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QUESTION ON CREDIBILITY: On occasions I receive emails questioning lawyers researching the afterlife. Why should we believe what you are saying about the afterlife they ask. Some have stated that particularly in the U.S. lawyers have a reputation for being greedy or corrupt or for twisting the truth to win cases and for manipulating information to fit their circumstances. In the United States as it is in the United Kingdom, Australia and all over the world, lawyers usually will do everything within the law to win their case for their client - that's how lawyers get their reputation. If you went to a lawyer for your matter, you would want your lawyer to win the case for you - using whatever legitimate means necessary. Of course, there are those who will do anything to get their way – they apply the Machiavellian adage – the end justifies the means. Like every other profession e.g. medicine and in academia or anywhere where there is human conduct – we are all subject to the human condition. Some will be honest at all times – others not. You will find corruption where there is power – and that could mean in the courts, in politics and even in the Church administration – and even in the Vatican. I have known lawyers – and a couple of judges - whose conduct showed they were corrupt. But my experience with lawyers in Australia is that the majority are people of integrity. In respect of the afterlife evidence I do not have to be corrupt about anything because the evidence for the afterlife is empirically objective and repeatable. I am strictly a legal empiricist which means I do not have the luxury of beliefs. Find my researched evidence for the afterlife – click on BOOK top right.

MATERIALIZATION CORNER: For nearly two years I have been presenting reports about David Thompson's materializations. And just a few days ago I received a report about Stewart Alexander’s recent powerful materialization session in Switzerland. This supports ONE HUNDRED PER CENT what David Thompson has been doing for many years. See Kai Mugge's report on Stewart Alexander and on David Thompson.

QUESTION: You mentioned a number of times the realm of the light after crossing over. Can you tell us more about this realm? Jacinda, Rome.

Victor: This transmitted information from the afterlife dimension states that on crossing over, our physical body is like an old coat which can be burnt. But the duplicate spiritual body body crosses over to the afterlife dimension to be met by loved ones who will help the newly crossed over entity into the realm of the light. The realm of the light is the realm of realization: those who end up there are gently told that that they have died and are now in the afterlife dimension for a long, long time. The conditions are hugely superior to anything we have on earth. But in the lower end of the third realm – even in the gray area, you do get those closed minded skeptics, materialists who cross over and continue to deny that they are dead – they could stay in that mental confusion for “hundreds, even thousands of years.”

SKEPTICAL SCIENTIST STUNNED WITNESSING AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: Associate Professor Richard E. Gallagher, M.D., is a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice in Hawthorne, New York, and Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at New York Medical College. He is also on the faculties of the Columbia University Psychoanalytic Institute. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Princeton University, magna cum laude in Classics, and trained in Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr Gallagher with others was an eye-witness when an American woman known as Julia repeatedly levitated some six inches off the ground for some half an hour. Classically, this was a case of negative spirit possession - and Julia needed exorcism very badly. Exorcism means evicting a negative energy from a person. In fact, she was observed by a large number of medical, psychiatric and religious experts. During Julia’s levitation she went into a trance, books and other items flew off shelves – her voice changed completely to a very aggressive male and out of her mouth came threats, taunts and phrases like, “Leave her alone you idiot, she’s ours … Leave you imbecile priest …” Julia also stunned the observing experts with information she could not have possibly known – she performed psychic skills no one ever witnessed before. Consistent with their tradition Catholics said she was ‘demonized – possessed by devils and satan.’ But the ‘new scientists’ and empiricists do NOT talk about devils and satans – empiricists and scientists identify mischievous entities as ‘low vibrating entities from the darker lower vibrating realm.” Why are not more scientists investigating the greatest and most important phenomenon on planet earth – the afterlife? Scientists were stunned when they witnessed Julia levitate for more than half an hour – with all activity known physical physics cannot explain. Read full report ...

THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT: a very important question was sent to me from Los Angeles regarding whether or not the Law of Cause and Effect operates in the afterlife as well as it does not earth.

Victor: I would recommend to read this very carefully - the authority for this came from those considered to be highly credible afterlife teachers - such as S Birch. My twenty years of empirical research into the afterlife shows very clearly that our etheric spirit is affected by what we do. We increase its vibrations by good, positive deeds and lower its vibrations by unspiritual deeds and omissions. Those in the afterlife - especially in the realm closest to earth, still have free will to determine whether they want to increase their vibrations (level of spirituality) through service to others or lower their vibrations. Information transmitted from the afterlife confirms that there are those who consistently violate spiritual laws -resulting in their vibrations being lowered. Now when the vibrations (ie, level of spirituality) are reduced below the vibrations of the realm they're in, these spirits will be automatically pulled down to a lower, darker, significantly more unpleasant realm which can accommodate their lower vibrations.

ASSURANCE FROM AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE: a sharp, short message from a highly credible afterlife intelligence - Silver. Birch. “Despite all the vehement opposition, despite the scurrility and abuse, the misrepresentation, the hostility of those who dislike the permeation of a new truth on earth, the power of the spirit is GOING TO STAY.” Silver Birch. SPEAKS- Wisdom from the World Beyond. All Silver Birch books are available: http://www.silverbirchpublishing.co.uk

GREEK TRANSLATION: thanks to Panagiotis, we now have a translation of the summary of the afterlife research into the Greek language. The Greek language, as we all know, is a most important language in the world. We must never forget the great Greek philosophers BC were amongst the first to show the light about our universe and the afterlife. Read translation ...

Whereas most of the Western media is obsessed with the problems of movie stars and super models, it gives little attention to the serious world 'food crisis'. More violence and more deaths will mean a huge number of people will be crossing over to the afterlife before their time. Most people in the developed world take food for granted. Even the poorest fifth of households in the United States spend only 16 percent of their budget on food. In many other countries, it is less of a given. Nigerian families spend 73 percent of their budgets to eat, Vietnamese 65 percent, Indonesians half. They are in trouble. Last year, the food import bill of developing countries rose by 25 percent as food prices rose to levels not seen in a generation. Corn doubled in price over the last two years. Wheat reached its highest price in 28 years. The increases are already sparking unrest from Haiti to Egypt. Many countries have imposed price controls on food or taxes on agricultural exports. Prices are unlikely to drop soon. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization says world cereal stocks this year will be the lowest since 1982. The United States and other developed countries need to step up to the plate. The rise in food prices is partly because of uncontrollable forces — including rising energy costs and the growth of the middle class in China and India. This has increased demand for animal protein, which requires large amounts of grain. But the rich world is exacerbating these effects by supporting the production of bio fuels.Read more from the Washington Post...

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Here are some more links about the looming food crisis:
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DR JEFFREY MISHLOVE'S GREAT ONLINE RESOURCE Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., is an accomplished radio and television interviewer, and one of the most erudite and articulate personalities in the media. He is host of the weekly, national public television interview series Thinking Allowed which is also carried on the Wisdom Television network. In this capacity, he has interviewed hundreds of leading thinkers in the areas of philosophy, psychology, health, science and spirituality. Dr. Mishlove is the author of an encyclopedic volume of consciousness studies, The Roots of Consciousness.

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For those who feel they are spiritually highly disciplined: 'the purpose of White Eagle's teaching is to help humanity develop its true nature, so that the inner, spiritual light can radiate throughout the whole being, and out into the world to bless, heal and comfort others. With the development of its true spiritual nature, the barriers between people and between them and the spiritual world are broken down. Thus the fear of death is removed.
The work of the Lodge is varied and enables people to develop their awareness of the inner light, and to use it, in a number of ways. You may be interested in healing, meditation, retreats and courses, astrology. You may like to find out more about the Lodge's aims and philosophy and about the White Eagle centers throughout the world.' Read more...

THERE IS NO LINK, NO CORRELATION BETWEEN INTELLIGENCE AND LEVEL OF SPIRITUALITY: there are people who mistakenly assume that people with very high intelligence must be highly spiritually evolved: WRONG! There is no link whatsoever between high intelligence and spirituality. For example, a very highly intelligent military general who makes decisions for his own glory at the expense of the lives of soldiers would be regarded as someone very spiritually unevolved compare to some manual worker who spends all his spare time volunteering to help other people who really need help in this life. On crossing over the general is likely to end in the lower realms whereas the manual worker is likely to go up to the realm of the Light – perhaps even higher. Similarly, there are those academics at universities, some with multiple PH.D’s, who are also extreme materialists, into exploitation with huge ego and who are into gross selfishness. Nor is there an automatic correlation between being psychic and being spiritually advanced. It is on record that some gifted psychics have used their gifts to exploit people – and that would reduce their etheric spirit’s vibrations – not to mention creating karmic debts.

Can you imagine what it is like to review your own life with no detail left out? Where you get to experience the effect on others of every word you have spoken and every thought you have had? As PMH Atwater says in her wonderful book Coming Back to Life "There wasn't any heavenly St Peter in charge. It was me judging me, and my judgment was most severe." (p. 38). Watching videos of those who have experienced a near-death experience is for many a life changing experience.
See Rene Jorgensen's Near Death Experiences - Scientific Evidence Part 1 and Near Death Experiences and Quantum Physics - Evidence Part 2


PROFESSOR ALBERT EINSTEIN, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

YALE UNIVERSITY PHYSICIST HENRY MARGENAU, “To put it bluntly, science no longer contains absolute truths … the old distinction between the natural and the supernatural has become spurious.”

NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR BRIAN JOSEPHSON AND PROFESSOR JESSICA UTTS, “Those who recognize that significant discoveries in science are very often prompted by observations that do not fit expectations will find a stimulating challenge in accumulating evidence that it is possible to elicit psychic functioning in experiments with ordinary volunteers acting as subjects. Even more convincing results occur with specially selected subjects.”

FAMOUS BRITISH COSMOLOGIST DR FRED HOYLE, “When science begins the study of non-physical (paranormal) phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the centuries of its experience.”


THE GREATEST PSYCHIATRIST EVER DR CARL YUNG IN 1919 stated, “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as fraud.”

WHEN SKEPTICISM IS PUSHED TO ITS UNREASONABLE EXTREME: Closed minded Chief Engineer of the U.S. Navy, Rear Admiral George Melville – made one of the most ridiculous statements about science – he called human flight “absurd”. And the Scientific American in its Jan 13th 1906 issue branded the Wright Brothers a pair of ‘hoaxers’ that aviation is scientifically impossible. Does he not remind you of those closed minded skeptics making similar statements about the paranormal?

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