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February 26th 2010

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Last week's report...

Dr Wernher von Braun and attorney Victor Zammit Ph.D (and Uri Geller - see item below) independently came to the same conclusion about the afterlife from different empirical perspectives.
The mass killerV1,V2 -scientist-soldier
Dr W. von Braun (below right) initially worked for Hitler in the V2 program and later heped the US put up the first satellites and man on the moon -(see also last week's report). Perhaps the most controversial international rocket scientist ever, he was someone with huge scientific success. He is also on record for concluding that, consistent with the law of physics, there has to be an afterlife because energy cannot be destroyed - and therefore we all survive physical death.

When I, Victor Zammit, criticized atheist Prof Richard Dawkins (left) ON YOUTUBE some weeks ago for negligently ignoring the critical evidence of ‘energy’ in the evolution argument - I stated that the human species produces the highest form of 'energy consciousness’ – and on crossing over this ‘energy consciousness’ survives because energy cannot be destroyed. A number of scientists support this conclusion that there has to be energy with the evolutionary process because you cannot have ‘changes without energy’.

There are many scientists who confirmed that 'energy consciousness' survives physical death - see chapter 2 and chapter 25 (Quantum Physics and the Afterlife) of my book on the internet. So, the 'physics' perspective and the 'legal' perspective on the relevance of 'energy' merge into one - empirically and irretrievably favoring the existence of the afterlife.

Watch Victor's video: Why Professor Richard Dawkins is Wrong about the Afterlife

THE MAGNIFCENT URI GELLER NASA and Stanford University. Uri Geller emailed this week after reading the item on Dr Wernher Von Braun in last week’s newsletter. He told me that he, Uri Geller, actually worked with Dr Wernher Von Braun. Apparently, 1972 Uri was introduced to NASA by Dr Edgar Mitchell. The work with Dr Von Braun involved successful secret paranormal work. I’m sure most people would find it most interesting, Uri Geller, an Israeli, and Dr Von Braun who masterminded Hitler’s V rockets during the war. Apparently, Uri Geller's work had to do with 'energy' - in context of Einstein's E=mc2. Uri said this is the first time he is revealing this work. In my book on the internet I show how scientists, lawyers and now Uri Geller confirm that 'energy' is the key to the afterlife - see Einstein item below.

Uri Geller conceded he discovered the afterlife through the study of energy - through physics.

This is what Uri Geller states, among other things, on his very interesting website: ”In a recent newsletter, attorney Victor Zammit Ph.D discusses the research Dr. Wernher von Braun did into the nature of energy, and puts this forward to make a very interesting case for life after death." Read more...

Uri Geller is also included in my paranormal Hall of Fame

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: Over the last few decades there has been a significant increase in research into quantum physics, the study of the characteristics of and relationships between subatomic particles and energies. Innovative, unorthodox physicists tell us this important research has a strong bearing on the understanding of the paranormal and the afterlife. These physicists are discovering no conflict at all between physics and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call “paranormal” are normal and consistent with the laws of science. In the program from the "Mind Over Matter" series (Thames, 1980), in which eyesight and electron microscope researcher Dr. Kit Pedler and TV presenter, producer and writer Tony Bastable discuss how so-callled "paranormal" mental phenomena is compatible with quantum theory principles. Featuring interviews with Lawrence LeShan, David Bohm, Brian Josephson, Geoffrey Chew, Charles Tart, Elizabeth Rauscher, and Fritjof Capra.

Part 2
Part 3

'PROF A EINSTEIN'S E= Mc2 and Materialization'
“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Professor Albert Einstein

Investigators call the appearance and disappearance of people and things 'materialization' and 'de materialization'. Evidence for materialization is substantive not only in England and the United States but in other countries, such as Brazil where materializations took place in daylight in the presence of hundreds of hard-core skeptics (See Chap. 10 of my book).
David Ash and Peter Hewitt's book, The Vortex, (1994) gives, among other things, one scientific explanation for materialization. They argue that Einstein's formula E=mc2 — energy equals mass to the speed of light, shows everything is composed of energy. Read the full chapter ....chapter 9

Rupert Sheldrake gives an overview of the evidence for telepathy and talks about the prejudice of closed minded scientists who refuse to look at the evidence for telepathy. (54 mins).

DETACHMENT: a most important lesson we have to learn whilst we are on planet earth is ‘detachment.’ This means you have to learn how to detach yourself from places – the home, the workplace from anywhere in the world’s environment. Why? This is because on crossing over, if there is an irresistible attachment to a place, you be pulled to that place. A most interesting television episode on cable television showed gifted medium Lisa Williams trying to help someone in the spirit world who was pulled back to where she used to live. The caught entity said she felt safe there – just staying mostly in one room. After contacting the caught entity, the spirit was able to leave her old home to move on to the realm of the light. How many other entities are caught in their old homes – with no gifted medium to help them to proceed to the realm of the light? Keep an open mind, learn how to detach – from places and negative feelings.

THE GREATEST DISCOVERY IN HUMAN HISTORY: - COMMUNICATING WITH MATERIALIZED AFTERLIFE INTELLIGLENCES- MY OWN MATERIALIZATION EXPERIENCES WITH MATERIALIZATION/PHYSICAL MEDIUM DAVID THOMPSON. "When you come across something really spectacular, a sensational experience which contradicts your beliefs, your culture, tradition and history what do you do? You can forget all about it or you can investigate more. I chose to investigate. The Western world has known for a couple of thousand years that under certain circumstances it is possible for Etherians (spirits from the afterlife also known as the Etheric realm) to temporarily appear as solid flesh and blood beings, through the agency of gifted materialization mediums. But it was usually described in the context of religious or shamanistic experiences." Read more...

: Does every human being have a spirit guide?

Directly from the afterlife: “From the moment of conception, and even before that, there is attached to the incarnating soul someone who volunteers to act as his guardian. The guardian will maintain to the best of his or her ability the function assumed until the time comes for you to cross the border. The task becomes easier when you are aware of the guardianship; it becomes difficult when you are unaware of it. There is only one guide, but many helpers. The guardian angel knows before he assumes his talks what lies ahead of him/her-and he does not have a free choice in the matter either. Not everyone can say I will be the guardian to this or that person. Ours is a very organized world.” (Silver Birch)

'THE BOGOTA INCIDENT': HOW LONG BEFORE THE BODY TO BE CREMATED-BURIED-EMBALMED? It appears from the transmission received from the otherside that 3 days is the ideal time for cremation after the physical body dies. There have been a number of times when the body was declared it died, then mysteriously the body come back to life after a day or so. Here is an example of this about what happened in Bogota, Columbia woman declared dead of a heart attack moved one of her arms just as an undertaker was about to embalm her, doctors said Wednesday .Noelia Serna, 45, was rushed to a hospital in the city of Cali, where she was in critical condition in an intensive care unit Wednesday, said hospital director Luis Fernando Rendon. "Her chances of survival are slim," Rendon said … Read more …

This reminds us of the incredible near death experience of Dr George Rodonaia, a Russian doctor who was hit and killed by a car, but miraculously returned from the dead after 3 days in the morgue. The coroner prepared the body for autopsy when he woke up. There are several accounts of near death experiences of people who were dead for several days. Read more..

Watch here....

$30,000! DEFAMATION CASE WON AGAINST A MISCHIEF MAKER IN CHAT-SITE WRITING UNDER A PSEUDONYM. From THE AGE, by Tony Wright Feb 25 2010 “ “Cyber poison-penner hunted down and sued” Lawyer Martin Bennett has a short message for those who allow themselves to attack reputations over the internet, imagining they are safe under the cloak of anonymity. ''You can be hunted down and found,'' he said yesterday. Mr Bennett has done just that for a Perth client, winning $30,000 in damages and costs, an apology, and undertakings from a Colac man that he won't post any more defamatory comments.The hunt for the man's true identity proved the stuff of private detective novels updated into the age of blogs.It is, Mr Bennett said, one of a very few such actions in Australia against the author of anonymous postings on an internet forum. He predicts it is the tip of a legal iceberg.
''There has been an increasing proliferation of internet chat sites where people feel free to hide their identities and make defamatory comments about companies and their executives and directors,'' he said in a statement released after the case in the Supreme Court of Western Australia was resolved. Read more

A ‘CRIMINAL’ WAS NEARLY CAUGHT: Just very recently a misguided and vindictive person tried to put onto youtube a defamation-permeated video calling me and our very own medium David Thompson 'frauds'. Statutory and Common Law tell us that if a person falsely claims that a particular medium is 'fraudulent' that could be a criminal offence, in certain circumstances punishable by more that three years in jail. It would definitely be a violation of civil law - defamation. But the leader of our Circle, Chris, who has years of professional experience in law enforcement at the highest level, efficiently contacted YOUTUBE and had the illegal video removed. We have a good idea who the person behind the willful mischief is. This person has violated copyright before. His 'criminal' actions show how desperate and despicable this skeptic is- he just cannot accept objective and repeatable evidence of materialization. Those who understand the Law of Cause and Effect fully know that negative energy boomerangs. Ouch!!

QUESTION: WHAT IS ASTRAL TRAVELLING? Astral traveling is when our spirit body gets out of our body.- and afterlife intelligences responds, “It happens very simply that the real you leaves your body and is able to travel vast distances, sometimes into our world, and sometimes into the further reaches of your world. Actually, every one of you travels astrally when you go to sleep. Then your spirit, for the time being, departs from your body, roams into our world and meets souls you love and who love you. It is a divine provision by which preparation is made for the time when you come here, so that it will not be a shock. When you do come you will remember, and be ready for the many wonderful happenings that spirit life has to offer you. It could be said that you die every night!” (Light from Silver Birch, p57)

Without doubt, making contact with materialized spirits is the greatest discovery in human history. Naturally, people want to know more about materialization. Over the last couple of years a number of people sent for questions for clarification about the highly gifted David Thompson's mediumship. We have consulted with David and Chris, the leader of the David's Circle of the Silver Cord and accordingly we now have answers to twenty requests for clarification about David’s mediumship Read more...

QUESTION: It is very important for me Victor to get onto someone who can teach me how to get the most out of my new Mac computer so I can share my afterlife experiences– perhaps even get an inexpensive website happening. Can you assist?

Victor: If anybody needs help with Mac IT products I have the perfect person. He comes VERY HIGHLY recommended from me. He is friendly, helpful and most approachable - and is VERY REASONABLE regarding rates. He’s based on the North Shore in Sydney and will come to you. Have a look at his website: http://xrl.us/iSupportU.

A fascinating case of spirit communication through dreams. Two unrelated people have repeated dreams of a man named Murphy asking them to tell his wife Lorraine about where a hoard of money was hidden in his house. The message is passed on and the money is found. Read more..

SELECTED FEEDBACK: last week we were delighted to receive some wonderful positive feedback emails- I selected four:

HIGHLY APPRECIATIVE: “Dr. Zammit: I have been receiving your weekly newsletters and I look forward to them with great anticipation. I just finished reading the 29th Chapter of your book "What happens to us when we die". I have read this chapter several times. It is the most uplifting, sincere, enlightening book I have ever read. I am now 86 years of age. I have been in correspondence with Michael Roll and have read things by Ron Pearson. Your writings have given me an entirely new concept of life, for whatever time I have left. I wish to thank you for your brilliance and your literal intelligence. You have inspired me to a much brighter and optimistic look on life than I have never had before. There are many things I could say to you about your writings. They are superior and should be read by everyone. But you have heard all of these compliments before. I am just saying, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you well. Thank you again, with best personal regards. W. M.” UK.

2) FEEDBACK from a tough British journalist – of the Daily Mail. "Hi Victor: Re. atheists/agnostics/humanists like Carl Sagan not communicating, I would add names like Sir Bertrand Russell (pictured, left), Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Lenin, etc. These were all atheists concerned with humanity and creating a better society here on Earth. I can think of two reasons why they may not be communicating with us. Either they are unconscious, in a deep sleep because they only expected oblivion, or they are much too busy probably on the higher Spiritual planes with special projects and in developing Spiritually. The third possibility, that they are conscious but simply don't accept they are 'dead' I find hard to believe since these were intelligent people, and surely they'd revise their opinions on Earth and accept the evidence that they were now existing in an alternative reality. Even if still Earthbound, they'd surely have the sense to realize they were no longer alive in an Earthly physical body…" Tony Pepard.

Visit SCEPCOP: Scientific Committee to Evaluate Pseudo-Skeptical Criticism of the Paranormal. This is a brilliant website where Winston Wu from Hawaii is presenting the case against the pseudo skeptics. Read more.

BOOK ON THE AFTERLIFE FOR FREE! OFFER CLOSING SOON! Special sponsorship - by someone who wants the world to know all about the afterlife. Thanks G.
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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee what is published is to be the absolute truth. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.