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May 2006

May 26th 2006

COMMENTARY: Dan Brown’s book The Da Vinci Code is worth a closer look. We are informed that apart from the Bible, it is the highest selling book ever. The movie grossed more than $224 million in the opening weekend- the fourth highest in movie history. Catholics have been furious about the book and the Vatican called for boycotting the movie. But professional historians do understand ‘the paradox of persecution’ – the more you persecute, the greater the opposition will become. An example of this – the persecution of the Jews- which resulted in one of the strongest nations on Earth. If left alone without threats of world wide boycotting, the Da Vinci movie- which is mainly for ‘intellectuals’ - would have ‘come and gone’ the way Cinderalla Man came and went.

THE REAL ISSUES? Irrespective of whether there is any truth in the story that Jesus was married and had a child, the book and the movie raise the serious allegation that we in the Western Christian world have been misled, misdirected and completely manipulated into accepting the present Bible and the other Church teachings and that most critical issues have been fraudulently omitted or concocted. The two main claims of The Da Vinci Code are that the Church fraudulently removed any involvement by women from the Bible and Church affairs (Brown’s claim is that Jesus asked Magdalene to continue to lead the church) and secondly, that Jesus was a teacher one day and God the next- that Church leaders turned Jesus into a God to match the contemporaneous Gods of the time, especially the Pagan ‘God’ Mithra (see item below ‘The Da Vinci Code and Emperor Constantine’). The fact that all of the original, authentic Biblical texts do not exist anymore, gives Dan Brown a fertile area to raise controversies.

QUESTION: I am a regular visitor to your site and I always look forward to the Friday report. My question is: 1) what happens to the spirituality of soldiers who kill or maim others in battle? 2) In particular what about the crew of the Enola Gay. Their actions ended WWII but what about all the suffering they caused on the ground in Hiroshima? Gary.

Victor: This question was answered by a highly credible afterlife teacher, Silver Birch, who transmitted a great deal of information from the afterlife through an English medium for over thirty years. 1) a soldier who does not think he/she is doing wrong by killing or maiming the ‘enemy’ is not likely to be accountable for the killings and the maiming. But, if someone knows he/she is doing wrong by killing another human being – then that person will have to face the inevitable karmic consequences. 2) The same goes for the Enola Gay pilots and whoever was involved in the planning and dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. This is also qualified by the principle that we do have a right to protect ourselves – and if someone is about to kill you, you do have the right to deal with the matter according to the provocation – there will not be karmic consequences. It’s the same for the State’s hangman or executioner. Where there is knowledge of wrong doing – killing another human being, there will be a price to pay.

BREAKING THE HOUDINI CODE: What evidence is there to show that Houdini transmitted the agreed code from the afterlife to his wife?

Victor: Houdini was a crusader against fake mediums early last century – but vowed that if there is an afterlife, on crossing over he would transmit a message by way of a code to his wife Beatrice. And the agreed code did come through! There were a number of people present including reporters from “The Scientific American”, Houdini’s wife and other witnesses. Houdini’s code word related from the afterlife was BELIEVE – as you will read in the article, it was a rather complex message. And the code word from Houdini’s mother related from the afterlife was ‘FORGIVE’. Houdini’s wife Beatrice stated that no one else in the world knew about the code. She signed a formal statement to the effect that the code came from Houdini and was absolutely correct. Naturally the closed minded, aggressive skeptics went on a rampage, using violent tactics to claim that Beatrice was lying and the medium was fraudulent. But to no avail. Houdini’s wife Beatrice stood by what she experienced.

DA VINCI CODE AND EMPEROR CONSTANTINE: the movie did not give the full story of how Jesus became ‘God’. This is what really happened – and is not in dispute among professional historians. Emperor Constantine, pictured, organized the COUNCIL OF NICEA in 325 A.D. It ran from May until September because there was a lot of fighting amongst Christians in the Roman Empire at the time. The Unitarians - those who did not believe that Jesus was God opposed the Trinitarians, those who believed that Jesus was God. The Council was attended by over three hundred Bishops and Church leaders. To resolve the matter, Constantine made the Council members put a vote whether Jesus was God or not. The first motion was won by the Unitarians – that Jesus was not God. Immediately, Bishop Eusebius lobbied Constantine to review the matter. He told him that Christianity could not have ‘Jesus’ as a Christian figurehead having less status than the Mithra who to the Mithraists was their ‘God’. Constantine who had made his own father a God (as was the procedure for those who were Roman Emperors when they died) agreed that the motion be put again, but banned the Unitarians from attending the Council. Of course, when the motion was put for the second time, there was no one to oppose it. That is how Christianity got their belief that Jesus is God since the year 325 AD – and professional historians do NOT dispute that. (Researched by Arthur Findlay – see THE ROCK OF TRUTH).

'RADIO OUT THERE' - excellent radio by highly professional Barry Eaton on matters of the paranormal. More that 50,000 each month accessing his radio show! Barry interviews Victor on the Da Vinci Code - to be put on the air on Thursday- more later. See also archives section of the website.

ATTESTATIONS SOUGHT: I am about to update the book for the fourth time on the Net- click BOOK top right. In eight years since I published the book, there has not been one rebuttal of the afterlife evidence I presented.If you read the book and enjoyed it, I would appreciate a one or two line attestation for my publisher. Email me.

Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) allows those in the next world to communicate with us in a language that the majority of the people of this world – particularly the people of the Western world who have been taught by modern science to accept only material realities – can understand. See the websites of Dr. Anabela Cardoso, Editor of the ITC Journal and ITC experimenter and

Silver Birch is a highly credible afterlife entity whose words has been subjected to years of analysis. On deathbed repentance he says: “We are concerned with deeds, with actions and with the life that every individual lives. We teach the supreme law of cause and effect, that none thwarts the Great Power, that none cheats the law, that man is his own savior and his own redeemer, that man pays the penalty for every wrongdoing, and that man reaps the reward for every kindness that he performs. We say that the laws of the Great Power are mechanical, automatic in their action that kindness, tolerance, sympathy, service automatically make you the better because you have practiced them, and that selfishness, wrong-doing and intolerance automatically make you worse. You cannot alter the inflexible law. There is no cheap reprieve, there are no easy pardons. Divine justice rules the whole universe. A spiritual dwarf cannot pretend to be a spiritual giant. There are no death-bed conversions.” (from a very highly recommended book Silver Birch Companion)

VIETAMESE PSYCHICS COMMUNCATING WITH THE DEAD: (Thanks to R.J.): Although the Vietnam War ended in 1975, some families are still searching for loved ones missing in action and are turning to psychics for help. Every day Vietnamese army units hack through malarial jungles. Their single aim is to bring back the dead. Even by conservative estimates, the war claimed the lives of more than three million Vietnamese, among them a million North Vietnamese soldiers. Thirty years on, more than half are still missing. Read this stunning article on how psychics are helping relatives to find the bodies of their loved ones:

DEATH: why is it in Western culture we are terrified of death? Death is a taboo subject in social conversation. We have been victims of propaganda that death is something horrible, that people could be sent to eternal damnation (not true), that on death terrible things could happen (true in certain circumstances). All of Anthony Borgia’s books which were transmitted from the other side by former Christian Minister Hugh Benson tell us that death can be one of the most exhilarating experiences. Average decent folk have nothing to worry about. On crossing over they will be met by loved ones then will proceed to the realm of the light to continue life in immensely better conditions than on Earth. But someone who has been into sustained cruelty and selfishness all their lives on earth would inevitably have reduced the vibrations of their etheric duplicate body. This means that on crossing over, they will automatically be drawn into the dark realm which can accommodate their vibrations. This dark realm is not very nice at all – there is no light, it is usually cold and inhabited by similar low level etherics – once human on Earth – who are usually full of mischief. For afterlife conditions go to BOOK click chapter 27.

IMPORTANT LECTURE IN NEW YORK: ‘Do Tables Tilt, Turn and Float?’ This illustrated lecture about Table Levitation Phenomena, 1850-2006, will draw extensively upon the personal table-tilting experiences of Canadian survival researcher Walter Meyer zu Erpen . Since 1998 he has been a member of a Canadian Spiritualist home circle and will be showing short video clips of his circle’s table lifting, rocking and pivoting. The presentation will take place on Thurs. 1 June in the recently re-opened Eileen J. Garrett Research Library, at Greenport, Long Island, and then again on Tues. 6 June at the New York Academy of Sciences, New York City. For information about locations, times, and tickets, and further details about the talk email Walter at:

FILM OF KEITH MILTON RHINEHART. From Jonathan: “Victor, I am researching about a film that was made of Keith Milton Rhinehart on live television in Japan in 1958, showing physical phenomena. I know you have an in depth knowledge of such matters and I wanted to find out if you know anything about this film recording and who I may be able to contact regarding it. Colin Fry the English medium saw it when he was in Japan in the mid 1990's, but unfortunately he is unable to find the contact information for me. I am applying for a research grant through the Ontario Arts Council, here in Canada.” Anyone who can assist Jonathan please email me:

SCIENTISTS ACCEPTING THE AFTELRIFE & PSI: Professor Archie Roy Scottish professor Archie Roy is a Professor Emeritus of Astronomy in the University of Glasgow a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, The Royal Astronomical Society and the British Interplanetary Society. He has published 20 books, six of them novels, some 70 scientific papers and scores of articles and directed Advanced Scientific Institutes for NATO. For the best part of thirty years he has been passionately interested in psychical research and helped to found PRISM (Psychical Research Involving Selected Mediums) which encourages, guides and funds research work with mediums. He has worked with Tricia Robertson on research work which validated mediumship and published three papers on this with the Society for Psychical Research. In addition to such planned research work Prof. Roy has, over the past thirty years, investigated innumerable spontaneous cases of allegedly haunted places and haunted people. His 300 page book Archives of the Mind presents over twenty of the best authenticated cases from over a century of research and rejects the possibility of fraud and coincidence.

PSI EXISTS: Typical of the staggering experimental results was a meta-analysis of all psi experiments conducted at Stanford Research Institute from 1973 to 1988 conducted by Edwin May and his colleagues. The analysis was based on 154 experiments with more than 26,000 separate trials conducted over 16 years. The statistical results of this analysis indicated odds against chance of more than a billion billion to one
(Radin 1997:101)

IS THERE AND AFTERLIFE? In 2005 Professor David Fontana, Professor of Transpersonal Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University, put together a highly recommended scholarly 500 page book “Is There An Afterlife” which comprehensively reviews the evidence. In the introduction to the book Professor Archie Roy points out that as yet most mainstream scientists are simply unaware of the evidence. They have never done psychic research and have never read the evidence but are often hostile to it because it threatens their scientific world view.

XENOGLOSSY: One of the most amazing psychic phenomena, which religionists, debunkers and atheists have continuously and deliberately ignored is xenoglossy – the ability to speak or write a foreign language a person never learned or heard about. After all other possible explanations – such as fraud, genetic memory, telepathy and cryptomnesia (the remembering of a foreign language learnt earlier) – have been investigated, xenoglossy is taken as evidence of either memories of a language learnt in a past life or of communication with an afterlife entity – a spirit. See Book chapter 22.

May 19th 2006

COMMENTARY: ‘INTELLIGENT DESIGN’:Some of my friends who investigate the paranormal do not believe in God. They refuse to accept the Christian God of “a man in the sky with a long white beard controlling the ‘human traffic’”. But when I point to observable intelligent design on Earth and in the universe, they don’t disagree. They agree that chance alone does not explain what appears to be intelligence behind every phenomenon in the universe. I quite agree that the observation of intelligent design is independent to religion or creationism. But using the inductive reasoning process, it becomes extremely difficult to rule out intelligent design. Again, one just cannot say all intelligent phenomena came about by chance – that does not explain anything. For example, clearly, in the universe itself – including our own solar system - there are laws in operation so that planets, moons, suns and stars do not collide into each other – there are centrifugal forces which keep the universe in some sort of an organized order. That is just one example of intelligence design. But there are thousands of example on planet earth where we can observe intelligent design. Life- force on anything living; the physiological drive for procreation; orgasms as incentive for procreation. I’d be interested to hear your views about this one. See also Wikdipedia on intelligent design.

(a) BRILLIANT PSYCHIC VISION SAVED PENSIONER: an Australian psychic-clairvoyant Lena McGregor – has found a missing elderly man after a large-scale police search covering hundred of hectares involving sniffer dogs and a helicopter failed to yield any clues reports Ellen Connolly - May 14th 06 THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH, NSW, Australia. The police had no further clues to find a missing person; they had exhausted all leads and were about to give up searching when the psychic arrived. Called in by the ex-wife of the missing man’s son she drove to the rugged bushland property near Nimbin NSW. Guided by a vision she crawled on her hands and knees under thick lantana to a creek bed, 100 meters down a ravine and totally obscured from view. There she found the missing person Tony Poboka. Lismore Hospital doctors said that Tony Poboka was three hours from dying.

Inspector Bill McKenna of Richmond area command said it was most remarkable that Ms McGregor had accurately pinpointed the area after a long search turned up nothing. Mr Fred Waters, the missing man’s son stated he had been a skeptic all his life, but now he accepts that there are some gifted people with psychic abilities. Identifying and controlling non physical energy will one day be accepted – but I wish those allocating funding had the foresight to get results in times of crisis and create specific projects to formalize the critical laws of non-physical energy.

NO ONE GETS AWAY WITH IT: people regularly ask me to explain why so many cruel people seem to get away with heinous crimes. The Law of Cause and Effect guarantees us that cosmic justice is perfect. No one, I repeat, no one gets away with cruelty or crime or transgressions. No one! It may be true that in the short term some people seem to be ‘getting away with murder’. But, guaranteed, they won’t. It does not matter who the transgressor is, even a religious person, or a bureaucrat, or an administrator in high places or politicians or any body else who has power. When any one violates spiritual law there is an immediate reduction in the vibrations of that person’s etheric body. Even on planet Earth, in physics there is a law which states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Now in spiritual physics there is something similar: for every transgression there is an equal and opposite spiritual response.

DA VINCI CODE FUSS: Catholic conservatives around the world voiced their bitter opposition about the Da Vinci Code – the book by Dan Brown who obtained some of the controversial information from the Gospel of Philip. In some countries attempts were made by Catholic Opus Dei organizations to try to either stop the distribution of the movie or to boycott it. Very strong Catholic opposition to the movie will guarantee its success – no doubt about that. Why? Because the movie is not easy to watch. It is highly esoteric with a presentation of an eclectic collection of beliefs. You need high intelligence, high concentration, an excellent memory and skills of analysis to make sense out of it! Now the protests will inevitably raise a lot of curiosity about why the Catholics do not want you to see the movie. Yes, there were controversial things. We are told that Mary Magdalene was pregnant with Jesus’ baby when Jesus was crucified – then she fled to France. But if it were not for the protests, my view is that the Da Vinci Code would not be a financial success at all for the reasons mentioned above. I found it an intellectually stimulating movie – others who are used to going to a movie for the usual movie action were disappointed – in fact the movie was well and truly above their heads. I advise the Catholics to ignore the provocations of THE DA VINCI CODE book and movie.

ALLISON DUBOIS: a question was put to me whether in the television series MEDIUM, based on the real-life skills of psychic Allison Dubois, the psychic things that occur in the show are real. Every psychic phenomenon like pre-cognition, dreams and telepathy and clairaudience are real. This show is very important to educate the masses around the world about the reality of psychic phenomena –all psychic phenomena shown have been the subject of empirical investigation- See Dean Radin’s The Conscious Universe. There are no miracles – there is non-physical energy, there are NATURAL LAWS that some gifted people we call mediums are able to identify, control and manipulate.

PERCEPTION: Have you ever thought that the way you see the world is directly related to your environment - where you were born? When I see radicals trying to claim they have superior beliefs etc., it shows how silly they are. If they were born in some other country they would think in a completely different way. Tolerance of people’s ideas has to prevail over history, culture, tradition, beliefs and values. Our thinking processes are evolving and people are learning to use empirical principles to distinguish between what is valid what is hypothetical. When you apply empirical principles, you will be rising above the environment-perception problem. Because empirically elicited information has ‘validity’ – as distinct from traditional subjective, personal beliefs. That is why I chose to select only empirically validated objective afterlife evidence for the existence of the afterlife click on BOOK top right.

EXORCISM: if one accepts that there is such a thing as ‘possession’ i.e. when a negative energy attaches itself to a living person on earth – how do you get rid of the negative energy? Exorcism is an attempt to remove the negative attachment. (Christian) Catholics think they can scare the negative energy by sprinkling it with water – they call ‘holy water.’ But empirical research in this sensitive subject shows that successful exorcists are able to call at will more powerful energies to remove the negative energy attachment. It is theoretically possible for an exorcist, no matter of what religion to be successful in exorcism as long as he has with him a powerful positive energy (strong spirit) to assist. But experience has shown that reciting certain words - some English some Latin or some other language and/or going into some kind of weird ritual or using incense to try to scare negative spirits – are all futile. Some of the most powerful exorcists come from the spiritualist groups because mediums can communicate with afterlife energies directly.

QUESTION: I was asked: Where did the Christians get their ‘devil’ from”

Victor: Research shows that superstitious beliefs in the devil go back more than three thousand. Here is what a famous historian stated about this important subject: (taken from Arthur Findlay- <pictured - brilliant book, THE ROCK OF TRUTH – chapter Other Religions). “The Devil figures in all religions in one form or another. The one Christianity copied came from Paganism, and to it he was known as Pan the mountain Goat-God, with horns, hoofs and tail. He was God of the mountains, and the legend of Jesus being taken up a high mountain to be tempted by the Devil is just the story borrowed from the Pagans of Pan taking Jupiter to a mountain-top and offering him the surrounding country.” I would be more than happy to have some theologian rebut this quote – and will publish any response to Arthur Findlay’s most stunning revelation in my next
Friday Report. email:

NOSTRADAMUS: Can people see the future? I was always fascinated by this research. I studied Nostradamus to see if he was accurate – and found that from one thousand quatrains, ten quatrains were specific and 100% spot on hundreds of years before the events actually happened. As an empiricist I research to see what laws could be discovered in pre-cognitive processes

SPECIAL CONFERENCE ON PRE-COGNITION - predicting the future with accuracy. Here is something special for those interested in pre-cognition. On June 3and 4, 2006 there will be a Transformation Conference presented by Ozark Mountain Publishers at the Clarion Hotel in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This conference will feature some of the greatest metaphysical practitioners of the century. Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, and the founder of the “M K Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence” will be one of the speakers. He has authored four books including The Forgotten Woman” the untold story of Kastur, wife of Mahatma Gandhi which he co-authored with his wife Sunanda. DOLORES CANNON, president of Ozark Mountain Publishing and the author of thirteen books, including Conversations With Nostradamus Vol 1 ,11 and well an The Convoluted Universe ,Books 1 and 2 will do a presentation. She is considered by many to be the foremost past life regression hypnotherapist in the world. Aron Abrahamsen is the author of Holiday In Heaven .He has an amazing gift of being able to open The Akashic Record and he has given thousands of life readings. Other speakers will be, O.T Bonnett MD, author of “Reincarnation’the View From Eternity, as well as two other books. Reverend Patrick McNamara who wrote Beauty And The Priest, Christine Ramos, author of A Journey Into Being, Claire Doyle Beland, who wrote “Luck Doesn’t Happen By Chance” and Justine Alessi , Rebirth Of The Oracle; Tarot For The Modern World. All the authors will lecture on their various fields of expertise. Some of the speakers will offer readings and information and there will be vendors as well. More information....

May 12th 2006

COMMENTARY: THE ‘EXPERIMENTER EFFECT’ – usually refers to the finding that an experimenter’s bias, whether conscious or unconscious can influence the results of his/her experiment. In the investigation of psi it is particularly obvious that negatively minded investigators keep getting negative results. Yet the same experiment on the same subjects carried out by a positive experimenter yields positive results.
Obtaining positive results would make a negatively entrenched skeptical debunking experimenter look absolutely stupid. So, someone who has been debunking psi for the last twenty years –would not be expected to produce results which show the debunker had been wrong all that time. It would give the closed minded debunker enormous anxiety – and the debunker would then go into DENIAL and REJECTION and even lie, cheat and use all kinds of tricks to produce results consistent with his/her own skeptical partiality. The analogy I use is that of a Ku Klux Klan Wizard trying to write an ‘objective’ empirical report about African Americans being racially equal to whites. Experts tell that sometimes, the negativity the debunkers get into to produce negative psi results is done on an ‘unconscious level’. Usually the debunkers, when confronted with results from empiricists who produced positive results supporting the paranormal, go into the ‘cognitive dissonance’ - rationalization and what NLP calls ‘deletions’. They unconsciously - or consciously - delete critical evidence to produce negative results and maintain their own internal consistency. Can you really give credibility to experimenters claiming to be ‘objective’ when they are highly placed members of the debunking and negatively entrenched CSICOP group? AND - these same negative debunkers - have been obtaining negative results for the last twenty/thirty years? Who are they kidding?

SENSING MURDER IN NEW ZEALAND - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT: I received a DVD of a television program on the paranormal filmed and shown recently in New Zealand (down under, not too far from Australia). It is absolutely brilliant! One day, I’m sure, the show will come your way. Watch out for it very carefully. Three gifted psychics, working independently, came up with more than forty relevant variables, names and minute details NO ONE ON EARTH told them before the investigation. They told the viewers of the name of the victim, the place of the murder, who was involved in the murder, how she was murdered, where she was taken to be buried. The New Zealand police were also absolutely stunned by the new information which the gifted psychics
Sue Nicholson and Kelvin Cruikshank and Scott Russell-Hill (who had never before been to New Zealand - see also below) produced .

LEADING UK LAWYER SUPPORTS AFTERLIFE. Dr Aubrey Rose, OBE, CBE, one of the most brilliant lawyers in England has stated in his recent book The Rainbow Never Ends that he totally ACCEPTS the EVIDENCE for the existence of the afterlife. After empirically investigating the transmissions made by one of his colleagues through direct voice medium Leslie Flint, he stated that without doubt the voice came from the afterlife and was that of Judge Lord Birkett who had crossed over sometime before. From the afterlife, Lord Birkett stated, “When I was on your side, I supported the death penalty, but now I am here, I can see that it was wrong. We have no right to take life.” The book THE RAINBOW NEVER ENDS is available from Psychic News Books by post for thirteen English pounds sterling.

IMPORTANT INTERVIEW: Dr JEFFREY MISHLOVE interviews one of the most important psi physicists in the world to-day, Dr Russell Targ: “Hello and welcome. Our topic today is ESP, or clairvoyance, or what modern parapsychologists now term remote viewing, and my guest, Russell Targ, a laser physicist, is probably one of America's foremost parapsychology researchers. Russell founded the parapsychology research program at SRI International with his partner, physicist Hal Puthoff. He is currently a senior staff scientist with Lockheed Corporation; is the president of the Bay Research Institute, an organization which is actively involved in parapsychology research; has authored numerous professional articles on parapsychology research, and co-authored three books, Mind at Large, Mind Reach, and The Mind Race. Welcome, Russell. Read more …

PHONE PSYCHICS: I get enquiries from time to time questioning the accuracy of phone psychics. Like everything else, one has to investigate the claims that they are accurate. Whilst there must be some very good and accurate phone psychics, there are also many mediocre and total quacks who will fleece you out of your hard earned income. You have to ask questions – to establish the credibility of any psychic you want a reading from. Be warned- quacks, charlatans, cheats, conmen and women, thieves, criminals and other posing as psychics can bluff their way into your wallet. Whenever you can ask for genuine and credible witnesses who will attest to the psychic’s credibility and accuracy. That’s a start.

ANECDOTAL v EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE: occasionally paranormal critics and cynics who have been confronted with hard core evidence for the validity of the paranormal claim, words to the effect, “Oh, that evidence is only anecdotal.” This may ease the huge anxiety they feel when someone in authority shows that the skeptic’s beliefs are totally invalid. But just because the cynics raise the anecdotal issue, it does not invalidate empirically elicited paranormal results. Why not? Because empirical evidence can be repeated over time and space and yields the same results, keeping variables constant.

REINCARNATION: Rebirth and Personal identity: Is Reincarnation an Intrinsically Impersonal Concept? by “Titus Rivas” You should know that in my previous life I was already the very same person I am now!” 'Kees', a Dutch boy with reincarnation memory. Read the full article …

Scott Russell Hill one of Australia’s best known TV Psychic Detectives has been used as resource ‘off the record’ for police investigations. Recently in Australia, there was controversy in regards to a member of the Australian Federal Police Force consulting a Psychic about a cold case. The Federal Police officer was suspended for what was deemed undesirable behavior. Scott shares for the first time, his experience of living the role as a Psychic Detective, and tells us how the intelligence community around the world has approached him. Skeptics say, no psychic has ever helped solve a murder. Find out how Scott, as a Psychic Detective found a murder weapon and put the perpetrator behind bars. See archived interview on Ghost Radio.
The Psychic Detective, Scott’s 5th book will be released by Pan Macmillan in September 2006.
Read Scott's home page....

CREDIBILITY: why is it that highly qualified professionals – physicists, physicians, biologists, architects, writers, philosophers, astronauts, other scientists and lawyers – who accept the afterlife and the paranormal after they empirically investigate get a lot of criticism from the uninformed? I can tell you with absolute certainty that all those uninformed debunkers who are attacking the brilliant scientists who have given and are giving us objective evidence for the afterlife will one day accept the inevitable – that the afterlife exists and its consequences are huge. They remind me of those writers for The Scientific American, The New York Times, The New York Herald, the U.S. Army, academics – including Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy Simon Newcomb from John Hopkins University – and many other American scientists who all heaped derision, ridicule and denigration onto the Wright Brothers claiming that it was, “scientifically impossible for machines to fly.”!

PLEASE COMMENT! I received an email which among many other things stated: Millions of people have believed, including myself, in childhood that Santa Clause really existed. The number of people who believe something is not proof of anything …
VICTOR: There is a fundamental difference between believing in something and accepting the evidence for it. I do not ‘BELIEVE’ in the Afterlife. I ACCEPT the empirical evidence for the existence of the afterlife – absolutely nothing to do with beliefs. Now believing in ‘nothing after death’ is a belief in itself. A debunker is technically a ‘believer’. This means a skeptical debunker has a belief which per se is subjective because a skeptical debunker does not have the substance of science to prove what the skeptical debunker believes has any validity at all. This is because anything subjective is itself subject to error to complete invalidation.

May 7th 2006

COMMENTARY: COMMUNICATING WITH AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCES: Time to tell all. I mentioned this before in passing. But now I want to make it crystal clear what I am talking about when I state that the in afterlife matters, the experiential is far more powerful than anything else. I do not have to hide anything. I do not have to keep quiet about the most important discovery in the human history – we survive physical death. First, as to credibility, I am healthy in mind, body and spirit. I am qualified in a number of university disciplines, including Law, Psychology, Scientific Method and History. I worked as a lawyer having done work in the Local Courts, District courts and in the Supreme Court. I worked for State police prosecution, I was also involved, for more than twenty years in intelligence matters. My biggest personal breakthrough came in 1990 when I was taught by experts how to make contact with the afterlife through the Inner Peace Movement. It was dramatic, it was stunning, it was absolutely mind blowing – I was making conversation with afterlife intelligences! In earlier years even when I was in the skeptic movement I felt I was a kind of ‘sensitive’ – but whilst I was experiencing what I now as psychic experiences, I told no one. I kept the information to myself until 1990. I thought that all people had these intermittent esp experiences. And, surveys show, many people do. I distinctly remember these experiences started to become more intense around 1980. I intermittently experienced psychic phenomena: some remote viewing, telepathy, pre-cognition. I then started to systematically investigate the paranormal using my professional knowledge, especially in the area of admissibility of evidence. I knew that to be taken seriously, I had to present objective evidence. I had learnt in workers’ compensation litigation that relevant objective evidence is virtually impossible to rebut. So I did intense research and collected anything I envisaged to pass the objectivity test. I made contact with a number of afterlife intelligences, including my father. With absolute certainty, I state that the afterlife exists and just like many millions across the world, my afterlife and paranormal experiences give me all the evidence I need to unqualifiedly accept the inevitability of the afterlife.

QUESTION: Do you do psychic research for money?
Victor: Absolutely not. I sell my books at cost. And I never charged any money for the countless hours of legal and other advice I gave to so many people. I am more than happy to assist those who genuinely need help in matters to do with the paranormal, the afterlife and spirituality.

: Last week I raised the importance of intelligence –a person can be highly intelligent but also biased, dishonest, or negatively prejudiced and highly undisciplined. Here are more insights into ‘intelligence.’

there is no link between intelligence and accepting the afterlife/paranormal. Surveys taken repeatedly (U.S.) show that at colleges and universities, there is a higher percentage of older students than first year students accepting the afterlife-paranormal. But the critical intervening independent variable is the individual’s spiritual advancement NOT intelligence in itself.

(2) INTELLIGENCE : there is no correlation at all between being highly intelligent and honesty. History is full of examples of where highly intelligent people committed serious crimes, stole money, cheated, lied and committed some of the most heinous crimes on record.

(3) INTELLIGENCE and open mindedness. This is critical in science and scientific methodology. When some professor is hardwired into being negatively prejudiced against the paranormal, experience has shown that even in empirical experiments, that will produce results consistent with his own negative prejudice. This is also called the Experimenter’s Effect (more about this next week). The case of the gifted Russian medical intuitive Natasha Demkina clearly illustrated this principle- see below.

(4) INTELLIGENCE: there is no correlation between being ‘intelligent’ and being ‘smart.’ A lot of highly intelligent people are on record for doing stupid things. Smart refers to someone being mentally quick, sharp, clever AND also making the right decisions, not adversely affecting himself and in his own long term interest. Those who are informed about the afterlife and who are on record for being level headed find it rather puzzling when some highly intelligent person such as a scientist or professor of some sort or some high achiever will not take the time to do research about the empirical evidence for the afterlife when there is empirically elicited information that there are huge consequences once we cross over to the afterlife dimension – click on BOOK (top right), click on WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE chapter 27.

AN ATTORNEY-AT-LAW FROM SWEDEN sent me an email complimenting the research I am doing on the afterlife. He sent a very good Near Death Experience link which I strongly recommend every reader to read. NDE’s reinforce the notion that the human physical body has a duplicate - a more refined body which crosses over to the afterlife dimension when the physical body inevitably dies. Read more on NDE’s Thanks PM.


Thanks B Perkins for the link to this superb site which contains video interviews with leading speakers on the human soul and the afterlife and other most interesting topics. There are four new interviews every month which you can preview and watch on your computer from your Broadband (DSL, Cable or Satellite) connection. Of particular interest to readers of this report are archived interviews with Professor Gary Schwartz, Hazel Courtney and Damien Brinkley. You need to register (free and takes about 3 minutes).

ON EVIDENCE: when a presentation is made where results of paranormal experiments are cited, any objector has to deal with the experiment itself. This means that if an objective/skeptic does not like the results of experiment cited, he/she must show where, when, how and why the empirical experiment cannot be accepted in evidence. Among other things, the skeptic has to show how there was an experimental error, what extraneous variables were not controlled – e.g. stray frequencies in EVP experiments and to show there was no cause effect link. It is not admissible just to descriptively and a. priori state words to the effect, “The evidence is wrong because the paranormal does not exist.” All the objections to the afterlife evidence I received these last eight years have been inadmissible descriptive objections.

ATTEMPTS TO ASSASSINATE HITLER: Many historians – and others – have been absolutely stunned by the enormous ‘cosmic luck’ Hitler had in surviving an assassination attempt in 1944. Hitler was just about one yard (less than a meter) away from an eight pound (approx. 4 kilos) plastic bomb which exploded. The bomb, which was placed under a table, killed four and injured another four – who later died. But because Hitler was reading documents with his head close to the table, the table apparently saved his life. By Earth’s logic if this Hitler had been killed then, many German cities would not have been destroyed by aerial bombing and huge numbers of people would not have been unnecessarily killed. Hitler also was miraculously saved from a previous bomb assassination attempt when a Swiss watchmaker placed a bomb where Hitler was to speak. For unknown reasons, Hitler finished his speech 8 minutes early. Had he kept to the scheduled time allocated for his speech Hitler would have been blown to bits. Historians, spiritualists and others just cannot understand the huge ‘cosmic luck’ Hitler had on these two specific occasions.

OUIJA BOARD: warning, keep away from ouija boards unless you have expertise in handling such dangerous ‘psychic’ equipment. NEVER try to use a ouija board unless you are with an ouija board expert. Why is it dangerous? Because in this psychic exercise, you on planet physical Earth are touting for responses from those who exist in a different (spiritual) dimension. You do not know what energies you are dealing with. It is like being on a soapbox in busy part of New York touting for a response. You can get a nasty one, or a mischievous one or a very clever one who will give you a lot of misinformation. Then there could be others who decide to stay with you thinking it’s fun for them to be near you ALL THE TIME –influencing you with their negative energy. I used the ouija board and obtained intelligent answers from afterlife entities. Remember, that there are millions of people wandering around in the afterlife darker Astral level – many are confused refusing to believe they are dead.
Click on BOOK top right click on chapter 21.

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