law of Cause and Effect?
I received a most interesting question regarding the Cause and Effect law: "Does the end justify the means?". In other words, a person wilfully doing harm, doing evil, doing bad things in the short term to gain a 'greater good' later on - would the Law of Cause and Effect be applied to such a person who eventually was able to get really 'good' things having done short term bad things? Of course, one would have to define specifically what would be "bad things': - multiple murders? Torture to hundreds - even thousands? If you have any views about this issue, please let me know: vz at victorzammit dot com. Thanks!

Victor, are you against religion? Do you see anything good in religion?
Victor: For the record, I am NOT against any religion, not any belief or anything else - and if what you yourself believe in makes you a spiritually better person then you have the right religious beliefs for you - whatever the beliefs are. But do understand that being religious does not automatically mean you are being spiritual. Being spiritual: you make the world a better place whenever you actively and unselfishly help somebody else who needs help. And that raises your vibrations of your spirit soul body. But sitting singing hymns - being religious - in a church or at home all day does NOT raise your spirituality at all - and you have not made the world a better place.

POWERFUL STATEMENTS DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE WHICH NEED A RESPONSE: Mons. Hugh Benson, one of the most reliable, and highly credible afterlife sources from the afterlife tells us in one of his books transmitted directly from the afterlife (FACTS) that on crossing over he learnt that what he taught his Catholic parishioners was not correct. Amongst many things he stated that: "Man, as he now is, was not created upon the instant - as the Church tells us .. in the image and likeness of his Creator". Also he says, the the Fall of Man - the Adam and Eve story - is a completely false doctrine. Also Mons. Benson says, that there was no 'Paradise of Eden', there is no 'eternal hell'. There is no St Peter to judge us on crossing over. Do we have a senior theologian to rebut these powerful statements directly from the afterlife by a highly credible Mons. Benson? I'd be more than happy to publish any answers to the above.

a presentation at the recent Leadership Energy Summit Asia.



With more scientists coming out in the open about the validity of the paranormal and the evidence for the afterlife, a hard-core few of these 'skeptical terrorists' have become really desperate. Falsely claiming to represent "science" and "critical thinking" these "guerilla skeptics" have organized themselves to bombard wikipedia with false objections to any presentation of evidence for the "paranormal". One group call themselves . [ Note: anyone can edit a page on Wikipedia and ask to have it changed if they can cite evidence- it just takes time and energy - but if the editor is a skeptic - things not likely to change].

Tom Butler (pictured right with his wife LIsa, Director of ATRANSC) Writes: "An Alternative to Wikipedia If you have been following Wikipedia editors’ treatment of parapsychologist Rupert Sheldrake you should know that the attacks have spread to attacks on Dean Radin. It is important that the paranormal community speaks up about how Wikipedia biases paranormal articles. Let people know that it is intellectually lazy to use it as a reference, and donating to the Wikipedia is donating against paranormal research. We have helped start a paranormal section in Citizendium, which may be an effective alternative because they allow more balanced articles. Please consider becoming an editor and helping out.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? INFORMATION TRANSMITTED FROM A HIGH LEVEL: Judy Laddon's book 'Beyond the Veil' we are informed was information transmitted from the sixth level. I have no proof to confirm that - so it is left up to us to study the transmissions very carefully: Here is what the sixth level entity says, among many other things, " ... Your society's definition of Heaven is a gross misrepresentation. Heaven sounds like a deathly boring place to be, and I for one wouldn't be caught dead there. All the residents of these spirit realms have well developed senses of humor, just like you do, perhaps more so. Our humor is never sarcastic, though, or at the expense of someone else. There are many ironies to laugh over and much spirited interchange among us all. ... You need not fear extinction of your ego or your personality. But you will change, even as you do now. This change is like a flower blooming; it is natural and beautiful "

You often hear people say, "... everyday I'm getting older and older ..' giving the bad news impression. But you can turn that positively around - from "everyday I'm getting older" to ... " every day I'm getting closer and closer to heaven ..."


VICTOR will be speaking at this conference about sensational 'scientific' afterlife evidence.
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The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies 38thAnnual Conference, July 10-13, 2014, Scottsdale, Arizona. Psychotherapist Guided Afterlife Connections

• Self-guided Afterlife Connections
• Evidential medium readings
• Automatic writing
• Life between lives induction
• Instrumental TransCommunication
• Soul Phone communication
• Hemi Sync and binaural beats
•Threshold Room experiences
• Monroe institute Lifelines connections
• Self-hypnosis
• Meditation
• Pendulum reading
• Planned dream visitations
• Recognizing and understanding communication signs
• Bilateral stimulation
* Physical mediumship


You can Join the UK Spiritualists National Union International Online Group (SNUI) . The SNU runs many UK Spiritualist Churches and the Arthur Findlay College. Apparently joing the SNUI gives you discounted rates for sittings with some SNU approved mediums. Read more...

FEEDBACK: (3 only selected)
1) Hi Victor: "Magnificent speech at The Dowsers last Sunday." Vera S. (Thanks for that Vera. I received, many, many most favorable feedback about the Dowsers' meeting).

2) Congratulations, Victor, particularly for the opening text, and for the whole report as well.
Luis Sérgio Marotta

3) Many thanks Victor for raising awareness about my EVP/ITC work in 'Conversations with Mediums' - greatly appreciated!
Rob Smith

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