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December 16th 2011

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: PSYCHIC ESPIONAGE: this week we read that China is being accused of industrial espionage- of extracting billions of dollars worth of 'intellectual property' and other secret industrial data from the West (see news item). The conventional analysts say it's computer 'hacking' etc. But what they may be missing out on is the fact that China gives 'psychic tests' to every student and then trains those who are naturally gifted. China's comparative advantage is that it has huge number of people- some 1.7 billion to choose from.

A highly skilled psychic spy in China would have the skills and the psychic competence to reproduce secret documents and data without resorting to computer hacking. We are informed that the CIA knows of and works with highly gifted psychics, mediums and remote viewers who can do this paranormal work. Naturally, China will try to maximize its national security and economic well-being for itself. All countries try to do this. It is important to have the insight to understand that China could be hugely advanced in psychic espionage - more than can be imagined. This means the West needs to also get effective 'protection' from psychic espionage.

There are those who have argued that those closed-minded skeptics in the U.S. who violently criticized the CIA for doing research into 'remote-viewing' and other psychic espionage and led to the program being closed are to be regarded as 'national security risks'. You decide for yourself if that is correct. Read more about remote viewing and Dr Dean Radin's brilliant book - validating the paranormal - THE CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE.

PROFESSOR JESSICA UTTS - SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION OF THE PARANORMAL: An Assessment of the Evidence for Psychic Functioning:: "Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. The statistical results of the studies examined are far beyond what is expected by chance". Read more...

EARLY SCIENTIFIC PARANORMAL HISTORY: CLAIRVOYANTS' DISCOVERIES IN CHEMISTRY VALIDATED From 1895 to 1933, Annie Besant (1847 – 1933) and Charles Leadbeater (1847 – 1934), two of the best known theosophists and metaphysicians of the 20th century, conducted clairvoyant investigations into all of the then known elements and certain compounds in order to observe the so-called ‘fundamental building blocks’ that composed them, as well as their general structure.... The initial investigations were collected and published in the first edition of Occult Chemistry in 1908... In the late 1970s Stephen Phillips, then a physics graduate student at the University of California, happened across some of the diagrams from Occult Chemistry. Contrary to what we might expect of most physicists, he took a serious interest in the material, and the end result was a major technical validation of the data obtained by Leadbeater and Besant. Read more....

: " Excellent medium Marion Dampier-Jeans (pictured, left) and I have made three short films in honor for the old mediums and Spiritualists in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Iceland who dedicated their lives to the cause and who achieved so much together with the spirit world. The short films are made to let people know what outstanding mediumship we once had here in the Nordic countries. A history and results we can be very proud of. Our mediums had full body spirit materializations, walking about the sitters, talking to them - in the light as well as the dark. The spirits who came through mainly belonged to someone of the sitters, to give prove of their continued existence, to give comfort and assurance." Watch these short films below:

Part 2
Part 3

Bruce Moen has been running workshops to teach people how to explore the afterlife using out of body techniques. This is how he sums up the his discoveries about the afterlife:

" In the afterlife, everyone is free to experience the various afterlife dimensions and nothing is restricted. The only governor is the state of the conscious mind. Deeply held beliefs come into visible expression there. Not everyone has the same experience because everyone creates their own experience. Subtle energies slowly open restrictive, closed minds in order to accept greater understanding. Every soul shines the light of love in various degrees. The light of souls who love very little are dim. Love in the afterlife can be compared to wealth on earth. Nothing is worth more in the afterlife than love. The more you give out of love, the greater you are." Read more...

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCER TELLS DOCTOR EVERYTHING HE DID Kathy's doctor was shocked that she was able to tell him everything that happened during more than six minutes when she was "flatlined".

Not too many people here on planet earth really understand the power of thought. In the afterlife dimension, everything we experience will depend on our thoughts. The moment you send out any thought, it creates a vibration, a wavelength that becomes a reality. For example if you want to move from place to place you THINK where you want to go and instantly you are there - faster than the speed of light. Here is what an afterlife intelligence stated about THOUGHT, " I cannot stress to you too much how important THOUGHT is. Thought is the most powerful thing you have." Salumet read more: http://www.salumetandfriends.org/


Place: Portland, Oregon
Missing person Alexis Burke. Husband claimed she had left him.
Laurie McQuary
Evidence Produced:
Claimed that the husband of Alexis, John, had strangled Alexis; many people knew what happened and were not talking; water was important; there was an old car involved, and John's younger brother Kelly was implicated. Intrigued by Laurie McQuary's theories, Detective Lee investigated the clues. After a year, he got a confession. He claimed that 29 out of 30 things she told him about the case were proved to be correct.
Detective Robert Lee:
"Laurie said that the body would be buried where John could keep an eye on it- in fact it was only 75 yards from the house...there were just so many things that were tremendously accurate." Read PSYCHIC DETECTIVES

GRIEF SUPPORT BY SANDRA CHAMPLAIN; "Are you open to the possibility that "We", the spiritual creatures that we are, "Don't Die?" Many of us have lost someone close to us and have not been able to move on with our own lives due to the tremendous grief we feel. By the tools and resources I provide, I believe that you can heal AND get back to living your life, doing what YOU were meant to do while on the planet. Read more ...

And see 8 tips to help console a grieving Friend.

SCOTTISH PSYCHICAL RESEARCHER TRICIA ROBERTSON says about the afterlife that "It's not a matter of belief, it's a matter of evidence." She has found "the biggest skeptics have not investigated a single case in their life". In this video she and medium Gordon Smith investigate a reported haunted Glasgow hotel and find it's NOT a spirit but a "psychic residue".


QUESTION: THEOLOGICAL ISSUE: Does one become more spiritual because one practices 'celibacy'? (no sex)

Victor: Being celibate - not having sex at all -does not automatically mean one is being spiritual. The Catholic Church and Buddhists makes it a rule for their priests to be completely celibate. But technically, the level of spirituality will not increase just because the priest does not indulge in sex. There is a theory - I repeat, a 'theory' - that depriving oneself of sex will bring higher motivation for dedicated work. That has been not proven to be correct. The record shows that there are those who indulge in normal sex (with responsibility) who are highly spiritual - in many instances far more than many celibates. But if a person - by being celibate - is increasing his/her spirituality, then for that person celibacy is right..

QUESTION - ON BEING VEGETARIAN: does being vegetarian make one more spiritual?

The most important thing about being vegetarian is your motivation. Always remember, in spirituality, 'motive precedes action'. If your motive in being vegetarian is your belief that 'you do not have to kill to eat' that you value life of any animal, bird and fish, that would appear to be spiritual. But if one becomes vegetarian purely for health reasons that may not be so spiritual. We do not forget that Hitler, who caused some 50 million casualties in world war two was a vegetarian. We are informed from information transmitted from the other side, that having the right spiritual motive, the purest, spiritual way is to be vegetarian, drink no alcohol, consume no caffeine - and not to have other stimulants to disrupt the physical body, mind and spirit. Tough? You bet! But when people reach a certain higher level of spirituality, these things are relatively easy to handle. This websites has some wonderful recipes for vegan holiday food.

John of God is a physical medium in Brazil. He goes into a trance and claims to allow spirits who were doctors in their own lifetimes to take over his body. There are many videos of John of God on Youtube. Some, like this one, show skeptics who traveled to Brazil and were totally unable to explain away what they saw.

Read Michael Tymn's well researched article which recounts his friend Dr Turner's two week visit to John of God "Number One Place to See Before You Die"

AUSTRALIA’S NEWEST PARANORMAL CONFERENCE – YOU ARE INVITED - Victor will be a speaker: book now - yes, there is 'early bird' saving'. This is one of the most important paranormal conference every to be organized in Australia: do yourself a big favor and attend this anticipated to be a most spectacular conference.
Medium Kerrie Wearing sent me this email: “Dear Victor, I will be hosting Australia’s newest paranormal conference on Saturday March 24th 2012 at Oran Park House, Oran Park NSW (near Camden). This event is gathering together some of the most noted professionals in the Paranormal genre from here and overseas, and we would be delighted if you would accept this invitation to join us as a speaker on the day, sharing your expertise on Evidence for the Afterlife. Information on the conference can be found at www.paraconaustralia.wordpress.com , which will continue to be (see also: http://snipurl.com/218q1cx ) populated with information as our speakers and sponsors are confirmed. We are however very excited to have UK Medium, David Wells from the TV series Most Haunted, joining us as our special guest key note speaker.
Main Conference Sydney, Australia – 24th March, 2012
Promoted and Hosted by: Kerrie Wearing - The Australian College of Mediumship Rita Maher – Psychic Medium Email – kerrie@psychicmedium.com.au
Post: 28 Hickson Circuit, Harrington Park NSW 2567
Phone 0430 175 352 should you have any questions regarding the afterlife conference.

The December issue of the Guided Afterlife Connections newsletter is online at this link: http://newsletter.guidedafterlifeconnections.com/issue6.htm


1. VICTOR'S CROSS-EXAMINATION of Professor Stephen Hawking CLICK HERE.

That flamboyant closed-minded skeptic from Florida for years stated that, 'no one can disprove Victor Zammit's afterlife evidence because no one can 'prove the negative'. That kind of idiocy is totally irrelevant. It clearly shows that he is ignorant about the most fundamental rule of debate. Why?
Once evidence is produced it is up to the objector to REBUT the evidence. I presented some 23 areas of the afterlife EVIDENCE ... All he has to do is to REBUT THE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE and NOT to disprove that the afterlife evidence exists. Clearly the JR skeptic shows he does not have the skills, competence and the ability to rebut the 'objective and repeatable' afterlife evidence. ... Read more ..



FEEDBACK: (3 selections)
1) One of the most eloquent responses so far:
"Dear Victor and Wendy,
Like the unimaginable brightness of vast expanses of galaxies in the physical universe, this Friday Afterlife Report is light for the soul;the doors of inspiration it opens expand each time the reader "walks" through them! Rachel."

2) Dear WENDY and Victor, I have been reading your afterlife report for about a year ever since the love of my life has passed and because of my disbelief that she was gone I started delving into theories of the afterlife. I can say with 100% ACCURACY that you have shed a light that was not there before. And then after you gave me Christine Morgan's name and speaking with her and to my wife there is no doubt that she is alive and well in the other realms... I believe that it has made me personally a better person for knowing this information about the after life... Thank You Nick

3) We asked our readers on our Facebook discussion group how they feel about Christmas: we loved George Barker's reply:

"It (Christmas) is a time for me at 93 to keep in touch with friends and family far and wide, get news of their doings and send link to mine (www.halton29th.tk ), send monetary gifts to the little ones and the needy, and have a jolly Christmas dinner somewhere local - this year with the family of a musical friend in Ringwood, last year at the Cloud Hotel Brockenhurst. It is also a time to send our thoughts to Jesus, who never claimed godship and whose simple message, which we hear repeated these days from the spirit world, the Council of Nicea so grotesquely distorted and made him a god. Christianity could have been so different. George Barker.

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SOMETHING MOST INSPIRATIONAL- the genius of Lennon-McCartney of the Beatles created a musical masterpiece that will always be with us - 'All You Need Is Love'. That says it all - what is a world without love?

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