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March 11th 2011:

COMMENTARY: 'CLOSED-MINDED' J Randi's $1m CHALLENGE ' THE BIGGEST FRAUD IN PARANORMAL HISTORY'! Randi made a career out of being a closed minded skeptic - pushing negativism to its extreme. Most unfortunately he negatively influenced others into believing that that there is no afterlife. And these 'gullibles' completely swallowed his lies, his negative propaganda and his false logic - hook line and sinker.

In my video on youtube James Randi Challenge Exposed (videoed Sept.2010) exposing his hoax challenge I raised TEN clear, definitive points to show the challenge is the GREATEST FRAUD in paranormal history. Not ONE of the points raised has been rebutted by him or by anybody else.

But now he has made another video repeating his fraudulent claims - but hardly anyone takes notice.
By and large, the academics and intellectuals ignore him - he's an embarrassment to them; the genuine scientists ignore him; anybody who can perceive the paranormal with true empirical equanimity ignores him.

Who then takes some notice of him? The LOSERS and DEFEATISTS of this world:- those uninformed materialists and others WHO DO NOT STUDY THE EVIDENCE for the afterlife or the paranormal. No genius materialist, no reductionist scientist, no closed minded skeptic, no stage magician, no Randi has been able to show in TEN YEARS - WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the presented evidence for the afterlife is not valid.

I ADVISE all mediums - including SYLVIA BROWN, JAMES VAN PRAAGH, ALLISION DUBOIS (right) - and others NOT to take on Randi's alleged challenge because it is not a legitimate offer - IT'S THE BIGGEST HOAX IN PARANORMAL HISTORY because the way the challenge is drafted no psychic, no medium, no paranormalist - no one on earth can beat it!! The challenge is nothing but vicious propaganda aimed to fool, to deceive and to insult the applicant! Again I warn all gifted mediums NOT to have anythng to do with that hoax challenge!

WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO RANDI ON CROSSING OVER? Information directly form the afterlife tells us that on crossing over, if he or anyone else still has a dogmatic, absolute belief that there is no afterlife, that's exactly what he gets. At worst, he gets and sees - NOTHING - finding himself in complete darkness for eons of time... ahhhhhhhh!!!


For more information on the extent of the evidence produced by the Stanford Research Institute experiments into remote viewing see

SCIENCE and LAW: Is there a conflict between lawyers and scientists regarding what constitutes admissible afterlife evidence?

I usually do not have any problems with true scientists regarding afterlife evidence. There are now a significant and increasing number of scientists who are open minded and vitally interested in consciousness, spirituality and the afterlife.
Physicists in particular seem to be very open minded. However there are still a number of
reductionist (closed-minded) skeptical scientists. Over the last 21 years I found that they refuse to consider any evidence which is not consistent with their own afterlife negative prejudices - they actually refuse to look at the evidence and if they do, they do not see it. Psychology calls it 'cognitive dissonance' and Neurologistic Programming (NLP) calls it 'deletion.' Even if they witness stunning afterlife evidence, they will dismiss it WITHOUT investigating saying that it is either fraudulent or the experimental method must be flawed... because they say there is no afterlife.

- Philosophy professor Almeder of Georgia State University, discusses reincarnation and societal reactions, claims that it is irrational not to accept the evidence that human being are more than their bodies.


In 1993, parapsychologist and physicist Russell Targ (see video interview on remote viewing above) asked Dr Jane Katra for spiritual healing for a metastasized cancer for which allopathic medicine had little to offer. When his tumors disappeared, she joined him in doing remote viewing and consciousness research, teaching workshops, and writing two books: Miracles of Mind: Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing (1998) and Heart of the Mind: How to Experience God Without Belief (1999). Over the years, Jane has participated in research carried out by many parapsychologists, including Helmut Schmidt (RNG PK with dots on a computer monitor), William Broad and Marilyn Schlitz (distant mental influence), Ed Cox (with an alleged spoon bender in Germany), Russell Targ (remote viewing), Steve Baumann (measuring photons, EM and infrared radiation correlated with healing), and Dean Radin (PK of photons in the double slit experiment.) Read Michael Tymn's fascinating interview with Dr Katra. It includes details of highly evidential after death communications with Dr Elizabeth Targ, the daughter of Russell Targ who died from a brain tumor in 2002.

IONS 2011 Conference: Noetic 2.0 Tools and technologies for a world transforming. San Franciso July 20-24th,

There was some skeptical dummy who said that his skeptical friends would say that all mediumship is cold reading. Why is this uninformed skeptic - a real 'dummy'? Simply because cold reading according to the skeptics necessarily involves the medium 'seeing' the sitter, the medium 'asking' questions, the medium supposed to observe 'body language', the medium trying to extract information from the sitters in every way possible. .

- But what if
the session is held in the dark so the medium cannot see anything?
- What if the medium is gagged and the gag around his mouth is sealed so he cannot speak?
- What if the medium is securely tied in his seat - hands, ankles.
- What if the medium is NOT talking at all before or during the session?
- What if the sitters are NOT talking or answering questions - and
only the 'afterlife intelligences' do most of the talking?
- What if a materialized entity proves he is solid, walks, talks and touches the sitters....
HOW ON EARTH CAN THAT BE COLD READING??? The sum $500,000 is up for grabs if the skeptics can duplicate what David Thompson can do. However if and when the closed-minded skeptics fail, the skeptics will have to hand over $500,000!


QUESTION: What is the afterlife like?

This beautiful inspirational eloquence comes directly from the afterlife, “This is the world where the artist finds all his dreams come true, where the painter and the poet realize their ambition, where genius has full power of expression, where the repressions of earth are swept away and all gifts and talents are used in the service of one another. This is the world where there are no clumsy words to express inspiration, but where thought is the living language and reveals itself with lightning rapidity. This is a world where we have no money to worry us, where there is no competition, no driving of the weaker to the wall, where the strong are strong because they have something to give to those less fortunate than themselves.” (S.B. Anthology, p 70 2000 ed).

Leslie Flint was a "direct-voice medium." This is a kind of physical mediumship in which spirit people speak directly with their loved ones using an artificial voicebox made of ectoplasm, a substance taken from the medium. The spirit person is doing the speaking but the voices may have slight characteristics of the medium. In this recording a spirit names Andre answers the question of what it's like in the spirit world.
Listen to the recording on Craig Hogan's Afterlife Communication website.


Lawyer Edward C. Randall. (1860-1935) - was a prominent New York trial lawyer from Buffalo who for more than 20 years had worked closely with Emily French, a ‘direct voice’ medium. In 1905 Randall wrote to Isaac K. Funk, a prominent psychic researcher and co-owner of the publishing house Funk and Wagnalls of New York & London, asking him to arrange for Emily French to be scientifically tested. Dr Funk agreed on condition that Mrs. French would come to New York City and conduct sittings every day for two weeks in the homes of people she did not know surrounded by highly experienced and skeptical observers.

Then 72 years old and not in good health, Emily sat with Dr Funk night after night with barely any time to rest after the journey from her home in Buffalo. Funk and his associates conducted tests that proved the voices did not originate in the vocal organs of the medium. Her Indian control “Red Jacket” had a loud masculine voice that would have easily filled a hall with a seating capacity of 2000 people. The medium at that time was a frail old woman with a weak heart and was deaf, yet the sitters could hear every remark of the communicators.

Night after night she produced magnificent direct voice phenomena as spirits communicated and told of their experiences of the afterlife. Dr Funk published the full results of these detailed tests in his book, “The Psychic Riddle.” Read more...


Her name is Valerie Morrison. She was contacted by Detective Frank Martin of Philadelphia Police Dept. His case went cold: a Shilie Turner, 21 year old Olympic hopeful female athlete failed to return home one night. Det Martin and Det Jim Dougherty had no more clues – so Det Martin was able to contact gifted psychic Valerie Morrison – a recommendation from the FBI. Police initially thought that the missing person ran away with a boyfriend – like most missing young females in the area. But psychic said no, she was murdered. The psychic also took on the feelings of the missing victim and stated there was enormous fear, in darkness, in tree-growth, shoes and jacket missing, buried in shallow grave, near religious fountain/statute, trauma to the head, attacker knew the victim. Psychic in trance asked the mother, “where did you put me”. The mother screamed with panic. It was enough for the police to focus on that. Very soon afterwards the mother confessed she shot Shilie in the head. She was found guilty of murder and is doing time 15 years. Detective Martin said, “All the information given to us by the psychic was 100%.” Judy Rubino, prosecutor congratulated the medium. Well done Valerie Morrison, absolutely brilliant!
(from the television series PSYCHIC DETECTIVES)

"There are good, ethical, fair and honest psychics, and the use of their psychic powers that they provide is indeed truly priceless but you have to know what to look out for.Psychic fraud, psychic scams and fake psychics are quite common. A "Psychic" who tries to use fear, intimidation or any other similar tactic such as telling you that you are under a curse of some sort,
or if they tell you that you need readings on a regular basis in order to achieve your goals, should be completely avoided. Readings by a psychic with an unusual name such as Miss X, Miss Y and Miss Z generally should be avoided. Genuine psychics are not afraid to use their full real name. Readings by a psychic who does not provide an actual address and uses only a post office box likewise should be avoided. Be suspicious of psychics who perform only phone readings and do not have a office practice or any affiliation with their community in which they may not be regarded very highly."
(From Valerie Morrison - psychic/medium )

QUESTION: If somebody had a life on earth and reincarnated, can a medium get in touch with that person who reincarnated?
(Melissa D.)

Victor: Advanced research shows that it may be only an aspect of our ‘whole’ comes down on earth for learning and experiences to form character. When this first aspect (the person) crosses over, eventually another aspect of the ‘same whole’ comes down to earth for learning and experiences. This means that the original part of the whole will be in the afterlife and will still retain all memories and the spiritual level achieved and experienced on earth. In this sense one comes to the conclusion whilst there is ‘reincarnation’ – it may not be NOT linear. So the medium, theoretically, could get in touch with the first aspect of the whole who would be in the afterlife. Reincarnation is complex and one needs to study it thoroughly.

Simon Turnbull, President of the Australian Psychics Association, has announced that Sydney television station Channel 7 is getting ready to do episode 2 of its psychic talent quest- The One. (see previous series on Youtube) He is asking for gifted psychics to email him simonturnbull@msn.com.au if you want to be on the show.
I'm hoping that the producers set up a procedural CONTROL GROUP of a couple of skeptics - keeping variables constant - and to be fair to the professional psychics - film how well or badly the skeptics do on all the challenges. Guaranteed, done honestly - that would make very interesting, irresistably alluring viewing!!


" I am the host of the radio show, Provocative Enlightenment. On Tuesday, March 15th, Dr. Kevin Nelson is scheduled for my show. He is convinced that NDEs are simply biological artifacts and he further claims that his work is the only empirical peer reviewed work on the subject. His book, "The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain" will be our subject. August Goforth suggested that I reach out to you for two reasons. The first, if you were conducting this interview, what questions would you ask? The second reason, so you can let everyone know about the interview."

Eldon could start with questions about the nine areas of evidence why near death experiences cannot be biological artifacts on http://www.victorzammit.com/evidence/nde.htm
August Goforth's suggested questions are on his blog.

Eldon's upcoming episode " How Science Proves the Afterlife with Dr Baumann on 22nd March may also be of interest to our subscribers".


Sandra Champlain writes:
" Thank You for putting my "What If" video on your site. I've gotten lots of great responses. Today I finished my "How to Survive Grief" cd that I'm giving away the mp3 file at www.survivegrief.com

Although I talk mostly about what grief is and how to navigate thru it, the end of the recording is about life after death AND I leave people with an exercise in remote viewing. When people can experience remote viewing (which all people can) I believe it opens their minds up to the question "who are we and what else is possible?" My 'game' is to have people realize we are eternal souls having a human experience. I want courageous people going after their dreams, lots of love, great communication and families getting closer, not falling apart with death. I'm hoping you like it and will be inspired to share it.
Sincerely, Sandra Champlain


" My book Afterlife has been a great success so far and I am doing lots of radio interviews all over Australia. It just goes to show underneath all their fears and bravado people are very interested in this topic.

I am giving a talk at the Heavenly Energies centre (499 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby) next Tuesday night March 15, at 6.30 and the gold coin donation goes to charity.

Then on Saturday 19th March I am doing a one day workshop on Life Between Lives, also at Heavenly Energies. Any enquiries can of course go to Robyn at Heavenly Energies on (612) 9967 9415."


(Call Christine for all readings and bookings
+61-(0) 411 036 963).

1) Dear Wendy and Victor,
No words could express my gratitude for the blessing of your Friday "reports". What a powerful labor of love! (Last week, I did e-mail the AECES to volunteer to do some research, and received an e-mail back explaining the status, etc. I'm looking forward to helping out in some small way eventually!).

Rachel C.
(Wish it were Australia, but alas, I doubt my Guidance will let me travel, um, shall we say, quite that far! )

2) Dear Victor and Wendy, Blessings to both you and your wife for all your efforts in making people aware of the “afterlife”. I have learned so much from your weekly “Friday Report” and I am so thankful to be on your distribution list.
Lyn .

3) Dear Victor! Thank you very much! You give me hope! Maya

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