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COMMENTARY : WE NEED MORE HELP FROM THE AFTERLIFE: I have been doing a great deal of afterlife research these last 23 years. One of the most powerful messages that came from the afterlife is that the enemy of spirituality is materialism. Those in materialism have untold billions to promote materialism through total control of the media around the world. Considering the circumstances, we are doing well, but we could do much better if those in the afterlife decide to expedite assistance:

We need to show more objective evidence by way of
1. Materializations - those former internationally well known people, especially from the West to come through with perfect clear, clean, resonant voices they had when alive.
2. Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC): it would be sensational to have internationally known personalities appear on a two-way communication screen. Some experimenters have been successful with this to some degree, but what is needed is perfect pictures, perfect voices.
3. Electronic Voice Phenomena: good recognizable voices to be captured on tape to do voice correlations to objectively prove these afterlife intelligences are who they claim to be.

Having stated that, I quite concede there may already be a plan in place to combat the huge wave of materialism in the world to-day.

NEXT WEEK: Fallacy number 2: Prof. Carl Sagan's (pictured, left) "Extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary evidence." I will be sharply rebutting the anti-paranormal fallacies regularly. Because of the popularity of the topic, I have decided to
also put them on video on youtube.


SECOND WEEK: NEW VIDEO "POLICE DO WORK WITH PSYCHIC DETECTIVES": millions of people around the world watched tough police officers in PSYCHIC DETECTIVES confirming psychic-mediums do have psychic-gifts. Watch now.




Blending scientific research with internet technology, IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin has developed online games that test individuals' psi abilities. By participating in these 3 games, you can help provide data that is used in IONS research on consciousness. Read more...

Obsessive compulsive patient who loves numbers memorizes 12 digit serial number on top of respirator during her NDE


SUPERNORMAL AND YOU: 'Revealing the Scientific Path to Mysticism and Beyond' with Jean Houston, PhD, and Dean Radin, PhD
Wednesday, July 17th 9:30am – 4:00pm
Join two of the foremost explorers of science, culture, consciousness, and spirit, as they discuss how modern science and scholarship have put legendary stories about ancient "superpowers" to the test. This is the subject of Dean Radin's exciting new book.
In this workshop they'll lead participants in an exploration of how special states of consciousness can be achieved, and how they can be used to improve our own lives and our contribution to the world at large.
See the full IONS conference program schedule:

VERIFIED PRE-COGNITIVE OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE Graham Nicholls describes one of the most incredible out-of-body experiences on record. An OBE 5 days into the future to see a terrorist attack. What's more amazing is there were witnesses to the actual OBE, one of whom is also featured in this video (filmed at a separate location). For more information about Graham Nicholls visit his webpage.

COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION LIST OF MOVIES WITH TRUTH OR CONSCIOUSNESS " One of the most widely appreciated forms of entertainment is undoubtedly the realm of film and television. Pretty well all of us have seen a number of films and TV shows that have made us either laugh, cry, cheer or even at times leave us contemplating why it was ever made. An element that is not that common in film is to find bits of truth or consciousness, and that’s why we at Collective Evolution have put together a list of some of the films we could think of that could offer you a bit more than simple entertainment ". Read more...

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE? BRILLIANT AFTERLIFE MOVIE 'NOSSO LAR' NOW IN 17 WORLD LANGUAGES Back in February we gave you a link to a movie made about the afterlife based on the spiritual teaching of Brazilian medium Chico Xavier. It was taken down for a while but it's back on Youtube According to recent out of body researchers this is only one of many millions of different astral level 'hells' and 'heavens' created by the group consciousness of people on a similar vibration. Once the movie starts click on little white rectangle at the bottom which says 'captions'' and choose the language you want. Magic! Watch now.

gives a wonderful detailed reading.


For some time we have been thinking that it would be a win-win for our subscribers if we were able to offer free pdf review copies of some of the latest books on the afterlife in return for short reviews on Amazon.com or other online booksellers.
We are hoping to be able to offer one book a month on this basis to members of our "bookclub".

This month Whitecrow Books have agreed to release review copies of Tricia Robertson's new book Things You Can Do When You're Dead to the first thirty people who apply to info@whitecrowbooks.com.

Tricia Robertson is one of Scotland’s foremost psychical researchers. In this book she shares some of her thirty-year research into mediumship, reincarnation, psychic healing, apparitions, poltergeists, and after death communications. Tricia's refreshing no-nonsense approach to the subject makes for compelling reading and should interest skeptics, believers, and anyone who wants to know what you can do when you're dead!


That is a very good question because some people think that mediums should always be 100%. No professional will be at his/her peak all the time. Even heart surgeons have been heard to say some days are better than others. Mediums know that there are some times where things are just not right for spirit contact. Sometimes it may be the problem of the medium not in top form because of perhaps fatigue, lacking concentration. But sometimes there could be problems with the spirit. They may not be strong enough to convey simple messages from the otherside. So, as long as you get a recommendation that a particular medium is accurate or gifted, then you have to be patient. Communicating with those who crossed over is always a 'privilege'. Some highly gifted mediums have demonstrated brilliant communication with their accuracy. Remember also, not all mediums are brilliant - some are less developed and some are just cheats - calling themselves 'mediums' and are not 'mediums'. So, proceed with caution!

In her blog, Dr. Julia Assante disagrees strongly with Dr. Courtney Brown's claim that the work of psychics is not the same as that of remote viewers (see last week's report).Read her excellent article. Julia is an established social historian of the ancient Near East (PhD. Columbia University). And for over three decades she has also been an active professional intuitive. In her book, The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death, she applies the insights and methodologies gained from both fields in order to present a uniquely rigorous investigation of where we go after we die. Her book contains 40 pages of highly useful material on contacting your loved ones in spirit.

- The universe did not start with the 'Big Bang': It may take a decade or two or three for traditional astronomers to agree about the universe. Many astronomers claim the universe started with the 'Big Bang'. However, transmitted information from an afterlife intelligence who comes across having high credibility states that, "I hate to burst the balloon of the Big Bang theorists ... but there was no big bang, and there will be no contraction of matter as your scientists have postulated. The truth is, there is a continuation of evolution, with growth and change. The universe will continue to expand into eternity." (an afterlife intelligence called 'Af' see Judy Laddon's Beyond the Veil).


ADDICTION: highly credible information transmitted from the other side consistently tells us that addictions stay with us when we cross over. Those deeply involved in drugs, tobacco, alcohol - and other addictions - will find that those very strong addictive urges still exist after crossing over - and in the spirit world these things- drugs, tobacco, alcohol do not exist. Many of these addictive sufferers are taken to hospital for a cure of their addictions. Others who do not go for a cure, will have serious problems dealing with the strong urges of their addiction. So, here on earth is the place and now is the time to make sure that you are not addicted to anything on crossing over.

HUMOR: I received an email from a colleague informing me there is a low level skeptic trying to to attack me (Victor) online, using disgustingly indecent language. This low level skeptic says that because he could see Arthur Findlay's books on my bookshelf in one of my Youtube videos, "therefore Victor is a Spiritualist". I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that one. Why? Because on the same shelf I have books on Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam and I even have a book on Karl Marx. So using this low-level reasoning I would end up being a Christian-Buddhist-Jewish-Moslem Communist - ALL INTO ONE!!! What extremely low level analysis by an uninformed skeptic! No wonder we are on the winning side - and skeptics are steadily disappearing!

CHRISTINE MORGAN CSNU, INTERNATIONAL MEDIUM will be back in Sydney from next week after her British and Canadian tours.
Christine and David worked in several countries producing sensational paranormal phenomena.
Christine will be holding some very valuable workshops in Sydney for developing mediums of all levels

Spiritual Mediumship & Intuition “The Unfolding Path“
progressive development of mental mediumship, and intuition for people of all levels of development.


Saturday 27th July 2013
Saturday 31st August 2013

For more information email indiki1962@gmail.com

To book go to Christine Morgan's website: and click CONTACT ME.

FEEDBACK: 3 only

Thank you, dear Victor and Wendy! Very beautiful and promising newsletter again!!!
With love, Mieke, Amsterdam

2 ) Thanks Victor and Wendy, once again, for a 'well laden' informative and engaging weekly report. Rob Smith, Melbourne.

3) Referring to this passage in today's afterlife report .. " what happens when you die depends also on - your habitual thoughts, your subconscious desires, your unfulfilled longings. These are the things which they say create your vibrational frequency and which draw you to people with a similar vibrational pattern in the afterlife. You will be attracted to one of many different afterlife realms that matches your consciousness"

These are verses from Bagvad Gita which pretty much say the same . Chapter 8, Verse 5.
" And whoever, at the time of death, quits his body, remembering Me alone, at once attains My nature. Of this there is no doubt."

Thanks ,


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ABBA, OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN, ANY GIBB together on stage: a great meeting of the world's best singers :
: this, undoubtedly will be a trip of nostalgia for those who were fortunate to listen to some of the greatest music ever recorded. Of course, we also see tragedy with these magnificent stars: Andy Gibb died fairly young, Olivia Newton John survived breast cancer, and ABBA group split, and each marriage of ABBA broke down. Sad, but that's life and we do what we can to make the best of it. Here they are at their very best peak: - enjoy!

Part 2

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