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In my professional legal training I was taught by the experts never to trust anyone and not to believe anyone, anywhere, anytime and anyplace unless there is objective, hard-core substantive evidence to support any claim being presented to me. Be that as it may, experience taught me that there is also 'experiential’ evidence which is highly persuasive. It is extremely important to make the observation that just because you cannot prove something objectively and repeat it at will, it does not mean that it did not happen. I myself have had repeated subjective paranormal experiences – as have hundreds of millions of people around the world. Over the last twenty years as knowledge about psychic phenomena is becoming widespread and universal, more people are prepared to talk about their own paranormal and mediumistic experiences. When these paranormal experiences reach a threshold – and critical validation is obtained, big things will happen. There will be ‘nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come’ – the absolute validation of paranormal phenomena.

***The Diana phenomena is a huge item and there has been unprecedented interest in Diana. More about 'Diana':

'PRINCESS DIANA’S' CRITICS: Inadmissible, low level criticism: I was expecting the experts, the intelligent critics, the informed journalists, the professional investigators to postulate valid objections to the 'Diana’s podcasts' if they did not accept them. I was expecting substantive, in depth valid objections as to where, when, why and how they cannot be genuine. I always keep an open mind about valid objections. Instead, among the relatively huge positive response I received there was only one extremely low level skeptic who said ‘Diana can’t be for real'. And why not? Because this skeptic does not believe in the afterlife! And if there is no afterlife, there cannot be a Diana speaking! Get a life chum, don’t waste our precious time! Read more material from 'Princess Diana’ … judge for yourselves(Number 8) ... and more (Number 9).

UNACCEPTABLE CRITICISM – when you deal with professional empiricists, psychologists and lawyers, we cannot accept certain statements: just stating “I don’t believe it” or “It does not sound like Diana” or “There is no afterlife, therefore there cannot be a Diana” or “The paranormal is not real’ or “You can’t prove the negative” or “Someone who knows the real Diana told me it’s not really Diana” or “The medium Andrew is fooling everyone” or “Diana’s medium is not a physical medium” or “There is no ‘Direct Voice’ taking place” or “Diana would not bother channeling someone unknown” or “Diana’s medium is not a good trance-medium” – and other such like objections. Those who use negative adjectives inevitably lack the competence, the intelligence, and the skills of analysis and they are only projecting their own negative, anti-afterlife prejudice – they’re time wasters, not worth dealing with. ALL of these objections are inevitably technically INVALID and are ALL inadmissible - and all fail to dislodge the validation that 'Diana' has established.

WHAT WOULD BE VALID AND ADMISSIBLE? What would be valid is to show specifically where, when, how and why what Diana is saying on the audios could not be Diana. Ideally, physical evidence would be the way to prove that Diana is who she claims to be, e.g. fingerprinting. John Logie Baird (pictured, left) , the inventor of television, (according to Michael Roll from the UK), was known to have left his fingerprint from the afterlife in a materialization séance. But at the moment that cannot be done. It is theoretically possible if Diana could materialize through David Thompson to leave her fingerprints. That is at the moment remote – Diana’s medium is in Germany and David T is in Sydney. What we have so far are Diana’s voices, Diana’s information about herself and others close to her and her offer to answer any reasonable question to do with validation. So far, those who bothered to investigated Diana’s audios state that yes, she could be Diana and tentatively accept that she is. BUT we need to do further empirical investigations. Significant claims require significant evidence. But Sociologists using their method of measuring internal consistency, the concept known as ‘Content Analysis’ claim more likely than not that the Diana on the tapes is the real Diana. Investigations go on about one of the most powerful and influential women in history.

ON DIANA’S FUNERAL: watching a documentary on Diana, the narrator stated that it is estimated by experts that more than THREE BILLION people watched Diana’s funeral! Imagine the effect on her spirit!


There are many accounts from spirits in the afterlife of how damaging unrestrained grief is to the person who has just died. This is one of the most detailed.

" Several other visits were paid and the stories of their lives recounted for my instruction, but I must content myself with recording the last, which at once arrested my attention by the presence of a number of bright purple hair-lines which, emanating from the body of the sleeper, passed across and out of the room, I knew not whither. My friend informed me that these were love-cords which existed by reason of the uncontrollable grief of the friends left behind. Great difficulty, he explained, is frequently experienced in dealing with these earth attractions, and if friends could only know how their unrestrained grief finds a response in those they mourn - disturbing and breaking their rest - it would do much to remedy the wrong they are thus unintentionally the cause of. Should the sleeper awake before the force of these cords can be weakened, which not unfrequently happens, the soul is drawn back again to earth, and naturally participates in the agony of its friends, which is also increased by the discovery that it is both powerless to make its presence known, or in any way minister to the relief of the mourner."

From Chapter XI "Through the Mists", by automatic writing through the famous British medium Robert Lees (1848-1931).
Download Through the Mists pdf file.

SILVER BIRCH ANSWERS MOVIE STAR MERLE OBERON’S QUESTION: After her fiancé died in a car crash, movie star Merle Oberon (pictured with actor Lord Lawrence Olivier) asked Silver Birch if he was all right. Silver Birch answered, that he was beside her, trying to communicate with her, but having difficulty in doing so.

" Try to appreciate that you are dealing with very sensitive and delicate vibrations which are easily disturbed by your thoughts. If you radiate an atmosphere of anxiety and shock and sorrow, you surround yourself with heaviness, a denseness that forms a handicap to communication. If you can achieve- and this is not easy-serenity, if you can radiate tranquility, if you can have inner peace, these provide the best conditions for results from our world. We cannot work where the atmosphere is charged with conflicting emotions. We can work best when there is a receptivity, a passiveness, so that we can reach you."

Some of the best ITC contacts (see chapter 3) ever received have now been posted on Dr Mark Macy's website, www.worlditc.org.
Simply go to the website and click on “What is new?”

They are the collection of messages received by German
researcher Adolf Homes. The Homes contacts were
catalogued and edited by ITC pioneer Prof Dr Ernst
Senkowski and translated by Heidemarie Hallman. Dr Macy writes:

" In my opinion they are matched in volume and in the informative quality of their content only by the contacts received by INIT researchers Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach of Luxembourg from 1995 to 1999. I still hold Maggy’s contacts closest to my heart, believing as I do that they contain the most important information ever received in our world directly and virtually unfiltered from the other side. To get an idea of those contacts, read through some of the Contact! journals that I published between 1995 and 2000. They’re posted on my other website."


Hear the wonderfully comforting and encouraging words of Ellen Terry speaking through direct voice medium Leslie Flint.

An intensive care nurse from Swansea has published an academic book about near death experiences following 10 years of research. Dr Penny Sartori, who works at Singleton and Morriston Hospitals in Swansea, has 15 accounts, mainly from heart attack patients, of near-death experiences. They include out-of-body occurrences, reports of a tunnel leading to a bright light and meeting dead loved ones. In another case a patient reported encountering a dead relative who gave a message to pass on to another member of the family who was still alive.
Ms Sartori said the information had stunned the receiver because it had been a secret and it was impossible the patient had prior knowledge of it. "All the current sceptical arguments against near-death experiences were not supported by the research," she said. The book, costing £85, is intended for academic study and college libraries. Read more...

QUESTION: do you think crop circles are paranormal activity? T. Derren, Hollywood.

: I must concede that like many people I am fascinated by crop circles - and yes, more likely than not they are paranormal material. Anyone who does his research will quickly accept that these crop circles have been recorded in more than 70 countries around the world. It is accepted that the shapes and designs are most intricately exquisite. Notwithstanding the skeptics’ anticipated negativism, the evidence shows that these miraculous ‘crop circles’ cannot be of human origins. Peter K sent me these very impressive crop circles and urls for those who want to pursue the crop circles: The 13th Crop Circle in the UK for 2008 has arrived. Read more...
And see The Crop Circle Connector

FREDDIE MERCURY TRANSMITS INFORMATION FROM THE AFTERLIFE? In The Mercury Man: Freddie Mercury in My Life (Paperback) Mary Howis tells the story of her spiritual journey of discovery from disbelief, self-doubt and denial to an absolute conviction that what she was experiencing was real, the messages she was receiving were true, and they were proof that life continues after death; that Freddie was still alive, in spirit form, and had much knowledge to impart to the world. Read more …

PSYCHIC CORRECTLY PREDICTS $6 MILLION LOTTERY WIN:: A builder netted £3million hours after a mystery psychic went into his daughter's shop and said: "Someone you know is going to win the lottery." Tony Nutbrown, 54, is now trying to track down the stranger who made the uncanny prediction.Tony said: "My daughter Claire owns a pet shop and a lady came in on Saturday morning and told her friend that someone she knew was going to win the lottery. "Then that night I won the jackpot. It's either an incredible coincidence or this lady can see into the future."

" In a twinkling, it becomes apparent what the main purpose was of the life just completed, and whether that purpose had been addressed. You would be amazed and saddened to see this self-acknowledgement and self-judgement form our side. There are many souls who ‘wake up’ over here to realize that they literally missed the point of life. This is not to say there are not many who have been greatly fulfilled and true to their inner impetus. But in our Western society especially, we are seeing too many arrive over here who are immediately shocked by their own blindness during life to their greater goals.. I am trying to show what we perceive to be an epidemic of disillusioned spirits who reach this side and are unfailingly remorseful to have completely bypassed the important tasks of their lives They must then labour for many years- though time has no meaning over here- to reconstruct their original intentions, evaluate their failings, study Earth circumstances and enroll for another human life.” (p.13, from BEYOND THE VEIL, Judy Laddon – check with Amazon.com)

in Sydney: Powers approved by the NSW government allow for people who continually "annoy or inconvenience" pilgrims during the event, to be staged in Sydney from July 15 to 20, to be arrested and possibly fined $5,500. Protest group, NoToPope Coalition are concerned the regulations will be used to stop demonstrations during World Youth Day events, but that they could also effectively ban things like wearing a T-shirt with a slogan considered to be anti-Catholic. NoToPope spokeswoman Rachel Evans said the group was seeking legal advice on whether it could challenge the "thou shalt not offend" laws. Read more...

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