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July 31st 2015

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COMMENTARY: A CHANCE MEETING WITH MATERIALIST I was talking to a materialist just recently in a restaurant. I asked him what he thinks is going to happen to him when he dies. His reply: "Nothing will happen. I'm just like a small lit candle in the universe - when the light goes out - that's it. I'm gone forever."

My response, "You will not be doing anyone a favor if you accept the afterlife. But it's only fair to warn you that the afterlife has huge consequences - and you could end up as one of the many who say "If only I had known I could have done so much more. I should have investigated."

Hundreds of scientists and others of the highest credibility have written books and articles stating that AFTER they investigated (without religion) they accepted the evidence; 'it is overwhelming' they all said. Yet we do not have just one scientist in history - that's right WE DO NOT HAVE JUST ONE SCIENTIST IN HISTORY who wrote a book claiming there can be no afterlife!




PROFESSOR CHARLES TART ON SCIENTISM " Because people caught in scientism have an a priori cognitive and emotional attachment to a totally materialistic worldview, they won’t really look at the data about psi phenomena, OBEs, or NDEs, which imply a spiritual, nonmaterial side to reality. If forced to look at some of the data, they ingeniously try to ‘explain it away,’ to trivialize it so that it doesn’t really have to be dealt with. "
Read Michael Tymn's excellent interview.

Stem cell pioneer Dr. Robert Lanza has been named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. His book “Biocentrism” shows that he is a 'new paradigm' scientist. He questions the big bang and the explanation given by materialists that everything came by chance. His main premise is that the universe does not have any "objective" existence outside of consciousness and that death, along with time, are illusions. Read more...

SIR WILLIAM BARRETT AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATOR and Professor of Physics at the Royal College in Dublin stated: “I am personally convinced that evidence we have published decidedly demonstrates (1) the existence of a spiritual world, (2) survival after death, and (3) of occasional communication from those who have passed over.” Read more about his investigations.

The story and purpose of the Forever Family Foundation as told through the words of co-founders, Bob & Phran Ginsberg, and participating psychic mediums and those who have benefited from the spiritual healing.

"The Russell Connection : Reuniting Parents with their Children in the Spirit World through Physical & Trance Mediumship"

Dr. Cristina Zaccarini's review of Gwen Byrne's book highlights how a group of grieving mothers were able to support each other and obtain their own evidence for the afterlife. Read review...

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE Directly from the afterlife from a highly credible source, Monsignor Hugh Benson: "... It is a safe rule to say that no person passing into the spirit world at dissolution (during crossing over) does so unattended. There is always someone there. But in so many cases we are prevented from giving any help by the spiritual state of the soul we are approaching. In fact, approach becomes impossible, and so we can do nothing but watch the soul depart upon its way into darkness. Naturally, if we can perceive the tiniest glimmer of light issuing from such a soul, we do our best to fan it into something more resembling a flame..."



Victor: That is a very frequently asked question and it appears to be a big problem in the afterlife dimension - people who cross over not knowing they physically died. Those who are spiritual enlightened will usually have a 'conscious transition' and would know moment by moment what is happening; they will not have any problems at all. But, we are informed, millions of others on crossing over don't know they are in the afterlife. This is because we will still have a body (vibrating at the afterlife dimension level - faster than on physical earth, but still a body). It seems solid and physical and we retain our memories and exactly the same character as before physical death.

But there are some huge differences. When NO ONE living answers your questions, when no one even looks at you when you try to talk to them, when everyone is ignoring you completely as if you did not exist, when you try to open a door and your hand goes right through the door handle, or when you try to pick up your car keys and your hand goes through them - then you know you are physically dead! If that happens to you (very UNLIKELY if you read our weekly reports), immediately call for help. There is always someone to help and assist you to move on to the realm of the light.


RECENT INTERVIEW WITH MELLEN THOMAS BENEDICT After suffering from terminal brain cancer in 1982, Mellen-Thomas Benedict died. He showed no vital signs for 90 minutes but had one of the most profound near-death experiences ever documented. During that time he learned that " we are part of the same soul, fractaling out in many creative directions, but still the same." Read a summary. In this interview he talks about the positive future for humanity that he learned about through repeated returns to the light.

will open in mainstream US theatres in September. Directed by Michael Polish it is based on the bestseller Don Piper biographic novel by the same name. There are already a number of video presentations of Don Piper's NDE on Youtube. It is the first film by Giving Films, a sister company to retail chain Family Christian Stores, and the company plans to donate all profits from the film to charitable organizations. Read more and see trailer.

On crossing over initially you will have a spirit body which is a duplicate of the physical body you had on earth. You will have the same looks, the same character and personality. Here is how S. Birch, directly from the afterlife explains it:

"You will be a real individual with a body, and features which enable you to be recognised by others - see picture. You will have all the senses which enable you to recognise others. You will have the entire spiritual apparatus which is necessary for you to function in our world. You will have form, you will have shape, you will have individuality. What you will not have are any of the physical organs, but you will have correspondingly all the spiritual equipment necessary for you to function in our world."



Place:Port Kembla New South Wales, Australia.
Case: Disappearance of Maria
Psychic: Debbie Malone - medium.

Police comment:
Police Officer: Det. Sen. Const. Geoffrey Little

“I’m a sceptic but I just can’t explain some of the things psychic Debbie Malone came up with that were just incredible. I was astounded honestly as was the police woman who was with me. We were just amazed. I even sent some paperwork off to our Missing Persons Unit later to introduce Debbie to them. I think she is doing something with them now. . …. It can give you avenues of investigation that you didn’t have. But then you have to get solid evidence to confirm what they’ve found. You can’t use what they say. They can maybe help you find a body. They can maybe give you something that you didn’t have before – something out of the blue. I said to other officers, I can’t explain how she picked up what she did.”

Source: Detective Senior Constable Little, Lake Illawara Local Area Police Command, NSW. Australia. Who Magazine.

THE 'POWER OF THOUGHT' Not too many people really understand the power of thought. In the afterlife dimension, everything we experience will depend on our thoughts. The moment you send out any thought, it creates a vibration, a wavelength that becomes a reality. For example if you want to move from place to place you THINK where you want to go and instantly you are there - faster than the speed of light.

DR. PEPPERBERG EXPLORES HUMAN - ANIMAL BOND Last week's item about Dr Sheldrake's work with the "psychic parrot" N’kisi drew a warm response. Some people wondered whether a parrot could really communicate as well as that. Dr. Irene Pepperberg's work with Alex and her grief at his death answer that question.



"Celebrating the angels of kindness that walk among us every day. These are the people who freely give their help, that lend a listening ear to a sad soul’s tragic tale, that share what resources they have, that tolerate, that seek to understand another person’s plight and actively work to uplift others from poverty, oppression and loss. This blog features Kindness Images, Videos, True Life Stories, Quotes, Personal Reflections and Meditations." Read more..


Do you doubt the explanations given by mainstream archaeology? Interested in evidence that ancient civilisations had technology far more advanced than today and other gems of hidden archaeology?
A one-day intensive slide and talk presentation on the keys to mankind's origins.
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(We publish only 3). Always, received always with thanks!

1) These are amazing, uplifting reports. Irene

2) What a wonderful "Afterlife Report" this week, once again. I especially loved the Rupert Sheldrake video about the parrot. It was brilliant, the way the parrot knew the images that the woman was looking at. I imagine that our dogs and cats can do that, but just can't express it. This was so so beautiful! Cristina.

3) First of all, THANK you. Every Friday Afterlife Report is like candy for an old man. Recently saw a documentary with the sceptics Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss. How can two intelligent men be so stupid ? Look forward to hear them speak from the other side. Bless you and Wendy.
Tony from Sweden

INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC We remember Joe Cocker, one of the greatest superstars of the recent past who crossed over last year: his raspy voice was powerfully emotional, penetrating and was irresistibly alluring with his masterful delivery of these very special songs. We remember his most popular song the classic UNCHAIN MY HEART - a great song that will stay with us for decades to come! Here, enjoy this special version:




Unchain my heart
Baby let me be
'Cause you don't care
Let me
Set me free

Unchain my heart
Baby let me go
Unchain my heart
'Cause you don't love me no more
Every time I call you on the phone
Some fella tells me that you're not at home
Unchain my heart
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Unchain my heart
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'Cause you don't care about me
You've got me sowed up like a mellow case
But you let my love go to waste
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I'm under your spell
Like a man in a trance baby
Oh but you're no doubt aware
That I don't stand a chance
Unchain my heart
Let me me go my way
Unchain my heart
You are in me night and day
Why leave me two a life of misery
When you don't care about the beans for me
Unchain my heart oh please
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I'm under your spell
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Unchain my heart
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Oh woman why don't you do that for me
You don't care
Won't you let me go
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Like a man in a trance
let me go
I'm under your spell
Like a man in a trance
And you're no doubt aware
That I don't stand a chance no
You don't care
Please set me free




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