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May 5th 2017

So many subscribers ask what am I likely to see? Where will I go? How am I going to feel? What can I do to prepare myself for the precious moments when I cross over into the spirit? It is good that people ask these questions - the more they ask the more they get to know. It is most critical to adopt a positive attitude: expect the best.

If you are conscious toward the end, you will be aware of friends and loved ones gathering around you. And sometimes dying people will have a glimpse of paradise and begin to hear beautiful music.

When the spirit-etheric body slips out of the physical body (usually from the top of the head) all pain will be gone. Your body will feel light but solid. You will feel in perfect health, with all memories and the same level of character you had just before your physical body died. You will be met by someone you know and feel positive connection with and/or others who will welcome you to the beautiful afterlife dimension.

Some well known celebrities made the following positive responses as they glimpsed where they were going:
Steve Jobs (pictured left),"WOW!"
Thomas Edison,"It's very beautiful over here"!
Daniel Webster,"I still live!"
Frederic Chopin,"Now I am at the source of blessedness ..."
J von Goethe,"More Light"!
Douglass Fairbanks,"I never felt better ..."
Browning, Eliz. Barrett,"Beautiful!!"

IANDS PANEL ON WHAT NDES TEACH US ABOUT LOVE Johanna Crone-Raestein says her husband was very skeptical about the afterlife but was willing to go to talks with her. He was impressed that many of the speakers were highly intelligent and sincere. Eventually he had his own experience and was convinced. Hear her story at the 7 minute point.

Ann Frances Ellis - Moderator
7min. Johanna Crone-Ravestein
22min Martha Harbison
37 min Roland Comtois

Personal experiences, reported by reliable witnesses, count as a different kind of evidence from laboratory experiments. For example, millions of people in every culture throughout history have reported having a crossed over loved one appear for a few moments, and actually talk to them. Various surveys show that about 20% of students have had out of body experiences. And we have a huge number of mediums who contact the other side and bring through evidential details. These experiences may not be double-blind gold standard laboratory experiments; but often, to the person who has them, they are even more convincing. There's a number of groups on Facebook where researchers share personal afterlife experiences. Some we recommend are:
Afterlife Topics
Afterlife Research and Education Discussion
Evidence of the afterlife
Realms of the Afterlife.

Based on the historical record, as well as a growing body of new experimental studies, we can now gain a glimmering of what our next grasp of reality may look like, along with its pragmatic consequences.

TYPES OF AFTER DEATH COMMUNICATION Recent research shows that people who die make their presence known in a number of ways. These include:
(1) Sensing their presence
(2) Hearing their voice
(3) Feeling their touch
(4) Smelling them
(5) Seeing them as if they were real
(6) Seeing a flat vision of them like a photo
(7) Experiencing one of these while half-asleep
(8) Having a visit in a dream - but the dream is unusually vivid and you do not forget it like a normal dream
(9) Having an out-of-body experience and meeting them
(10) Receiving a telephone call from the person who died (two-way conversations have actually been reported)
(11) Experiencing electrical appliances such as lights, TVs, and radios going on and off
(12) Receiving a symbolic message, sign, meaningful coincidence, or synchronicity.

FROM HOPE-LESS TO HOPE-FUL: THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF HOPE Medium Susanne Giesemann talks about how a group of bereaved parents reacted to the power of evidential mediumship. Suzanne is the author of 11 books including Messages of Hope.

(Takes a few seconds to load)

SUSANNE WILSON AND SUZANNE GIESEMANN, two of the most gifted evidential mediums in the USA, will both be presenting at the Afterlife Research and Education Institute Symposium in Scottsdale Arizona September 15-17th 2017.

They are also doing a special two day workshop TOGETHER in Scottsdale May 20-21, 2017. A very special event which still has a few vacancies.

A SON TALKS TO HIS MOTHER FROM THE AFTERLIFE David Browning crossed into the afterlife and, several years later, carried on regular conversations with his mother and father through Leslie Flint, a direct voice medium. Flint and David's mother and father were the only ones in the room. In the recording, David, in spirit, speaks first. Listen (transcript provided).

"I speak from first hand experience when I tell you of the extreme terror that consumes so many poor souls when their moment of transition has come. Instead of the winter of their earthly lives passing gently into the glorious fresh, fragrant spring of their new life in these lands (afterlife), they arrive here with that terror full upon them. Such beliefs are relics of pure paganism, but the wicked fiction has been kept up and disseminated by the Churches of earth as a measure of inspiring fear into the hearts of their 'faithful'. As a former priest of the church, I regret, deeply and earnestly, that I ever gave tongue to such misguided teaching. And there are hosts of others like me." (Mons. Hugh Benson directly from the afterlife).

GALVANI THE DISCOVERER OF ELECTRICITY WAS RIDICULED We remember that, throughout history, uninformed orthodox scientists have often attacked new ideas and inventions. Here is something of great value stated by one of the world's greatest scientists, Galvani: "I am attacked by two very opposite sects - the scientists and the know-nothings. Both laugh at me, calling me "the frogs' dancing master". Yet I know I have discovered electricity - one of the greatest forces in nature."

SO WHERE IS THE AFTERLIFE? The afterlife is exactly where we are - just on a different frequency. We now know that atoms are 99.999999999% empty space. And, thanks to quantum physics, we now know that subatomic particles (including electrons, protons and neutrons) are not solid either. They are made up of energy. So the world we think of as being solid is, in fact, a sea of energy swirling in empty space.

QUESTION: "I was brought up as a Fundamentalist Christian and was taught, that in St John's Gospel, it says that believing and having faith are what we need to enter into heaven?"

Victor: We now know that everyone will continue to live after physical death - not because of creeds, faiths, dogmas and doctrines - but because crossing over is part of the Natural Law. It's pure physics. No one can change the natural law - no religion, no creeds, no beliefs, no faith. We know that St. John allegedly talks about faith and salvation. But the natural law of survival is equal to the unalterable Law of Cause and Effect - there is no authority on earth or anywhere else that can change these laws.


"You have the divine potential, the divine armoury on which you can call. If that is not sufficient, call on us. We will not fail you.

When you feel tired, frustrated or pessimistic, withdraw from the noisy, strident clangor of your world into the silence of your soul. Gradually attune yourself to all the rich radiance that is around you. Drink in all the beauty. Experience the calm, tranquility, repose and steadfastness that this attunement has to offer.

Then, refreshed, take up the cudgels and start again ... You must continue; you cannot draw back ... Give service whenever you can ...." (S.Birch, Guiding Light)

Ian and Renate McNay run a UK based TV channel broadcasting on the Internet and on various Satellite channels in the UK, Austria, Greece, India, Russia and South Africa. Their quest is to stimulate debate, question, enquire, inform, enlighten, encourage and inspire people in the areas of Consciousness, Science, Non-Duality and Spirituality. Read more... In this interview Renate tells the fascinating story about her own spiritual transformation, out of body experiences and becoming a powerful healer.

WE CONTINUE TO EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY ON CROSSING OVER Many religions say that once we cross over to the afterlife, our level of spirituality will not change. They say that some go instantly to paradise while others go to hell for eternity. Not true! Highly credible information directly from the afterlife tells us that we can continue to learn spiritual lessons at all levels in the afterlife. There is help and opportunity available for anyone who wants to progress to higher even more beautiful spheres through service to others. Our aura will become brighter and more beautiful. There will be many opportunities to continue to spiritually evolve.

Do you know about The Prayer Registry? Founded by Rev Sheri Perl (pictured left) TPR is a free service for all bereaved parents. When you register your child with TPR, his or her name is printed on The Prayer Registry Calendars and every year on the passing date of your child, he or she (as well as you and your family), will receive prayers from the entire Prayer Team, which is made up of bereaved parents who care about each other and each other's children. In this way, we make sure that no one in this situation goes through an anniversary date alone, but instead with the support of many. Read more...

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FEEDBACK: (Three only).

1) Always a never ending source of fascinating & above all, helpful information. Thank you. Linda

2) Dear Victor, Thank you for your wonderful Friday newsletters. It is due to your investigations that we have been able to meet some wonderful people. We are in Europe at the moment & had the most wonderful experience with Scott Milligan at the Banyan Retreat. We could not have asked for anything more & our hearts are so much lighter & happier. My son came through strongly with wonderful evidence. Uma.

3) Victor, I was listening to one of the radio talks from Forever Family Foundation. One gentleman on there said he has been reading your Afterlife Report for 14 years and the other said he has for 8 years. They said you have never missed a report and spoke very highly of you. I have been reading it for a year and find it not only very informative but it helps me in the grief process. Thank you and Wendy for your dedication. Tracy

A really magnificent presentation by his wonderful orchestra and many singers. Sung with much feeling and beautiful expression it is most satisfying to watch.

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.