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January 28th 2011

APOLOGIES if I have not replied to your email. Still dealing with a lot of work. Victor

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Last week's report

WHEN ARE SKEPTICAL SCIENTISTS GOING TO WAKE UP? The CIA has released video of scientists testing the great psychic Uri Geller - see below. All tests were successful. I myself come across gifted psychics whose work I witness and know that the psychic skills exhibited will pass any scientific test. Gifted psychics and gifted mediums have been with us for thousands of years and have been investigated scientifically for the last one hundred and fifty years.

There have been literally thousands of people from the afterlife who materialized and made contact with their loved ones through different physical mediums over the last hundred and fifty years- sometimes on many different occasions. Many more thousands of people have witnessed these reunions as loved ones from the two worlds talked to each other. They talk about the private things they knew when the loved one was on earth.

Wendy and I have been fortunate enough to witness more than a hundred of these reunions through the wonderful mediumship of David Thompson. In the most recent one last Saturday night a dear eighty year old friend was reunited with her husband who died more than twenty five years ago. His expressions of love for her and the detail of his memories of their life together had everyone in tears. No matter how often you experience this, it is always the most incredible miracle and you wonder why it is not front page news.

The evidence amounting to proof is now technically objective and repeatable. Witnesses who have the capacity, the skills and the ability to perceive the paranormal in an objective way are able to fully understand how life changing this evidence is. So, why are the closed minded scientists so reluctant to investigate the greatest evidence for the afterlife - and the greatest discovery in human history?

Dear Dr Zammit
, “I'm Henry M. Harris, a retired NASA scientist who's been interested in your work for many years. You probably know that in the frontiers of physics today there is a realization that the universe we see with our eyes is only part of a much broader and more complicated scheme.... I suspect that the root cause of why paranormal experiences that you describe do not fit into the standard model of physics is that we have a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of life....It's my opinion there will soon be a revolution in physics, enabled by new understanding of a multidimensional universe, one that melds with the concept of life. I think even now we can add some detail to this idea. Read more.


Last Saturday 22nd January we, the sitters who participated in one of David Thompson's materialization sessions, were extremely privileged to have that great spiritual master White Eagle materialize and give us all a most wonderful, most profound message - not only for us, but for the whole world.

His message was the same as the message of Silver Birch ( who came through David on several previous occasions) - the same as the message of William and all of the Circle of the Silver Cord spirit team- that 'there is no death, only transition'.

Read the full Transcript.
Listen to White Eagle's Message...

This was the very first time, as far as I know, that White Eagle materialized anywhere. Millions of people are familiar with the wonderful books of White Eagle, a great spiritual master who used to come through the English deep trance medium Grace Cook until her transition in 1979. Like many people, we the sitters in David Thompson's materialization sessions had read the books of his teaching and Wendy and I had even been many times to the White Eagle Lodge retreats in Maleny Queensland.They were all most wonderful experiences, most spiritual.

That GREAT SPIRITUAL CHAMPION SIR ARUTHR CONAN DOYLE MATERIALIZES - also materialized again last Saturday 22nd January. The great Sir Arthur often materializes through David Thompson. We remember that Sir Arthur has a very strong connection with White Eagle. Ten days after he crossed over, Sir Arthur came through White Eagle's medium Grace Cook, then a well known medium in London whose accuracy was attested by the English Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald. She provided Sir Arthur's family with wonderful evidence of his survival including a key to his study. With White Eagle's help Sir Arthur was able to dictate a book about conditions in the spirit world- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the Beyond. White Eagle spoke with a great deal of affection about Sir Arthur and even called him "Noble Heart". In his conversation with me last Saturday he says he is still interested in writing and says that he inspires a lot of my material. He says he wants to co-write a book with me called, 'A Lawyer and a Scientist on the Afterlife'. Hear for yourself.

DAVID THOMPSON, materialization and mental medium and Christine Morgan, psychic and medium are available for group demonstrations, workshops and private readings in person or by phone (by phone in any country or language as long as you have a translator.)
If you would like to book a reading or apply to attend a materialization session email Christine Morgan.
Christine also has a workshop on mental mediumship happening on in Sydney on Saturday 5th February email for details.

Secret CIA Psychic Lab Experiments with Uri Geller. Historic footage from the Stanford Research Institute: you will find this video very interesting because it was at a time when the closed minded skeptics ruled the waves. See for yourself, how physicists were impressed by the successful results.

We have many readers in Russia so our thoughts and prayers go out to them as well as to the 37 people killed and the 135 injured in Moscow airport. We extend our sympathy to the families and to all the people involved in what must have been a horrific situation. There can NEVER be justification for the intentional killing of innocent people in a crowded airport or elsewhere. The terrorist extremists knew what they were doing - they planned it to intentionally maximize deaths and injuries. The universal law of Cause and Effect will at all times be operative without exception. This means that those responsible for this terrible massacre will one day be on the receiving end. It is very likely that some time in the future those who planned the terrorist attack themselves will be blown up somewhere. No one, nobody gets away with the massacre of innocent people. Those who have done their research on afterlife physics know that energy is a 'boomerang' -it returns to you. Make sure the energy that you give out will always be positive energy.

TOM MORRIS AND KEVIN LAWRENSON of 'THE YELLOW CLOUD CIRCLE' from Montcabirol in France have safely arrived in Australia after their long journey. They are recovering from the trip and preparing for their much anticipated first demonstration on February 6th. Only a few spaces remain for the sessions in Sydney so if you want to experience direct Spirit contact for yourself don't wait. Phone Inge Crosson on 0414 862 861 or email awakeningsoulsinfo@gmail.com.

But a word of warning. Just as a near death experience can turn your life upside down for a while, the in-your-face-reality of physical mediumship can change your values and your life. It's that "Oh My God this is real" moment that forces you to question your beliefs and change your priorities. Kevin Lawrenson has prepared a few notes on how to prepare for this life-changing experience.

Around this time in the year 1882 the British Society for Psychical Research was founded in London. Some of the great scientists who founded the SPR: Sir Henry Sidgwick, physicists Sir William Barrett and Sir William Crookes - and Nobel Laureates Lord Raleigh and the discoverer of the electron J.J. Thompson. Others prominent members included Frederick Myers, Edmund Gurney and Richard Hodgson (who was accepted the afterlife when he investigated the greatest medium of all time Mrs Leonore Piper) and the Balfour Family - one of them became a Prime Minister, one a classical scholar. The SPR still carries on its work- see website. And as we saw from the DVD AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS, members of the SPR, specialists in afterlife investigations Prof. David Fontana, Prof. Arthur Ellison and Montague Keen were prominent in confirming that the afterlife exists after investigating the evidence for many years. In 1885 the distinguished American Psychologist Prof William James helped found the American Society for Psychical Research in Boston - (see website).

Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton is a wonderful ex GP doctor who has written a book called Punk Science. Read more...Watch her interview on Conscious TV below.

Punk Science 2 (9:33)
Punk Science 3 (8:46)
Punk Science 4 (9:29)
Punk Science 5 (9:06)
Punk Science 6 (2.36)

QUESTION ON HEALING: How does spiritual healing through a medium differ from magnetic healing by a medium?

"They are quite different. Magnetic healing is dependent on the radiations of the medium's own psychic powers. Spiritual healing is dependent upon the instrument being attuned to the vibrations of the spirit, so that rays, which are normally beyond the range of the world of matter, can be sent through a medium."

ON ORTHODOX SCIENCE: when highly conservative, orthodox reductionist scientists accept that all matter is energy with different levels of consciousness, most the the paranormal problems for these scientists will automatically disappear.

GOD: When we talk to God we are praying. When God talks to us we're schizophrenic, (Lily Tomlin, stage professional).


Victor: for the average, open-minded person, on crossing over, your etheric 'spirit' body with its mind intact, will retain the memories you had on physical earth. You will be the same person in temperament, with the same character. But your new solid body will, under normal conditions, be healthy and any problems you had with your body or mind - even most serious ones, you will not have them in the afterlife dimension. But if one crosses over with strong addictions, these addictions or strong erroneous beliefs, they will stay for a while and would have to be removed in the afterlife where there will be plenty of help for that. Your level of intellect will not change - you will NOT become omniscient (all knowing) or infallible (not making mistakes). Nor will you automatically become highly motivated to speed up your spirituality by doing consistent spiritual work there. Those who are ALREADY motivated on earth to do spiritual work, more likely than not they will continue their spiritual work in the afterlife - which means they are likely to raise their vibrations more quickly and go to the next higher realm sooner.

American Lawyer Edwin C. Randall had the immense opportunity of talking with "dead people" for twenty years through the materialization mediumship of Emily French. The book contains descriptions of many of these conversations. Here is an extract from p.92.
" There are in the next life kindergartens, schools, colleges, and universities of learning just as we have here, and what is more, the inhabitants do not cease to study and increase their store of knowledge when they reach a certain age, but there are great lecture halls where the advanced ones teach the supreme laws of Nature, where all are welcome and all go, and so the secrets of the Universe are understood. There is but one aristocracy in the life to come, and that is founded on the refinement and development of character. Measured by this standard, how very poor are our very rich! I have often written that the aristocrats of the afterlife have gained their position by helping others less fortunate. They rise by raising others. " Download free The Dead Have Never Died.

INDEPENDENT DIRECT VOICE: Mystery solved! Thousands of years ago when people used to write that 'God' talked to them with a human voice - they were describing what afterlife science to-day calls: 'indpendent direct voice'. It is a most stunning experience. You are in a room and you can hear a strong voice talking to you- sometimes from above your head, sometimes from as little as a few inches from your face. The voice can be heard from anywhere in the room. It's as if a person was there talking to you but the person was invisible. It is a part of mediumship that has been with us for thousands of years but in the old days writers claimed that they had heard the voice of 'God.' It is most fascinating to investigate this phenomenon - because realize that these voices belong to people who once lived on earth who are now communicating through a very special direct voice medium.

BARRY EATON'S BOOK, 'THE AFTERLIFE, UNCOVERING THE SECRETS OF LIFE AFTER DEATH': QUESTION: DOES THE OTHER SIDE KNOWS WHEN WE'RE GOING TO CROSS OVER? (from celebrity personality Barry Eaton's book THE AFTERLIFE - destined to become Australian classic): "My final question to John (afterlife intelligence) was whether they know in the afterlife when we are about to leave the body and cross over. The reply by the afterlife guide, "Again if we were talking time, you might have a couple of weeks before somebody passes. There is a lot of discussion about how this person is going to handle their transition, and what your job is. I mean, even though I'm low on the pecking order I still help." (AFTERLIFE book, chapter 47, page 250) Read more...

(thanks to Stephen Hodge for the tip).


1) Dear Victor,

First I want to both thank you and commend you for your wonderful website. I truly enjoy Thursdays when your new posting arrives. I am a retired Orthopedic Surgeon who has had a life long interest in the Paranormal, Life after Death, and energy medicine, so your website is right up my alley. Again, thanks for all you do. You are truly one who has raised the consciousness of many! L. M.D.

2) Dear Victor, I agree that people may be negatively influenced from the other side. I'm hoping to raise awareness that just like illegal drugs, certain prescription drugs(anti-depressants, antipsychotics etc) could leave people very vulnerable!

Not all people are affected in the same way by their prescriptions, similar to the varying reactions people experience to alcohol consumption. Some, especially younger people are more at risk and when starting, changing doses or discontinuing abruptly, withdrawal can be induced that could lead to akathisia and psychosis. This website may explain in more detail: http://www.ssristories.com/

Keep up the brilliant work! Your website was a tremendous help to me when I lost my daughter in 2003.(I found out the hard way about these drugs..) www.sharisegatchell.com
Best wishes.
Steph Gatchell

3) Dear Victor, re emails below.....
I have been able to reserve a seat at a David Thompson Seance when he comes to the UK. I am so thrilled ,and i would like to thank you, for without your Friday Report i doubt if i would have known about David Thompson and The Silver Cord Circle..I realize that my loved ones may not come through, but to experience someone else's will be the most wonderful experience ever..
Thank you, not just for this but for all the other links (which have helped me greatly) Love and Blessings ,Kind Regards Linda
P.S . I will of course let you know all about it ..

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I strongly recommend you to watch for just a few minutes a most fascinating video on youtube going to the edge of the universe and back. You will be taken on a journey into space - to see the planets, stars, galaxies .... at the speed of light - 186,000 miles per second. I think it is really educational to watch this video to get some idea of the size of the universe - where information is given on time, space, light. After some ten billion light years "there is a pause to look into this magical tapestry so vast and diverse in its design that the power of the creator must truly surpass all human understanding." Careful watching of this video about the universe, time, and space should give us insights into our own journey about our own limited time on earth.

the greatest jazz musician who ever lived LOUIS ARMSTRONG singing WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. All jazz musicians of note said that Louis Armstrong was the greatest inspiration for jazz musicians. Why? Because there was much feeling, rythm, melody, creativity to arouse the soul in his music. Here is a world favorite that will never run out of popularity:

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.