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27th June 2008

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COMMENTARY- ON EVOLUTION: For the purpose of the record, I do accept evolution because notwithstanding any other available evidence, the great afterlife teachers from the afterlife have affirmed it ! We are informed that the whole universe including our Earth is evolving; everything is evolving especially our minds and our spirit. When one studies those precious afterlife transmissions, one gets to know that the ultimate aim of our existence is to evolve in spirit. Some may be slow learners, some will make mistakes – small and big – and others choose to delay their progress and others to make rapid spiritual progress. We have free will but always in context that we are on a continuous universal and personal journey of spiritual evolution. And the most important, the most vital and critical thing we can do to evolve spiritually while we are on planet Earth is – selfless spiritual service: ‘positive activity’. Once you get into the habit of participating in POSITIVE ACTIVITY, on crossing over you will find it fairly easy to continue to do that in the afterlife because you’re in the habit of regularly doing selfless service. That is extremely precious to know – because we are informed that that is the only way for rapid advancement in the afterlife to the higher, more beautiful realms. Of course, we usually act according to the level of spiritual advancement. Some will find it easy to do selfless spiritual service, others don’t find it so easy. Follow this advice and relative to others, you will be a 'spiritual millionaire' evolving into a 'spiritual billionaire' in the afterlife! For those who don't accept this, one time in the future, guaranteed, you will know what I mean!


Over the last few weeks we have been listening to audio tapes of medium Andrew Russell-Davis who claims to channel Diana, former Princess of Wales and one of the most powerful women on earth. I have been asking readers to submit questions that they would like answered in order to test whether 'Diana' is who she claims to be. This is a continuous endeavor to validate that she is who she claims to be. Nearly all who responded were positive about 'Diana'. These are the first of the questions I put to her on your behalf. I omitted the couple of extremely remote questions which 'Diana' would not have known when she was alive on Earth. When she crossed over, she took with her the memories she had immediately prior to crossing over - she does not immediately and automatically become all knowing and all powerful. I particularly wanted questions to validate her identity. Nonetheless, the questions are interesting – Was Diana pregnant before the Paris tunnel incident? Who are the gray men at the Palace? Is she getting help from the afterlife to help her with her mission? Was she given injections in the ambulance in the tunnel? Can Diana forgive those who harmed her? Read 'Diana’s' answers ...

A few days ago 'Diana' sent me another contribution about how she feels where she is. She talks about herself, about life, death and the afterlife. From the many who have already very much enjoyed 'Diana’s' transmissions from the afterlife – thanks to her medium Andrew Russell-Davis. Tune in to 'Diana’s' latest contributions … “I am here to show that life after death is the reality and not something of people's wild imaginations or wishful thinking!" Read more and more…
and listen to her latest podcast number 9.

This is fictional movie based on events which led Princess Diana to her death. Highly provocative issues are raised as to how she died. The movie is based on the book, HOW PRINCESS DIANA WAS MURDERED by Noel Botham ($6.99 from Amazon.com). Clearly, the movie makes it absolutely clear that there was a conspiracy to murder Diana, former Princess of Wales. Highly controversial! Watch out for it and make your own decision about the view being expressed how one of the most beautiful, powerful and most alluring women in the world was killed. Ironic in the extreme, a great deal of what is being stated in this movie is consistent with what 'Diana' is telling the world through her medium Andrew Russell-Davis - see above. For those who want to understand more about Diana's motivation for wanting to make contact from the afterlife - watch Who killed princess Diana? part 1 (10 mins Youtube)

Imagine how difficult it would be for you to remember what your voice sounded like when you were five years old. And then imagine having to project that memory with such intensity that it is picked by mental telepathy and reproduced by a medium. This is the task faced by many communicators who have been in the afterlife for some time, in a world where communication is done by thought transfer. 'Ellen Terry' speaking through the direct voice medium Leslie Flint in 1965 said: "When on Earth you have your own particular body , and your own vocal organs...We are having to do all these things artificially. We stand in front of the 'voice box'. We concentrate our whole personality as best we can, and our thoughts."

On October 1st 1960 'Bishop Cosmo Lang', speaking through Leslie Flint, responded to a question about the identification of his voice: " I doubt very much if anyone coming from this side can identically reproduce their voice. After all, what is a voice? A reproduction of thought by sound waves, Do not forget, my friends, that we who are outside your world, no longer having the same physical body, no longer able to speak to you in a normal sense as you understand it, transmitting thought as we do by the power of an instrument or medium, can hardly be expected to reproduce identically, or even remember what the sound of our voice would have been like. ...In any case my voice, like many other voices, no doubt changed from age to age. My voice in my latter years was not like my voice when I was twenty. And the change of word here and there is of little import. I speak to you as I am- remember this. Not as I was. Remember that I have changed-thank God I have."

The fact that spirits' voices change as a result of their experience in the afterlife was noted by Woods and Green who were responsible for the Leslie Flint tapes. When 'Rose Hawkins' the flower seller first come through Flint in 1953 they noticed that she had a pronounced Cockney accent which she still had when she came through again in 1962. However they noticed that when she came through in 1965 she seemed to be speaking with a new authority and losing her Cockney accent as she was getting an education and developing spiritually.

Account 5. by Ken Akehurst. A normal passing because of illness.
"Your passing has been arranged by powers beyond our understanding and all interested parties are notified. Then the person chosen to bring you home will arrive at your side and say, as my sister did, 'Come on, you have had enough of this': and away you will go. No one I have spoken to has asked to be allowed to stay a little longer! The one chosen to fetch you is always a loved one so you have no fear of going with them. The next thing to remember is that there is absolutely no pain attached to the business of passing. You may be in pain from whatever is the matter with you but if you are in no pain then you will feel nothing. In my case I was listening to the Test match England v New Zealand on July 28th 1978, when my time came- even that did not hold me back and I love cricket- and off I went with my sister. I did not even think to say goodbye to my wife who was in the kitchen preparing lunch."
(p. 6)

After his death Ken Akehurst, came through medium G.M. Roberts and said:
"Even after many years in the Spiritualist Movement I had not been properly prepared for this life and that is why I am writing this book, so that you, the reader, and others if you will pass the word along, may be better prepared than myself and many like me. If I can prevent some of the suffering I have seen in others, since I have been here, then I will be doing much good." His book which was first published in 1985, is a simple conversational
first hand account of one man's introduction to the astral world.

Announcing a new revised edition from Transpersonal Publishing! The first book about the near-death phenomenon to look at all aspects of both the experience and its aftereffects is back and better than ever! How does the phenomenon really affect those who experience it? What does a person go through after a transformation of consciousness, no matter how it is caused? "Coming Back to Life" answers these questions -and more- in the up front and personal style PMH Atwater has become famous for. Order your autographed copy today direct from her online bookshop Read more...

Whenever psychical researchers discuss the best evidence on record for the survival of consciousness after physical death, the so-called "cross-correspondences" are often listed as number one (See chapter 16). However, the researchers always point out that the cross-correspondences are so complex that they are beyond the comprehension of anyone who is not a classical scholar and not prepared to spend years in studying the messages. Dr. Archie E. Roy, professor emeritus of astronomy and honorary research fellow in the University of Glasgow, has studied the cross-correspondences and written about the key cases in a book, The Eager Dead, recently released by Book Guild Publishing of England. Read a recent interview with Professor Roy on Michael Tymn's blog.

AN AFTERLIFE INTELLIGENCE SPEAKS: “We are breaking through all over the world of matter. Our message illumines minds in every part of your world, and, as the light of the spirit breaks in on your world, so its rays disperse the darkness of your materialism. We do not seek to terrify you with threats of punishment. We do not see to make you craven cowards, living your lives because of fear. We strive to make you realize that latent divinity that is yours, that you may express more of the Greater Power, that you may rise to greater heights and fill your mind with greater truth and wisdom…. We never say to you ‘Do not use your reason, have faith only.’ We say, use that which the Great Power has given you. Test us. Examine us. If aught that we say is debasing, cruel or immoral, then reject us. If we seek to teach you to live nobler lives, lives of greater self sacrifice and of idealism, then surely that demonstrates that hall- mark of the Great Power is stamped upon our teaching.” (Silver Birch Anthology – Wisdom from Beyond. Ed William Naylor)

A KINDER GENTLER PURGATORY - interesting afterlife reading from a Catholic religious journal.
Thanks to Michael Tymn for spotting this pro-afterlife communication article in a mainstream Catholic publication. Times are certainly changing! It reads...
"There are many works like it in print -- literally dozens -- that claim to be messages from the dead. Some are fraudulent, but others are obviously sincere and even occasionally vouched for by respected ecclesiastical authorities. These latter are impressively similar and suggest that they are describing the same place. None describes a place where one meets God, and Jesus is usually quite out of range. Regrets over the failures and mistakes of earth are constantly voiced, but there are no flames. And all punishment is potentially instructive." Read more...

" What’s going to happen to someone, in the police force or in the military intelligence or in some other powerful organization, who was obeying orders to do harm to others who deserved it – is he guilty when he did not initiate the order to be cruel? ‘Bill’ Chicago.

Victor: That’s a very interesting question. But the answer is very clear. Any person who knowingly inflicts pain onto others will create an inevitable negative debt and one day that person who inflicts the pain – physical or mental, will have to pay the price. That is the Law of Cause and Effect. It will be irrelevant if the person inflicting the cruelty was just following orders from his superiors. The information transmitted to us from the afterlife is very clear: a negative karmic debt is created which one day will see that the person who knowingly inflicted the pain have to be the recipient of the same pain – not as punishment, but as a learning experience. This is similar to an executioner. If the executioner has the knowledge that it is wrong to kill another human being, the executioner will one day have to pay the price for that. No, priest, no Rabbi, no Mullah, no 'holy man' - no one anywhere can ever have the power to interfere with the inexorable eternal Law of Cause and Effect, no one.

To publicize a new show about psychic children, Dr. Lisa Miller will be making an appearance with three of the children who appear on the series this Friday, June 27, on the Larry King Live show at 9 p.m. on CNN. So far, six episodes of Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, have been produced by the Four Seasons Production Co. for A&E cable channel. The episodes air initially on Monday nights at 10, but are repeated frequently throughout the week at different times. The show is billed as a real-life drama, and in each one-hour episode, three children with psychic abilities are brought together by Dr. Miller and co-host Chip Coffey, a medium, to share their experiences. Over the course of the show, Dr. Miller tries to help the kids learn how to deal with their psychic abilities, and realize they are not alone.


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