A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


Afterlife Report December 7th 2007

We finally have some tapes to share with you from David Thompson's recent tour of the UK. The full seance tapes are being sold on DVD by the Zerdin Fellowship in an effort to cover costs of the tour but we have the following excepts from the seance at Mansfield 10th October 2007:

My personal favourite is this one where you can hear a materialised dog barking in the seance room.
* Reunion 2- Alfie brings dog for Joan (3 mins)

More tapes from the Mansfield seance.
* Forty visitors present witness ectoplasm in red light
(4 mins)
* Tim and Jack materialise together and show their different sized hands in the light of a luminous plaque
(4 mins)
* Reunion 1- Bert father-in-law of Maggie, a medium (3 mins)
* Louis Armstrong plays harmonica, sings and tap dances (4 mins)
* Quentin Crisp while alive an "outrageous" English gay entertainer and social commentator does remarkable things with ectoplasm (8 mins).

A PERSONAL TRIBUTE TO WILLIAM CADWELL, the afterlife MC for David Thompson's circle in response to those who asked me about my views on William. William to me is a ‘miracle worker' and his messages of hope from the afterlife go to more than a hundred and forty countries around the world. Those who are meant to receive William’s message, whoever they are, wherever they may be, do receive it. Through his wonderful initiative, unselfish spiritual work and dedication he brings spirits to materialize in our séance room to show us and the whole world that there is an afterlife. Thank you for your patience and tolerance and thank you for helping us to understand the wonderful afterlife evidence which will inevitably help us to become more spiritual and to eventually have a most wonderful, peaceful and spiritual transition into the realm of the Light. May the Light be with you always!

In a recent seance in WIlliam explained how he has chosen to stay on a lower spiritual level that he is entitled to be on so that he can do this work.Listen to inspirational audio (4 mins) of William talking about the levels in the spirit world and how his world differs from the earth plane. (Glasgow 14/10/07).


AA-EVP has put onto Youtube a great video showing how a number of mothers whose children died had been able to contact them using EVP. These mothers, now members of the Big Circle, are interviewed in the video and give examples of their tapes. We think they offer hope to all of us that our loved ones are okay on the other side. Please consider including the link in your website and sharing it with friends. http://youtube.com/aaevp

"More than ever today, our lives need to be redefined from a multidimensional point of view and through the contemporary insights of quantum science and an absolute wealth of shared empirical validations by other researchers on the global internet circuit - we stand at a very special moment in time". So writes Rob Smith on the first Australian EVP site.

A few people have asked how to get started recording their own EVPs. Tom and Lisa Butler have put their suggestions on their site.


In 1903 businessman and publisher Wilfred Funk was a member of the American Society for Psychical Research. He went with a friend to investigate a direct-voice trance medium- the voices did not come from her vocal cords but from somewhere near her through a floating trumpet. “The voices are of a great variety,” Funk observed. “I counted in a single evening as many as twenty - some apparently the voices of children, and others of middle-aged persons and old men and women; a few of these are the voices of Indians, and one of a jolly, typical, Virginian Negro. Each voice maintains its individuality during the evening and from one evening to another.” This was surprising enough but one night an entity came through telling Funk to return a coin that he had borrowed some years before and forgotten about. Read the story on Michael Tymn's blog.

UK Journalist Danny Penman has a great article for us:
“The medium Gordon Smith told us that Blake was dead and his remains were in the river about 60 kilometres south of Chamonix.” says Sally Perrin, Blake’s mother. He told us that Blake’s body would remain hidden for almost three years and suggested that there was some sort of 'conspiracy' to cover up his true cause of death. Gordon was bang on. He gave us a lot of very accurate information about my son that he couldn’t possibly have known. The information that I received from Gordon was completely accurate,” says Sally. “It wasn’t vague. There was lots of information that was private and that he couldn’t possibly have known about. It was his way of proving his credentials.As an example, Gordon told me that there was a picture close to the telephone of Blake abseiling down an ice-cliff. And there is. I put it up the day before meeting Gordon. Who the heck could have known that? Gordon also said that he could see a gun dog sitting next to Blake, a very happy dog. The description perfectly matched Star, our dog who had passed over a few years earlier. Blake would often take her for a run. He also said that my daughter had received pink bed linen for Christmas that she still hadn’t unwrapped it. Who else could have known this?” Read Danny's article

" A much rarer experience [rarer than NDE] is the Pre-Birth Experience (PBE). People with Pre-Birth Experiences recall existing in a spiritual plane before their births here on earth. They often describe a spiritual existence, that is very similar to the existence reported in Near Death Experiences. Not only do people with a Pre-Birth Experience describe a spiritual pre-existence, but some also remember choosing their parents and the type of challenges they will face here on earth. Some people who have experienced a Near Death Experience, recall seeing souls assembled together, waiting to be born here on earth."


How has the geography of religion evolved over the centuries, and where has it sparked wars? Thisr map gives us a brief history of the world's most well-known religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Selected periods of inter-religious bloodshed are also highlighted. Want to see 5,000 years of religion in 90 seconds? Ready, Set, Go!

Winston is the author of an excellent article called
"Debunking Pseudo-Skeptical Arguments Of Paranormal Debunkers"
He writes: "This article rebuts and critiques the most common arguments made by pseudo-skeptics (those who claim to be skeptics but in fact are cynics, debunkers, scoffers) regarding paranormal and psychic phenomena, showing the flaws and limitations in their thinking, philosophy and methodology. I’ve listed their common arguments one-by-one and pointed out the weaknesses and problems in them based on years of experience in debating and discussing with them." Read the updated article.