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December 24th 2010

Apologies if I have not replied to your email - extremely busy. Patience.

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Last week's report

Christmas - holiday time! Victor and Wendy send you all the warmest, loving greetings!

COMMENTARY: Christmas 2010: Love we are told, is the greatest, most powerful force in the universe. During Christmas time we experience a great deal of love - of giving and receiving. We warmly meet loved ones and others we have not seen for a long time. That raises our spirit, that makes us feel good - and we feel the magic of Christmas!

During the Christmas festive season, we tend to forget our differences and try to enter into a more harmonious even a more loving spiritual relationship with others.

All over the world , there are groups of selfless people who go out of their way to make Christmas day a happy, most memorable day for millions of people. This positive action is most critical.

Unfortunately, there are also millions who will experience pain and suffering - not having clean water, a place to sleep, not having enough - or any - food for Christmas - and not having the heating and clothing to combat the severest winter weather. And sadly there are many who will be desperate, isolated, forgotten and very lonely.

So, as a 'random act of love', let us do whatever we can, to make a special effort to make someone happy this Christmas and during the festive season.

Merry Christmas - and may love be with you all!

Quantum physics and spirituality
Dean Radin talks on experiments that show the world view of connectedness changes moral behavior.

SCIENCE MEETS SPIRITUALITY- A CHANGING WORLD VIEW by Willis W Harman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences:

" There is a new world view emerging which is based neither on traditional religion or Newtonian psychics. There is a shift in authority from external to "inner knowing." It has basically turned away from the older scientific view that ultimate reality is "fundamental particles," and trusts perceptions of the wholeness and spiritual aspect of organisms, ecosystems, Gaia and Cosmos. It amounts to a reconciliation of scientific inquiry with the "perennial wisdom" at the core of the world's spiritual traditions. It continues to involve a confidence in scientific inquiry, but an inquiry whose metaphysical base has shifted from the reductionist, objectivist, positivist base of 19th- and 20th-century science to a more holistic and transcendental metaphysical foundation." Read more....

In the new section on our main website Evidence, we are putting together the best videos on each of the main areas of evidence for the afterlife together with a short plain English summary. Here is our pick for the best NDE video....The Day I Died- Absolutely brilliant 60 minute BBC video. You may have seen parts of it but make some time to watch it all.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

QUESTION: Will mankind survive? We read that a number of countries now have nuclear bombs - a thousand times bigger than the ones dropped on Japan. 'Will mankind survive'?

'S. Birch' (a highly credible afterlife teacher - directly from the afterlife) "Yes, mankind will survive... No man, and no combination of men, have the power to thwart divine will. They can delay, they can harass and they can impede. Infinite wisdom and love rule the universe. These will prevail because that is the law ... There is a limitation placed by natural law on what man can do to the planet on which he lives. Man cannot destroy the whole of the planet and all that it contains. Now this is part of man's free will; his choice as to whether he will rise to the divinity within him or whether he will fail. In that case he will not fulfil himself. He will pass to our world unequipped and unready and have to learn all over again. ."

" In practice almost everyone needs the sleep period for a shorter or a longer time. The greater the difficulty of the spirit in adjusting himself the new conditions, the longer and deeper the sleep period that is necessary."
Paul Beard, Living On. How Consciousness Continues and Evolves After Death. New York: Continuum, 1981.p. 62-63

" ....as soon as I saw Grandpa, I knew, and when I got to you and saw you, you were the glowing aura with a dark physical centre that all human beings are. I could see the helpers all round you. There was never any plane of illusion for me, at all. After my little sleep, which cleared my confused thoughts, I soon got going, as you know, and was able, with Grandpa’s help, to project a picture of myself onto your brain and to communicate with you.
(Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in Philip in the Spheres. London: Psychic Book Club, 1960, p.206.)

" For a time the soul in transit may slumber [sleep] , particularly if there has been undue shock or mental weakening. On this side, they let it sleep until it stirs and seems to feel need, of its own accord, for contact with those on this side. But sometimes the step across is so gentle as to seem like the wafting of a summer’s breeze. This was so in my case, because I knew enough of what to expect to welcome the shedding of the husk which was my ailing body. The pain ceased, the spirit departed, and here I was amid such beauty as you cannot dream. (Arthur Ford through Ruth Montgomery, medium. A World Beyond. New York: Fawcett Crest, 1971 p.15.)

For more descriptions see The need for sleep on Arrival on the Astral Plane.

(pictured below) " The elderly man had been missing for weeks. Neither the local nor state police had any clues. Search dogs and helicopters turned up nothing. And the grieving family was demanding answers. Monroeville police detective Will Greenaway couldn't figure out what happened to Sylvester Tonet". So, the family of the missing man Sylvester Tonet suggested to the police officer Will Greenway to bring in a gifted psychic. Enter psychic/medium Nancy Myer. She gave information to police officer Will Greenaway that made it possible for the Monroeville Police to find the missing man. Plainclothes police officer Will Greeway said, "I was skeptical at first, but as Nancy began to forward information about the case, I knew I was dealing with a genuine psychic because all information was deadly accurate. Nancy Myer drew a map – showing roads, pond, the rail line, forest, ravine". The psychic with the police went physically in the area – and found the frozen body in the snow exactly where Nancy Myer told them they would find it. Well done Nancy Myer!! More on Psychic Detectives .....

QUESTION: In the recent past, you mentioned David Ash's concept of ''transubstantiation' regarding materializations. How would that apply to 'William' - David Thompson's guide - the 'afterlife intelligence' (pictured, left) - from the afterlife when he materializes and becomes solid?

Victor: Essentially, 'transubstantiation' is the lowering or the increasing of the speed of the swirling of the atom. When those from the afterlife - someone like William - want to materialize, they have to lower the swirling of the atoms to bring the swirling of the atom to the same speed as the earth's. 'Through transubstantiation, an object or a person/afterlife intelligence could materialize or dematerialize. Dematerialization is NOT dissolution. A de-materialized object or entity would be invisible and intangible. But it would be no less real than it was. The object would simply have changed in substance to become super-physical.' (see THE VORTEX - key to the supernatural - p 37). William himself on many occasions tells us to wait just for a while to lower his vibrations so that he can become solid.

How sure are you that David Thompson's materializations are real?

Victor: That's an easy one! As a professional in the admissibility of evidence - a lawyer of the Supreme Court - I investigated David Thompson with a psychologist and other professional investigators every week for some fifteen months. We applied the most stringent tests and he passed them all. We witnessed more than 70 reunions of loved ones from the afterlife dimension with those who came to sit with us in the session. The sessions are held mainly in the dark because ectoplasm just cannot tolerate light under most circumstances. Ectoplasm was investigated by Nobel Laureate Charles Richet and Baron Von Schrenck-Notzing. (Read more about ectoplasm) Those who come through converse with their own loved ones about things they were familiar with when they were alive. My own younger sister and Wendy's father came through to say hello to us. I do personally guarantee that no trickery is taking place - and further, I do guarantee that materializations are taking place - and I do repeat - that in my opinion, a session with David Thompson's materialization would be the greatest, most exciting and most important event of your life.



DR BRIAN WEISS Many Lives, Many Masters - Australia - Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney
A One-day Workshop in Sydney with Brian Weiss, M.D. Date: April 9, 2011 Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Presented by: Hay House Australia
Location: Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Bayside 204, Darling Drive , Darling Harbour, NSW MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS is an experiential one-day workshop with the foremost expert in the field of past-life regression therapy, Dr. Brian Weiss.

WENDY ZAMMIT TO BE INTERVIEWED ON SIGNS OF LIFE: While Victor is taking a break from being the public face of our work, Wendy will be doing an interview with the wonderful SIGNS OF LIFE internet radio program on 30th December US time. Wendy is Victor's co-afterlife investigator - (since 1990) and co-researcher and takes an equal part in all our work. She will be talking about our ten years years presenting the scientific evidence for the afterlife online. She will also be mentioning our experiences of physical mediumship- something U.S. audiences are still mostly unfamiliar with.

SIGNS OF LIFE- the internet radio program run by Bob and Phran Ginsberg (pictured left) of the Forever Family broadcasts on BBS RADIO
7 PM Eastern/ 4PM Pacific Every Thursday Night

"The radio show plays a significant role in our quest to change world views by presenting weekly featured guests who discuss their work while providing an opportunity for listeners to call in with questions and views in an effort for us all to reach the truth. Our guests include medical doctors, researchers, scientists, mediums and authors. Typical subjects explored on the show have been ESP, telepathy, remote viewing, consciousness research, mediumship, near death experiences, reincarnation, altered states, dreams, out of body experiences, apparitions, survival research, and physics."
You can call in during the program and talk with guests

NB- scroll over to the extreme right to access the download button]

PROPHETIC DREAMS: Are prophetic dreams 'transmitted' to the recipient from the afterlife dimension?

"Sometimes they are. Sometimes they are prompted by their own loved ones who try to warn them. At other times it is the experience of the spirit body itself which, freed from the limitations of earth, is able to glean something of the future and to bring back in the form of a dream a warning of what it has seen ahead in the path of time." S Birch,

QUESTION: IS SPIRITUALITY LINKED WITH SKILLS IN MEDIUMSHIP AND BEING A PSYCHIC: Is it necessary to live a spiritual life in order to become a good psychic?

"The better the life you live, the greater the instrument (psychic, medium) you become for the Great Power, for the higher your life, the more the Great Power within you is expressing itself. Your soul as it unfolds through the expression of the life which you live, makes you a greater psychic, a greater medium always."

John has written a new book and has been appearing on a number of talk shows to promote it. Sadly the standard of knowledge on the part of the interviewers is generally pathetic.

WHEN THESE SKEPTICS GOT IT VERY WRONG: Lord Kelvin (1824-1907) - pictured, left British scientist declared that X-Rays would prove to be a hoax. He also stated, very wrongly of course, that 'radio has no future.'! This Lord Kelvin also stated that heavier than air machines (aeroplanes) are impossible. The materialist, skeptical Scientific American in its Jan 13, 1906 attacked the Wright Bros. as 'pair of hoaxers' - the same Wright Bros who were able to get the first bi-pane off the ground. The same closed minded skeptics are claiming WITHOUT EVIDENCE there is no afterlife - but has refused to examine that evidence which shows with absolute certainty that there IS an afterlife. No skeptic has been able to show the WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the afterlife evidence cannot be valid.

WE SALUTE THOSE HONEST POLICE OFFICERS AROUND THE WORLD who rarely get a mention or a thanks during Christmas time for their exceptionally good service to protect the public. Without the police there would be anarchy, more violence, more crime, more assaults on good people. When we think about Christmas, let us also thank those police officers who many times put their lives on the line so that we, the people remain safe. We must remember that the police do not make the laws - politicians make laws - and politicians make the police enforce unpopular laws. Best we can do is to acknowledge their tough, stressful work - and to co-operate with the police whenever possible. In the past I worked side by side with police officers doing extremely difficult jobs and I know the wonderful service they perform for the safety of the public. Next week we will be saluting another class of professionals who perform brilliant service.

EXCEPTIONALLY BRILLIANT BOOKS: PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND THE SKEPTICS - a must read for all. Exceptional writer and researcher Chris Carter. "I highly recommend this book to anyone who is truly open minded about whether or not psychic abilities exist." Prof. Jessica Utts Ph.D.
" I found a deep well of new information. Carter's book, the first in a series of three, is both scholarly and entertaining; I eagerly await his next two works" Dr Rober S Bobrow, Professor of Family Medicine.
"A masterly guide to the frontiers of science, belief and exploration" - -- Dr Rupert Sheldrake author of The Presence of the Past."

ON THURSDAY 23rd December US TIME (FRIDAY 24th Australian time) on his other book- Read more....

and many, many more afterlife transmitted classics: Courtesy of Aart Bosman. Other books by Arthur Findlay, Sir Oliver Lodge.




Hello Victor and Wendy, Many thanks for your interesting, informative and inspiring weekly reports. What a wonderful job you both do. May I wish you a very happy and loving Christmas and may 2011 be all you could hope for. With my kind regards, Judith B.

Victor and Wendy, Thank you for your lovely articles. they cheer me up immensely more than you'll ever know . love and light to both you and wendy love always j. xxx

3. Dear Victor, Thank you for the lovely card. I would also like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year. May the White Light Be With You, Annette Martin

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THE EXQUISITE VOICES OF CELTIC WOMAN SINGING THE BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS CAROL 'O HOLY NIGHT'. No doubt, the absolutely beautiful music, the lyrics, the pace, rythm, sweetest voices with great deal of feeling - all get together to produce one of the most sensational songs ever recorded with millions of hits. It is one of our favorites. Just empty your mind, sit down, relax and for one moment let the music penetrate your heart, mind and spirit. Enjoy!