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June 15th 2012

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REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: HOW TO COPE WITH THE FEAR OF DEATH: I came across some people who are really terrified of dying. They feel a great deal of almost uncontrolled anxiety when the thought of death enters their mind. I met those whose parents were killed in the death camps at Auschwitz. I met other Christians who where told in their younger sensitive, vulnerable years that if they die in 'mortal sin' they will burn in hell for eternity. I met others who for no apparent reason at all experience great fear of dying - even panic attacks - not knowing what is going to happen to them.

The simple solution to getting rid of fear is KNOWLEDGE about the afterlife. Those who fear must regularly read the good books about the afterlife - especially WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN YOU DIE? (see chapter 29 Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife). Guaranteed, if you experience fear for one reason or another, I strongly recommend you to obtain more information about the afterlife. This has nothing to do with beliefs, this is all experientally transmitted.

We in the West have been negatively conditioned to fear death because, according to Christian theology, one could go to fiery hell for ETERNITY! Not only that Catholics have been conditioned to think over the centuries that only a Catholic priest can forgive your sins - so that they do not go to hell. But 99.99% of the Christians do not believe that any more. What is urgently needed to remove fear is to read - read the good books about the afterlife.
Information from the otherside tells us that the actual moments of dying ought to be one of the most beautiful, wonderful, ecstatic experiences you will ever have on earth.


DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION: "I come from a realm where all is light and colour, where hearts sing with the sheer joy of living, where all are busily engaged in congenial pursuits, where all the arts flourish, where each is imbued with the idea of service, with sharing what he has with those who have it not, where there is an intensity and vitality, a joy and radiance in well-doing. Here I see only a world filled with sorrow that should be full of happiness, darkness where there should be light, hunger where there should be plenty. the Great Power has provided everything and yet there are those who prevent its distribution. There are obstacles which must be swept away." ('Philosophy of S.Birch' - a highly credible afterlife intelligence.)

Documentary on the near death experience. It features the near-death experience accounts of five people and Dr. Bruce Greyson, who is a professor of psychiatry and near-death researcher.

Part 2 Part 3


QUESTION: Please clarify: I read so much about 'guides' and other positive and negative attachments to people - like angels and devils. What is going on? Lucia, Italy.

Reports from around the world - and from the afterlife tell us that we could have good and not so good spirits attaching themselves to some of us. Dr Carl Wickland had scientific testing when he was evicting spirits who attached to humans - see his very informative 30 YEARS AMONG THE DEAD. Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that we do have a superior afterlife entity with us from the time we are born until the time we die - to help us and for us to seek guidance and protection. You may also get other good spirits to help you with some specific difficulties you may be having in your life. If you have someone where you had heart to heart connection and who crossed over - a loved one - that person may visit you regularly to be with you. You may also get 'benign' spirits - not bad, not good - who wander around the earthplane attaching themselves to us not knowing they are in the afterlife dimension. You may also get other negative spirits who try to influence your decisions here on planet earth. But, to play it safe, one has to be positive, one has to evaluate if something makes sense or not, one has to help others who come his/her way, one must not be selfish or greedy. That way one is not attracting the negative energies from the afterlife - he she will be attracting the good, positive energies.




ATHEISM AND THE AFTERLIFE: DRAMATIC REVELATIONS ABOUT ATHEISM FROM FORMER CATHOLIC MONSIGNOR FROM THE AFTERLIFE - there are no atheists in the afterlife: (read carefully all atheists, especially Prof Richard Dawkins and Prof Stephen Hawking).

"When the atheist finds himself in these lands, he discovers also that he has made a tremendous and vital mistake. The existence of the Father needs no proof in these realms. The fact is evident upon every hand in an immense variety of ways. The atheist does not require convincing. No lengthy hermeneutics, are necessary. He convinces himself, and most frequently in the short rest space of time, that there exists not only a God, but that same God is the Father of all of us." (from MORE LIGHT, transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson to medium Anthony Borgia - Mons. Hugh Benson - former Catholic transmitted several books about the afterlife after becoming aware that the Catholic teaching is wrong about the afterlife).


ROSEMARY BROWN Rosemary Brown (27 July 1916 – 16 November 2001) was a spirit medium who claimed that dead composers dictated new musical works to her. She created a small media sensation in the 1970s by presenting works purportedly dictated to her by Franz Liszt, Johannes Brahms, Johann Sebastian Bach, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Franz Schubert, Edvard Grieg, Claude Debussy, Frédéric Chopin, Robert Schumann and Ludwig van Beethoven. Read more...




HOW KAI MEUGGE BECAME AN ECTOPLASMIC MEDIUM Since 2005 the Felix Experimental Group (FEG) has been sitting weekly near Frankfurt/Germany. Aware that the average pragmatic German had little knowledge of the spirit world, the group decided from the outset that it needed to focus on physical phenomena- things that people could see, hear and touch. After seven months of weekly sitting they started to get results which they worked with for the next two years. Then they decided that all 12 of the group members would learn trance channelling to enhance the phenomena. Soon a spirit who claimed to be "Rafael Gutmann", a jewish worker in one of Munich's earliest carpet factories began to come through to the group. He suggested new techniques of mental visualizations and meditations in order to increase physical effects in the room. And he told them about a group of scientists in the spirit world who wanted to work with a German speaking group. Read more...


QUESTION: Compared to where you live Victor, I would like to ask why is it that some people seem to have an easier life than others? Is it because they are just lucky? Viktor, Russia.

Victor: There are at least three very good reasons for that. First, we choose ourselves if we want tough challenges to learn lessons in the minimum time. You may choose a tough lifetime, a medium tough and easier lifetime on earth. Secondly, we have to remember that we do not have a choice about our spirituality - because we are not born spiritually equal, which means the less spiritual is likely to make more costly mistakes. Thirdly, we may choose a life to pay off tough karmic debts. This means a tough, challenging life on earth. With all this we also have fee will. But the more spiritually advanced we are the less free will we have. Think about that carefully. But for a life on earth, be more optimistic - 'there are not mistakes, only lessons'.


QUESTION: Victor, with all this talk this week about December 2012 - is the world going to be destroyed - man made or otherwise - or there are there going to be major earthquakes destroying huge parts of planet earth?

Victor: As far as I know there has not been one reliable source from the afterlife confirming there is going to be some world crisis this coming December. I asked an informed afterlife intelligence, William - David Thompson's guide about that. He said he has not heard anything at all in the afterlife about some catastrophe here on planet earth in December 2012. A highly credible afterlife source stated, "There is a limitation placed by natural law on what man can do to the planet on which he lives. Man cannot destroy the whole of the planet and all that it contains ... They can delay, they can harass and they can impede. Infinite wisdom and love rule the universe. These will prevail because that is the law." There was a time during the Cold War when the Russians claim they had a 'Doomsday Bomb' - something horrific that would destroy all life on earth. But skeptics said that was only a hypothetical - and not confirmed at all. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doomsday_device


Even the makes of the global doom movie "Noah" seem to belive that the world will not end in 2012. NOAH is billed as a close adaptation of the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. In a world ravaged by human sin, Noah is given a divine mission: to build an Ark to save creation from the coming flood. The screenplay was written by Aronofsky and Ari Handel and revised by Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter John Logan (GLADIATOR, HUGO).
Sarring Russel Crow in the title role the movie is set to open on March 28th, 2014. Read more...

Psychiatrist Dr Anton Grech, is Head of a Psychiatric Department in Malta, near South of Italy, a country which used to be the most Catholic in the world. Recently he warned that he often encountered children with obsessive behaviour towards religion. “At around this time of year, in the run-up to Holy Communion, I always get to see several six-year-olds who have irrational fears of hell or of dying,” he said. He has warned the Catholic Church and old style Catholics NOT to threaten six year old children with eternal damnation. Even most Catholic adults these days do NOT believe in the ridiculous Catholic teaching of eternal damnation for dying in 'mortal sin' - e.g. not going to the Catholic Church on Sundays or if a divorcee remarries. This fraud from the Church and this belief has become a joke - especially when it was revealed from the otherside by a highly credible spirit related to a former Catholic priest, Fr Johannes Greber, that there is NOWHERE in the Bible about 'ETERNAL' damnation. What was transmitted from the afterlife was that a Catholic translator of the Bible deliberately MISTRANSLATED - deliberately committed fruad - when he translated the word eon. In Jesus' time eon meant 100 years. But this 'evil' Catholic translator wilfully mistranslated eon to mean 'eternity' every time in the Bible eon was preceded by punishment. But elsewhere in the Bible eon was translated in its true meaning- a period of timte, 100 years. See the full 'hell for eternity' fraud detail in Fr. Johannes Greber's very important book, Read more...


Dr Stevenson put his considerable reputation on the line when he introduced his scientific work to the world through most prestigious psychiatric journals like The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease (September 1977) and The American Journal of Psychiatry (December 1979). He published several volumes about past life recall and each time a volume was published, greater detailed confirmation was accumulating for his evidence for reincarnation. Stevenson's scientific research shook the academic world out of its usual skeptical complacency. It was one of the first times that a scientist with an established reputation in the physical sciences produced clear evidence for reincarnation and for the afterlife.



AFTERLIFE EXPLORER BRUCE MOEN SEES HIS HIGHER SELF Bruce Moen is an engineer, author and lecturer on out of body travels which he learned to undertake at the Monroe Institute in 1992. He writes:
" I discovered there is another me. That me is something I call my Disk, something Bob Monroe called the I/There. Others might call this the Higher Self, Greater Self or Oversoul. The me inhabiting my physical body is but one small part of the Disk. In my explorations, I’ve seen my Disk or Greater Self. To me, it looks like a large disk with many small, round lights arranged in concentric circles. "


Dr Kenneth Stoller wrote in 2010: " It has been two years and seven months since I had the misfortune to discover how effective the hormone oxytocin is in helping one cope with pathological grief. That was the same month I gave a little research presentation at the MIND Institute at UC Davis about hyperbaric oxygen in treating children with autism. It was through my work with children on the autism spectrum that I became adept at using oxytocin for treating fear and anxiety, but it took me over three weeks after my son passed from a train accident until I realized it might help me." Read more on his excellent his Grief SOS page






Every week, one hour after this report comes, out a great afterlife radio program which is archived for you to listen at a later time. This week: June 14th: Russell Targ

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1) Dear Dr. Zammit, I want to thank you for all which you have done. Thank you very, very much. With very best wishes, David R. (in the .. U.S. A.)

2) Dear Victor, I just received the book I ordered from you and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Matt

3) Dear Victor and Wendy,


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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.



Ian Lawton agues that the media have not caught up with the fact that the majority of people today are describing themselves as spiritual but not religious. He promotes what he calls "Rational Spirituality"which he says has its roots firmly planted in the fertile soil of modern evidence from fields of research such as near-death and out-of-body experiences, spontaneous past-life memories in both children and adults, and past-life and interlife regression. Check out his homepage and his books.




HOMEOPATHY TRIUMPHS! THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND'S DOCTOR IS A HOMEOPATH - Homeopathy: fit for a Queen - because homeopathy works! Yes that’s right- the Queen’s doctor is a Homeopath and Homeopathy has played a large part in the lives of many royals. King George VI used and valued homeopathy greatly. So much so, that he granted royal title to the London Homeopathic Hospital. It then became the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. In 2010 its name was changed to the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine, still keeping the royal designation. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was also a great devotee of homeopathy, treating both her family and her dogs too, with homeopathic medicines (including Arnica for any injury).Royal patronage for Homeopathic Hospital Queen Elizabeth II has continued the royal patronage of Homeopathy and the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Her Homeopath is Dr. Peter Fisher who is the Medical Director of the now Royal London Hospital for IntegrativeMedicine.



NEW SENSATIONAL CRYPTIC CROP CIRCLES: New crop circle 2012 report from United Kingdom: Manton Drove, nr Marlborough, Wiltshire found on Saturday, 2nd June. Many of us, intelligent enough to accept crop circles continue to be curious about these phenomena which appeared in more than 70 countries. Patience, and let’s be intelligent and analyze what is happening. One day, surely we will know what is going on. But let us not be defeatists – let us all be confident and positive with extreme singularity that the mystery will be solved one day.

PLEASE EXPLAIN: "I was reading that when a Catholic priest says I absolve you form your sins means that the sinner's sins are totally forgiven - as if he did not commit those sins (sins=violations of spiritual laws). What do you say about that - don't you think that priests can completely forgive sins? Carlos. Argentina.

Victor: For those who have been researching transmissions from the afterlife by highly credible sources, the answer is that no priest, no mullah, no padre, no minister, no self-appointed holy-man has the power to erase karmic consequences, the power to change in any way the universal Law of Cause and Effect. No person on earth, be he a Pope, Cardinal, Archbishop, priest, nun or anybody else can be completely forgiven by confessing his spiritual transgressions to a priest. I say it is a good start if someone who has done some awful things says and feels sincerely he/she is sorry for what he/she as done. But the Law of Cause and Effect sooner or later will make the wrongdoer experience the pain and suffering of the victim. That is called Cosmic Justice - perfect in its operation. The Law of Cause and Effect works with mathematical precision and guaranteed, no one on earth has the power to change this Law


The partner of flamboyant closed minded skeptic Randi who has been known for the last twenty years as -Alvarez committed fraud by stealing the identity of somebody else. Alvarez's real name is Orangel Pena Arteaga. The police caught Deyvi's fraudulent conduct which went on for some 20 years. In the court, the judge told Deyvi Pena he came to court ready to sentence him to two years in prison. But after hearing passionate pleas for mercy and testimonials to Pena's generous, loving nature, Hurley said, "I am prepared to change that sentence."
Instead of prison, he confined Pena to six months of house arrest at the Plantation home he shares with Randi, to be followed by three years of probation. BUT, why did not the judge punish Randi's partner Deyvi Pena with FRAID for causing huge problems to the person he stole the identity form - that SHOULD have been taken into consideration. If I were the judge, I would have made out an order for compensating the victim - the real Alvarez, say $100,000. Otherwise, now that the crime has been proved, the victim, the real Alvarez has the alternative to go to a CIVIL COURT suing Deyvi - who stole his identiy and caused hima great deal of harm. He can sue him for unspecified damages - especially when the criminal Deyvi is on record for his other fraudulent conduct in the paranormal. In Australia and elsewhere, this Randi's partner-criminal committed fruad - technically a criminal offence posing as a medium collecting incentives under false pretences. Perhaps, I would not send this criminal Deyvi Orangel Pena Arteaga to jail - but I will make an order for significant 'exemplary damages' to be paid to the victim - so that others do not commit public fraud. Read more http://snipurl.com/23vp6du


QUESTION: Victor, I was talking about spirit influence with some people and one of the guys said that some spirits will "possess" those who did something awful to them for revenge - and were killed at the time. Could that be true?

Victor: I understand the question as when one becomes a victim of some crime - like being murdered, the victim's spirit could obsess the murderer perhaps for revenge. That would depend on the personality, the character - the level of spiritual awareness - and the motivation of the dead victim. But the answer is yes, it is possible for the victim's spirit to obsess his attacker. Some years ago, a well known afterlife writer Scott Rogo was murdered for his money by a couple of guys. He, in spirit, followed them ('possessed' one of them) and when he knew where they lived Scott Rogo transmitted the information to one of the mediums he knew. The information supplied by Scott Rogo was so detailed the police had no problem at all successfully convicting them with the murder of Scott Rogo. Rape-murder cases are classic examples where rapists themselves become possessed by the victim's spirit - wanting revenge. The revenge motivation by the victim in the spirit world could be very powerful.


(eg a really interesting book by him PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD),