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January 2006

January 27th 2006

COMMENTARY ON CNN’S LARRY KING INTERVIEW WITH SKEPTIC RABBI SHMULEY BOTEACH, ON PSYCHICS: “You know, Larry …I have yet to find a single psychic medium who can offer any information of any public utility or real personal usefulness. For example, where's Osama bin Laden? Why can't anyone on our panel tell us where Osama bin Laden is? I mean this guy killed 3,000 Americans. If they have the power to see and speak to the dead who are all knowing and omniscient, then it's almost criminal for them to withhold that information. When is the next roadside bomb going to go off in Iraq and kill our soldiers?” So, I was asked to comment on Rabbi Boteach’s statement.

Here is my answer:

, when Rabbi Boteach attacks psychics he has to be informed by way of investigating psychics. He himself conceded during the interview that he NEVER ever investigated psychics and NEVER ever had a reading from a gifted psychic. So, his perception of psychics is negatively prejudiced which comes from his own negative environmental bias.

, as to Osama bin Ladin: there has to be absolute proof that bin Ladin is alive.

just because a psychic can communicate with spirits does NOT mean the spirit is omniscient and infallible. That is stupidity pushed to its extreme, shows colossal ignorance of afterlife matters. Those average persons who cross over – remain as they were on earth – NOTHING changes! If someone from New York crosses over, what gives this new spirit in the afterlife any power to know where Osama bin Ladin is? The information transmitted from the afterlife is that NOTHING changes on crossing over.

Fourthly, highly gifted remote viewers (click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 17) have the best chance of identifying where bin Ladin is. But uninformed skeptics like Rabbi Boteach successfully lobbied the government to STOP financing remote viewers. They ignored results of brilliant remote viewer John McMoneagle who identified the Phantom class Russian submarine and drew a picture of it – before anyone else from the West knew of its existence. This is similar with bombs in Iraq. There are sometimes contingencies which are not accessible by any spirit. But psychic Chris Robinson who worked on an intermittent basis for the British espionage service MI5 correctly predicted where Irish terrorists IRA would plant bombs in London.

FIFTHLY: As psychic Van Praagh stated, if this Rabbi Boteach, a religious man of God talks to God all the time and inevitably, it is alleged God talks to Boteach often, why is it that God did not tell Boteach where bin Ladin is hiding or where the next bomb is going to exploded in Iraq?

Conclusion: It is just amazing that those who attack gifted psychics are coming from complete ignorance. Rabbi Boteach, I suggest, you study the 23 areas of empirical evidence for the afterlife – click on BOOK top right. Then if you want any clarification, I will be more than happy to talk to you. Victor.


My $1m challenge to the skeptics, debunkers, materialists and other nihilists is now coming to the 9th year. I was expecting the high flying closed minded skeptic debunkers such as Zwinge Randi and those high flying few negatively entrenched empiricists such as Prof Ray Hyman or Prof Richard Wiseman or Dr Susan Blackmore and the other high flying ANTI- paranormal giants of science such as Prof Richard Dawkings to show the world that my afterlife research is not valid. But they did NOT! Why not? Because the afterlife empirical objective evidence is unrebuttable! Click on BOOK top right.

ONE EXTREME PROVOKES AN OPPOSITE EXTREME: Notice to terrorists, suicide bombers and others who do extreme dirty work that usually costs a lot of innocent lives. One extreme act of violence will provoke the other opposite side to launch its powers to retaliate with the same or even stronger powers. For every act of violence directed against innocent people you will find the nation that is violated will launch a retaliatory action. History is littered with examples of this. Those, for example, who planned 9/11 will sooner or later pay the price. I do not think for one moment that the U.S. will just let it go. We are informed that even if it takes ten, twenty or thirty years, sooner or later the U.S. authorities will flush out the terrorists who were responsible for butchering more than 3,000 innocent people. The complete annihilation of German cities in world war two, the bombing of Hiroshima, for example, were violent retaliatory action against those who tried to provoke the West. The documentary movie MUNICH also shows that violence provokes an opposite force of violence. Far better to negotiate at a peace conference – fewer deaths, less violence, the issues resolved, no long term hatred, better results. But I do understand, it is difficult to control extreme radicalism or those who do not want peace.

POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE AND AFTERLIFE ACTIVITY: there is at least one covert (part time) operator in Sydney Australia (retired just after Perestroika) – who has psychic gifts. He states that many times during his covert operations he had assistance from a powerful afterlife (intelligence) entity. Expert psi positive empiricists will tell you that theoretically it is possible. The claims made by this former covert operator stated that with absolute certainty it did happen. Among other things he was able to identify intelligence officers from four countries - and had remote viewing experiences. More later.

THE VATICAN: AT LAST, NO MORE ‘LIMBO.’ Positive afterlife empiricists submitted many to the Vatican, that there is no such thing as LIMBO. This is another classic example of whenever there is an inconsistency between empiricism and theology, inevitably, empiricism prevails. Read on from THE NEW YORK TIMES, “This month, 30 top theologians from around the world met at the Vatican to discuss, among other quandaries, the problem of what happens to babies who die without baptism. They do not like the word for it, but what they were really doing, as theological advisers to Pope Benedict XVI, was finally disposing of limbo - a concept that was never official church doctrine but has been an enduring medieval theory of a blissful state among the departed, somehow different from both heaven and hell.”

A BRILLIANT PROFESSOR: James Hyslop, Professor of Logic and Ethics from 1889-1902 at Columbia University, New York. One of the most distinguished American psychical researchers, a prolific writer and the greatest American propagandist of survival. When Richard Hodgson died in 1905 Prof Hyslop took his place as chief investigator of Mrs. Piper (see chapter 9, click on BOOK top right) and devoted the following year to the organization of a new American Society for Psychical Research. "I regard the existence of discarnate spirits as scientifically proved", said Hyslop in "Life After Death" (1918).

DO NOT BE MISINFORMED, DO NOT BE MISLED: next time you see these negative commentators in the media
telling us their own uninformed personal views that the afterlife does not exist just ask yourself one question. Has this person ever written a book or made reference to a book that the afterlife does not or cannot exist? The answer is NO! Why then are these commentators so negative? I say this is because that’s how they get media attention. They lie, cheat, misinform, misdirect you to make you feel insecure about the afterlife. Mostly they have been corrupted by either monetary profits or career or personal promotion or to be used and negatively manipulated by the closed minded debunkers. Don’t you believe them. They’re losers and defeatists. The afterlife is inevitable and unavoidable – the more you get to know about it, the more at peace you will be. Guaranteed!

Victor attacked? For those couple of people who informed me that some mentally imbalanced materialist attacked me using dirty methods – ignore him and forget it altogether. Just leave him alone. Do NOT give him any attention. He's a loser. He’s nothing, he’s nobody, he's a non-entity. This mentally deficient imbecile tries to get some attention when he tries to attack me - those who are ‘powerful entities’ – otherwise I’d be ignored. Leave him alone, he is projecting the sewer he has in his own mind and uttering banalities you expect from a complete imbecile.

HOMEOPATHY: never judge by prejudice, never judge by theory, never judge by tradition. Always judge by RESULTS. Someone I know very well was bitten by a garden spider just this week on her mid thigh one late afternoon. The bitten area started to get red and swollen. Next morning the person could hardly walk. So she rang a homeopath for help. He told what drops and the amount to take. There was much pain before she went to sleep that night. But after taking the drops three times, she felt extremely good in the morning, the swelling had virtually disappeared. She tells the debunkers to go jump in the lake about rejection of homeopathy.

20th January

COMMENTARY: WHEN SCIENTISTS CORRUPT SCIENCE - Theoretically, empiricists (those using scientific method to measure phenomena) do not have the luxury of cultural and religious beliefs, of subjectivity, of necessarily accepting traditional values. Legitimate empiricism is about true objectivity, using strict scientific method not corrupted by politics, by pressure groups, by promises of ‘medals’ or of being appointed a ‘fellow’ or of financial rewards and career promotion.

CORRUPT EMPIRICISTS: But I have come across a couple of American and British ‘empiricists,’ who did not live up to these professional ideals. When I investigated them I found empirical corruption or incompetence or willful professional negligence, clever manipulation and critical omissions. The intention was clearly to intentionally mislead, misinform and misdirect. The ‘empiricist’ would then obtain results consistent with his own cherished, entrenched materialist beliefs - or with the corrupted results the empiricist was directed (directly or indirectly) to obtain by those who notoriously corrupt science to support their negatively prejudicial materialist beliefs. But that is NOT objective empiricism, that is not ‘critical thinking’, that is NOT science. That is cheating, dishonesty, corporate materialist corruption pushed to its extreme. Underneath the façade of 'seekers of the truth', these notoriously corrupt empiricists in context of psi, are nothing but vicious liars, cheats and empirical luddites. Just because a proposition is not conventional or cannot be reduced in the lab does not mean it has not validity. One day, non-physical energy will revolutionize reductionist science- guaranteed.

ITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY: Notwithstanding some four billion around the world accept the paranormal and the afterlife, with absolute certainty, one day, in the not too distant future, no one on earth will be able to continue to deny the existence of paranormal activity and the afterlife. Guaranteed! For empirically elicited objective evidence for the paranormal and the afterlife, click on BOOK top right.

LAWS OF NON-PHYSICAL ENERGY: although these laws have been demonstrated by conduct, when they become universally accepted, there will inevitably be a revolution in traditional reductionist science. The familiar energy law of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – relates also to afterlife physics. We are told that the ‘law of cause and effect’ has been operative since time immemorial. This means that the energy we give out comes back to us somehow. No one gets away with the negative energy of systematic cruelty or extreme selfishness. According to highly credible transmitted information, no one on earth has any power to change the law of cause and effect – you can be a world leader – king, queen, president or a general, or a highly placed law enforcer or into ‘dirty work’ espionage or a crooked judge or a crooked politician or a crooked billionaire - no one will get away with it – no one, guaranteed! See WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE click on BOOK above right, click on chapter 27.

STEVEN SPIELBERG’S AFTERLIFE PROJECT. Steven Spielberg is producing "Nine Lives," a 12-part miniseries about people reuniting with deceased loved ones in the afterlife through near-death experiences for the Sci Fi Channel. While it is certain to provoke controversy it is another sign that the afterlife is entering mass consciousness.

CIA' REMOTE VIEWING: CIA's remote viewers initiated quest for WMD in Iraq Extrasensory agents helped the CIA arrest KGB spies and detect secret objects in the USSR Seventy-three thousand pages of secret documents have recently been declassified in the United States. The information unveiled the activity of two special groups that worked with extrasensory individuals. The CIA had to acknowledge that it used remote viewers and other individuals possessing paranormal abilities for intelligence purpose.
Read more ...

INNER PEACE MOVEMENT (IPM): in 1990 I came across a number of members of IPM in Sydney, Australia. If you belonged to IPM around this time (including those from the U.S., UK, NZ, Canada), kindly contact me at your earliest:

THE EXISTENCE OF JESUS ‘ON TRIAL’ IN ROME THIS WEEK: To my knowledge this is the first time in history that an atheist has served a summons onto a local Catholic priest for the matter of the existence of Jesus to be dealt with in a civil court. The claim: The Catholic Church is being fraudulent when it claims Jesus existed! In fact there is no written evidence that Jesus existed except by a Jewish historian Josephus who gives just a few lines about Jesus’ existence. The court could use that to dismiss the case. “LAWYERS for a small-town Italian parish priest have been ordered to appear in court after the Roman Catholic cleric was accused of unlawfully asserting what many people take for granted: that Jesus Christ existed. The Reverend Enrico Righi was named in a 2002 complaint filed by Luigi Cascioli after Rev Righi wrote in a parish bulletin that Jesus did indeed exist, and that he was born of a couple named Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem and lived in Nazareth. Mr Cascioli, a lifelong atheist, claims that Rev Righi violated two Italian laws by making the assertion: so-called "abuse of popular belief" in which someone fraudulently deceives people; and "impersonation" in which someone gains by attributing a false name to someone.” More later.

ICONS OF THE FIELD CONFERENCE LONDON MARCH 18 AND 19 Some of the top names in afterlife research will be presenting at this conference including Dr Pim Van Lommell. Other speakers who have also explored consciousness will join him on the podium, including Dr Gary Schwartz, the psychologist who led afterlife experiments on mediums, Dr William Tiller from Stanford University, who pioneered experiments into thought as energy, and Hal Puthoff, whose work on remote viewing attracted the interest of NASA.The conference expands the thinking found in the cult best-selling book The Field (HarperCollins), by Lynne McTaggart, who will also be speaking at the conference. Her investigations led her to the Zero Point Field, a unified energy field that links all things. The book also inspired the film ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?’, which was the surprise success in North America last year, both at the box office and as a best-selling DVD. The Zero Point Field could be an explanation for the Near Death Experience. As Dr van Lommel has observed, consciousness must sit outside the brain for people to be conscious when their brains are ‘dead’ according to the EEG monitor. Instead, the brain may merely be a transmitter and receiver for information, a conclusion that was reached independently by computer scientist Simon Berkovich and brain researcher Herms Romijn. Read more….

THE AFTERLIFE: with absolute certainty, the afterlife is inescapable, inevitable and unavoidable. The intelligent person unaffected by the pernicious negative propaganda of the negatively entrenched and who is living a decent life, keeping an open mind about the afterlife will be on the right track and not likely to have problems on crossing over. Don’t you find it rather peculiar that those who are aggressively anti-afterlife never rebut the empirically elicited evidence for it? Some I came across give the impression they are going to live for a thousand years. They forget we are here for a relatively very short time on this planet earth – in the overall scheme of things, a fraction of a twinkling of an eye blink as one put it.

DEBUNKERS FAIL TO BEAT THE $1M CHALLENGE: while we are reviewing the debunkers, be informed that now, the said ONE MILLION DOLLAR world challenge- (anyone to show that the empirical evidence in my afterlife research is not valid)- is going into its ninth year - and no debunker, no skeptic, no materialist, no scientist, not trickster, not magician has been able to beat the challenge. Only some years ago the high flying skeptics were relatively aggressive in the way they attacked the validity of the evidence for the afterlife and the paranormal. They ridiculed, belittled, savagely denigrated anything to do with non-physical energy- such as mediumship, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Instrumental Trans-communication, Out of Body and Near Death Experiences and some other eighteen areas of confirmed objective evidence. But now mostly, they are as quiet as a mouse. Click on BOOK top right for the full list of objective afterlife evidence.

INTELLIGENT DESIGN, EVOLUTION? : does it really matter? From the afterlife perspective, it really does not matter whether you accept evolution or intelligent design to account for what we see on planet earth. What is immediately critical to the billions on earth is the study of the evidence for the afterlife. Why? Because, we all have to make the journey – and if what has been transmitted is correct, our life span in the afterlife is hugely more than on earth. I am not talking about a few decades, I am talking about thousands of years – and much, much longer. Is it then not worth doing study on the evidence for the afterlife to see where we are inevitably heading towards?

The Vatican newspaper has published an article labeling as ‘correct’ the decision by a judge in Pennsylvania that intelligent design should not be taught as a scientific alternative to evolution. The new Pope “is emphasising that there is no need to see a contradiction between Catholic teachings and evolution," said Dr Francisco Ayala, professor of biology at the University of California, Irvine, and a former Dominican priest. "Good for him." Read more….

13th January

AN OPEN LETTER TO OSAMA BIN LADIN: I received an email from S.A.Rehman (Peace Activist) PAKISTAN which contained an open letter to one of the most wanted men in modern history – Osama bin Ladin. Copies being sent to Muslim brothers and sisters with a request to pray for the earliest end to the war. Read more …

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. The recent 2004 movie, one of my favorite musicals – contains some heavenly singing by the leading star. Emmy Rossum is a spine tingling sensation – don’t miss it! Emmy’s singing appears to be partly channeled. I’m informed that Emmy, in preparation for her role in The Phantom of the Opera attended a seance at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain where a medium talked to her about her late grandmother.

AFTERLIFE PHYSICS: “A bit like finding there is such a thing as The Force in Star Wars. The Field tells the story of respected frontier scientists all over the globe who have produced extraordinary evidence to show that an energy field -The Zero Point Field - connects everything in the universe, and we ourselves are part of this vast dynamic cobweb of energy exchange. The Field also reveals a radical new biological paradigm-that on our most fundamental level, the human mind and body are not distinct and separate from their environment, but a packet of pulsating energy constantly interacting with this vast energy sea. Read more …

FORMER PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER: When Jimmy Carter was President of the United States he himself was involved with highly gifted psychic mediumship. Now 81 years old, he confirms in “GQ” magazine that a small government owned twin engine plane went down in a central African republic. The plane was lost and could not be found he said. But the then director of the CIA introduced the then President Jimmy Carter to a highly gifted medium.”She went into a trance”, the President said, “and she gave us latitudes and longitudes. We sent our satellite over where the medium directed – and there was the plane”. Read more: click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 17.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: THE GAY COWBOYS in ‘BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN’: a new movie about two gay cowboys. Some states in the United States banned the film as being ‘too sexually provocative’ – especially where you have two males cuddling each other. Question was put to me: are they going to “burn in hell for the sin of buggery?”

Victor: That’s a very good Catholic question. What has been transmitted from the other side says nothing specifically about male homosexuality. All we get is that anyone who wants a good deal on crossing over is to do a lot of selfless service and help those who genuinely need help without seeking monetary compensation. Other things ought to be in order – no violence, no transgressions against others; no one is to exploit others or to abuse, hurt, injure. Peaceful consent with personal responsibility appears to be the way to go about things generally. We have to remember that standards of morality in the Western world were dictated to us some two thousand years ago. Somebody pointed out to me that Jesus said absolutely nothing about sexual behavior or gay relationships. To-day, some Christians allow gay marriages, gay preachers – we have seen lesbian clergy working in many Christian Churches. So that my own personal view on gay marriages is totally irrelevant. We ought to be guided by our own intelligence, our own likes and dislikes, our own conscience. Even among conservatives we read that same sexed relationships exist. If being or not being gay comes down to our own family beliefs, then it becomes a personal matter. I do not accept that a person’s sexual conduct will send that person, according to Catholic theology to ‘hell for eternity’. But one has to make a distinction between adult gay relationships and pedophilia – the two are totally different. Pedophilia is morally wrong because an adult mind dominates, manipulates or subjugates an uninformed or naïve or immature younger mind.

FEMALE CIRCUMCISION: is totally irrelevant to spirituality and afterlife issues. It does not cleanse the body, or the mind or the spirit. It is just ritualistic. One claim is that the original idea of female circumcision is to reduce the female’s sexual pleasure. Barbaric many claim! The Islamic religious practice of the mutilation of the female genitalia is not the same as becoming spiritual or more spiritually enlightened. I was involved this week in a debate about this highly provocative practice which, I am informed, is illegal in many Western countries. Most Human rights organizations in the West, Africa, and Asia consider female genital cutting rituals a violation of human rights. They are unacceptable and illegal forms of body modification and mutilation of those too young or otherwise unable to give informed consent.

13th January

COMMENTARY: MEDICAL FRAUDS: Can you imagine the aggressive attacks by the traditional giants of corporate science if some scientist working with the paranormal willfully cooked up the results of his psi experiments to fraudulently claim there was more objective evidence for the afterlife? He would be publicly and universally humiliated, virtually tortured, crucified then after probably put against a wall and shot dead a hundred times!! Then the materialist scientists would launch a huge global anti-paranormal propaganda campaign saying that nothing in the paranormal is valid. So why is it then that corporate, traditional science has remained fairly silent about South Korean scientist Prof. Hwang Woo Suk who, by international standards, virtually received only a mild reprimand for his proven medical fraud? Prof Suk, who at one stage was going to be nominated for a Nobel Prize for science, shamefully ADMITTED he willfully and fraudulently ‘faked at least nine of the eleven stem cell lines he claimed to have created’ – to make himself look brilliant! For a while he fooled other scientists and the whole world. But, what is peculiar is the low key response from the scientific community. In response to the panel's report, Hwang resigned his post at the university's College of Veterinary Medicine. That’s all! It seems there was an effort to keep this medical scandal low key. Why? How many more fake scientists are being protected by corporate science?

PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS: What about the claims that some 80% of pharmaceutical drugs do not really work or are not safe for humans? Some pharmaceutical drugs are sending people to the afterlife. Who are those culprits who are trying to fool Americans and other people around the world with inadequate information about the safety of pharmaceutical drugs? Medical quackery has been around for hundreds of years. But when it comes to dealing with the paranormal there is a huge imbalance in the propaganda. I remember going to a medical specialist to be treated for Bell’s Palsy some time ago. This Professor said words to the effect: “take a tablet once a day and see how you go with these.” I said, “Wait … do you guarantee these pills will work? What are the side effects?” This medico stared at me – because he knew somehow there could be a legal problem: “No, I cannot guarantee the pharmaceutical drugs will work. Side effects? You’ll feel a little drowsy … a little tired … maybe a headache or two …oh yes, your sex life may be affected..” Most people will agree by now that that is not good enough. You are entitled to know the probability of the drugs curing the problem and it is mandatory for a medical doctor to tell you all about possible negative side effects. You have a legal right to be informed before you make big decisions about prescribed drugs.

INTERVIEW WITH VICTOR I’ve put up the text of a most recent interview I did. Read more …

SCIENTISTS and others had genuine psychic experiences but have not gone public. In the past I’ve been contacted by a number of professionals with the highest credibility. One was a top notch physicist who confessed to me that he made repeated regular contact with his dead wife. But I had to promise to keep it quiet. I quite believe the time has come for every legitimate paranormal experience to be put on record. So many people are experiencing after death contacts by loved ones– such as an apparition or an electronic disturbance. The more people get to know about the evidence for the afterlife the easier it will be for others later on to go public without any fear whatsoever.

Afterlife Encounters is the culmination of the Afterlife Encounters Survey, Diane Arcangel’s five-year, international survival study. Arcangel presents all-new, first-hand accounts from individuals who’ve experienced visitations from the dead. Highly recommended for anyone who has lost a loved one. Read more…

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA (EVP) and INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATION (ITC): click on chapters 3 and 4 on the right column> : inevitably, in addition to mediumship, EVP and ITC will be the way to convince people throughout the world of the existence of the afterlife.EVP and ITC electronics are becoming more sophisticated all the time and one day - in the not too distant future, there will be communication around the world with afterlife entities 'at will'.

AAEVP Conference 2006: If you would like to experience for yourself first hand scientific objective proof of the afterlife I strongly suggest that you make a booking NOW for the American Association for EVP conference which will be held from June 8th through June 10th in Atlanta Georgia USA. Read more...

WHEN SPIRITS COME CALLING- The Open-Minded Skeptic's Guide to After-Death Contacts
Another highly recommended book in which a well known professor of architecture, Silvia Hart Wright, was brave enough to put on record her own contacts with a deceased loved one and the results of her follow-up investigations into after death contacts. Read more…

- the book is going to be translated into Russian and sold in Russian bookshops shortly. Also, the book is going to be translated into French and put on the Net shortly.

CHINESE TRANSLATORS WANTED: I am looking for a Chinese translator who is willing to work on a voluntary basis to translate some chapters of the book into Chinese. Email me on

‘GHOST’– five star movie – one of the very best afterlife love story ever told –a particularly brilliant movie - will be shown on Foxtel – Showtime Greats – (D404) for the first time in Australia this Saturday – 7th January 8.30pm Eastern time. Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore.

THE ESSENCE OF THE GREAT DEBATE : the critical debate between paranormal scientists and orthodox scientists can be reduced to the issue that non-physical energy explains ALL paranormal activity – all mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy and other psi phenomena. Traditional, secular, materialist scientists do not accept the existence of non-physical energy, but they cannot rebut the evidence of it. Soon, this will not be a problem at all for 95% of traditional scientists.

RELIGION IS LOSING TO THE PARANORMAL: In Scotland: people are more likely to believe in ghosts and the paranormal than have faith in organized religion, a new survey has found. A research by the Scottish Paranormal organization of amateur enthusiasts showed that more than two thirds of people surveyed said they believed in the existence of ghosts and supernatural spirits. This compares to only 55 per cent of the 2000 people questioned who said they had faith in a religion and believed in a god. Read more…


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