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February 2007

REPORT February 23rd 2007

COMMENTARY: STUNNING EVIDENCE! WORLD SHATTERING EVENTS! Why are governments spending trillions and trillions of dollars on short term ephemeral matters that are not as critical, not as vital and devastatingly important as having the empirical evidence that we survive death? When every Sunday night we empirically show we have spectacular physical evidence that we continue to survive after physical death, when people who died over a hundred years ago materialize and talk to us and answer questions and show that they have a mind, memory and able to converse with us, why is it that governments ignore it? Here we have an opportunity for governments to show that the afterlife exists, to show what will happen when we die, to show that the fifty virgins are a myth; to show that wars, terrorism and violence are unnecessary; and to show that protection of the environment and genuine co-operation on every level, is the only way to have long lasting peace.

AIR CHIEF MARSHAL LORD DOWDING materializes in Sydney, Australia February 18th 07. The most respected World War II hero who brilliantly masterminded the defeat of the German onslaught in the decisive Battle of Britain talked to us last Sunday night to remind us of the power of our collective thought which is critical at this time. Listen to audio.
Dowding's two books, MANY MANSIONS and LYCHGATE, describe his belief in the continuity of all life while presenting hard evidence of its existence, are classics of survivalist literature. During and after the war, he traveled throughout the country, speaking about his many contacts with those in the astral realms. In these appearances, he offered what he considered irrefutable proof of ongoing existence beyond this physical life. Lord Dowding previously materialized in a physical séance with Colin Fry. Read more…

BRITISH COSMOLOGIST DR FRED HOYLE, “When science begins the study of non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the centuries of its experience.”

. Those uninformed critics keep misinforming the public by stating that I am a ‘believer.’ That is willfully misleading. I do NOT have the luxury of beliefs. Is this the ONLY way these losers and defeatists critics try to score a cheap point by lying, misleading and misinforming? For the record: I am strictly a lawyer using ‘empirical methodology’ – meaning that I use scientific method to measure paranormal phenomena. I have nothing to do with ‘beliefs.’ I do NOT have the luxury of beliefs. All my work is about empirically elicited paranormal information. I can only accept a particular phenomenon when it can be repeatedly and independently substantiated over time and space. That is the basis of my afterlife research – click on BOOK.

‘FRUADSTER, LIAR, SERIAL ADULTERER & HITLER GROUPIE’ – Harry Price, "psychic detective" exposed as ‘charlatan’ states Michael Colmer one of former London’s Fleet Street journalists now with the psychic newspaper PSYCHIC WORLD. Mr Colmer's front page report is about an interesting new book ‘Harry Price – the Psychic Detective’ (Sutton Publishing, Hardback, 18.99 UKP) written by journalist/broadcaster Richard Morris. Michael Colmer says that the book is a must-have for any serious or just curious observer of the post-Victorian psychic scene. The author explains how amateur photographer and conjurer Price, 'deliberately set out arrange ‘stings’ to catch out the leading Spiritualist demonstrators of their day.’ To me it comes across that this fraudster skeptic H Price did things to get media attention and to promote himself. Question: don’t we still see this to-day, when half baked debunkers do the same thing – being dishonestly dirty to get media attention and to promote their own careers?

TIME on Earth in the overall scheme of things is relatively short. We live in a society where commercial giants were able to convince us that the here and now is all that matters! Spend now, spend big and if you do not have any money, go and borrow it from the bank but just keep on spending big, big!!! These commercial materialist giants have been able to make many people think that life on Earth is all there is. “Do all you can to live it up here with NO PLANS for the afterlife” they say. No one argues against good living standards, but empirical afterlife evidence now is absolute and definitive. Some materialists I come across give the impression that they think they are going to live here for the next 3,000 years!! We should understand that TIME on earth is relatively very short and the afterlife ‘time’ is huge. Empirical evidence from the transmitted information keeps telling us that the afterlife consequences are critically important with colossal outcomes. See WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE DIE … click on BOOK top right chapter 29.

"The idea of death, the fear of it, haunts the human mind like nothing else," wrote anthropologist Ernest Becker in his 1974 Pulitzer prize-winning book, The Denial of Death. “Becker explained that to free oneself of death anxiety, nearly everyone chooses the path of repression. We bury the idea of death deep in the subconscious and then busy ourselves with our jobs, partake of pleasures, strut in our new clothes, show off our polished cars, hit little white balls into round holes, escape into fictitious stories in books, at the movies, and on television, experience vicarious thrills at sporting events, pursue material wealth, and seek a mundane security that we expect to continue indefinitely—all the while oblivious to the fact that in the great scheme of things such activities are exceedingly short-term and for the most part meaningless.” So when Michael E. Tymn, approaching his 65th birthday and retirement, told his business associates and friends that he planned to use his free time to "practice death" they must have been shocked. Read more…

Mike Tymn’s website also contains a very interesting account of how skeptical Irish playwright and author H. Dennis Bradley was able to talk to his dead sister for 15 minutes through the materialization mediumship of George Valiantine. What is particularly interesting in the account is that shortly after he received totally convincing evidence the medium was denounced as a fraud. Unable to believe this he sought a sitting with one of the greatest mental mediums of all time to sort out the mystery. Read more....

Three years after it was first issued by a small Christian publisher, Don Piper's 90 Minutes in Heaven, an account of his near-death experience, has (according to The Australian February 12, 2007 ) reached No 6 on The New York Times non-fiction list, and it is the seventh most-borrowed book in US libraries.

Rev. Piper was a committed Christian before his NDE but Atheists have Near Death Experiences as well. The philosophy of Positivism, founded by the famous atheist named A. J. Ayer , is the philosophy that anything not verifiable by the senses is nonsense. Because NDEs mark the end of the senses, Positivists believe the survival of the senses after death is nonsense. But this philosophy has been challenged by its founder A. J. Ayer himself. Later in life, Ayer had a NDE where he saw a red light. Ayer's NDE made him a changed man. Read Kevin Williams' fascinating analysis of the NDE of A.J. Ayer and 50 atheists

DEEPAK CHOPRA DEBATES SKEPTIC ON LIFE AFTER DEATH. “In the end, I realize that Shermer (the skeptic) and I are speaking two different languages. He makes no reference to consciousness, the field, quantum mechanics, advanced neurology, or philosophy. I’d like to hear arguments from someone more up to date in these fields. It’s a strange feeling when somebody in a Model A Ford challenges you to a race when you are in a Lexus, but even stranger when he thinks he’s going to win.” Read debate…

C.G. JUNG, one of the greatest psychiatrists in history, “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”

WHEN THE MOST SKEPTICAL DEBUNKER IN THE WORLD CONCEDED DEFEAT: He was over-critical. He was extremely thorough. Trained in legal thinking he was the demon of the paranormal. On a global level he had the reputation that he would slaughter any psychic/medium he investigated. He destroyed the hard-earned reputation of Madam Blavatsky and other mediums. He was ten times as nasty, as mean and as skeptical as anyone living on earth to-day. He sent reports to the Society of Psychical Research in London that he was going to virtually tear apart this American woman, Mrs Leonore Piper, and expose her as a fraud. But when this skeptical debunker was monitored by impartial non-committed scientists, he reluctantly conceded defeat and admitted that the medium was genuine, that she was highly gifted, that there was no fraud, and that he was wrong about the afterlife. All this is on record with the British SPR. His name? Dr Richard Hodgson, an Australian working in London who traveled to the U.S. to investigate Leonore Piper- the most investigated medium in the history of the paranormal. For more details click BOOK top right, click on chapter 14.

MORE ON DR RICHARD HODGSON: "It is a tribute to the scientific cautiousness and thoroughness of [Hodgson] that he so long persisted in the suspense of judgment that carried him through seven or eight years more investigation before he would allow himself to confess his belief in the scientific evidence for a future life." – James H. Hyslop, Ph.D, LL.D.
Richard Hodgson is believed to have been the first full-time, salaried psychical researcher. During some 20 years of research, Hodgson moved from skeptic and debunker to a staunch believer in psychic phenomena and survival. Born in Melbourne, Australia on September 24, 1855 and raised a Methodist, Hodgson earned his B.A. (1874), LL.B (1875), M.A. (1876) and LL.D (1878) at the University of Melbourne. He then moved to England, entering the University of Cambridge as a scholar of St. John's College while studying Moral Sciences. He apparently chose St. John’s because William Wordsworth, whose works he admired, had attended the school. Read more …

SIR WILLIAM OSTLER, M.D., “The greater the ignorance, the greater the dogmatism.”

PROFESSOR WILLIAM JAMES, “A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous and then dismissed as trivial, until finally, it becomes what everybody knows.”

ROBERT A MONROE, “The greatest illusion is that man has limitations.”

SIR WILLIAM CROOKES, perhaps the greatest scientist in the world in his time, doing the same materialization experiments as our Circle of the Silver Cord does, “I didn’t say it was possible, I just said it happened.”

Victor from some twenty years of afterlife research: “There is nothing more important, nothing as critical, as significant and vital as communicating with afterlife intelligences – which has now become the greatest discovery in human history.”

THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT “The vast majority of the public has an equivocal attitude to the industrial use of animals: they make use of the products of that industry, but are nevertheless a little sickened, a little queasy, when they think of what happens on factory farms and abattoirs. Therefore they arrange their lives in such a way that they need be reminded of farms and abattoirs as little as possible”… Read more...

REPORT February 16th 2007

COMMENTARY: UNLEASH THE SPIRITUAL GIANT WITHIN: Those who can work with intellect as well as with their intuition, their feelings, their determination and their motivation will inevitably reach higher planes of achievement. They will also be led to become long term planners. They will develop a more efficient way of setting priorities and a balanced perception of the important issues of life such what evidence is there for and against the existence of the afterlife. They will also get the insight that life is relatively very short in the overall scheme of things and they would have to have hard core evidence for anything they are prepared to accept. They will also feel that beliefs are uncertain, tentative and subject to complete invalidation - but that empiricism is one of the surest ways to get certainty. They feel their intelligence is extending and feel the power within exuding onto the world. They will accept that anything which can be duplicated over time and space and which yields the same result has a basis for truth rather than just blindly accepting what someone told them to believe which came form the most superstitious time in our history – some three thousand years ago! They will understand that repeatable empirical results negate blind faith, make nugatory all tradition, values and beliefs. The giant power within will be unleashed to make you understand and feel that you were able to maximize the circumstances while you were on this life journey on planet earth.

! If you really have to go to a psychic for a reading, make some enquiries first! Ask for personal recommendations. There are cheats who are heartless in the way they will take money from you. I regularly get complaints. One concerned a decent open-minded skeptic who went to a psychic fair on the USA West Coast. The psychic promised to ‘unblock his creative powers.’ She took him for $250! What did she do? She gave him a tiny crystal worth a few dollars and told him to put it on his belly button for an hour or so every evening!!! People who lose loved ones are most vulnerable- even people who lose a pet. One cheat claiming to be a ‘psychic healer’ charged someone a staggering THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS to help her dear pet get better. What did this cheat give her? A piece of green transparent paper claimed to have ‘magic powers’!!!! If you have to go to a psychic or a medium, it is CRITICAL and ESSENTIAL to go to someone who has a track record of satisfied clients. The cheats and quacks give the many honest, genuine mediums a really stinking bad name.

WHY BELIEFS ARE HARD TO SHIFT: I have a preference for the empirical because I know objective empiricism gives me the truth – the whole truth. Even in my time when I was a psychology student doing experiments dealing with beliefs – the results were fairly dramatic. Those who held the strongest beliefs were the ones who reacted energetically when stimulated with diametrically extreme opposite views. The religious/irreligious stimulations gave the strongest responses. Most interesting, subjects who could not substantiate their subjective religious beliefs would have gone to extreme measures defending their beliefs. They repeated what they were told when they were at a critical age. Something happens, and their beliefs become deeply entrenched – deeply wired up in their nervous system - in their emotions. When this happens, generally, these beliefs are hard to shift. Even when beliefs seem to be irrational, illogical, absurd and sometimes too radical – the mind at a particular sensitive age seems to accept these beliefs without any discrimination. Many of those extremists who suicide ‘to go to meet their fifty virgins’ have the strongest religious conditioning. Some people develop the capacity to transcend these environmentally induced beliefs – others die with them. The best alternative to obtain the truth is by applying ‘empirical testing’ – because anything that is repeated over time and space and yields the same results, that is evidence of repeatable truth. That is how I selected the empirical evidence for the afterlife … click on BOOK top right!

Part 1- 10 mins
Part 2- 10 mins
Part 3- 10 mins

PROFESSOR R DAWKINS is a nice chap, but … he should leave debating issues to the professionals! He said on CNN that it is negative to believe in "another life," as he put it, because ‘it prevents you from living this life to the fullest.’ He also stated that atheists know that this is the only life that you get. Victor states: epistemology is divided into at least two opposing forces – the objective and subjective. Dawkins’ scientism is a ‘belief’ and ALL beliefs are personal and subjective. Anything subjective is itself subject to complete invalidation. So that this Dawkins is ADMITTING that what he believes is subject to complete invalidation!!! As to the afterlife, it is those people who do NOT accept the afterlife who are restricting their life on earth; they can never show that the afterlife does not exist. This means that they will ALWAYS be equivocal, always in doubt, always uncertain about the future. What is definitively most CERTAIN is that Dawkins and every human on earth will DIE one day and he will go on record for not having the skills, the expertise, the empiricism to rebut THE the admissible evidence for the afterlife. What a way to remember this Dawkins!!!! Evidence for the afterlife click on BOOK top right. Thanks to Jeremy for mentioning the CNN interview.

UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA photo collection on one of the most brilliant medical doctors anywhere in the world, Dr Glen Hamilton (Canada) who investigated the afterlife. In his laboratory under strictly controlled conditions he had a battery of fourteen electronically controlled flash cameras which photographed apparitions simultaneously from all angles. Observers present at his experiments included four other medical doctors, two lawyers, and both an electrical and a civil engineer. Each of the witnesses stated strongly and unequivocally that: “time after time, I saw dead persons materialize” (Hamilton 1942). This site is comprisesd of over seven hundred images from the Thomas Glendenning Hamilton Photograph collection. The entirety of the photograph collection has been digitized with the exception of duplicate photographs of the same image. It includes digital reproductions of photographs, stereo photographs, slides, negatives and glass slide negatives, as well as some accompanying textual records. Read more...

Mark July 7th in your calendar!! Al Gore has announced a 24-hour event on July 7 as part of a campaign, Save Our Selves — The Campaign for a Climate in Crisis, that promoters hope will trigger a broad movement to address what the former vice president calls a global climate crisis. What a brilliant way to raise awareness and raise money at the same time. Read more...

OUR MAGNIFICENT EARTH ; satellite pictures of where we are – worth having a look. Thanks to Barbara from Medium2000 for these magnificent pics. View ppt.

PARANORMAL ESPIONAGE POWER. Without doubt, the first country that will be able to control, manipulate and harness non-physical energy will inevitably control the world. Why? Among other things, all national security secrets of targeted countries would no longer be secret; highly gifted espionage mediums would be able to identify secret installations – the way John McMoneagle and Pat Price did for the CIA. In field work, gifted psychic spies will be able to immediately identify enemy agents in their own and other countries – this has also been done to a degree. There is without doubt psychic skills of telepathy – empirically confirmed already – which means a gifted psychic spook will be able to read the minds of a targeted person – to a limited extent this already has been achieved. There is also the possibility to cause malfunctions of electronic weapons using psychic power. A psychic was able to put an electronic switch ‘on’ just using the psychic’s powers. When one day it will be discovered that a particular country has harnessed, manipulated and controlled psychic power at will it will take approximately one hundred years for a rival country to catch up from scratch – if it ever will! Read more about paranormal espionage in the Remote Viewing chapter in BOOK to right, then click on chapter 18.

ARE YOU READY FOR THE FUTURE? "In a time when most of us are barely keeping up with the present, trying to contemplate the future might seem like a pastime best left to sci-fi writers. But with animal-free "meat factories" (growing cloned muscle tissue) already in the early planning stages, silicon chips to boost brain power just around the corner, and the promise of eternal (physical) life only decades away, it seems that reality may soon be stranger than even science fiction.
Are human beings ready for that much change? Do we have the moral and ethical foundation to deal with the coming biotech, nanotech, and artificial intelligence revolutions that will rapidly transform the very definition of what it means to be human? Craig Hamilton takes a hard look at the brave new world ahead and encourages us to embrace the fact that now, more than ever, the future is indeed in our hands. See "Can God Handle the 21st Century?"

I Do Not Heal, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God.
Michael Tyman writes in reviewing this video "It's difficult to continue to be skeptical about the healing abilities of the Brazilian known as John of God after watching this video. There is simply too much sincerity and too much commitment evident in the testimonies of educated, intelligent, and otherwise credible people who have experienced or witnessed his gift of healing through psychic energy. " Read more...

Till we meet again

REPORT February 9th 2007

COMMENTARY: WHY I AM AN ‘EMPIRICAL’ INVESTIGATOR: First, I do NOT deal with ‘beliefs’ at all – I do NOT have the luxury of subjective, personal beliefs. I am not prepared to believe what somebody said some two or three thousand years ago – especially when we do not know who that somebody was, or whether he/she was the original author of a certain document. All personal and religious beliefs are inevitably subjective. ALL beliefs can be changed or modified or even invalidated. Beliefs do NOT have ‘objective authority’. History is littered with examples of time cherished traditional beliefs centuries old which turned out to be invalid. But when experiments repeated over time and space get the same results, it gives ‘OBJECTIVE’ authority. When there is an inconsistency between the objective and the subjective, inevitably, the objective i.e. the empirical will prevail – and will ALWAYS prevail. The Galileo case demonstrated this most important, inviolable principle which is agreed to by all civilized courts and universities in the world. That is why I based my case for the afterlife on some 22 areas of objective empirical evidence- click on BOOK top right.

is gradually and steadily taking over from orthodox, reductionist science. The ‘New Science’ allows for an explanation of non physical energy. Whenever I use the word “science” I will always be referring to the ‘New Science’ unless otherwise stated. Some of the scientists of the ‘New Science’ include Sir Oliver Lodge, Professor John Bockris, Dr Claude Swanson, Dr Ernst Senksowski, Dr Amkt Goswami, Dr Harold Puthoff, Dr Russell Targ- and others. For more about the ‘New Science’ click on BOOK – top right- and click on chapter 25 called QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE and chapter 2 RESPECTED SCIENTISTS WHO INVESTIGATED.

WHY THE "SCIENTIFIC STUDY" OF PSYCHIC PHENOMENA?Psi experiences have been reported throughout history, across all cultures, and at all educational and socio-economic levels. These experiences, variously labeled telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, and psychokinesis, suggest the presence of a deep interconnectedness among all things, and the human capability of directly experiencing that connectedness. The historical persistence of these phenomena suggests that present scientific understanding of basic concepts like mind, matter, space and time are not wrong, but incomplete. “ Dr Dean Radin. Read more on Dean Radin's blog..

BRILLIANT REVIEWS OF THE CONCSIOUS UNIVERSE It is extremely instructive to read the reviews of Dr Dean Radin’s book on Typical is this comment: “Radin's book was a surprise to me. I have been often interested in the paranormal, but have always felt it completely lacked any scientific truth, and was worth little more than entertainment. Eventually, I became very sceptical to any issues that could not be easily accepted by science. This book has made me think twice by finally providing some meta-analysis that convinced me to at least stop to wonder.”

Radin points out himself “ Of the 26 reviews posted 22 are rated 4 or 5 stars. Only 3 reviews give 1 star, and all three of those are posted by one person.” Read more…

A LAWYER DEFENDS THE ABC: The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) was recently unconscionably attacked by a few of the paranormally uninformed closed-minded ‘reductionist’ skeptical journalists for showing the television show PSYCHIC INVESTIGATORS. This is a series which looks at actual cases in the UK and USA in which police officers who investigated murders were prepared to go on camera and testify about the accurate information they received from a psychic during the period of the investigation. Read full report …

ITALIAN EVP REPORT (in Italian language by Daniele Gulla and Professor Lenzi): Professor Lenzi is the consultant to the Italian empirical EVP and ITC laboratory: 'Il Laboratrio". Curriculum Vitae DANIELE GULLA Read the report:

MEMORABLE QUOTE BY DR CARL JUNG, world most respected psychiatrist: “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”

YALE SCIENTIST: Dr Henry Margenau: “to put it bluntly, reductionist science no longer contains absolute truth. The New Science states that the distinction between the natural and the supernatural has become spurious.”

ANTHROPOLOGIST MARGARET MEAD: “The whole-history of scientific advancement is full of scientists investigating phenomena that the establishment did not believe were there.”

A LAWYER REBUTS Dr G.M. Woerlee from Holland who attempts to debunk Near Death Experiences in his book, by what he writes on his website and by the lectures he has given to the skeptics. Initially: what do his works reveal? Read more …

MORE IMPRESSIVE SURVEYS THAT EXPLAIN A GREAT DEAL: Sociologist A Greely stated that 65% of Americans believe in the afterlife. 30% are on the ‘maybe’ list and only 5% are ‘closed minded.’ No wonder Hollywood makes paranormal movies. They deduce that they will bring in up to 95% of the available audience. Reductionist scientists are out of touch with mainstream opinion on the paranormal. Only 7% of members of the National Academy of Science (reductionist scientists) believe in a personal God, compared with 85% of the general population.

REPORT SAYS COMMUNIST CHINESE ‘UNABLE TO SUPPRESS RELIGION’. A poll of about 4500 respondents, conducted by Shanghai's East China Normal University and published on the front page of the Communist Party's English-language flagship, China Daily, found 31.4 per cent of Chinese aged older than 16 are religious- meaning they accept there is an afterlife dimension. Aside from the striking revival in traditional Chinese religions, the other key trend is that it is the young who are increasingly devout. More than 60 per cent of those who described themselves as religious were aged between 16 and 39. Only 9.6 per cent were 55 years or older. Read more..

HIGHLY INTELLIGENT PEOPLE CAN BE VERY WRONG! Very well known in England Lord Kelvin, British mathematician and physicist made some very silly predictions as a reductionist scientist:
“X-Rays would prove to be a hoax.” And, “Heavier than air machines are impossible”! The other skeptic who made some very silly blunderous prediction was U.S. Navy, Rear Admiral George Melville, ridiculed human flight in early twentieth century claiming it was silly to think that machines could fly!! Scientific American in its January 13th 1906 wrote a dirty article claiming the Wright Brothers, the first to fly planes in the U.S., were a couple of ‘hoaxers.’! So that when you come across some reductionist scientist trying to tell you there is no afterlife, remember these abovementioned, sit down and have a good laugh!

DEATH-BED VISIONS, combined with other afterlife research, make possible a fact-based, rational and therefore reasonable belief (acceptance) in the life after death.” Professors Osis and Haraldsson.

“I DO NOT HAVE THE LUXURY OF BELIEFS” Victor. A deeply entrenched skeptical debunker, Richard Saunders states, “This (Victor’s site) is your one-stop shop for belief in anything.” WRONG! He shows he’s confused about beliefs and the acceptance of evidence. The statement is deliberately misleading. That’s most unfair! In relation to the afterlife I do NOT believe in anything especially. I ACCEPT the empirical evidence for the afterlife. Why doesn’t Richard try to show that the evidence is not admissible? I have been waiting some EIGHT years for scientists and negative empiricists and the likes of Richard to rebut the evidence for a whopping one million dollars cash. But by conduct, the informed skeptical debunkers now accept that when the afterlife evidence is empirical it is IMPOSSIBLE to rebut.

MOST INTERESTING SPIRIT EXPERIENCE: Michael reminded me of this very evidential spirit communication: “Over the years I have read hundreds of accounts of spirit communication through mediums. People sometimes ask me to name the most interesting case I have come across. I tell them it is the story told by Dr. Neville Whymant, a British professor of linguistics, in his 1931 book, Psychic Adventures in New York. Whymant, who is said to have known 30 languages, was visiting New York City in 1926 and was invited to attend a séance at the home of Judge and Mrs. William Cannon on Park Ave. Whymant had never before attended a séance and was quite skeptical, even though he knew William Cannon to be a highly-respected lawyer and judge. Read full report …

From last week

Report 2nd February 2007

COMMENTARY: An associate professor lowering university standards – at the University of Minnesota Morris: This Associate Professor shows he’s too cowardly to rebut the empirical evidence for the afterlife. His attempt to attack me also shows that this Myers does not have the intellect to rebut my admissible psi empirical evidence. Otherwise he would have rebutted the evidence. Read full article:

NOBEL LAUREATE PROF BRIAN JOSEPHSON, UNITED KINGDOM. Cambridge-based Nobel prize winner Professor Brian Josephson has always been keen to champion empirically based paranormal and he does so again in New Scientist (9 December 2006) in its special “Lone Voices” feature which profiles or interviews scientists with views that differ from the mainstream. In an interview with Alison George, he discusses, among other things, his views on the paranormal and cold fusion, revealing: “There are in fact a lot of scientists who believe telepathy exists, but they keep quiet about it.” From Roy Stemman’s PARANORMAL REVIEW Read More...

DISTINGUISHED INVESTIGATORS WHO FOUND EVIDENCE OF SURVIVAL. Read this list of distinguished researchers who found evidence of survival compiled by Michael E. Tymn

DR DANNY PENMAN PHD, a leading British science journalist investigated medium Sally Morgan, expecting to be able to expose her as a fraud. He writes: “ I was trained to be a cynical hard-nosed scientist. My PhD in biochemistry taught me that logic, rationality and devotion to the truth are the most important qualities for any scientist. When I became a journalist, I kept these values close to my heart. Recently my ‘rational' view of the world was shattered. “ After a very convincing personal reading he tried to rule out every possible conventional explanation. Then he sent along three anonymous customers equipped with the latest surveillance gear to prove she was a fake who duped unwitting customers..... the results were astonishing.
Read the full story…

NOT 'BELIEFS', BUT HARD CORE 'EMPIRICAL' AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE. In relation to the afterlife I do NOT believe in anything especially. I ACCEPT the empirical, hard core evidence for the afterlife. I have been waiting some EIGHT years for the reductionist experts, other scientists and negative empiricists to rebut the evidence for a whopping one million dollars cash. But by conduct, now the informed skeptical debunkers accept that when the afterlife evidence is empirical it is IMPOSSIBLE to rebut. Their failure to rebut is not a matter of extreme cowardice, it is an empirically based observation.

NO PARDON FOR HELEN DUNCAN? Helen Duncan’s legal team received a reply from the British Government not to grant Helen Duncan a ‘pardon.’ (See Book Chapter 11). It was not expected that Helen Duncan would be given a pardon. Lawyers and other informed investigators know very well that Helen Duncan was jailed because she was a genuine medium and information that she gained through paranormal activities convinced the Admiralty that she was too dangerous to be out free just before D-Day invasion. There would be many conservative forces in England who would not want to upset the Court’s ruling of guilt. However, experts have stated, that she was NOT given a fair trial when she was charged with being a fraudulent medium. Helen Duncan was denied justice when she offered to demonstrate to the jury and the court that she was not a fraudulent medium. THAT was denied. That is like the police charging you with theft, then denying you the right to show you did not steal anything. Too many in Britain, regard the Helen Duncan episode as the greatest injustice done to a medium in modern times. Her legal experts are considering taking the matter to the European Court of Human Rights where experts have stated they are confident she will be freed from all guilt.

In England Derek Oglilvie says he wants to apply for that skeptical debunker’s world’s most ridiculous fraudulent million dollars challenge!!! Could I again remind genuine, gifted psychics and mediums NOT to fall for the cheap trick of the promise of a million dollars by some skeptical-debunker - for demonstrating your psychic abilities. There is NO real challenge! He has NO INTENTION to pay a cent. I advised all psychics and mediums in the past, as I will advise Derek Oglilvie, who claims to be able to read babies’ minds. By all means get your abilities validated by empiricists. But For heaven’s sake, don’t get sucked into this one. DON’T waste your time; DON’T fall for this charlatan’s tricks; DON’T be silly thinking he’s got a genuine offer. DON’T even think that there is going to be an honest appraisal of your skills. This debunker will USE you to push his own pernicious materialist propaganda. He’ll chew you up then spit you out. Don’t fall for cheap tricks which are nothing but propaganda. He is on record for saying to Prof Rawlings, “I will ALWAYS have a way out of paying ..” GET THE MESSAGE?

: In his new book Entangled Minds (2006) Dr Dean Radin contends that those who think that science has no place for the paranormal do not know what they are talking about. He writes: “new discoveries in science are forcing an expansion to ideas of who and what we are, and that those who are most hostile to this topic know little or nothing about the evidence”. Click on BOOK top right, chapter 25

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ANTI-PARANORMAL TERRORISTS: lately we are getting what I call ‘anti-paranormal’ terrorists who are unconscionably lying, cheating and misleading people round the world about the validity of the paranormal. Notice very carefully, they do NOT try to rebut the expressly stated objective evidence for the afterlife. They bypass that because now, at last, by conduct they have conceded that they cannot rebut the stunning evidence. Last week I mentioned that uninformed Harvard Professor who showed he had not done his homework about the empirical paranormal. He showed he had no idea that the paranormal has been empirically validated. There is the historical work of Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Crookes, Sir William Barrett and other recent scientists I mentioned in my chapter on QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE ASTERLIFE click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 2 and 25.

COMPULSORY PSYCHIC TESTS AT HIGH SCHOOL?: we are informed that China has compulsory psychic tests for all children attending schools to select gifted students who have the potential to develop their psychic ability. Primarily, the Chinese do this for military intelligence. If this is the case, inevitably, China will control the world politically, as in political dominance, there is no power greater than psychic power. Naturally enough, the skeptical debunkers try to reduce the importance of the paranormal. But when a huge, secular country like China does huge research into the paranormal, it means we in the West are on notice that we could very seriously remain a secondary power, lagging behind China in the near future. Somebody emailed me with the suggestion that we in the West ought to offer children a psychic aptitude test to isolate those who show remarkable psychic ability to train them for national security matters. Paul Dong and Thomas E Raffill in their book, China's Super Psychics, state: “China's vast population, encouraged by a government that assiduously promotes psychic research, has developed an unusually high percentage of practitioners with psychic abilities. It is estimated that China now has five thousand psychic children, three to five-hundred psychic adults, and more than thirty super psychics.” Go to Super Psychics in China click on BOOK top right chapter 18.

Victor J Zammit interviewed by C. Andrea. Question: What advantages, if any, do you have being a lawyer in the study of the afterlife?

Victor. My comparative advantage as a lawyer is that I have expertise in what is admissible evidence. My experience shows that not all scientists and not all psychologists and empiricists really fully understand what is admissible evidence. In addition to my formal qualifications in law, I also am formally qualified in scientific method. The combination of evidence with scientific method is a huge advantage for me when dealing with the afterlife and the paranormal. Read more

it is very interesting that among over two and a half billion Christians, Moslems and Hindus, no religion appears to be making the preservation of the environment a major issue!!. The latest craze from the Catholics is a war against ‘masturbation’ and divorce. Is there anything wrong in the Churches and Spiritual leaders helping to make a contribution by educating their followers to consume less energy? To find ways to reduce consumption of food, water, electricity, gas? To remind that people that we have a duty not only to look after our mind, body and spirit, but after our own planet, which experts tell us is in deep trouble !!

REINCARNATION: MICHAEL TYMN writes an very interesting article on REINCARNATION: “Many people believe in reincarnation, many don't. Few people, however, give any consideration to the possibility that the truth might be somewhere between the extremes of believing and not believing. It may very well be that reincarnation is not quite what it is thought to be by the believers and non believers. My pursuit of a spiritual path began 15 years ago with books by and about Edgar Cayce, the famous American healer who, during trance, often tapped into the “Akashic Record” to examine a person's past lives and the relationship of his or her current afflictions to those lives. After reading Dr. Ian Stevenson's Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation and psychiatrist Brian Weiss' Many Lives, Many Masters, I pretty much accepted reincarnation as fact. also click on BOOK top right, click on chapter 24

THOSE WHO ATTACK VICTOR ZAMMIT: some 'Mickey Mouse terrorist' is trying to attack me! There's someone - Skunknic a member of CSI - trying to be ridiculous by defacing my website and my name - he's as funny and popular as a worm in a bird's nest. He's got to steal 'hits' - that's the ONLY way he can get some notice. These closed-minded skeptics have become really desperate for some attention. After some EIGHT years waiting, is this the best CSI can do to rebut my afterlife empirical evidence? Click on A LAWYER ON THE SKEPTICS top, left column.

SADDAM HUSSEIN: was it right to hang him? We are informed that he was guilty of some genocide of the Kurds, that he was a brutal dictator – but he must have had support because of what we see in Iraq to-day. Saddam Hussein is very likely to be roaming the darker astral level in the afterlife and would be confused by his predicament. Experts tell us that potentially, in the afterlife, he still can do a lot of harm. The character of the individual does NOT change one iota on crossing over. This means he could do a great deal of damage urging anti-US terrorists to be more brutal. Experts tell us it would have been better to have imprisoned him for life under severe conditions.
C.J. DUCASSE, American philosopher: “Assertions of impossibility are based on the metaphysical creeds of the scientists of the day.”

1990 GALLUP POLL conducted in the United States showed among other things:
75% of Americans believe they had one or more psychic experiences.
25% had experienced telepathy
17% communicated with the deceased. In 2001: Updated polls shows that “Americans have significantly increased their belief in psychic, paranormal and occult phenomena over the past decade”.


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