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Report August 1st 2008

This week we salute all our mediums... some of the most brilliant mediums ever! We must never forget the huge impact gifted mediums are having around the world. For many people it is the personal experience of having a reading with a genuine medium who could not possibly have known the intimate details that are realyed that convinces them irrevocably that their loved one still exists. And getting mediumship into the mainstream media is changing global consciousness. We can be very proud that so many high profile mediums are exemplary - they are honest, with high integrity and are helping millions of people around the world with their television shows:

one of the most influential mediums ever. Through the television series MEDIUM she has had – and is having huge influence on a global level. Allison has written several books. Last time she came to Sydney, Australia, thousands turned up to see her. Now Allison is working on a new TV show for SCI-FI called SOUL EVIDENCE which like Sensing Murder works to solve a United States cold case that has been ruled a homicide. The producers are actively seeking relatives who have a case that might be suitable. As well she is re-opening her list for requests for bookings for personal readings. Read more...

another impressive medium we see on television. Lisa comes across as a warm person wanting to help people. Her television shows are a real success and like Allison’s television shows, Lisa Williams’ shows will be shown in many countries around the world. Her first series is being repeated on Foxtel W channel in Australia. Lisa also has a new book out Life Among the Dead (April 8, 2008)
. Read Lisa's website...

– another wonderful medium who is helping thousands of people. He has his own television show BEYOND which is doing very well. He is one of the producers of the GHOST WHISPERERS television show which is also making a huge impact on to the world community. People are giving feedback, stating that yes, we have been absolutely convinced James made contact with our loves ones. Great medium, great man with a big spiritual heart. James also has a new book Ghosts Among Us (May 13 2008) and the site about his book on Amazon has a short 5 minute video.

JOHN EDWARD is now becoming a veteran of psychic mediumship. His television shows are very popular and his live lectures are most fantastic to watch. I attended one of his lectures - where some 10,000 attended. He was very accurate which something that would rise above possible probabilities. This means what he stated to a number of people had to come from the afterlife.

HALL OF FAME This week we have revived a link to the Hall of Fame, a section of the website to draw attention to the work of mediums and psychic researchers who have made a significant contribution to humanity's knowledge about the afterlife. If you have a suggestion for an entry please forward text and picture to 2008@victorzammit.com/

SEARCHING FOR A SOULMATE who will be with you even in the afterlife? Love, we are informed by high afterlife intelligences "is the most powerful force in the universe" .‘Opening to Love' FREE Audio Download. If you’re searching for your soulmate or life partner, we recommend this powerful guided meditation from bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas. Drawing on her acclaimed spiritual approach to finding love, it will help you open your heart to become available for the love you’ve been yearning for. You can download it for FREE at www.callingintheone.com

One of the best documentaries made about Near Death Experiences, by the BBC. Featuring many top scientists that have studied NDEs and other related incidents. Also included the famous Pam Reynolds case. Now available on Youtube:
Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6.

‘THE ONE’ - SUGGESTION: fabulous television psychic series, final episode next Tuesday 7.30pm on ATN Channel 7 nationally, Australia. The show is getting a huge amount of audience for Australia – very likely to be exported to the United States. It has become extremely popular. I would like to suggest something critical to the producers. Why not have a confirmed skeptic to join the psychics to see how he would fare in the tests alongside the psychics? When some giant of a skeptic tried to do a John Edward in England in a television program THE CHALLENGE, thinking, believing and deluding himself it’s all ‘cold reading’ – he was so bad the audience booed him off stage. But that showed that the gifted psychics do have something very special materialist scientists cannot explain. Further, in procedural Scientific Method experiments, it is critical to have a ‘control’ – to measure the test subjects against a known skeptic who has to get everything by chance.

The item on Barb Mallon's work on survival of pets in the afterlife (July 18th 2008 ) reminded us of one of the times that a dog materialized and barked in one of David Thompson's materialization sessions in the UK last year. There are a few people who said, "What? Pets in the afterlife? ... It's hard to believe!" The transmitted information that pets that have been loved while on earth survive in the afterlife has come from many countries – it’s been repeated over time and space. How do pets survive? Loving your pet, we are credibly informed, raises the vibrations of the pet that make it possible to survive physical death - for a period of time. Those of you who missed the ‘barking’ experience may enjoy hearing the audio. Listen...

In his book Memories and Adventures Conan Doyle describes how a year after his son, Kingsley, died he visited a Welsh direct voice medium and heard the voice of his son who communicated things unknown to the medium. He also describes how he attended a sittine with another medium, this time a materialization medium, and saw both his mother and his nephew fully materialize, something that was witnessed by two others.

QUESTION: How do you reconcile hereditary disease with perfect justice?
“You get the body you have earned. You start this life on earth with what you earned in your last life. You start in one incarnation with what you deserved when you ended your last. But hereditary disease does not put you at an unfair disadvantage, because you each have the instrument (body) that will enable you to fulfill what is necessary for your evolution.” (S.Birch).

According to a Catholic priest now living in the afterlife
“Death-bed conversions are of no avail, since the majority of them are but cowardice born of fear of what is about to happen – a fear of the theologically-built eternal hell that is such a useful weapon in the ecclesiastical armoury, and one that perhaps has caused more suffering in its time than many other erroneous doctrines. Creeds, therefore, do not form any part of the world of spirit, but because people take with them all their characteristics into the spirit world, the fervid adherents to any particular religious body will continue to practice their religion in the spirit world until such time as their minds become spiritually enlightened.” (from LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN, by Anthony Borgia)

This month, a story of inspiration and hope from beyond the grave, a short article 'debunking' the existence of demons, and 3 important Questions answered on the AAEVP Update page: "Should I believe Wikipedia and White Noise?" "What do you think should be studied next for EVP and has progress has been made?”; "I would like to work in survival research. What should I do to begin?" Picture: Rob Smith of EVP Australia. Read more …

CANCER LINKED WITH USE OF MOBILES: Why go to the afterlife before your time? The head of a prominent cancer research institute issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff Wednesday: Limit cell phone use because of the possible risk of cancer.
Herberman is basing his alarm on early unpublished data. He says it takes too long to get answers from science and he believes people should take action now — especially when it comes to children. Read and judge for yourself …

TRANSLATORS: CHINESE, JAPANESE, POLISH, GERMAN and others not dealt with so far, WANTED: FIRST, THANK YOU AGAIN THE TRANSLATORS OF THE FRENCH Edouard Lefevre (he's up to chapter 15) and into HINDI Vijai Krishna : you are doing terrific work spreading the Light to those who speak your languages. If you are a translator of a language that has not been dealt with to volunteer to translate any chapter/s of the book A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE – into Chinese, Japanaese – and German or Danish, Polish or any other language please contact me at your earliest. Email 2008@victorzammit.com

THE 'NEW' PARANORMAL MAGAZINE After being off the shelves for seven months the magazine is back and is honouring all previous subscriptions. The September issue focuses on Exorcists – The Church’s Secret Service take on dark forces, Power of Voodoo and more. info@jazzpublishing.co.uk

SKEPTICS BLUNDER AGAIN!: Somebody put me onto a very silly ‘anti-Victor’ website – run by a couple of uninformed skeptics who show they know nothing about the rules of professional debate - but they are representative of the uninformed skeptics who erroneously keep on saying, "you can't prove the negative …". Read more…

VICTOR ZAMMIT, retired attorney answers your legal questions - nothing to do with the afterlife. People - some of them friends of mine- regularly contact me to help them with their legal problems - in between the afterlife research and writing I do everyday. I do not charge any money for this service. Someone suggested to me that a lot of people could be helped by a question and answer type of presentation. Otherwise they would have to pay a lot of money even for a quick suggestion to the solution of a legal problem. So I am also including interesting legal issues from my files. My legal practice was in Sydney, Australia but there are legal similarities in the English speaking countries - U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and elsewhere where the British law influenced local law - especially at Common Law and in Equity. Statutory laws are exclusive to each country. Technically, I cannot give legal advice - only lawyers who are presently registered as currently practising can give 'legal advice'. However, I am in a position to give guidelines to the legal problems raised. Of course, in any legal matter to be pursued, you are advised to see your own lawyer. I'll be adding two legal questions every week.

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