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Friday December 25th, 2020

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With so much uncertainty and change in the world, and so many people experiencing losses, many of us find ourselves facing a very different Christmas.

But the human spirit is incredibly resilient and even in dark times people have responded to the core message of Christmas. As Silver Birch put it "some of the spirit of love is expressed in your world at this Christmas time. It takes the form of geniality and generosity, the desire to give. It is to be seen in the remembering of old friends, the cementing of old ties, the bringing together of those who have parted and the resolution to forget old enmities".

So our wish for all our subscribers is to have a safe and restorative Christmas, one that reminds us that there is so much goodness and beauty in life. May we all feel the spirit of love flowing from our hearts and hold the vision of a better new year and kinder world coming into being.

Bad news sells which is why you probably haven't heard the 99 good news stories of 2020 assembled by Future Crunch. "There have been big wins for conservation, living standards, peace, safety and human rights, clean energy, and yes, even global health. Progress isn’t a straight line and it doesn’t happen by magic. It depends on people who, even during the darkest of times, believe that it’s possible to make the world a better place and who are willing to roll up their sleeves to do the work, even when the cameras aren’t watching. These are their stories, and off the back of a horrible year, we think it’s more important than ever to celebrate them". Read more.

DR. RUPERT SHELDRAKE in 2015 INTERVIEW Dr. Sheldrake explains how "brains are over-rated" and how the mind and memories can exist outside the brain.

Australian academic and consciousness researcher Alexander De Foe Ph.D. began having out-of-body experiences spontaneously. This led him to study with Australian mystic and author, Robert Bruce, and later to design an honours project at Monash University in which he surveyed 194 OBErs. From 2012 onwards he pursued a doctoral project in experimental psychology, with a focus on OBEs and perception. In 2016 he published Consciousness Beyond the Body which brings together the work of researchers and experiencers organised into three sections:
1) Theories of the Out-of-Body Experience
2) Evidence for Verifiable Out-of-Body Travel and
3) Personal Benefits of Out-of-Body Exploration.
The book is available as a free download in pdf format or on kindle for around $1.

VISIONS OF FUTURE CHILDREN IN NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES A beautiful and comforting presentation by Brent Hinze, Ph.D. and Sarah Hinze, B.Sc. -- See Sarah's web site.

INCLUDE YOUR ABSENT LOVED ONES IN YOUR HOLIDAY Sheri Perl, author of 'Lost and Found: A Mother connects up with her Son in Spirit' has this advice for bereaved parents coping with the holidays:
"On holidays and special occasions, set a place at the table or remember to make a toast to this person. Acknowledge the elephant in the room by bringing it right out into the open. If you're not afraid to talk about your loved one, friends and family won't be either. And if they are, at least you are setting the right example by putting your loved one front and center".
She quotes Raymond, son of Sir Oliver Lodge, who died in World War I: "Father, tell Mother she has her son with her all day on Christmas Day. There will be thousands of us back in the homes on that day, but the horrid part is that so many of the fellows don't get welcomed. Please keep a place for me".

"Compared to the incredible scope of what can be experienced in higher states of consciousness, everything we experience here now will feel pedestrian and second rate; we will quickly lose interest in it once we awaken to the higher states. It is like coming out of a dark cellar into bright summer garden light".
Jurgen Ziewe

"On many occasions, I and others have observed and interacted with animals during our out-of-body experiences. It’s clear that animals continue to exist after death just like we do. In my first book, Adventures beyond the Body, I write about my vivid nonphysical contact with my dog. During one OBE I clearly witnessed a thin string or what some would call a “silver cord” emanating from the nonphysical dog and leading back to its physical body. This cord appeared as thin as a spider’s silk. The bottom line: based on my nonphysical observations for 40 years I know without a doubt that animals are multidimensional and they continue after death".

Dr. W.D. Rees, a British physician, found that of a sample of widows in Wales, forty-seven percent had experiences—often repeatedly over a number of years—that convinced them that their dead husbands had been in contact with them (Rees 1971: 37-41). An earlier British experiment by Dr. P. Marris (1958) had found a figure of fifty percent.

YOU ARE NEVER ALONE In Allan Kardec's important book "THE SPIRITS BOOK" we learn of the role of our 'guardian' (sometimes called guardian angel). We have been informed by many highly credible afterlife teachers that we get support and protection "From birth to death ... The mission of the guardian is like that of a father towards his children - to lead the object of his protection into the right road, to aid with his counsels, to console his-her afflictions, and to sustain his-her courage under the trials of his-her earthly life".
Read more about Allan Kardec's books

THE GRIEVING PROCESS AND THE AFTERLIFE August Goforth, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City, is also an intuitive-mental and psychophysical spirit medium. Here, he maintains that the mediumistic gifts that he has experienced since childhood are available to everyone.

QUESTION: You mentioned in the past that the purpose of life is to continue to learn, to experience activity, to become more spiritual. Now, what if someone doesn't do any harm, but just lives for himself without any endeavor on his part to continue to refine?

That person who chooses a selfish life - even if he does no harm to others, would be shown in his life review how he wasted his opportunities. He will be shown activities he can do, either in the spirit world or in another incarnation, in order to live more fully and evolve.

"We on this side for a long time have striven to build between our world and yours a bridge where man can climb to heights and find that peace that your world cannot give. We know that it is only in this truth, only in this realization of communication between the so-called dead and the living, there lies the salvation of your world. All history repeats itself. History itself shows the very foundation of man's happiness is in the knowledge and the realization of the life that is to come". Listen and read the transcript.


Friday 25th December 2020 USA/UK TIME
(Saturday 26th Australian time)


With so many people in lockdown or avoiding travel on Christmas Day, Wendy and Karyn have decided to open our zoom room for people to drop by and say hello at the normal time of the Global Gathering. There won't be anything structured, just an opportunity to talk with like-minded friends. Come for a quick visit or pull up a chair and stay and chat.
Los Angeles 12 noon Friday 25th December 2020
Phoenix 1 p.m. Friday
Chicago 2 p.m. Friday
New York 3 p.m. Friday
London 8 p.m. Friday
Vienna 9 p.m. Friday
Sydney 7 a.m. Saturday 26th December 2020
Check time in your city
Just click the link https://zoom.us/j/7595442928

There will be an alternative time for those in Australia who cannot manage a 7 am start.
7 p.m. Sydney time on Christmas Day - the same time as Inge's physical mediumship group.
London time 8 a.m. Friday
Vienna 9.a.m. Friday
Perth 4 p.m.Friday
Brisbane 6 p.m. Friday
Check time in your city.
Just click the link https://zoom.us/j/7595442928

Sunday 27th December 2020

Global Gathering
Shaman Kim Parker will be leading a discussion on strange experiences. Have you had anything that left you wondering? Perhaps you saw a UFO or had a lucid dream, or saw scenes from another time. If it's something you cannot share easily with others come and share it with us.
Check the time in your city
Los Angeles 12 noon Sunday
Phoenix 1 p.m. Sunday
Chicago 2 p.m. Sunday
New York 3 p.m. Sunday
London 8 p.m. Sunday
Rome 9 p.m. Sunday
Sydney 7 a.m. Monday

Monday 28th December 2020

Dream Circle with Kim Parker

A small group of 15 meets every two weeks - to share and explore the meaning of their dreams.
Next meeting Monday 28th December 2020
Los Angeles 12 noon Monday
Phoenix 1 p.m. Monday
Chicago 2 p.m. Monday
New York 3 p.m. Monday
London 8 p.m. Monday
Rome 9 p.m. Monday
Sydney 7 a.m. Tuesday
Email: Kim at kmrainbow57@yahoo.com

Wednesday 30th December 2020

Physical mediumship development group
with Rob Blackburn and Craig Hogan
8 p.m. Central time;
9 p.m. New York;
6 p.m. Pacific Time;
1 p.m. Thursday Sydney time.
The group is now admitting new members.
Participants sit in a darkened space in their own homes; the group has been going for some time and members are experiencing phenomena.
Contact Rob Blackburn (rkblack@mtco.com) or Craig Hogan (r.craig.hogan@afterlifeinstitute.org) before joining the group. https://zoom.us/j/4381898190

GRETCHEN BICKERT: A MEDITATION JOURNEY TO CONNECT WITH A LOVED ANIMAL IN SPIRIT Gretchen is a sound & energy therapist, hospice and grief supporter for people and their animals, yoga and meditation teacher, and afterlife researcher. In the new year, she will be offering a zoom group focused on communicating with animals. If you would like to be involved email her at ursus88@gmail.com.

This wonderful newsletter from Rev Michael Cocks in New Zealand always contains many articles of interest.
It is the hope of those producing this journal that preachers and teachers should have in mind the ever- widening understanding of Spirit in their thoughts and communications. Read the December edition here.

“Do not allow dismay or fear to effect a lodgment within your being. Fear is the child of ignorance; knowledge should always drive out fear. You have access to the mightiest power in the universe. It is more majestic than any power known in your physical world. It is the supreme power. You can allow it to stream through and perform its beneficent work.”Light from Silver Birch p.22

FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) "Hi Victor and Wendy, I just wanted to express how grateful I am for Donna Smith's presentation.  I think the work she is doing is quite wonderful. I was also impressed with the questions people asked and the information shared.  It's rarely possible for me to get to Zoom sessions, so it was just fantastic to be able to watch this. Kind regards", Donna L.

2) "Thanks for all you do! I've often thought that all the wonderful advances we see happening in the world, as well as those we aspire to, are influenced by an unconscious desire to experience things in the spiritual world state". Lousia

3) "If you're interested in evidence for animal afterlife, here's an article I finished recently, discussing (disputing) the idea of group souls for animals. I had a good time writing it, so hopefully you'll have a good time reading it -- or at least find it thought-provoking".

INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC: "YOU ARE THE REASON" Calum Scott's beautiful 2017 song reminds us of the beauty and power of human relationships and the pain of loss. The stunning music video was filmed entirely in Kyiv, Ukraine, and has surpassed 617 million views.

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.