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December 17th 2010

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Apologies if I have not replied to your email. Inundated with urgent work at the moment. Victor

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COMMENTARY: WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU CAN ASK ON PLANET EARTH? Many people would ask about health, love, happiness and security. But there will be others who would put at the top of the list: 'What is going to happen to me when I die - if we continue to live for thousands of years - and much more - in the afterlife?' Surveys - such as the Greely survey, show that only 5% are closed minded skeptics and do not accept the afterlife. Many of these people are highly intelligent but do not bother to take time to investigate, to examine the evidence that there is an afterlife and that the afterlife has huge consequences.

GOOD NEWS: For most reasonable, honest, open minded people - there will not be any problems reaching the realm of the light on crossing over. Whether you believe in the afterlife because of religion - or not - does not really matter. As long as you have been reasonable and open minded - you are guaranteed to reach the realm of the light.

NOT SO GOOD NEWS: But those materialists who cross over with a very strong, deeply entrenched belief that there is no afterlife could encounter problems.

Now is the time to read about what is going to happen when you cross over. We owe a huge debt to all the pioneers and great souls who have worked so hard and risked so much to give us answers to the most important questions we can ever ask.

A giant amongst paranormal scientists, his most significant paranormal scientific contribution has been investigating since 1974 the field of Instrumental Transcommunication (afterlife images on television screens etc). A professional physicist, Dr Senkowski was a scientific research fellow at the Institute of Physics at the Mayence university and UNESCO expert for physics at the National Research Center of Cairo, Egypt. His book Instrumental Transcommunication ( on World ITC website under books) is a detailed scientific investigation of this exciting method of communicating with the afterlife without the need for mediums.
Prof Senkowsi was also a witness to sessions of the Scole experiment. In this interview he talks about his experiences receiving a phone call from the "dead" Friedrich Jürgenson in front of French scientific witnesses.

Interview to Ernst Senkowski (full source) from Ed Barak on Vimeo.


During a period of several weeks in 1994 five American ITC researchers received phone calls from fellow researcher Konstantin Raudive who died in 1974- these were George Meek, Mark Macy, Sarah Estep, Dr Walter Uphoff (president of New Frontiers Center), and Hans Heckmann (a close friend and colleague of George Meek).
Listen to the recording of the call to experimenter George Meek.
A number of researchers began to question the phone contacts, suggesting that they might be a hoax. But then German ITC researcher, Adolf Homes, received a message on his computer in Germany giving details of the phone calls. His computer was not connected to the internet and the message simply appeared on the screen. The message said other successful contacts had been made to China and Japan by telephone and fax. Read more on Mark Macy's World ITC website (click on Mark Macy and Konstantin Raudive in telephone.. on the right hand side of the page).

There are highly intelligent materialists in this world who think that they are going to live for a thousand years on earth and do not make any endeavor to fully understand what is going to happen to them when they cross over. Here is a glimpse of what is likely to happen to those who have been reasonable on planet earth:
"When death occurs, the spirit takes with it everything that belongs to the individual, everything which makes that individual different from every other individual. The consciousness, mind, traits, habits, idiosyncrasies, the power to love, to inspire and give affection, friendship, fellowship - all these are spiritual qualities and because of that they persist. All that is the real you cannot die, and all that which belongs to the real you cannot die either. Whether you can realize this or not, and it is difficult to grasp in its fullness, all that you love and that loves you is still alive." (S.Birch THE SPIRIT SPEAKS).

A SALUTE TO WINIFREY OPRAH - in Australia this week: Why has this American television celebrity captured the hearts of millions of people in Australia this week? Out of a number of leading television personalities in the English speaking world, only Oprah consistently interviews those who are leaders in spirituality, the New Age and those who are doing so much to spread the light on a global level. Oprah is regarded as someone who encourages spirituality. She encourages people to take responsibility for their lives and gives hope to people who need hope to survive. She gets people and loved ones to reunite after many years of separation. She gives generously to charity to help those - especially those who are materially deprived. A warm, wonderful welcome to Australia Winfrey, you are pure gold to many people in Australia, America and around the world.

RESURRECTED MILLIONAIRE doesn't care about money!

After a near-death experience people's priorities change.


MYSTERIOUS HAPPENINGS - WE DO NOT KNOW WHY- can some people see and feel the future? In a work of pure fiction, Morgan Robertson's Futility published in 1898, was about a new monster liner, the largest ever built, designed to be unsinkable and carry 3,000 passengers and only 24 lifeboats. It was described as '800 feet' long with 19 watertight compartments. In the novel, the ship sank, hitting an iceberg with heavy loss of life in the Atlantic. FOURTEEN years later the real Titanic was built with virtually the same description - almost identical to the ocean liner described in the fiction book 'FUTILITY'. This information available to all people stuns people with the dramatic similarities - yet we still get people who just say the similarities were- pure chance - the length of the boat, the life-boats, the same number of people, the watertight compartments, the sinking of the ship in the North Atlantic, the heavy loss of life. And what was the name of the fiction ocean liner in 1898? Yes, you guessed it: TITAN! Read more...

testing the medium. (pictured Laurie Campell left of Allison Dubois). In this video we see research medium Laurie Campbell doing a reading for author Mark Ireland. The medium had never met the sitter, could not see him and could not read his body language. The information she brings through is stunningly accurate- some 70-80% correct. Watch video

I have always been fascinated by the magnificent designs of these very mysterious crop circles. This is because I know with absolute certainty they are NOT man made as a couple of cranks tried to fool people in England some time ago. Some 10,000 crop circles have been reported around the world - and some of these crop circles are immensely complex - far beyond the capability of those cranks from England.. Whilst I agree that there is intelligence guiding the crop circle most impressive designs, I just cannot at this stage even imagine who or what could be responsible for them. Earth energies? Extra-terrestrials - Even the most conservative establishment in the world, the Vatican, has now conceded that extra-terrestrials could exist. More work needs to be done on these crop circles - especially if there is some kind of a 'message' to the people of the world.

In Sydney this week 35 year old Keli Lane (specially selected picture) was found guilty of murdering a child she had 14 years ago. She claims she gave the baby to the biological father who, after many years, has not been found - yet. This case has shocked and divided a nation - a case where the accused was found guilty but no 'body' was ever found. The jury was deadlocked- one person held out that her guilt had not been proven beyond reasonable doubt. But then the judge accepted a majority verdict by the other 11 jurors. Ideally, we need the services of an exceptionally gifted medium to assist in this case. Read more...

ZERDIN JOURNAL: communicating with afterlife materialized entities is the greatest discovery in human history. We have the evidence. We have the proof. All is objective and repeatable. With absolute certainty, the best materializations of David Thompson will pass any stringent scientific testing. Yet closed minded reductionist scientists are too cowardly to investigate the evidence that will remove all doubt about the afterlife - that they will inevitably accept the existence of the afterlife when they meet afterlife intelligences who will talk to them who will answer questions. The Zerdin Journal is the one to subscribe to obtain all critical information about physical and materialization mediumship in England. Read more...

BBC: PAM SEES GOD. NDE Pam Reynolds. Amazing! Full version!
Thanks to Kevin Jones for this one.

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PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND THE SKEPTICS - a must read for all. Exceptional writer and researcher Chris Carter. "I highly recommend this book to anyone who is truly openminded about whether or not psychic abilities exist." Prof. Jessica Utts Ph.D.
" I found a deep well of new information. Carter's book, the first in a series of three, is both scholarly and entertaining; I eagerly await his next two works" Dr Rober S Bobrow, Professor of Family Medicine.
"A masterly guide to the frontiers of science, belief and exploration" - -- Dr Rupert Sheldrake author of The Presence of the Past."
Go to AMAZON for more reviews.

ON SKEPTICISM: the real reason why we have head-in-the-sand closed minded skeptics is because these closed minded skeptics:

Do NOT investigate: the blatantly positive paranormal evidence - and/or

2. Furthering their own careers: these 'closed' skeptics use their professional skills to attack the paranormal to promote their own professional career knowing they are being DISHONEST and/or

3. Wanting to be famous: these skeptics want to make a name for themselves - wanting to be famous - as the English Dr Susan Blackmore - the closed-minded skeptic stated (Carter 2007;73) But because it was easier to make a name for herself being ANTI-PARANORMAL - she joined the bandits - the hard line skeptics to achieve her aim! These skeptics even bribed her with the title of 'Fellow'! Talk about the definitively huge negative energy she unleashed against herself - for which sooner or later she will pay a price! Wake up Susan, you will NOT get away with it!

4. Born - programmed to be a'closed' skeptic: Some of these closed skeptics are born into a family of nihilists and gross negative cynicism - where their programming from childhood shapes their prejudices in this world - until they learn otherwise!


Last week 'Medium to the Stars' Mitchell Coombes was inducted into the Australian Psychics Association on a State level. Victor and Wendy were inducted into the Australian Psychics Association Hall of Fame for our contribution to mediums and psychics over the years. We met at a beachside restaurant at Dee Why for the awards and dinner - all presented by the APS convener and president Mr Simon Turnbull.

SENSING SPIRIT, new interesting book by gifted medium MITCHELL COOMBES 'medium to the Stars'. his new book Sensing Spirit he shows how everybody else can make their own psychic abilities part of their everyday lives too…. book is available from all good bookshops and from Borders, Angus and Robertson, Dymocks and some Big W stores. $29.95

including all of Anthony Borgia (Mons. Hugh Benson)'s books: FACTS, HERE AND THE HEREAFTER, HEREAFTER, LIFE IN THE UNSEEN WORLD, MORE LIGHT, MORE ABOUT LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN - and many, many more afterlife transmitted classics: Courtesy of Aart Bosman. Other books by Arthur Findlay, Sir Oliver Lodge.
Read more..

Last week I gave you some statistics about afterlife and paranormal matters. It appears one of the statistics was not quite right. Here it is for the purpose of the record.
"Those who accept the afterlife - either through belief systems or through their own investigations: 65%. Those unsure 30% and those we regard as closed minded skeptics 5%.


Dear, Victor Zammit.
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your website and the knowledge you have given to us. My father recently past away 7 months ago and ever since then I became very interested in finding the truth about whether there is a Afterlife or not.
And in my research I could never find the exact answer I was looking for i'd just run into a website where people would argue back and forth saying "there is a Afterlife" and "no there can't be it's impossible" I couldn't find solid evidence. Until I came upon your site and it has changed my outlook on life I feel as I have something to look forward to when my time on this planet comes to an end or should I say beginning to a whole new life.
I just can't thank you enough for how much you've helped me and everyone else in the world. I hope you read this and if you do thank you for taking the time to do so, and I hope you and your family are healthy and living life to the fullest. Love, Tyler A..

2. Dear Dr.Zammit, It is great to receive your weekly report.. N.

3. Victor Zammit . . . 'and may the fire in your souls also burn brightly.' Best wishes . . .. . .thanks for the help over the years . . .Shalom . . .J.J. Attorney-at-Law, Alpine, Texas

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The sensatIonal ABBA. In our younger years many of us listened to ABBA's music - the music was highly original, spine-tingling, highly melodious - and was able to penetrate the heart and soul. There was something most magical about their performance and their music. The lyrics of the song MONEY MONEY MONEY would have been in every fan's mind - about the struggle to get money and to get security and a good life. Most interesting, when the very high inspiration stopped, their music stopped. ABBA made a huge contribution to pop music. Here's just one of them: