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April 25th 2008

As a professional debater, it is most critical for me to independently substantiate my evidence for the afterlife. As I stated some years ago, any lawyer who negotiates with empirical, objective evidence will ALWAYS win his case. That is why in my book A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife I have focused on the areas of evidence that are repeatable, objective and empirical. Evidence of the Pye experiments in EVP conducted under strict laboratory conditions; research into mediums done by the leading scientists in the world over many years, scientific research into remote viewing and much much more - twenty three areas of objective evidence. No one on earth, no scientist, no skeptical debunker can or will ever be in a position to rebut hard core objective, repeatable empirical evidence: that is why my evidence on the internet for the last eight years has never been rebutted! See book index...

Perhaps the best evidence of after death communication is that ordinary people have been experiencing them since the beginning of recorded history. In this book, Dianne Arcangel reveals the results of her five-year international survival study by using real stories from real people. But far from being simply anecdotal the book also approaches the experiences with an eye to evidence. She lists experiences according to six conditions:
1. The apparition conveys information unknown at the time to the perceiver.
2. More than one person at the same time is a witness.
3. The apparition was unknown but later identified.
4. The apparition reported a current event that was unknown to the perceiver and later verified.
5. The apparition moved a physical object.
6. The apparition had its own clear purpose.
The book is extremely well referenced and contains a marvelous bibliography of supportive resources.
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Several studies have found that a very high proportion of parents of children who die can expect to see or hear them and experience great consolation within a few months of the child's death.
Dr Melvin Morse, a pediatrician who has done extensive studies of death and dying, claims that they are so common that it is rare for someone to lose a parent or child and not see them again in a death-related vision (Morse 1994: 135). Read more...

BRILLIANT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE OF THE AFTERLIFE SHIFTS ATHEISTS: Richard, someone I’ve known for thirty years, told me recently of his most fascinating experience. “My partner’s nine year old son, Tim, died a few years ago. I was speaking to her on the telephone when suddenly a noisy buzz was heard – then immediately Tim’s voice came in from the afterlife dimension and said, ‘Hi Mom.. I’m all right’ in a sharp, clear voice that was definitely Tim. Then another noisy buzz was heard and we were back on the line. This was a truly fascinating experience because both my partner and I had a long experience of not believing in anything supernatural or in the afterlife. But she had other personal experiences which gave her definitive proof that her own son is well and happy. This was crucial in helping her to accept the evidence for the afterlife. And now, after reading your book, Victor, she has no doubt at all that there is an afterlife and that she will be reunited with her son when she crosses over.” That says it all!!! .

Dr Mark Macy writes on his website about his favorite phone call from beyond: " But I suppose my favorite all-time joking in an ITC contact was when the famous EVP pioneer Konstantin Raudive called AA-EVP founder Sarah Estep on the phone in 1994, twenty years after his death. When a surprised Sarah heard the voice of her deceased colleague, she exclaimed, "Dr. Raudive, how are you?" And Konstantin replied, "I'm as fine as a 'dead one' can be. Dear Sarah, thank you for all the work you've done...." And the conversation continued from that. To listen to sample ITC contacts go to http://www.worlditc.org/ and choose "Sample Contacts".

THE GREATEST SCIENTIST OF HIS TIME SIR WILLIAM CROOKES ACCEPTED THE AFTERLIFE AFTER HE INVESTIGATED, “I didn’t say that it was possible. I just said that it (materialization) happened.”! These are the most stunning credentials, showing the quality of the scientists who have investigated the afterlife: President of the Royal Society; LL.D (Birm.) D.Sc(Oxon); Camb.; Ireland; Cape of Good Hope; Sheffield; Durham; Foreign Secretary Royal Society 1908-12; President Chemical Society; British Association; Institute of Electrical Engineering; Soc.Chem.Industry; Hon Mem Royal Phil.Soc. Glasgow Royal Society; N.S.W. Pharm.Soc.; Chem. Metal & Mining Soc. of South Africa; Amer.Chem.Soc.; Amer. Philos.Soc.; Royal Soc. Sci. Upsala; Deutsch Chem. Gesell Berlin; Psychol.Soc Paris; Antonio Alzate Sci.Soc.; Mexico Sci.Soc.; Bucharest Reg.; Accad Zetanli; Foreign Mem. Linccei rome; Corresp.Ins.de France (Acad.Lincei Rome); Corr. Inst. de France (Acad.Sci.); Coressp.Mem Bataafsch; Genoots; Rotterdam Soc. de'Encrouragement pour L'Ind.Paris; For.Assoc. Natioinal Acad, Sciences Washington; Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Washington; Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences; Royal Medalist Day Medalist; Copley Medalist and three times Bakerian Lecturer of the Royal Society; Proprietor and Editor of Chemical News.

: The difference between empirical afterlife investigators and closed minded skeptics is that the former affirm that their evidence can be proved by investigation whereas the closed minded skepticism argument cannot be verified by investigation. It relies on "faith" in an outmoded view of science.
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NOBEL LAUREATE PROFESSOR CHARLES RICHET, "To admit telekinesis and ectoplasms is not to destroy even the smallest fragment of science; it is but to admit new data, and that there are unknown energies. Then why be indignant, when, on the basis of thousands of observations and experiments, we affirm one of those unknown energies?"
Michael Tymn has presented his research on Dr Richet's book Thirty Years of Psychical Research as an interview...highly recommended. Read more...

ANTHROPOLOGIST MARGARET MEAD, “The whole history of scientific advance is full of scientists investigating phenomena that the establishment did not believe were there.”


Victor: I’m glad you asked that question Debbie. I had a look just now and counted more than forty pictures of some of the world’s most intelligent people, including scientists, doctors, paranormal investigators, lawyers, judges and mediums- who after investigating– all accepted the existence of the afterlife. A lawyer experienced in litigation and all judges would see that a ‘prima facie’ case (on the face of it) for the existence of the afterlife has been made out even BEFORE even the evidence is examined!

DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST NEW BRITISH LAWS Mediums and spiritual healers marched on the home of the British prime minister at Downing Street on Friday to protest against new laws they fear will lead to them being "persecuted and prosecuted". Organizers say that replacing the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 with new consumer protection rules will remove key legal protection for "genuine" mediums They think skeptics might bring malicious prosecutions to force spiritualists to prove in court that they can heal people, see into the future or talk
to the dead Psychics also fear they will have to give disclaimers describing their services as entertainment or as scientific experiments with unpredictable results.

CORRECTION? One of our readers contacted me last week about the Kennedy-Lincoln synchronicities. He writes: " At least one of the coincidences referred to is claimed to be false. While Kennedy did indeed have a secretary named Evelyn Lincoln, there was no one in the Lincoln White House named Kennedy. According to Carl Sandberg's definitive Lincoln biography, Lincoln had two secretaries; John Hay and John George Nicolay. I have heard of this supposed coincidence before, but I have no idea where the notion came from that Lincoln had a secretary named Kennedy." Any comment from historians?

‘BEYOND THE INDIGO CHILDREN’ by Dr P.M H. ATWATER is the first major study of today's children, and their place in our rapidly changing world, that combines objective research with mystical revelation and prophecy. In the book, Dr. Atwater illuminates the talents and weaknesses of these brilliant and irreverent kids born since around 1982. Her webpage contains a great deal of fascinating additional material. Essential reading for parents and educators is her argument that "Virtual realities of any type -- cell phones, gameboys, video games, television - directly interfere with the normal stages of brain development. Kids grow up smart and know a lot, but that incredible ability they once had to abstract, to think outside the box, to indulge in creative, intuitive leaps of imagination and promise, are either gone or nearly so." Go to http://www.pmhatwater.com/
(bottom right).

COLIN FRY PHYSICAL MEDIUM Many people who are familiar with Colin Fry on television as a mental medium are not familiar with Colin's earlier work as a physical medium using the pseudonym "Lincoln". Robin Foy's book "In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship (1996) gives many fascinating stories of the young Colin who developed quickly as a deep trance medium and then a physical medium. One of the most interesting (on p.254) is the effect that a sitting with Colin had on another physical medium, Stewart Alexander, who had the opportunity to realize perhaps for the first time the wonderful uplifting effect that good physical mediumship can have on those privileged to witness it. He subsequently wrote: "Those loving, understanding and patient people from the world of spirit look to us all to prove the great truth to a disbelieving world! That one weekend transformed my very being..."
Next week we will have a report of a recent public physical seance given by Stewart Alexander in Switzerland.

WHAT DID JESUS REALLY TEACH?: see St.Matthew’s gospel: Using the Catholic Church’s own theology, here was a critical situation where a commoner asked Jesus – what Catholic Church claims is ‘God’ - what must he do about salvation. Jesus’ answer was: not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to steal, not to bear false witness, honor thy father and mother and love thy neighbor as thyself. THAT IS ALL WHAT JESUS STATED!! This was a direct question from an average person with a direct answer from ‘God’. Now, why would the Catholic Church ADD more conditions to get a good deal in the afterlife Jesus did not think were necessary – for example, a woman who remarries, eating a ham sandwich on Fridays (now this silly directive has been abolished); not attending Church on Sundays and there are so many other unnecessary conditions. No, I am NOT against Christianity, NOT against religion – what you do is your business, but I am against irrationality, against unauthorized additions in theology and against unfairness and injustice.

"We are the heralds of the new world which must prevail so that there can be driven from your earth the greed, avarice and selfishness that form the malignant cancers in far too many places. We enthrone service as the greatest of all religions, mutual helpfulness, tolerance, compassion to all, human or animal, so that you can truly hav, if you so desire, a kingdom of heaven on earth." S. Birch "More Philosophy".

It seems that Oprah Winfrey is upsetting some Christian fundamentalists especially with her support of Eckhardt Tolle. Check out these short videos:
Oprah denies Christ...
World's Most Dangerous Woman.
Oprah has responded by creating her own channel on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/OPRAH

Every week we receive anxious petitions and warnings from well intentioned readers. However before you waste precious time and energy please check out the title with the word hoax next to it in Google. There are also a number of excellent hoaxbusters pages online like this one...http://www.hoax-slayer.com/

SOMETHING INSPIRATIONAL There are many versions of "The Interview with God" on the internet.. but this one is truly beautiful...
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