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March 2005

25th March, 2005

TERRY SCHIAVO: DOES SHE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DIE? The spiritual perspective: WHO has the ultimate AUTHORITY about one’s own destiny – to die or not to die? The State/Federal government/s? Religious lobbyists? Others with extreme beliefs? Modern ethics? Lobbying from all corners of the United States has been extensive on this issue. My comment that since there is no electrical activity in the brain, there is NO awareness. This means she cannot exercise ‘free will.’ She is NOT responsible for her acts or omissions. Was there an expressly stated directive by her WHEN she was conscious about what to do if she was put on life support? Answer: YES! Did she understand the full consequences of her actions/omissions at the time? Yes! I believe that ultimately, given the circumstances, only Terri Schiavo herself had the authority to decide what should be done. In the spiritual context that is called: SELF-RESPONSIBILITY. Medical specialists stated in admissible evidence that she will never have consciousness, never be able to live without life support. There is NO spiritual obligation to stop her from crossing over. We are ALL responsible for our own acts and omissions – guaranteed! But we are NOT responsible for anything outside our free will. Anything else is the lobbyists’ voice about the matter. Ought the right to determine Terri’s future be left to politicians, religionists, ethicists, lobbyists with their own mostly uninformed but selfish agenda or to the Terri Schiavo herself - as she expressly stated before she entered her ‘vegetative state’?

JEFF WEISE MASSACRE, MINNESOTA, U.S.: Where will those murdered by Weisse go in the afterlife? According to highly informed and credible sources, those murdered would have been met by their loved ones who would have known of their crossing over. Average decent folk have nothing to worry about. They will be taken care of by loved ones. But what is NOT known is the mental state of Jeff Weisse. If he was in full control of his faculties then he will be held fully accountable for his actions. However it is also possible that if Weisse had low resistance to suggestions – he COULD have been dominated by highly negative afterlife energies.

PSYCHIATRIST ‘S WARNING: As reported last week one of the world’s most respected members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, consultant psychiatrist Dr Alan Sanderson, has gone on public record by stating “…the spirit world is real.” Dr Sanderson warns against the weakening of the aura if anyone drinks too much, or takes illicit drugs or uses a ouija board.
Dr Sanderson’s comments appeared in the Daily Mail feature by psychologist Dr Danny Penman.

THE PSYCHIC DETECTIVE (stunning report will be installed very shortly)

NUCLEAR TERRORISM IN THE U.S., NEW YORK area? Some interpreters of Nostradamus predict that New York is going to be a target for some kind of nuclear/atomic explosion. Nostradamus describes a scene of a sun exploding in ‘New Garden in the land of the hollow man-made mountains.’ Not a bad description of skyscrapers by someone in 1565 AD. People in the US have to be patient with the strict security procedures as there are terrorists/enemies who would love to blow up New York to cripple the United States economically and psychologically. Skeptics concentrate on the vagueness of Nostradamus’ quatrains – but objectively, there are ten direct hits no one has been able to explain – except to blame it on ‘chance’. But NOT when you have ten ‘hits.’ Prescience by Nostradamus is qualified that predicted events can be avoided.

MICHAEL JACKSON: keep in mind that the prosecution has to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that Michael Jackson committed the alleged crimes against those young boys. To many it appears, that on a civil level (on the balance of probabilities) the prosecution is making a persuasive case. But in terms of the Law of Cause and Effect – the sowing and reaping issue – if there was no consent for sexual conduct and if the boys involved were under age, there could be serious karmic consequences for Michael.

PRINCESS DIANA: a very much loved Princess, is said to have transmitted information from the other side to mediums she visited when she was alive. Princess Diana had admitted that she was given information that her life was not safe – but she just could not accept that anyone could cold bloodedly murder her or do her physical harm. See books by Hazel Courtney below. You be the judge about the credibility of these very important claims. The information is consistent with information transmitted from the other side.

BRILLIANT AUSTRALIAN MEDIUM Scott Russell-Hill, whose talents were tested in the recent Australia series Sensing Murder, claims he gave Diana telephone readings on nine occasions and the day before she died specifically warned her of the danger of being involved in a car accident in Paris if she let her security protocols slip. Read more… Go to Scott and Princess Diana.

MEDIUM- the weekly television show based on a living medium Allison Dubois from Arizona that is stunning the world to-day! Tell your friends today to tell their friends to watch this most important television show.

AFTERLIFE BELIEF INDEPENTENT OF THE CHURCH: Just 48 percent of some 1,000 adults questioned for the Reader's Digest Magazine poll correctly answered the reason for celebrating Easter is the resurrection of Jesus. Yet 65% of those same people said they believed in the afterlife. It is clear that this is the way the West is going – to accept the empirical evidence that we ALL experience “ resurrection” immediately after crossing over and NOT to blindly accept religious beliefs formulated thousands of years ago by unknown people. Untested, blind faith is silly.

CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS: Keep this in mind next time some closed minded debunking skeptic tries to tell you that you are wrong about the objective evidence for the afterlife or tries to ridicule you for your empirical acceptance of the validity of the paranormal. Debunkers: are nothing but ‘believers’ – which means they do NOT have science to support their beliefs! They cannot objectively and independently substantiate in any way their negative beliefs; they have NOT investigated the objective psi evidence; have not been able to SHOW why the evidence is not valid; have never ever produced anything to show WHY the afterlife does not or cannot exist. Conduct shows these closed minded debunkers indulged in unfair, unjust and inequitable negative conduct to denigrate and deceive, to mislead, misinform and misrepresent the empirically elicited afterlife evidence. No wonder national surveys keep telling us that ONLY 2% of the people do not accept the objective afterlife evidence – and CANNOT give any substantive reasons why they do not accept the afterlife!

SALLY MORGAN CONVINCES SKEPTIC: Dr Danny Penman, psychologist and journalist with the Daily Mail writes: " All my training has made me a cynical, hard-nosed scientist... taught me that logic, rationality and devotion to the truth are the most important qualities for any scientist.. I became an investigative journalist... my view of the world was shattered forever... (after) I interviewed Sally Morgan...(the) stream of revelations continued for more than an hour.. I (then) decided to secretly test Sally by sending along three customers... Sally provided .. some amazing insights that defied rational explanation... After my encounters with her, I have come to believe that the idea is not as far-fetched as many claim and there are possible explanations from within the world of science.. I have also concluded that only the foolish mock what they cannot comprehend".... Dr Danny Penman, Daily Mail 28 August 2004.

NATASHA DEMKINA ANSWERS HER CRITICS: Thanks to Professor Brian Josephson for giving notice that the BBC World Service will be broadcasting, in their 'Outlook' program some time, probably next week, an interview with Russian medical psychic Natasha Demkina. There is a web page
on which you can listen to the program and hear it for a week afterwards.

18th March, 2005

HUMAN JUSTICE: Re Robert Blake- Hollywood actor – who starred in the television series Baretta and who was accused of the murder of his wife Bakley. Just received a question about the finding of NOT GUILTY of the murder of Mrs Robert Blake. The question is that there were many who were convinced that Blake, the Hollywood actor, committed the murder and just because he had a smart lawyer to get him off – the murderer is set free. Question: will the spirit of Mrs Robert Blake be left thirsting for vengeance in the afterlife?

Victor: Human justice on earth is not perfect. But with absolute certainty, cosmic justice states clearly ‘no one gets away with it.” We do not know what actually happened and accordingly, we cannot judge others. However, the spirit of Mrs Robert may or may not be thirsting for justice. Highly credible information transmitted from the afterlife states that reasonable decent folk would normally proceed to the third realm after crossing over – what people call the Summerland or heaven. But if Mrs Robert Blake had deep, very intense feelings for being murdered, she could have been caught in the Astral level where conditions would not be good – and her deep motivation to get the killer apprehended may keep her around the Astral level for a while.

PSYCHIATRIST ACCEPTS EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE: One of the world’s most respected members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists consultant psychiatrist Dr Alan Sanderson has gone on public record for stating “…the spirit world is real.” Dr Sanderson’s comments appeared in the Daily Mail feature on exorcism by Dr Danny Penman. One advice given by Dr Sanderson is, “Don’t play with ouija boards, don’t drink too much or take illicit drugs and live a temperate life.” This Dr Sanderson, is referring to the weakening of the aura if anyone drinks too much, or takes illicit drugs. As to the ouija board, it is very well known there are great risks for the amateurs to use the ouija board. Professor Peter Fenwick of London’s University said that, “exorcism is gaining academic credibility.

SURVEYS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE: more people to-day accept the afterlife than ever before. Sociologist Andrew Greely states that ONLY 2% do NOT absolutely accept the existence of the afterlife. Some 38% are hesitant about the afterlife. But a hard core of 65% accept the evidence or have absolute belief that the afterlife exists. This means that 98% of the people are sensible and intelligent enough to allow for the existence for the afterlife. To-day the empirical evidence for the afterlife has not been rebutted by any scientist, materialist or closed minded debunking skeptic. Click on BOOK top right.

U.K. COMPARES WELL WITH THE U.S. ABOUT AFTERLIFE BELIEF: a Gallup poll conducted recently shows that 42% believed in apparitions – usually a loved one who crossed over appears as a spirit to a member of the family. Another interesting observation is that in 1954 90% of Britons had a Bible in their home. To-day that figure went down to 65%. Overall it is clear that people are accepting the afterlife, accepting that communication with the afterlife is possible and that more people are accepting Spiritualism to-day than ever before. In fact, there are now more Spiritualists in the U.K than there are Catholics. But in the overall scheme of things, it really does not matter what beliefs one has, but what one does on this planet earth that will have huge consequences in the afterlife.

LIFE IN THE UNSEEN WORLD: the book: a must read before you cross over. Transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson from the other side - once a Catholic priest. All information was transmitted through the medium Anthony Borgia. The information is highly consistent with other information transmitted by credible mediums from other parts of the world. This is highly recommend book and would strongly advise you find a copy. The work is most critical, most relevant and vital to the understand of the inevitable dimensions we ALL have to go through. Try an esoteric bookshop first. Otherwise contact Tony Ortzen, editor Psychic News on:

UNIVERSAL BELIEF IN THE AFTERLIFE. Every civilization on earth has believed in an afterlife. Most of those beliefs have been surprisingly similar and consistent. A new scholarly study LIFE AFTER DEATH:A HISTORY OF THE AFTERLIFE IN WESTERN RELIGION By Alan F. Segal Doubleday, 866 pages, $37.50 compares the life-after-death beliefs in the three great Abrahamic faith traditions.

If you have had a NDE or other unexplained experience, you are invited to correspond with Dr. Bruce Greyson and his team of researchers.
Please send your name and postal address and/or e-mail address to
the corresponding researcher. Contact Dr. Greyson at
to report NDEs, or contact Dr. Jim Tucker at to
report children with memories of previous lives, or contact Dr. Emily
Kelly at to report any other experiences, such
as apparitions, deathbed visions, and communications from deceased
loves ones.

Researchers at Wichita State University are investigating the after-effects of the NDE by learning more about its impact on peoples' lives. If
you have had a NDE and decide to participate, you will be asked to
answer an anonymous questionnaire which will take approximately
10 minutes to complete. Any information obtained in this study will
remain confidential and anonymous. Visit their website to decide if
you would like to participate:

WHAT THE BLEEP STUDY GUIDE. The creators of "What the BLEEP Do We Know?" and the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), have created a free Study Guide to be used by individuals and groups to maximize the personal benefit
each viewer can receive from the film. The Guide is a free gift to
fans of the movie. It is intended to help spread the value that is
available by focusing on, understanding, integrating, and embodying
many of the principles offered in the film. Written, compiled, and
edited by the IONS staff and other professionals, the Guide provides
a framework for individuals and groups to explore, discuss, and
deepen their involvement with "What the BLEEP's" primary themes.

11th March, 2005

SIR ISAAC NEWTON was one of the greatest geniuses of all time and a giant among scientists. He accepted the afterlife and ‘God’ – after studying the cosmos and the laws regulating the cosmos. Space projects to-day are based on Sir Isaac’s astro-physics. Sir Isaac Newton worked in many areas of mathematics and physics. He developed the theories of gravitation in 1666, when he was only 23 years old. Some twenty years later, in 1686, he presented his three laws of motion in the "Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis". His genius is recognized by universities all around the world. More scientists since then have accepted the existence of the afterlife – and more will accept it because afterlife evidence is now empirically obtained. Click on BOOK top right.

TRUTH v FAITH: I had quite an intense debate this week – a determined religious person stated that we should not question anything – “if you have the faith, faith will save you.” WRONG!!! Since there is no way of knowing WHICH faith is based on truth – FAITH is no indication at all if you are on the right track. Why not? Some of the terrorists claim THEY have a lot of FAITH and dying for their FAITH is going to save them!!! Then this religious person will say, “Ha, but my faith is the real faith.” The terrorist will answer, “Ha to you too because you CANNOT prove you do have the right faith. I have the right faith and I will die for it.” It is NOT personal beliefs, not what somebody else told you, not what you may THINK is right, certainly not FAITH that will save you but hard core empirical information. Whenever there is an inconsistency between faith and the empirical (science), science inevitably will prevail. To fully understand the empirical TRUTH about the afterlife click on BOOK top right.

ON ADMISSIBILITY OF EVIDENCE. Faith is not admissible proof in a court of law. The highest Court in the land, where more equity and justice are meted out than the lowest Courts will always accept the empirically elicited information and will usually make it prevail over anything subjective – such as anything stated in religious writings.

ALLISON DUBOIS’ BRILLIANT TELEVISION SHOW ‘MEDIUM’ now showing around the world based on her life and her psychic skills is a MUST see. Tell all your friends and neighbors and everyone that it is critical to watch this show to see aspects of a psychic’s life – raising a young family, relationship with a partner, maintaining a relationship with the Arizona police prosecutor and others. Allison is dealing with universal laws of non-physical energy. There are no beliefs but the observation of laws that all the world will inevitably accept one day. But warning! Whilst there are some really brilliant mediums such as Allison Dubois, there are also quacks who pretend to be psychics. You have to be highly discriminating.

QUACKS, CHEATS, FRAUDS, LIARS: NOT all who call themselves psychics are genuine. You have to ask a lot of questions- and obtain at least three references that a particular psychic is accurate. It may not be easy. But nothing in life is easy. You get quacks everywhere – even in ‘negative academia’ and in the materialist/skeptics movement. Protect your hard earned income by being especially careful which psychic to consult.

MEL GIBSON, whose film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST grossed over $400 million, unqualifiedly accepts the afterlife. As a Catholic he accepts that the afterlife exists, that conduct on earth will determine what will happen to all of us when we cross over. That is consistent with the empirically elicited information about the conditions of the afterlife. But the empirical evidence does not substantiate all the theological doctrines of the Catholic Church. One day the Catholic Church, if it wants to stay alive, will inevitably have to accept the empirically elicited information about the conditions that exist in the afterlife. The Catholic Church and some one billion Catholics already accept that communication between those who crossed over and those who are still living on earth is possible. That is demonstrated by empirically elicited evidence. See Chapter 3 on EVP.

WHAT DO YOU SAY? Relax, enjoy and read this easily and carefully. Imagine that someone who is NOT a scientist is trying to convince you about his personal beliefs. This person knows NOTHING about scientific method, NEVER wrote anything in scientific journals and dogmatically says to you ‘nothing exists after this life’ and ‘communication with those who passed on is not possible.” But this ‘know-all’ CANNOT and does NOT show you why what he is saying is correct. He does NOT have ANY hard core evidence or theory of any kind to show why gifted psychics are wrong. He certainly does NOT have science or any objective, empirical evidence to back up his claim. This person has NO objective authority to tell you that what he accepts has some credibility. He KNOWS that his personal beliefs in nothingness can be made nugatory by empirical evidence. He even cheats and lies to try to con the public about his unsubstantiated belief in nothingness. This person REFUSES to accept that his ‘belief’ is subject to complete invalidation. He has failed or refused or willfully declined to investigate the empirical evidence for the afterlife. Nor has he been able to show why the twenty one areas of admissible evidence for the afterlife I have on the Net could not be valid - he has FAILED to do that. But this closed minded debunker attacks the gifted mediums, attacks the famous, attacks the charismatics, attacks the successful, attacks the empiricists who have objectively demonstrated the validity of psychic phenomena and the evidence for the afterlife. This person goes begging for money from the public so that he can shout, scream, use unacceptable dirty language to be uncouth, grubby, insulting, offensive and insolent because gifted psychics are making this closed minded debunking skeptic materialist look absolutely stupid. And when everything fails he spouts - call them frauds! This hypocrite who has NOT rebutted the objective evidence for the afterlife has the audacity and the impudence to attack the gifted medium Allison Dubois!! What do you say to this uninformed dogmatic ‘know all’ demagogue? His name is not important to any of us but his objections and attacks are typical of the closed minded debunking skeptics.

What did I say to him? I stated he’s a loser, a defeatist; he’s beaten and crushed- since he has NO SUBSTANCE to support his beliefs. The gifted psychics have the expressly stated empirical, hard core substance produced by some leading scientists of this world to-day (click on BOOK top right - chapter 2) to show objectively that the afterlife exists and communication from the other side is possible. The consequences of the afterlife are ENORMOUS and only a fool ignores the warning.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES IN RUSSIA. MAN BECOMES HEALER AFTER Near Death Experience. Orthodox Scientists in Russia believe that 70 percent of patients, who describe their after-life journeys, are mentally balanced individuals. Vladimir Kravchenko, a resident of Volgograd, likes to watch this movie – THE FLATLINERS which starred Julia Roberts about experimental Near Death Experiences - although he has different impressions of staying in another world. "I have seen people, who were very dear to me, who gave me very good memories. When I was there, it seemed to me that I was racing along a highway at night, meeting my acquaintances, who were giving me pieces of practical advice, saying that I was not right about something, or I could do something a lot better," Kravchenko recollects.Read more…

SALLY MORGAN - is one of the mediums Professor Gary Schwartz tested and found to be genuine. A major new documentary has just been done on her. She is appearing live at The Radlett Centre 2 Aldenham Avenue, Radlett, Herts WD7 8HL, UNITED KINGDOM Thursday, 17th March, 2005, 8 - 10 p.m. Cost: £25. The event is to be filmed live by the BBC.Tickets available from Radlett box office, www. Phone: (0044) 01923859291 For more information check out Sally's webpage.

DAVID THOMPSON, from the UK is now in Sydney, ,Australia. This magnificent gifted psychic (medium) will be giving a demonstration of MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP at Canterbury & Hurlstone RSL club on 23rd March at 9-30am. Due to high demand for tickets for shows at this club it is recommended you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment - call (02) 9559 0000 or emailing

4th March, 2005

TRUTH goes through three stages: FIRST it is ridiculed and laughed at. SECOND there are attempts to suppress it. THIRD, it is recognized and accepted as having been self- evident– ‘we knew that all the time”. It appears that in the West knowledge of the paranormal and the empirical evidence for the afterlife is entering the THIRD stage. Movies, television and radio shows, journals, magazines and thousands of psychic websites are to be found around the world. But time is on our side and it will not be long before the THIRD stage will be fully reached. There is the Law of Continuous Spiritual Evolution. Materialists and debunkers can delay - but they can NEVER stop the inevitable law of continuous spiritual progress. Also, we must not forget the lessons of history: orthodox scientists initially rubbished the news that machines could fly. Orthodox professors ridiculed the electric light. See “Orthodoxy ridicules itself by its closed minded debunking skepticism”. Click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 25. Moral of the story: don’t reject anything just because you do not understand it.

COLIN FRY the UK - as a direct voice medium in Sweden was giving a public demonstration when the messages he was relating to the audience came through in the Swedish language. Now Colin Fry does NOT speak Swedish! An eye witness stated the experience was absolutely fantastic. How can orthodox science keep its head buried in the sand, leaving its rear exposed?

DAVID THOMPSON, from the UK is now in Sydney, Australia. This magnificent gifted psychic (medium) will be the main attraction this coming Sunday at 7pm at the Hills Spiritualist Centre 5 Hartley Road, Seven Hills, N.S.W. 2147 Tel: 02-9674-2976. All sincere people are welcomed. ALSO DAVID THOMPSON will be giving a demonstration of MENTAL MEDIUMSHIP at Canterbury & Hurlstone RSL club on 23rd March at 9-30am. Due to high demand for tickets for shows at this club it is recommended you book as early as possible to avoid disappointment - call (02) 9559 0000 or emailing

THE NATIVE AMERICAN TRAGEDY: American history tells us that subsequent American governments almost destroyed Native American culture, religion, beliefs and way of life by planned policies of assimilation. “It was sheer genocide” one historian put it “three times worse in numbers than the Jewish holocaust of World War Two.” The saddest thing is that the Native American Indians had/have a culture and religion extremely rich in spirit contact. That mostly has been lost. What exists to-day is only a tiny fraction of what the world could have had but for the genocide of Native Americans. By some miracle perhaps Native Americans and their supporters can revive that culture, religion and tradition of spirit communication – something which could expedite the process of man’s acceptance of the afterlife.

SALLY MORGAN - is one of the mediums Professor Gary Schwartz tested and found to be genuine. A major new documentary has just been done on her. She is appearing live at The Radlett Centre
2 Aldenham Avenue, Radlett, Herts WD7 8HL, UNITED KINGDOM
Thursday, 17th March, 2005, 8 - 10 p.m. Cost: £25. The event is to be filmed live by the BBC.Tickets available from Radlett box office, www. Phone: (0044) 01923859291
For more information check out Sally's webpage.

DEATH – when does it happen? No matter what anyone tells you, the most reliable information about the exact moment of death is when the SILVER CORD is severed from the physical body. When that happens it would be impossible for life to come back again to that body. Near Death Experiencers are able to come back to life because this hasn’t yet happened. But one day we in the West will learn that death is really a spiritual ‘birth’ – the closing of one door and the opening of another. We should do away with all the gloom and doom – we can mourn our loss but not grieve for too long. The operation of our energy does have an impact on those who crossed over. Those who researched death and the afterlife appear to appreciate living on this earth much more.

IRAQ TERRORISTS BLAST 115 TO THE AFTERLIFE – 148 gravely injured. Suicide bombers have caused the worst slaughter since Saddam Hussain lost power in April 03. Inevitably, those who planned the attack will be paying a huge price one day for violently destroying the innocent lives of those people who were in the market place. We are informed from those courageous American soldiers in Iraq (see last two weeks’ reports in the archives) that the terrorists are not so stupid as to kill themselves – they blackmail others to be the suicide bombers. The planners can forget about the “50 virgins” waiting for them when they inevitably cross over. More like 50 devils will be waiting for them because the universal law “like attracts like” can never be violated in the afterlife.

MICHAEL JACKSON – the circus goes on. As an impartial observer I see the two opposite sides trying to tear each other apart. The constant court objections, the crowd outside the court, the press agents, reporters, camera people, television intrusion – and all the noise COULD see Michael Jackson behind bars – notwithstanding his many, many millions. If he loses, of course there will be an appeal. And the same stories will then be told. And the English television journalist who started all this may himself end up behind bars for not telling the court where he obtained the information. The universal Law of Cause and Effect is ever present, and IF, I repeat, IF Michael Jackson did commit spiritual violations, Michael Jackson may escape prison here, but he certainly will not escape the negative karmic effect of his transgressions – if any. But let me repeat: there are differences of moral consequences between man made law and the universal laws that govern human conduct. The two laws are not necessarily complementary.

COMPUTERS/ROBOTS – can computers/robots ever have ‘consciousness’ or experience ‘real emotions’? I received a most interesting email this week about the possibility of advanced computers being programmed to think, to make decisions smarter than humans, to experience emotions and some kind of ‘consciousness’. Except for emotions, these to an extent have already been achieved. But the materialists state that one day computers/robots will be able to do everything humans can do. I just cannot see that ever happening. Humans live only because the ‘spirit’ activates the physical body. One can understand that it is not ever likely that spirit will ever activate a robot!

AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE REPLIES: Question to Silver Birch, a highly accredited afterlife entity: “We seem bound by time in this life, yet quite obviously the spirit world is timeless.” S.Birch.: “Time itself has not past or future. Time is in the eternal present. It is only your relationship to time which makes your past and your future. You are living in a world of three dimensions. We are not dependent on the earth’s axis, on a spinning globe which makes your day and night. We live in eternal light. How can I convey this to you? We do not have to go to sleep because we have no physical bodies like you. We do not have bodies that require sleep. If we require rest, we just pause until we feel invigorated …” (From LIGHT FROM SILVER BIRCH- page 60 – available form PSYCHIC PRESS 2 Tavistock Chambers Bloomsbury Way London WCIA 2SE UK).

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: (received yesterday) why is it that a couple of debunkers have attacked you?
Victor: They attack me through sheer extreme frustration that they have been unable to rebut my empirically elicited objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife. After EIGHT long years – no debunking closed minded skeptic, no scientist, no negative empiricist has been able to show that my expressly stated evidence is invalid. The objective afterlife evidence and the positive results of the gifted mediums are making these debunkers look absolutely stupid and utterly superfluous! Information came to me that one of the materialist/debunkers – someone I’m informed is called ‘Skunknic’ (?) who blasphemed, and used gutter level language is actually ‘mentally sick.’ I’m informed he keeps calling himself, “idiot, moron, jackass, fool, buffoon, nitwit, hayseed, nincompoop, muck for brains, nitcompoop, jerk, airhead, blockhead, maroon, toon and twit.” And they’re NOT his bad points - so I’m informed! I’ll rattle his cage if I want to hear from him! Others can deal with him the way they know how. I will be dealing with the other academic materialists explaining in detail why empirically they are wrong and why they can never beat my challenge - see challenge - RIGHT COLUMN.

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