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July 10th 2015

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COMMENTARY: CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS' COLOSSAL INCOMPETENCE Several closed-minded skeptics keep on referring to Susan Blackmore Ph.D. as the authority that near-death experiences are nothing but hallucinations. However by not understanding what constitutes admissible evidence, she shows she is NOT COMPETENT to deal with NDEs. Is this the best the closed minded skeptics can do?

Alex Tsakiris did an excellent job of showing that Susan Blackmore is completely out of touch with NDE research: in their 2010 interview she admitted she had not read anything on NDEs for 15 years (see interview).Others have shown that her own research qualifications are extremely weak (Carter 2012 pp.106-111).

However I noticed that no-one is challenging her on her failure to rebut the OTHER 95% of the evidence for the afterlife which supports NDEs. Inevitably, the evidence from Out of Body Experiences, Deathbed Visions, Mediumship Research, ITC etc. etc. all supports the validity of NDEs.

My professional experience as an attorney shows that when lawyers take a case to court they have to answer all of the evidence presented. Why is it then that Susan Blackmore never deals with ALL the afterlife evidence which supports NDEs? I seriously advise her to go and see an attorney to educate her and to advise her that without doing this she has no credibility.

SONIA BARKALLAH'S documentary (with English subtitles) brings together cardiologists, neurologists, anaesthetist-ICU doctors, doctors, and psychologists. Leaving the theory of hallucination behind once and for all, and instead focusing on a possible delocalisation of our consciousness, we understand that the hint of a new paradigm is gradually taking shape. (Read more from the French website).

HELP! The International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS) is making a very important NDE research book available to English-speaking audiences. The project involves translating and publishing a recent Dutch book by NDE researchers Titus Rivas, Anny Dirven and Rudolf Smit (picture below right) that details 78 cases of veridical (verified) perceptions and other paranormal aspects of NDEs. Veridical perceptions in NDEs provide the best evidence that the mind has actually separated from the physical body.
Read book synopsis. Help is needed so please consider making a donation to the project.

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe and Dr. Craig Hogan explore the topic of instrumental transcommunication. This episode includes a sample electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) clip of a 3 year old girl who passed to spirit and later left messages that were recorded for the mother to hear. Photos and transimages are provided as examples of how researchers use electronic equipment to communicate with the other side. Concepts covered include: EVP, ITC, Faraday cage, biometrics, recording techniques, and more.


Donna Smith-Moncrieffe continues gathering evidence for the afterlife, this time going where few have gone, into the world of dark séances. Using her finely honed critical skills she makes the reader aware that, far from having died out, genuine physical mediumship still exists. She systematically describes the evidence she personally gathered in a series of paradigm shifting séances held in the United States. Ever the thorough researcher, she conducts fascinating follow-up interviews with witnesses and experts in the field. Her conclusions will stun you. Check out the contents.


Conventional sciences are limited to events which can be measured objectively using the five human senses. However our five senses only operate within a very limited fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Just as animals can detect sound and movement that humans cannot, some humans called "sensitives" can see hear and sense things that others cannot.


DR. ELISA MEDHUS TALKS ABOUT HER AFTER DEATH CONTACT EXPERIENCES After her son Eric committed suicide, Elisa Medhus, a physician raised by militant atheists, found herself in deep grief. Then her father claimed that Eric had appeared to him. Visits to other family members soon followed.



SPACE AND TIME IN THE AFTERLIFE In this information transmitted directly from the afterlife Mons. Hugh Benson tries to give us some idea about travel in the afterlife.

"I can stand before my house and I can think to myself that I would like to visit the library in the city which I can see some "miles" away in the distance. No sooner has the thought passed with precision through my mind than I find myself- if I desired it - standing before the very shelves that I wish to consult. I have made my spirit body - and that is the only body I have - travel through space with the rapidity of thought, and that is so rapid that it is equivalent to being instantaneous! I have covered the intervening space instantaneously, but the space still remains there with everything it contains, although I had no cognisance (awareness) of time or the passage of time."

Conventional physics claims that extraterrestials could never travel at the speeds beyond light needed to cross the immensity of space. But David Ash and Peter Hewitt claim that the fact that UFOs have been seen to appear and disappear shows that they are simply increasing their vibrations and "moving in and out of space time rather than through it (The Vortex, p.70)." Surely this shows yet another reason for scientists to be studying physical mediumship and the phenomena of apports.


Alex Tanous (1926-1990) was a brilliant academic, teacher, psychic medium and healer who worked for many years with the American Society for Psychical Research on psychic experiments. He repeatedly confirmed the phenomenon Out of Body Experiences with scientists Karlis Osis and Boneita Perskari. Read about the Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research.


Police in Brazil are investigating the brutal murder of physical medium and psychic surgeon Gilberto Arruda, 73, who claimed to do psychic surgery on many famous people with the aid of a World War II German doctor, Frederich Von Stein. In a separate incident the glass walls of the tomb of famous medium Chico Xavier were damaged in several places. There has been a wave of similar incidents in recent days, especially in Rio de Janeiro. Evangelicals have been blamed for the violence. "When we see signs of religious intolerance in our city it is very worrying," said the Archbishop of Rio, Orani Tempesta. "I am sure that these attackers are a minority, they are not Christians." Read more..

QUESTION: Victor, which area of afterlife evidence do you think will be the most convincing in the near future?

All areas of the afterlife are convincing and are refining all the time. But two particular areas that are likely to cause a revolution about the afterlife are:

1. MATERIALIZATIONS IN THE LIGHT. The problem we have in demonstrating materializations is that in most cases ectoplasm, the substance extracted from the medium to create the form, cannot cope with light. But if and when sophisticated video cameras that do not emit radiation of any kind are developed it may be possible to physically film materialized spirits.

2. INSTRUMENTAL COMMUNICATION: this is when the image of an afterlife entity, a spirit, is shown on a screen. Some images are being seen and some messages are being taped separately. But imagine how it will be when loved ones are repeatably able to come on a screen and be seen as they leave a message. What is likely to happen in the future is that we will be able to see a loved one, definitely identifiable, on a screen. We may even be able to have a short conversation. Theoretically it is possible because we can get spirit voices on tape and can get images of afterlife entities on a television screen. See Mark Macy's blog.

says Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama. Recent research shows that humans are hardwired for compassion, empathy and kindness. Which explains why videos about kindness are so popular.


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