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January 21st 2011

COMMENTARY: 'ALL MOTION IS RELATIVE' THE 'DISTANCE' EXPLAINED: the increasing distance between those who accept the afterlife evidence and those who do not want to accept the afterlife can be explained. Simple really: ALL MOTION IS RELATIVE - Those of us who read, study, investigate, experience and extend our knowledge are into positive 'motion' extending our knowledge dramatically.

This inevitably results in us moving forward and leaving BEHIND those who choose to do nothing, who choose to remain STANDING STILL.

We actually continue to MOVE AWAY from those closed minded skeptics by the sheer fact that we are making progress through the afterlife knowledge we are continuously gaining.

That is why you may find it increasingly difficult to debate or even converse with the cynics on the subject of the afterlife. You have done your homework; you have had personal experiences that no-one can take away from you. As a result you are likely to be light years ahead away and apart from those who have not even begun to look at the evidence for the afterlife.

What's likely to happen to these closed cynics on crossing over? The mind boggles!!!



Quantum physicists are discovering no conflict at all between the physics of the subatomic world and belief in the paranormal and the afterlife. Indeed they are showing that the phenomena we now call “paranormal” are normal and consistent with the what is now known about laws of science at this level. There has been a shift from an older Newtonian view that the universe is made up of lifeless clumps of matter where the ultimate reality is "fundamental particles" to one of wholeness and the consciousness of all living things.

The picture of our universe that is emerging is one of INTERCONNECTION - of mind-matter interactions and of instant communication across vast distances. Physicists are slowly and surely discovering that at the heart of all matter there is ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS. Read more about the paradigm shifting discoveries of quantum physics in our new multi-media section on Evidence for the Afterlife.

CAN LOWER LEVEL SPIRITS NEGATIVELY INFLUENCE THE LIVING? GUYS, BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHERE TO GO! Last week I suggested this possibility in relation to the Arizona gun killings. In the book we suggested for download last week- Fifty Years a Medium, Estelle Roberts writes
" I remember an interesting instance in which a young man was the subject of a dreadful obsession. Normally he was a person of charm and accomplishment, but he had periods when he was overcome by an almost irresistible desire to kill his mother. The climax came when he was discovered making his way to her room with the fixed intention of taking her life. Something obviously had to be done, and I was approached to give what help I could. I arranged for a sitting of my group members and invited the young man to attend. 'Red Cloud' controlled me in a deep trance and addressed himself to the young man. “Two years ago you visited a house of ill repute (a brothel) in France,” he said, “and when you left you did not come away alone. An evil spirit accompanied you in your aura, seeing in you a channel for the earthly expression of his own sinful desires.” See chapter 3.

Dennis Scott, speaking from the spirit world through medium Leslie Flint in 1968, also claimed that
"entities" in the afterlife that are on a lower level may attach themselves to a person who shares the same vices and influence him or her to do things. When a person is under the influence of alcohol, they are more susceptible to influence. Listen to Dennis Scott speaking through Leslie Flint.
: Clearly we need to be aware that we can all be influenced for better or worse by the thoughts and desires of others- through what we read and listen to, the energies we associate with and what we take into our bodies. International medium James Van Praagh agrees. He writes: "It is so important...I want you to know this explanation is in complete alignment with my guides have told me through the years!"

Barry Eaton is well known radio and TV presenter based in Sydney, the host of a wonderful program on all things paranormal and spiritual called Radio Out There. His most interesting new book Afterlife takes as its starting point his death in a past life he remembers as a young soldier caught up in World War 1. From there he traces everything that happened to him in the afterlife until he reincarnated in his present life. Interspersed throughout are his own experiences as a psychic, medium and astrologer and insights he has gained from his many guests and friends. It is a most fascinating book, very easy to read, and ideal to help open people's minds to other possibilities. A book very likely to become an afterlife classic Read more...

CAN YOU HAVE A NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE WHEN YOU ARE NOT NEAR DEATH? Rene Jorgensen did including a detailed life review.

QUESTION: WHY WE DO NOT REMEMBER PAST LIVES? This is a very popular question. Highly credible afterlife transmitted information states that it would not be good for us to remember any previous experiences we gained - whether from the afterlife or from any previous reincarnation. This is because memories before this lifetime could seriously interfere with our free will. Without 'free will' we cannot make spiritual progress. What is important in this lifetime is to gain new experiences, learn new lessons to keep on making progress and keep on spiritually refining. Access to any past experiences could seriously prevent us from learning new lessons - and could revert to the level of those past experiences. This is because if we can remember past 'good' events from past lives, we would also remember most unpleasant, hurtful and most dangerous events. There could be those who died violently - such as being burnt at the stake for religious or other beliefs - and the pain and suffering may be too powerful to remove from the mind.

Over the years, quite a number of people showed they were puzzled because loved-ones who crossed over did not make contact with them. We often watch excellent mediums accessing those from the afterlife - virtually at will - who communicate with loved ones from the afterlife. But other spirits do not seem to want to make any contact at all. There are good reasons for this- first, we still have free will in the afterlife and there are many who do not want to come too close to the very heavy earth vibrations which could make them remember their illness or unpleasant feelings.

Do NOT worry if a loved one is not making contact - you will be meeting your loved one every night if you want to - if both of you are on the same level of vibrations (level of spirituality). When we go to sleep, we actually leave our body and go to afterlife places where our level of spirituality is accepted - AND where we can meet our loved ones. We are not meant to remember these meetings. But when we ourselves cross over we will remember every visit we made.



BRILLIANT U.S. PSYCHIC DETECTIVE KATHLYN (Kay) RHEA: Author of Mind Sense and The Psychic is You, she is well-known for her work with police departments. She has been active on well over 100 cases and was made an honorary deputy in two California counties. Kay's website. She is pictured left in front of some of the many law enforcement badges awarded to her for her help. Jeffrey Mishlove who interviewed Kay says "I might say at the outset that your reputation is most extraordinary in the law enforcement field. I've had the opportunity myself to interview law enforcement officials who have worked with you on cases where you've been able to locate missing bodies, for example, that had eluded them."
Just two of her successful cases:

1) Selma California 1989 when Rachel Lombera, mother of 3 was savagely beaten to death. After 12 years, a young, intelligent and highly intuitive detective who was able to rise above the prejudice against psychics, followed closely Rhea’s own composite picture and of the murderer and information she gave. Stunningly, shortly afterwards the killer was captured as a direct result of the composite picture by the psychic. Detective Shoemaker, Selma P.D. said on television, “..using a psychic is a valued resource ... and psychics should be used again.”
2) The case of Mr Russell Drummond in Calavaras County, California who went missing while camping with his wife. Six months afterwards Kay made a 45 minute tape describing how he had had a stroke and exactly where his body was. Claude Ballard, the new sheriff, took his skeptical under sheriff with him to the potential site with the idea that if the location matched the description provided by Mrs. Rhea, he would then organize a new search party. In fact, her description was so accurate that Sheriff Ballard was able to walk immediately to the body and find it without any difficulty. According to under sheriff Fred Kern, the description provided by the tape cassette was 99 percent accurate. Read more....

Father Rod Walton author of, Bereavement Rescue with Near Death Experience, discusses the evidence for and uses of NDE science with Skeptico host Alex Tsakiris. During the interview Father Rod Walton explains why science is important to his work, “I think people really want evidence." Father Walton also discusses the Christian churches unwillingness to accept this new science, “Many Christian communities have great tunnel vision. They’re only looking in a straight line. They don’t look left; they don’t look right. I don’t think they’re searching. I don’t think they’re seeking. I think they’re just following tradition and dogma.” Listen or read interview.


David is available for public and private seances and readings. If you would like to book a reading with David or attend a materialization session email Christine Morgan.



Victor: When you apply to be a part of a materialization session with David you will be expected to show that you have an understanding of physical mediumship and of the issues we discuss in this newsletter.

1) As a first step you could read the chapters on materializations in my book - chapter 3, chapter 10 and chapter 11.
2) Listen to the audios of materialized beings on my main website.
3) Read the section on questions by potential sitters on my website.
4) Be certain that you would be able to sit in total darkness with minimal movement for about 100 minutes.
5 ) Be prepared to approach the sitting with an open mind and heart realizing that even a whisper or a slight movement by spirit would be a miracle. Respect the immense work that has gone into creating this meeting of the two worlds by the spirit scientists and accept the limitations of what they feel is safe at the moment.

6) Be prepared to suspend your doubts and questions for the time of the seance (you will have plenty of time to analyse it later) and be prepared to contribute to a positive harmonious vibration.
7 ) Be grateful to be present at the reunion of of a visiting sitter with a loved one from spirit- realize that only one or two can be brought through in every session and that even being a witness is an immense privilege. Expecting or demanding that your own loved one be brought through can actually reduce the possibility of it happening.
8) Join the Circle of the Silver Cord website and listen to some of the full seance recordings.

NEXT WEEK: HOW TO PREPARE FOR SITTINGS WITH THE 'YELLOW CLOUD CIRCLE' - the Tom Morris and and Kevin Lawrenson physical mediumship sessions.

DR STEVEN GREER AND THE 'DISCLOSURE PROJECT' - "It's real, it's a fact, it's happening" :
I watched and heard - and you can watch and hear too - the DISCLOSURE PROJECT. American generals, senior Army and Air Force officers, military eye-witness' pilots with the 'highest security clearances' claim they have had contact with UFOs and "aliens" or were in the same room as these aliens etc.. Not only that, they all said they were prepared to testify under oath to the truth of alien contact to the U.S. Congress. This is sensational news. The tone is reasonable and the witnesses are impeccable. They have nothing to gain and everything to lose. All they are asking is to have an honest inquiry and look at the evidence. Even the highly conservative Vatican says it makes no sense not to accept their evidence.

Listen to UFO expert witnesses: DISCLOSURE PROJECT:

"The Disclosure project has over 500 Military and Government Personnel, including civilian contractors; many in which holding "Top Secret" clearances who all are testifying to government suppression of back engineered advanced FREE ENERGY anti gravity technology (UFO'S). And knowledge of extraterrestrial beings.
http://www.panacea-bocaf.org/disclosureproject.htm "

CONSCIOUS LIFE EXPO: Dr. Steven Greer will be speaking at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles at 4 pm on Sunday February 13, 2011. The title of his talk is: Contact, Disclosure & Free Energy: Overview and Update. More details here...

I received an email which stated that a prominent UK Skeptics website had closed down. Of course this was anticipated. I find that as skeptics become better educated and start to investigate the objective and repeatable evidence for the paranormal and the afterlife, they join the company of afterlife experts, scientists and other informed investigators and concede the critical paranormal and afterlife evidence is unrebuttable. Of course, we ALL know that whilst it is healthy to keep an open skeptical mind and live a reasonable honest life, it is useless to have a stubborn 'closed mind' and refuse to admit evidence which is objective, repeatable - and unrebuttable. We welcome those former closed minded skeptics - who now they know better have come over to the winning side. Well done!

Louise Hermann and Tony Stockwell Present: Two Mediums, Two Worlds
Bookings are filling up fast for this exciting Sydney event that both Wendy and I will be attending. Louise Hermann is a very talented local medium who has been making a name for herself in public demonstrations up and down the NSW coast. She is the author of a highly recommended new book "Deadicated to the Afterlife" which outlines her journey to becoming a top platform medium and her special connection with souls who have committed suicide. She will be joining renowned English medium
Tony Stockwell known for his television work including The Psychic Detectives and Sixth Sense. Both mediums will be giving survival evidence and aiming to show that there is no death and every soul, no matter how they pass over, is entitled to healing on the other side.

Date:Sunday 20th February, 2011
Time:Arrive 3:30pm for a 4pm sharp start. The evening will consist of a short interval and conclude at 6:30pm.
Venue:The Independent Theatre, North Sydney.
Bookings:www.theindependent.org.au/whats-on/ or call the Box Office on 02 80190290
Please note:There are no guarantees on readings for the afternoon as this is determined by the spirit world.


Very much thank you for these newsletters, they encourage me very much every week en give joy and happiness!!! Mieke

2) Dear Victor and dear Wendy , Thank you so much for having pulled me out of my grief and sorrow ! I wait anxiously now for your friday letter that is such a great help and comfort . Thank you again . Anne Catherine ( from France )

3) I subscribe to your weekly newsletter and find fascinating information in each issue. Thank you for providing the world with such a well-prepared, insightful look into the afterlife. It is well appreciated! I come from a family in which afterlife visits from deceased relatives are quite common. On both sides of my family, I have listened to many accounts of their experiences with such visits and from these, and my own experiences (from boyhood until now), have allowed me to know (not believe, since beliefs come and go) that we all survive the change we call death. Sam

I know there are a number of people living in Singapore who are interested the afterlife. If you are interested in meeting others of like mind kindly email me.

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Om Mani Padme Hum (Chen Rezi) Gabreille Roth and the Mirrors- from the album Refuge- one of our favorite albums of chants. Gabrielle Roth is a musician, author, music director, dancer, philosopher and recording artist in the world music and trance dance genres, with a special interest in shamanism. She gives this sacred Buddhist chant a Western feel. Very uplifting. Read more about this chant.

Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.