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May 2005

27th May 2005

just some years ago there were those who claimed that acupuncture has no value at all – calling it ‘quackery’. These materialists and closed minded skeptics denigrated, belittled and ridiculed the therapeutic and remedial use of Chinese acupuncture claiming it was ‘not scientific’. To-day, these orthodox observers have had to swallow their pride and ignorance and admit that acupuncture works – and in some instances is superior to Western ‘drugs.’ Medical researchers Dr George Lewith and Dr Peter White from the University of Southampton’s Complementary Medicine Research Unit, repeatedly empirically validated the effectiveness of acupuncture. Western scientists witnessed in China patients being operated on with open heart surgery – their chests cut open – with no drugs at all- only needles in critical places. The situation is identical with the paranormal. We still have a few orthodox adherents and ‘luddites’ (who refuse to accept empirically validated innovation)who are refusing to accept the objective evidence for the afterlife because they do not bother to investigate. Why not? Because they say in ignorance – the paranormal does not exist so why should we investigate it? For the level headed, there is plenty of objective evidence that the paranormal does exist and as in the case of it is only a matter of time for its complete and absolute universal acceptance.

Do you think that being around for two thousand years gives a personal belief any validity? Of course not! Not only that – are you not entitled to question who came up with that belief? Are we not entitled to question what character and motive that person had at the time? Are we not entitled to question ALL ancient beliefs? We just cannot assume that ancient beliefs we accept to-day are valid. We must TEST ALL beliefs for their validity. Don’t those religionists in Churches to day who are asked to recite what was made up in the year 325AD – the NICEAN CREED – or those who accept everything in the Bible - have a right to question whether those beliefs are valid and relevant to-day? I am NOT anti-Christian or anti-religion – you can believe what you like. ALL beliefs are ‘personal’ and they could be absolutely wrong. Since religionists do not have the substance of empirical validity, all information they regard as sacred is subject to complete invalidation. Continuous refinement demands that we should question, investigate and examine all beliefs and assumptions. But any information which can be independently substantiated for validity will stay with us permanently and will stay irrefutable and irrebutable. That is how my research on the objective evidence for the afterlife was prepared: click on BOOK top right.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: why do you support the writings of Silver Birch and White Eagle and question the validity of the Bible?
Victor: First, I question ALL writings – especially information which it is claimed was transmitted from the afterlife. I apply tests of validity whenever I can. I test to see if the writings are relevant. I judge by the results – using my intelligence. Mediumship of different gifted mediums has been empirically tested for validity for over a century. All writings of Silver Birch came through the mediumship of Maurice Barbanell. Although there are some beautiful things in the Bible, it has too many fundamental inconsistencies which we have to question and examine. Read more …”

regarding the validity of gifted psychics with premonitions, pre-cognitives and others who have an excellent record of telling the future: “the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

AN INTELLIGENCE FROM THE AFTERLIFE WITH A MESSAGE: “We are not evangelists conducting mass meetings and capturing people in the heat of emotionalism. We labor to ensure that individuals become convinced, one at a time, that they are satisfied with the evidence they have received that they will continue after physical death, and they are also satisfied that what we have to teach neither insults their intelligence nor makes their reason revolt. We must win you by evidence, by reason , by intelligence, by affection and by co-operation.” Silver Birch, a highly credible afterlife intelligence from the book MORE PHILOSOPHY OF SILVER BIRCH (1988 ed. Page 143).

DOES RACISM EXIST IN THE AFTERLIFE? Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that on crossing over absolutely nothing changes: our beliefs do NOT change at all. How we behaved on earth will have a direct bearing on the vibrations of our duplicate body known empirically as etheric body (soul/spirit). Racists – those who believe there is a link between race/color skin and superiority will inevitably be lowering their etheric body’s vibrations while on earth. On crossing over, those racists with relatively lower vibrations will go to a realm which can accommodate their level of vibrations – usually unpleasant and lower than those who have been more spiritual while on earth.

THE NATIVE AMERICAN experienced tough times. We certainly do not know what karmic circumstances were operative at the time. The negatively prejudicial and the deep-seated racist will say that the Native American is ‘savage’ or has ‘lower intelligence’ than the ‘white’ colonists. The spiritual perspective is that we are ALL one, and human achievement is not related to race or gender or color or creed. Some indigenous cultures, such as the Native Americans, have enormously rich knowledge of spirituality and the use and control of non-physical energy– far superior that anything we know in the Western world.

ARTHUR FINDLAY : the greatest psychic historian of the twentieth century and Bible analyst. Arthur Findlay, born in Scotland, wrote several best selling books including : On The Edge Of The Etheric, The Curse Of The Ignorance, The Psychic Stream, The Rock Of Truth. His research and his questions are most relevant to us to-day. With absolute certainty, he will shock the daylights out of you with what he has to say about early Christianity, about Jesus and about our present beliefs. He asks you to be empirical, to be impartial, to use your mind not your conditioned emotions or entrenched bias. He examines where Christian religious beliefs came from. Do the research yourself about the accuracy of what he has to say. I suggest obtain a copy of THE ROCK OF TRUTH – to shake off the assumptions and any complacency and inertia regarding where to-day’s beliefs came from. I will be extracting critical parts from The Rock Of Truth next week.

RADIO NEXUS a new radio station based on the articles contained in the alternative science Magazine Nexus. Conducted by professional broadcaster B Eaton it provides fascinating listening. One of the first items I listened to was on the violent history of Buddhism. Many items challenge the existing obsolete assumptions of organized orthodoxy

RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS’ ‘THE PHYSICS OF BELIEFS’ - a book explaining how science can prove the existence of God. A Most important book for all – especially for Western theologians. Dr Vitaly Urievich Tikhoplav - PhD, Doctor of engineering, physicist, grant¬ed ? number of patents - works as ? researcher in the field of developing unique gas industry, machinery. Vitaly has written over 10 books together with his wife, Tatiana Serafimovna Tikhoplav (also ? PhD). The books present ? collection of sen¬sational information proving the exis¬tence of God, Subtle World and immortality. The authors say: "Our purpose was to show the leading role of the Creator in the world. We collected a lot of materials: scientific evidence, results of recent researches done by best experts. They ?ll indisputably prove that the world was created and is ruled by God." Over ? million readers in Russia and other countries read their books and learned about their greatest scientific dis¬coveries. In 2004 Tatiana and Vitaly gave ? number of very successful lectures where they spoke about their books, answered the readers' questions. Those who became familiar with their work anticipate new titles and look forward to their new lectures. Read more ...

20th May 2005

BRAZIL ACCEPTS THE PARANORMAL and the afterlife. Sonia Rinaldi from Brazil (right), a leading afterlife researcher has emailed me with some brilliant results of her research. More about Sonia next week. Allen Kardec – a world famous spiritualist writer has made a huge impact in Brazil – he was able to obtain information from afterlife intelligences. His classic THE SPIRITS BOOK contains excellent high quality information about other dimensions and what happens in the afterlife. He is regarded very highly by many people around the world for the volume of afterlife information he collected which has since been cross- corroborated. Any intelligent person – irrespective of personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs will find Kardec’s afterlife information invaluable.

ARGENTINA accepts the paranormal and the afterlife. I’m informed by Ricardo, a friend who comes from Argentina, that acceptance of the paranormal and the afterlife is widespread there. Argentina is one of the countries in this world which has a special television channel ‘INFINITY’ showing paranormal and afterlife documentaries 24 hours a day. I suggest all leading countries follow the example of Argentina. Why? Because the paranormal and the afterlife are the ultimate frontiers of knowledge on this planet earth.

AUSTRALIAN BILLIONAIRE KERRY PACKER, media mogul, has not responded to my challenge about the afterlife- for very good reasons. Two journalists, including the witty Jo Casimanto who writes in the Australian mainstream newspaper THE TELEGRAPH, reported that billionaire Kerry Packer ‘died temporarily’ but did not have a Near Death Experience or an Out of Body Experience. These journalists suggested to Kerry Packer to respond to my $1million challenge – (see right column). Kerry Packer said, “I did not see anything” and implied there is nothing after this life. I then sent him (and other professors and scientists) my book about the objective, empirical evidence for the afterlife. I am still waiting for a reply. My interpretation of their silence is that they finally understood that it is not the personal subjective beliefs, but the objective hard core empirical afterlife evidence that eventually got through to them. Well done Kerry, join the club – crossing over is inevitable – so will be your survival in the new afterlife dimension. Click on BOOK top right.

TORTURE NEVER JUSTIFIED. Amnesty International reports that some 75% of world governments use torture to punish, interrogate and inflict horrible pain on prisoners and this week some “philosophers” have been trying to justify it. We really do not know what happened in Iraq – but the fact that U.S. Special Reservist Harman was found guilty of torture in Iraq provokes us to look into the issue more closely. I was recently informed about the systematic torture used by the Japanese in the Philippines in World War Two. WARNING: cruelty is extremely karmic. Those who inflict pain onto others will themselves one day be subject to the same pain, humiliation and suffering themselves. In some instances those who inflicted cruelty systemically will find themselves in the darkest spheres for centuries – even for thousands of years. The universal Law of Cause and Effect always operates on planet earth and in the afterlife dimension and NO ONE has the power to alter that law.

TELEVISION SERIES ‘MEDIUM’ -ALLISON DUBOIS AND HER ATTACKERS. The television program based on the experiences of medium Allison is consistent with empirically elicited information about the paranormal. It is no wonder the program is attacked by those defeatists and losers negative materialists making all kinds of negative claims about Allison. Allison told one thick headed materialist: put up or shut up! Meaning this materialist should take on my $1 million challenge or to keep his big mouth shut. My message to these losers and defeatists is that at the present time no police force will openly admit they employ psychics. I was once with a law enforcement agency and with absolute certainty know that really gifted psychics were being used to assist in crime detection. Those closed minded materialist skeptics are being foolish trying to email(!) police officers asking them if they employ psychics in their investigations – how naïve and unimaginative!

NATASHA DEMIKINA CASE: MICROBIOLOGIST JULIO SIQUEIRA HAS BEEN EXAMINING THE CONDUCT OF THE CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS in the Natasha Demkina case. He writes "At long last, in May 2005 (after two postponings...), Prof Ray Hyman (retired) published the report, in the Skeptical Inquirer, about the sloppy tests conducted by the debunkers on Russian "psychic" Natasha Demkina. Anyone seeking trustworthy information about the event will be fooled one more time by these so called "skeptics". One wonders: Will this ever end?" Read more …

FLORIDA CONFERENCE ON AFTER-DEATH COMMUNICATION. Some of the world’s leading M.Ds, Ph.Ds and others will meet to discuss the paranormal and the afterlife from 7:30 P.M.on Friday June 17 2005 to 4:30 P. M. Monday June 20th 2005 in Orlando, Florida. Keynote address - PRAGMYTHIC BELIEF AND MAKE-BELIEF - Alan Nordstrom, Ph.D., English Professor at Rollins College since 1969. Other highlights include THE LIVING SOUL – Prof. Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D. a board certified forensic psychiatrist, Rev. Mark Spivey, M.A.,M.S.W.. There will also be talks by James E. Beichler, Ph.D., Professor of Physics at West Virginia University, Dr Pat Madden Sullivan, Ph.D.., Bill Guggenheim, Professor Louis E. LaGrand, Ph.D., CT, Professor Emeritus at the State University of New York, Professor Sylvia Hart Wright, M.S., M.A., retired librarian and City College of New York Professor Dr Berthold E. Schwarz, M.D.- a psychiatrist and Associate Editor of The Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, Vero Beach, FL. Donald R. Morse, DDS, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Temple University, author of over 200 scientific articles and 15 books will talk on CAN SCIENCE PROVE THE SOUL, THE AFTERLIFE AND GOD? -. For more details:

FORGIVENESS OF SINS? A number of people wanted clarification from last week’s item on the ability and capacity of religious people to completely forgive your ‘sins’- your transgressions, so that your crossing over will not have problems. My research shows that there is no one on earth who can cheat the universal law of Cause and Effect, no one. No religious person – no priest, no Bishop, no Cardinal, no Pope, no Rabbi, no Mullah, has any power to forgive ‘sins’ – mainly transgressions against other people. The Catholic Church has to think again on this one because its “sacrament of absolution” is not consistent with information elicited empirically. Highly credible information states that only the people we transgressed against have the power to forgive us on earth or in the afterlife. Otherwise, Silver Birch, a most highly credible afterlife Master informs us, cosmic justice would be a joke. Every negative deed, every heinous, cruel and selfish act committed against others has to be experienced by ourselves– not as punishment – but as a learning experience. We will feel the same negativity, same pain and suffering, the same cruelty we inflicted. I repeat – NO ONE ON EARTH HAS ANY POWER TO CHANGE THAT – no matter how wealthy you are or how much money you try to bribe the clergy with. It is sheer nonsense for those who cheat, lie, deceive and are cruel and selfish to pay a priest big money to obtain instant forgiveness and attain a place in ‘heaven.’ On crossingover, afterlife physics becomes automatically and instantly operative irrespective of who you are – king, queen, president, dictator, psychologist or a street sweeper.

AFTERLIFE PHYSICS Hugh Benson in life was a high profile monsignor in the Catholic Church. His friend, medium Anthony Borgia, claimed that after his death he came through with powerful descriptions of the afterlife. The following of taken from highly recommended book Facts (1995ed).
”The kind of life which every soul leads upon earth reacts directly upon his spiritual counterpart: in other words. A person’s spirit body will possess just that degree of light which is resultant from his life on earth. If his life has been bad in every sense, then his spirit body will possess little or no light. The sphere to which he goes in the afterlife will possess exactly the same degree of light as the spirit body itself, no more, not less.” Benson then goes on to draw the analogy with fish that can only live at the depth of the ocean they are fitted for by their physical construction.

HITLER - QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What would have happened to Hitler and his generals when they committed suicide – shooting themselves in the mouth in the last hours in the bunker in Berlin in 1945?
Victor: for ‘general’ suicide see next item below. But Hitler, inevitably, is something quite exceptional. Historians inform us he was responsible for the deaths of some 50 million people in world war two – including the massacre of six million Jews. We have general principles and laws that govern human conduct. For example information transmitted from the afterlife states that if a person kills two people that the murderer would have to experience what he caused others. How would this fit in with Hitler’s 50 million dead? That would take millions of years by earth’s time in the darkest Astral to atone for what he did. In the overall scheme of time, several million years may sound a long time by earth’s standards – but is only a twinkle of an eye by universal ‘time’. We really do not know enough about this very special case. But from everything we do know, putting his luger in his mouth to blow his head off was just a beginning and Hitler and his generals will have to pay the price for their willful and deliberate cruelty.

SUICIDE AND THE SOUL: a number of people over the last sixteen years asked me about suicide – what happens to those who suicide. The authority comes from highly accredited Silver Birch: the worst case scenario is very ugly – those who commit suicide could find themselves in the lower Astral – a dark grayish realm- for hundreds even thousands of years. But Silver Birch says motivation for suicide will be critical. Suicide to deliberately casue someone else grief will be treated differently to suicide where death is inevitable. One of the best sources of information on the effects of suicide is on Kevin Williams page….

JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES: more critical information from Mons Hugh Benson: a message directly from the afterlife classic – LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN by Anthony Borgia. The sender of the information Mons. Robert Hugh Benson was a Catholic priest. Here he talks briefly about what he experienced on crossing over. “I have said that my mind was alert. That is an understatement. I discovered that my mind was a veritable storehouse of facts concerning my earthly life. Every act I had performed, and every word that I had uttered, every impression I had received; every fact that I had read about, and every incident I had witnessed, all these, I found, were indelibly registered in my subconscious mind. That is common to every spirit person who has had an incarnate life.” From LIFE IN THE WORLD UNSEEN by Anthony Borgia (p189, 1997 6th ed.)

DEATH OF BISHOP WHO ACCEPTED PARANORMAL. (Courtesy of Angus Huck): Bishop Hugh Montefiore, died last week aged 85. Bishop Montefiore was one of a small group of Christian clerics who not only acknowledged the reality of psi and communication with the deceased, but recognised that for Christianity to have a long-term future it should accommodate the truth rather than attempt to suppress it. Note that Montefiore was a protege of Bishop Mervyn Stockwood, who once said "thank God for mediums". In 2002, Montefiore published a book entitled "The Paranormal: A Bishop Investigates", where he explored and expounded his views.

AFTERLIFE HUMOR – in response to an appeal for afterlife humor, here it is – a variety of jokes – naturally some are better than others.

Till next week time - have a good week! Victor

6th May 2005

BOOK OF THE WEEK: IS THERE AN AFTERLIFE? by scientist Professor David Fontana. “In this book Prof Fontana accepts that while evidence is often disputed “much of the phenomena is inexplicable without some form of survival”. He discusses the possible nature of the afterlife, the common threads in Western and Eastern traditions, the common features of many levels, group souls and reincarnation. More later.

'SENSING MURDER' PSYCHICS BEAT ORTHODOX SCIENCE! next Tuesday 10th May to be shown on Sky T.V. in the UK on the Living Channel at 10.30 p.m. Thanks to John J L Wright for reminding me on this one.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: “You said a few weeks back that Emperor Constantine was not a Christian when he organized the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. – you said the decisions of this Council shaped the thinking, values, Christian afterlife beliefs, perception and beliefs of the ‘Western mind’ up till the present day. Why do you say he was not a Christian when you admit that he organized this Council at Nicea?”

Victor: It is true that it was Emperor Constantine who made Christianity the religion of the Roman Empire. There is no dispute about that in history. Neither is there any dispute that Constantine was the one who determine what Christians were to believe and he was the energy behind the first Christian ‘Bible.’. And he was the one who made it mandatory to recite the Nicean Creed – this being done even to-day – at every Christian ‘mass’ or service. But Constantine had not been baptized at the time of the Council of Nicea. He did not want to be baptized until the last moments of his life because he mistakenly believed that baptism would remove all his sins and he would enter heaven straightaway without any problems – as some Christians believe even to-day. So Constantine could not have been a “proper” Christian because he was NOT baptized. History tells us that he was a brutal emperor who brutally murdered six members of his family – including the murdering of his own wife by pushing her into a bath of boiling water and the beheading of his own 11 year old son. And even after he was baptized (9 days before he died) he was still organizing family murders.

ON ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: I’ve had a number of materialists including a few professors in the past trying to tell me that the afterlife and psychic phenomena do not exist! They come up with the illogical, irrational assumption that just because they do not accept the afterlife, then the afterlife does not exist. Or they come up with this nonsense repeating the idiocy of that notorious flamboyant materialist from the East, “Oh, no one can prove the negative!”. Negatively minded psychologists are usually ignorant about the admissibility of evidence. They confuse ‘anecdotal’ evidence with expressly stated evidence. Where, they ask, is this evidence? All they have to do is to click on BOOK top right and there are some twenty three areas of EXPRESSLY stated evidence. When they do, they are shocked by the existence of substantive empirical afterlife evidence and disappear quietly into the wilderness – taking time out to either accept the empirical evidence and the inevitability of the afterlife or to dig in, bury their head in the sand and remain stubborn in their negative beliefs.

JUST BRILLIANT! ‘MEDIUM,’ the television weekly shows based on the experiences of brilliant medium, Allison Dubois, from Arizona. The best of its type in the history of television. Conceptually, the show is consistent with empirically elicited psychic phenomena – telepathy, accessing the Akashic records (the collective unconscious), clairvoyance, clairaudience, apparitions and communication with those who passed on.

PSYCHIC PHENOMENA IN JAPAN! “The activities of Japan Psychic Science Association (JPSA) were started in December 1946. JPSA was later granted as a juridical foundation, and now it is one of the largest organizations in Japan, promoting spiritualism and conducting psychical research. Traditionally, we have been providing the members with the opportunities for meditation, psychic reading, and healing by qualified psychics. Scientific research has also been conducted by a team of scientists and engineers, and it is noteworthy that the results of psychokinetic measurements using an electronic random event generator were presented at the annual conference of Japanese Society for Parapsychology in 1993 and 1995. The effort in scientific research is still going on.” Read more …

SPIRITUAL HEALING. Judge by results. Often I get people asking me about spiritual healing. Regard a gifted healer as ‘pure gold.’ I came across some superb research in spiritual awareness and healing which contains extensive references to healing studies, healing therapies, resources and links by Medical Doctor Daniel J Benor. Check out his WHOLISTIC HEALING RESEARCH WEBSITE. Daniel also edits a peer-reviewed International Journal of Healing and Caring which carries clinical reports and research in Spiritual awareness and healing.

BELIEFS v GOOD WORKS I do not for one moment want people to think that I want to change their beliefs. You can keep your beliefs. You can be a Christian, Hindu, Moslem, Jew, Buddhist, Pantheist– even an ‘atheist’ or ‘agnostic’ or a deist or anything else you may believe or not believe in. I do NOT have the luxury of ‘beliefs’ and in the overall scheme of things beliefs are irrelevant. I do not ‘believe’ - I ACCEPT the empirical evidence for the afterlife. We are credibly informed by those who are regarded as Masters that it is not what you believe in that will determine what will happen to you on crossing over, but what good selfless deeds you did that will make a huge difference.

THE AFTERLIFE: This week in Sydney a highly controversial once high profile multi-millionaire stockbroker, Rene Rivkin, committed suicide at the age of 60 years. He did not accept the afterlife and obviously had not done any investigating. You may be a bigshot, billionaire or in computers or you may be a prostitute or a politician, a leading lawyer, stockbroker or a physicist, or psychologist, teacher, office worker, academic, sales professional or a humble manual worker; you may be religious or irreligious; or the average decent person. You may be a terrorist, an honest or a crooked spook, or an honest or a corrupt cop or you may be an evil doer or a closed minded skeptic, materialist, debunker – but whatever you may be, ULTIMATELY you and I - we all have to INEVITABLY cross over – we all have to DIE! Do yourself a huge favor and start investigating now. Read with an open mind the empirically validated evidence for the afterlife and what happens when you die in the Book- top right.

ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF PSYCHIC SCIENCE by FODOR. For the serious investigator this is a detailed explanation of the many aspects of psychic phenomena. From A to Z – e.g. apparitions, clairaudience, clairvoyance down to table turning and xenoglossy. Make a note of the webpage and refer to it as often as you like – you can even download all the contents. It runs into hundreds of pages but is very well organized. Read more …

SAVE YOUR CASH! BE CAREFUL, BE DISCRIMINATING when choosing a medium. There are quacks, cheats, liars and conmen and conwomen who will skin you of your hard earned income. Do NOT go just to ANY medium. Be sensible, be intelligent and do your own research to find a ‘gifted’ accurate mediums. There are cheats who are NOT mediums and pretend they are. The public is most vulnerable – especially to those who do not think before they pour money down the drain – going to some quack medium. Try and obtain at least three independent references about the accuracy of a medium. Judge by the results. Save your cash, save your energy, save being disappointed.

TERRORISM IN IRAQ: report states that "some 250 people where murdered in Iraq in the last ten days.The 'insurgents' are really terrorists because it is clear these terrorists who are doing all the killing are coming from Iran, Jordan, Syria and other Arab countries. Let us not forget that this has nothing to do with Republican or Democratic politics - the fact is that there are brave American and allied soldiers trying to transform Iraq into an democratic independent nation - and these American soldiers need all our prayers (positive vibrating energy transmitted from one place to another)."

TERRORISTS TO EXECUTE DOUGLAS WOOD IN IRAQ ON TV? An Australian hostage has been taken by terrorists in Iraq who are threatening to execute him unless Australia withdraws its troops from Iraq. Too many people do not call the terrorists in Iraq ‘insurgents’. As I mentioned before suicide bombers have a twisted sense of understanding about the afterlife. Empirically elicited information about the afterlife is that if one willfully kills innocent people, the immediate response is the lowering of vibrations of the etheric body – the duplicate of the physical body. On crossing over, the suicide bomber’s etheric body will be zonked out of the physical body down to a realm with low vibrations – to the lower darker horrible Astral level – for an indefinite period –up to thousands of years.

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