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28th September 2012

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COMMENTARY: "THE PARANORMAL IS SCIENTIFIC" SAYS DR EDGAR MITCHELL, BRILLIANT PHYSICIST AND ASTRONAUT: ..Dr Edgar Mitchell (who landed on the moon in 1972) is a scientist-physicist who shows the philosophy of 'materialism' is as archaic, irrelevant and absolutely redundant as the steam engine. Dr Edgar Mitchell, tells us that now, the 'New Science' - quantum mechanics supports the primacy of 'consciousness' and the 'paranormal'. Dr Mitchell says the 'New Science' - to distinguish it from Newtonian/Hawking science-applies four critical concepts which have been supported by hundreds of experiments: ENTANGLEMENT, COHERENCE, NON-LOCALITY & RESONANCE.

Watch the fabulous interview below with Dr Edgar Mitchell. On his way back to earth during the Apollo 14 flight he had a powerful experience of "samadhi" (a fabulous oneness with the universe). He also claimed to have conducted successful scientifically based ESP experiments. The results of said experiments were published in the American Journal of Parapsychology in 1971.

In early 1973, he founded the non-profit Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) which is now celebrating 40 years of conducting and sponsoring research into areas that mainstream science has refused to investigate including consciousness research and psychic events. Dr Edgar Mitchell is regarded as one of the greatest scientists on earth to-day. Watch the video below with great attention - its implications are enormous!


More on Dr Edgar Mitchell

Chris Carter writes:
" 'In 1955 George Price, then a research associate at the Department of Medicine at the University of Minnesota, published an article in the prestigious journal Science that began: '
Believers - (those who accept the EVIDENCE- in psychic phenomena)... appear to have won a decisive victory and virtually silenced opposition.... This victory is the result of careful experimentation and intelligent argumentation. Dozens of experimenters have obtained positive results in ESP experiments, and the mathematical procedures have been approved by leading statisticians.... Against all this evidence, almost the only defense remaining to the skeptical scientist is ignorance.' " Read full article (Picture: the recent excellent book by Chris Carter)
[Thanks to Claudio who suggested this item and who has translated it into Italian.]

Newly available documentary shows physicist Hal Puthoff's personal experiences investigating telepathy. Fascinating footage of "remote influencing" by the Soviet Union, remote viewers' 10 month focus on the Iran hostages, the kidnapping of General Dozier and the official "end" of Stargate. It also looks at Dr. Robert Morris' ganzfeld experiments at Edinburgh's Koestler Lab and Ed Dames' psychic detective agency.

In this fascinating article from from THE JOURNAL OF RELIGION AND PSYCHICAL RESEARCH Volume 11, Number 2 April, 1988 Mr John R. Crowley talks about his experiences with physical medium Rev. Warren Smith in New York in 1947.

Mr Crowley claims that psychic researcher Sir Charles Richet (pictured, left) materialized and asked for a volunteer to demonstrate ectoplasm...

" Richet then proceeded very gently to tease this white, filmy cotton-candy sort of substance out of the area of the young man's solar plexus. Richet was very nonchalant and his volunteer was taking it rather well. Richet told a few jokes as the wispy beginnings became a veritable outpouring and the exuded ectoplasm now as thick and wide as a white bath towel very slowly settled to the floor. Now Richet looked at us in mock consternation and asked, What are we going to do with all this stuff? Tsk, tsk, let's see if there's any way to get it back. Now he teased upward and sure enough what had been unreeled gradually returned." Read more....


Kai Muegge reports that the demonstration seances he conducted last week in England went extremely well. Some of the phenomena reported:
* instruments were shaken 5 feet away from the medium
* ectoplasmic hand forms were seen
* many spirit lights at one time buzzing in the room
* ping pong balls were moved 5 feet away from the medium who was being held by two sitters
* masses of ectoplasm were seen in red light
* an apport was materialized
* many emotionally charged messages were transmitted by the medium's control Hans Bender including a message to the owner of a white labrador who was told not to feel guilty about having the dog put down.
We are very much looking forward to Kai and Julia's first visit to Australia very soon. Read more....



"Parting Notes" is a book by a trance medium which contains over 100 first person accounts about what it was like for each of the individuals writing to die... and how they found the afterlife just after. Read more...These notes were written in first, final, and only draft via a medium named April Crawford who channels a being called Veronica. VERONICA is well known in certain spiritual circles, having many video messages posted YouTube.com and having talked with literally thousands of people worldwide in one-on-one telephone and in-person consultations/readings. VERONICA is also the author of most of the articles in “Inner Whispers”, the spiritual newsletter available for free at www.InnerWhispers.net.


SENSING MURDER MEDIUM DEB WEBBER INTERVIEWED IN NEW ZEALAND Some fascinating insights into her mediumship and skeptics.

QUESTION: Victor, you mentioned many times about those mediums in Sensing Murder how they are able to help the police - sometimes even by identifying the name of the person who killed the victim. Are these mediums working for the police in current matters?

If you read the books by these exceptionally brilliant forensic psychic-mediums - such as Deb Webber, Kelvin Cruickshank, Debbie Malone (pictured, left), Sue Nicholson, Scott Russell Hill all said they work for the police. But it is public policy for the police not to tell the public that they are being assisted by expert forensic psychic-mediums. One of the reasons would be that thousands of psychics would want to help the police- not necessarily the particularly gifted psychics. I myself, was told by a police detective sergeant that he is in favor of using gifted mediums because they come up with critical information many times not available to the police. These gifted mediums are used by the police, because these mediums consistently get sensational results.


One of our subscribers Marc C writes:
" My aunt told me on a Wednesday evening about 7 years ago, she had a very real dream that her father's (my grandfather's) brothers showed up in a limousine, wearing black tuxedos in a park where the entire family was congregated. Interestingly, and she has no knowledge of the afterlife, the brothers appeared in the prime of their lives (perhaps 30's according to her). They came over, smiled and went on their way. She was at her parents (my grandparents) the following day and shared the very real and lucid dream. My grandfather said maybe they were "coming for him". He was not sick and felt well, although pretty old, still in his very early 80's. He died within 48 hours of this "visit" which is how my aunt described it. My grandfather did not have any diseases or heart conditions. I swear to both of you, my aunt is 100% honest, very lucid and only 74 years old. I was surprised by how much of her story corroborates what we all know of the afterlife, although she had zero knowledge."


THE WAY OF WAKING UP. Alan Wilson Watts ( 6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was a British philosopher, writer, and speaker, best known as an interpreter and populariser of Eastern philosophy for a Western audience. He studied Zen Buddhism and for time was an episcopal priest.


Dr Horace Westwood was a Unitarian minister in Canada at the beginning of last century. After becoming interested in spirit contact he bought a ouija board but nothing happened until his eleven year old daughter Anna began to touch the planchette. Even when she was blindfolded it spelled out long a detailed messages even when the letters were randomly scattered. She soon was able to:
* type quickly while blindfolded (she had never learned to type),
* read a book that was placed in the next room,
* play chess and play the piano far better than she had previously been able to
* talk about hunting and trapping with professionals although she had never learned.
All these things she did while fully conscious when "the spirits" were present. When the spirit team left six years later all these abilities disappeared. Read more...

(World traveling teacher of mediumship Christine Morgan has very kindly agreed to answer some of the many questions we receive on mediumship. Gifted medium Christine has been doing workshops in Spain at the moment, having just completed several weeks teaching in the UK):

”Why are there so many differences of quality in levels in mediumship?
Is it because some mediums are untrained or under-developed or less gifted?"

Christine Morgan : " Many different standards of mediumship today exist, simply because of the variation in methods and personal standards of those teaching it.

As with many skills they can be developed, but not everyone is an expert or brilliant at it, nor is every medium a teacher. The subject, should be researched and examined as much as possible by those wishing to develop, so they at least have an understanding of what their development is about..." Read full answer




FORGIVENESS- AN IMPORTANT SPIRITUAL CHALLENGE Queensland medium and healer Ivan Beazleigh was reflecting this week on a reading he was giving. The clients were connecting with their daughter and were surprised and shocked to find that the daughter had forgiven her murderer (who had also died) and was working to help him "for a time" in the afterlife. On many occasions I have heard mediums say that once people cross over their perspectives change. Often people who were separated by small grudges while alive seem to be reconciled. The more advanced spirits ask their relatives to forgive the person who was responsible for their death and not to seek revenge. Forgiveness seems to be an important lesson for us to learn both here and when we cross over.


Egyptian Secret Knowledge.The Truth about The All seeing eye. Dimensions, Awakenings

Her book We Don't Die will be in print by the end of October. In the meantime our support has pushed Sandra into the semi-finals of a book marketing contest. We can help her to get the afterlife message out to more people by voting for her book. Just go to this website and enter your NAME and email. That is a vote for the importance of her message. On the 2nd page is a excellent 8 minute video that explains her research on how she discovered the Afterlife and the destructive effects of prolonged grief. If you feel able to write a feedback comment on her video you will have access to her audio on overcoming grief and a chapter from the book.

We are pleased to announce that our young medium friend Louise Hermann is celebrating 400 live demonstrations of connecting to the other side. Her monthly mediumship demonstrations at Drummonyne Community Centre are an excellent opportunity for Sydney people to experience traditional platform mediumship. Her next demonstration will be:
Date:Friday 5th October 2012
Time:Arrive 7pm for a 7:15pm start (please arrive on
time as the front doors will be closed at 7:15pm sharp).
Location:Drummoyne Community Centre-10 Cometrowe St, Drummoyne.
: A $10 Door Entry Fee payable on the evening.
10% of proceeds will go towards a number of charities
See website for details.

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Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner

In the last 12 years more than a million people have accessed A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife free of charge on our website. However many have asked us to make the book available as a book and ebook through Amazon.com. Wendy and I are in the final stages of preparing a new version of the book to be called " A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife" to be released through White Crow Books. It will update the existing research and add a lot of new material. As well it will give many practical suggestions on how to find personal evidence of life after death that will convince you "beyond reasonable doubt."

To help prepare for the launch of the book on Amazon.com we need to mobilise our many supporters so that the book can find an even wider audience and change more lives. We need all of you who have read and enjoyed the current version to email us with comments that we can use in pre-publicity and in the new book itself. We'd like you to tell us what you liked about the old book and how it has helped you or your loved ones. Let us know if you're prepared to have your full name or first name only on your endorsement. We'd also love to hear from people who are prepared to promote the book on their mailing lists or with their friends.

Kindly forward your statement about the book to: vz@victorzammit.com .....I thank you all in advance. The book will be released in the next few months.


1) Your book " A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife" provided me with an informative, detailed launchpad for research into the afterlife.
Being a scientist by profession, I was very skeptical of the paranormal phenomena that presents itself (ever moreso) in our world. Fortunately I maintained an open-minded approach to the subject and upon reading the book I was compelled to research further. I have yet to find any evidence that proves that an afterlife does not exist. In fact, the more I read, the more overwhelming is the evidence that an everlasting afterlife awaits us once we leave this Physical world. Thank you Victor, for changing my life for the better, enabling me to understand that the grief of losing a loved one can be overcome with the knowledge
that the separation is not permanent, that communication with those in the Spirit world is indeed possible and that our current life on this plane should be lived to the fullest in a loving, forgiving and compassionate manner. Eddie Dzenis

2) This may be the most important book that you will ever read! Without the need to 'believe' or 'to have faith' this book shows you through scientific method and first person testimonies EXACTLY what to expect after death. Logic and knowledge dispel fear and superstition and this book has it all! I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Gary J McCleary

3) You know your book changed my life for the better. Reading the book felt like 'coming home'. Finally I got an answer to all the unanswered questions I had before. I was so afraid of dying because I did not know what was going to happen and I had no idea what happened to my beloved ones who died before. After reading your book I found peace and rest. I started a new life without fear from then on. It is not 'just another book', and normally I'm even very skeptical, but I know for sure this is the book I waited for my whole life. Every person with common sense should be convinced this is the best book ever written. Clear, reliable, honest, with all the evidence and proof to convince any kind of reviewer. Kaat Desmet (Belgium)

THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PRAYER OF ALL TIME- MAKE ME A CHANNEL OF YOUR PEACE- dedicated to all peacemakers everywhere. Sung by Irish singer Daniel O'Donnell. It is attributed to the 13th-century saint Francis of Assisi, although the prayer in its present form cannot be traced back further than 1912, when it was printed in France in French, in a small spiritual magazine called La Clochette (The Little Bell) as an anonymous prayer. Read more about the "Prayer of St Francis".

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.