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FRIDAY 20th March 2015
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I have always stated that law - the legal process - is more effective than science to get to the truth. Why? Just this week a 'closed- minded scientist' came up with the usual invalid claim regarding the afterlife: "if science cannot prove it, it does not exist."! My response: just because science 'cannot prove it' does not mean it does not exist - for example, Science connot explain the experience of consciousness. Does that mean that consciousness does not exist? Science cannot prove love - does it mean it does not exist? Science cannot prove dreams - does it mean dreams do not exist?

Further, the afterlife is now SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. Anything that can be duplicated over time and space, keeping variables constant which produces the same positive results is inevitably scientific - it is repeatable and is objective. In the last 15 years, no genius skeptical scientist has been able to disprove the 'new' afterlife evidence. Time for these closed skeptics to wake up to the twentyfirst century. Brilliant scientists have accepted the afterlife - AFTER - they investigated the evidence.

There is a long history of scientific inquiry into the paranormal. Most scientists won’t openly profess to a belief in the paranormal or supernatural for fear of professional ridicule. But that’s not always the case. Philosopher and psychologist William James was one of the first psychical researchers
who worked on a variety of paranormal and mesmerist cases- See more:

THE PATH- Beyond the Physical

" Dr. Ken Ring published a paper in the Journal of Near-Death Studies (Summer, 1993) concerning near-death experiencers who, while out of their bodies, witness real events that occur far away from their dead body. The important aspect to this phenomenon is that these events seen far away are later verified to be true. Experiencers not only witness events from great distances, but they have been documented to hear conversations between people at the same events. Conversations such as these have also verified to be true. An even more fascinating phenomenon occurs when the experiencer actually appears in spirit to someone, usually a loved one, during their NDE and it is verified to be true by the experiencer and the loved one." Read more.....



Part 2




"In the first sphere of light we find trees and flowers like those that grow in earthly gardens; but more beautiful, immune from decay and death, and endowed with qualities that make them more completely a part of our lives. Around us are birds and animals, still the friends of man, but nearer, more intelligent, and freed from the fears and the cruelties they suffer here. We find houses and gardens, but of substance, colour and atmosphere more responsive to our presence; water whose playing is music; wide ranging harmonies of colour. We find everything more radiant, more joyous, more exquisitely complex, and while our activities are multiplied, our life is more restful.

Differences in age disappear. There are no “old” in the spheres of light; there are only the graceful and strong." The above description comes from messages given to a Church of England clergyman, Rev G. Vale Owen, by his mother and published in The Life Beyond the Veil. Download a free copy here.

Rupert Sheldrake has been enormously courageous in choosing to investigate telepathy, an area of science not accepted by mainstream materialism in spite of an enormous body of evidence. In 1981, a couple of months after the publication of his first book, A New Science of Life, he woke up to read an editorial in the journal Nature, which announced to all right-thinking men and women that his was a "book for burning."



Yes, of course there is free will in the afterlife. Without free will we cannot make spiritual progress. There will be free will about many things: free will to do some work, to make a contribution or to laze around doing nothing. It is possible in the afterlife, especially in the not so advanced realms, that one could actually lose vibrations by exercising his or her free will to adversely affect another spirit. Of course, the more spiritually advanced the soul the less likelihood of exercising free will against anyone.

'POLTERGEIST' MAKES THE NEWS IN THE UK The English Daily Mail is highlighting a video of supposed poltergeist activity in Burnley, Lancashire. The problem with videos is that people have no way of knowing whether trick photography has been used. However the phenomena closely resembles that which has been reported by reputable investigators many times. Read more about poltergeists and how to deal with them.




ROBERT SCHWARTZ: COURAGEOUS SOULS/ YOUR SOUL'S PLAN tells the stories of ten individuals who-like you-planned before birth to experience great challenges. Working with four gifted mediums and channels, author Robert Schwartz discovers what they chose-and why. He presents actual pre-birth planning sessions in which souls discuss their hopes for their upcoming lifetimes. In so doing he opens a window to the other side where we, as eternal beings, design both our trials and our potential triumphs.

Kumkum Verma, from India was born in India in 1955 to a medical doctor and his wife. At three and a half years she began to talk about how she had lived before in Urdu Bazar, had married a blacksmith, had a son named Misri Lal and grandson Gouri Shankar, and had two daughters in law, one of whom had poisoned her and caused her death. She described a pond near her home and an iron safe in the house with a pet cobra that was kept near it. She also described mango orchards near the house; and said that her father lived in the town of Bajitpur. In 1959 a friend of Kumkun's father followed up on the claims and located Kumkum's 'son' from her former life, Misri Lal. Her 'grandson' from that life, Gouri Shankar Misri, was able to confirm the claims made by Kumkun about her former. He also confirmed Sunnary died by poisoning (cited by Michael Schmicker, Best Evidence). Read more..


SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES HAPPEN BECAUSE OF INSPIRATION FROM THE AFTERLIFE DIMENSION - directly from the afterlife: "There are many scientists in our midst who also study, research, form theories and experiment to discover truths about the universe. As you might imagine, their options are somewhat broader than those of Earth scientists. We have several branches of scientific research over here. Some are studying our world, the entire universe as we perceive it, and others are more specialised. Many scientists narrow their studies to the Earth and technological advances which could help the Earth populations. When they have perfected their findings and they deem it appropriate to share these with Earth scientists, then a certain procedure is begun ..."

"The enemy on which we wage war is needless fear that is harbored in so many minds. We see millions afflicted with worries that do not always exist except in their imagination, and so I stress again and again, get rid of fear. There is no problem with which you are confronted that is beyond you. There is no difficulty that cannot be borne, and if you live and breathe an atmosphere of radiant confidence, you will attract all the forces that can help you and guide you and sustain you."

STORIES FROM THE OTHER SIDE Jeff Kane speaks of after death communication with his son, Gabriel.

FEEDBACK: 3 only
1) I so look forward to reading the Friday Afterlife Report. Thanks again Wendy and Victor. Manna from the gods. Jo.

2) Dr. Moody says a 90% chance of Life after Death.. Wow ! Wonderful Video Clips ! thank you Victor so much !

3) Victor and Wendy - Your weekly afterlife report has had a huge impact on me! Thank you with all my heart!!! Lucy T.

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