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February 21st 2020

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COMMENTARY: IS WEALTH A HINDRANCE TO GOING TO THE LEVEL OF THE LIGHT? Spiritual laws apply to everyone, irrespective of wealth, poverty, gender, race, or social status. What determines our state in the afterlife is our habitual consciousness: our desires, preoccupations, and motivations.

One of the biggest lessons in life is that we gain higher vibrations (increase in spirituality) when we love and help others. If a person gains wealth as a by-product of his/her creativity and hard work, or if a super-rich person is ethical and unselfishly uses his/her wealth to help others, he or she would automatically be drawn to the higher levels on crossing over.

However, many people find that the way they have been making or preserving their wealth does affect their consciousness. After a near-death experience, they say that they were not able to experience themselves as loving and helping others in their previous occupations. As a result, many make a major career change to enable them to do so.

RESURECTED MILLIONAIRE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT MONEY One example that illustrates the change of priorities about wealth that often follows a Near Death Experience is the Gordon Allen Story. Gordon was a very successful businessman who says that he "loved making money." When he came back to his physical body after his NDE, he felt that his heart was "on fire with love" and he could no longer continue in his intense commercial business.

The segment about Gordon Allen is part of a 2003 BBC documentary that featured the leading scientists involved in NDE research. For many years the BBC refused to re-play the documentary or make it available for sale, and it was only in December 2019 that IANDS announced it had been made public. Watch the full version of The Day I Died.

THE SENSATIONAL WILLIAM STEAD In 1912, when the Titanic was sinking, William Thomas Stead is reported to have given his life-jacket to someone else. A famous man during his lifetime, he was a convinced Spiritualist and publisher of books about survival after death. His books included Real Ghost Stories (1891), a collection of reports of psychic experiences, and Letters from Julia (1909), based on his own automatic writing. Within a few days of his death, he communicated through several mediums, and even materialised in front of credible witnesses. Keith Parsons' fascinating video about William Stead gives a wonderful portrait of this great man. To see the entire collection of Keith Parsons' Spiritual Evidence movies, go to this link.

After he drowned, William Stead was able to speak directly to his daughter, Estelle, for 40 minutes through a direct voice medium named Etta Wreidt. He also transmitted an account of his initial life on the other side through automatic writing to one of Estelle's friends. He called the reception station where the victims of the Titanic sinking were taken "The Blue Island." Whitecrow Books now has The Blue Island, a fascinating account of experiences of a new arrival in the afterlife, available in Kindle and paperback versions.
Read more.

MEDIUM BRENT ATWATER TALKS ABOUT DISCOVERING PET REINCARNATION Medical intuitive and animal medium Brent Atwater has researched animals in the afterlife, animal life after death and pet reincarnation for almost 20 years. Her TV show, books, podcasts, blog, and Pet loss Facebook group are a popular animal life after death resource.

EARTH SCHOOL - FOUR BOOKS EXPLAINING WHO WE ARE IN ETERNITY Dr. Craig Hogan, founder of the Afterlife Research and Education Institute has a wonderful way of explaining complex truths in easy to understand language. His Your Eternal Self (2008) has been on our shelf of favourite books for many years. This coming Sunday on our Zoom Global Gathering he will be telling us about his newest project - a series of 4 books about the meaning of life. The first book called THE EARTH SCHOOL, is an easy-to-read summary of the contents of three other books which give detailed explanations and evidence. Join us online on Sunday at 3 p.m. New York Time; 9 p.m. London time; and Monday 7 a.m. Sydney time.

CHRISTINE DUMINIAK ON AFTER DEATH CONTACTS Christine Duminiak, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and author interviewed about her popular book, After-Death Communications:God's Gift of Love.

WHAT IS TRUMPET MEDIUMSHIP? IS IT THE SAME AS DIRECT VOICE? If you go to a physical mediumship meeting, you will probably see a "seance trumpet", a simple aluminum cone. The spirit team can construct a voice box inside the trumpet to amplify the spirit voices. The trumpet remains connected to the medium with ectoplasm. The trumpet can be moved around the circle and placed against a particular sitter's ear for a private message. But the voices from the trumpet are usually not as loud as when the voice box is independent and able to be moved anywhere in the room without a trumpet. If you are sitting with a physical medium and a trumpet comes to you, you must be careful not to touch it because it is connected to the medium, and if you brush it aside, you could injure the medium.

An autobiographical video following the path of Enlightenment and the spiritual evolution over a whole lifetime, leading to direct access of information within the higher strata of consciousness. To get inspiration and a more in-depth knowledge of the Astral worlds and the adventures there, please refer to Jurgen's books, his website, and his video channel.

We encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter of the Windbridge Center to stay up to date with afterlife research.
"With the topic of mediumship getting more and more media attention, we updated our website to specifically answer relevant questions that would best serve our audience and fulfill our mission of providing free educational materials. These include:

Are all mediums frauds?
How is communication with the dead even possible?
Is hearing from the dead normal?
Should I get a reading?"

Would you like to go to an online demonstration of mediumship where you are guaranteed to be chosen for a reading with a tested evidential medium? Voices Across The Veil is a project created by Michelle Szabo and Dr. Dennis Grega (creators of Afterlife Data) to allow more people to experience after-death communications with experienced, reliable mediums at a reasonable cost. They set up and monitor small group online sessions. People are asked a short series of questions before and after each session. Cost of the session is around $40. There are sessions scheduled for March 9th and March 16th.


Luis Sergio Marotta and Livia Marotta have been involved in teaching the philosophy of Spiritism from their home in Belo Horizonte, in Brazil, for many years. Here they share their personal experiences with Chico Xavier.


Saturday 22nd February 2020

Love After Life: Rebuilding a happy, fulfilling relationship with our **ROMANTIC** soul-mates / twin-flames who have crossed over.
Dates of meetings: Every Saturday (US TIME)
Must be a member of the FB group Love After Life
Coordinators: Mary Beth Spann Mank mbspann@aol.com & William J. Murray wjmurray@design249.com

Sunday 23rd February 2020

Mediumship Development with Dr. Susan Barnes.
Developing the skills of mental mediumship and blending with spirit.
Meetings: Every 2nd and 4th - Sunday 23rd February
Times: 2.00 p.m. New York time
Coordinator: Dr. Susan B. Barnes, CSNU susanbbarnes@gmail.com

Online in Zoom https://zoom.us/j/8738817733

Global Gathering
This week our guests will be Craig Hogan Ph.D. who wil be speaking about his new books in the Earth School series.
Los Angeles 12 noon Sunday
Phoenix 1 p.m. Sunday
Chicago 2 p.m. Sunday
New York 3 p.m. Sunday
London 8 p.m. Sunday
Rome 9.p.m. Sunday
Capetown 10.p.m. Sunday
Sydney 7.a.m. Monday

Tuesday 25th February 2020

6-week course
6-7 pm EST
Deepen Your Conversation with Your Loved Ones who have Died
Each hour will consist of specific content based on Rudolf Steiner's teachings and Lynn Stull's personal experience as well as questions and specific needs of participants. Express your interest or obtain more information.
Lynn Stull, lynn@easinggrief.com, lynn@lynnstull.com
or Mary Beth Slivka, marybeth@evaluator.com

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Physical mediumship development group
with Rob Blackburn and Craig Hogan

8 p.m. Central time; 9 p.m. New York; 6 p.m. Pacific Time;
The group is now admitting new members.
Participants sit in a darkened space in their own homes; the group has been going for some time and members are experiencing phenomena in their own homes.

More details of meetings
Videos of past Global Gatherings

DOING WHAT YOU LOVE Some people are fortunate enough to be able to work out what they love doing, and choose a way of life that gives them spiritual fulfillment. Dr. John Kitchin found that his health was being affected by continuing in a job he hated, so he quit his medical career and his million-dollar lifestyle. He traded his mansion for a one room apartment and discovered that slow motion skating was a form of meditation that put him "in the zone" - a state of heightened focus and blissful immersion.

The Science of Consciousness (TSC) 2020
WHEN: April 13 - 18, 2020
WHERE: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort, Tucson, Arizona
WHO: ~700 scientists, philosophers, educators, academicians, students, meditators, artists, interested public, and seekers from 50 countries ...and You!
WHY: TSC is the world’s largest and longest-running interdisciplinary conference addressing fundamental questions regarding consciousness, the brain, reality, and existence. Included in your registration: Pre-Plenary Workshops, Welcome Reception, Plenary Sessions, Concurrent Sessions, Posters, Demos, Wellness, Light receptions, Poetry Slam, Closing End of Consciousness Party
HOW: Learn more and register at

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) "Thank you, Victor and Wendy! There wasn't one thing in this entire report that I skipped over. Everything was so fascinating! A real gift this, and every, week!
With gratitude." Lisa

2 ) "There are so many interesting stories Victor, and so much we can learn from. You really put subjects worth researching and learning about. Thank you for your efforts. Always great to read the Friday Afterlife Report." Marion Dampier-Jeans

3 ) "Hi Victor and Wendy, thanks for your Newsletter: the Love Changes Everything song with Michael Ball and Il Divo is fabulous thank you! The link below is to an atmospheric song - The Windmills of Your Mind - Noel Harrison - which for me reflects the imprints of other lives stored within the windmills of one’s mind. Our earthly incarnations, though seemingly encapsulated by constructs of space and time, play out not in a linear fashion, but round …
… like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel
Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel …
Keep up the good work. Thanks." Alex

Alex's email reminded me that Windmills of Your Mind
is an old favourite, so I looked for a version that took my breath away. I found it in the acapella introduction by Barbara Streisand. As a former professional musician, I can say that she is exceptional - absolutely pitch-perfect with masterful control. The slower pace gives you more time to focus on the haunting lyrics.

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