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April 23rd 2010

Apologies if I have not replied to your email. Technical problems - but will catch up in the next few days.

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COMMENTARY: A LAWYER 'DEFENDS' WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE - What Jesus said about the afterlife is different from what the Church tells us about the afterlife. I had discussions with a Catholic priest about Christian theology and creeds. The priest said that to get to heaven (what we call the 'Realm of the Light', the ‘Summerland’) one has to be ‘Christian’ and "obey what the Church commanded”.

Then I asked, if there is an inconsistency between what Jesus said and what the Church says about ‘entering heaven’ – who prevails?

Jesus would prevail people would say. Why? We are told in Mathew's gospel in the New Testament that a humble man asked Jesus the question: “What must I do to enter into the kingdom of heaven (what we call the Realm of the Light)? -
What did Jesus reply? Did Jesus say:

- you must obey the Church’s creeds/dogmas? NO!
- you must be baptized? NO!
- you must go to Church on Sunday? NO!
- you must participate in the Church’s services, rituals confession, communion? NO!
- you must have 'beliefs' and 'faith' in Jesus? NO!
- you must believe Jesus died for mankind? NO!
- you must believe in the Adam and Eve myth? NO!
- you must not remarry after divorce? NO!
- you must believe Jesus was ‘God’? NO!
- you must believe in the Bible? NO!
- you must obey the Pope or Cardinal or Archbishop, Monsignor or priest? NO!
- that more conditions to enter 'heaven' (Realm of the Light)
would be added by the Church later on? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

HERE is how Jesus answered that important question to get to 'heaven' - Realm of the Light:

(1) ”Do not murder, (2) do not commit adultery, (3) do not steal, (4) do not bear false witness, (5) honor your mother and father and (6) love thy neighbor as thyself”. THAT’S ALL!

Why then did the Church ADD more conditions to enter into ‘heaven’ not deemed essential by Jesus?

Why should a few priests here - to give themselves more power, absolute control, dominance and status on earth - arrogantly decide that Jesus - perceived to be 'GOD' - was wrong about the requirements to enter into ‘heaven”?

No one on earth has the power, authority and jurisdiction to tell Jesus (perceived by the priests as 'God') what to tell us about conditions to enter into the Realm of the Light (‘heaven’).

RECOMMENDATIONS: So, I say again to the Pope, archbishops, monsignors and other Christian leaders:
respect what Jesus, teacher and healer, said about the afterlife,
(2) THROW OUT THE UNNECESSARY ADDITIONS (and the BLASPHEMIES) - NOT DEEMED NECESSARY OR ESSENTIAL (3) have the courage to organize a credible, intelligent and acceptable new CHRISTIAN REFORMATION NOW! ...
I'll be
More than happy to receive emails from theologians for or against the above:vz(at)victorzammit.com


We have just received the following important email from Dr Artem Miheev, Ph. D., Assoc. Prof., St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, founder of the Russian Association for Instrumental Transcommunication. Inspired by the experience of other ITC researchers Artem started his own experiments in 2002. Ghosts'
answers came to Artem even when the microphones were off. Read more.....
Dr Artem Miheev writes:
" My friends and colleagues bring you our warmest greetings from Russia! I'm glad to inform you, that last year we created brief English version of our site, where we give an overview of our Association and it's research activity.
Here is the article, written together with Ph.D. Vadim Svitnev about multitrack method of ITC, discovered by our group in 2008.
Here are several examples of voices from Afterlife, received with this method:

We urgently need people, who can help us to translate those publications to French, German, Arabic and Chinese."

Dr Artem Miheev tells us that he will be presenting his findings at the World Forum of Spiritual culture, which will take place in Astana, Kazakhstan, October 18-20, 2010, under the auspice of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev and Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly (president - Lubov Gordina).

If you can help with a translation please email rait(at)airclima.ru


“A major paradigm, accepted across all established scientific disciplines, states that mind and consciousness result from brain function alone. This means that mind must vanish at the instant of brain death, a conclusion totally at variance with the evidence. This evidence has been building for over a century and is now so firm as to effectively constitute totally convincing proof of survival. Roll (9) and Zammit (12) cover this aspect exhaustively.The reason scientists in general go to great pains to discredit this evidence is because it conflicts with all theories physicists have so far developed. Until a major paradigm-shift in physics has occurred there can be no hope of any change of attitude. Hence it is of paramount importance that the flaws in existing physics are resolved so that it becomes extended to incorporate survival and other controversial phenomena. This article shows how a successful search made to solve three difficulties in physics resulted in providing just such an extension. The resulting “Survival Physics” shows that, as a natural consequence of the mathematical logic, at least the sub-conscious mind is the true reality at the base of all that exists. Although the brain must die its exact copy lives on to be connected with another parallel universe. Built the same way as our own, these seem just as real as ours when the mind is in register.
" Read more …


Physicist Dr Thomas Campbell began researching altered states of consciousness in the early 1970’s with Robert Monroe, founder of The Monroe Institute. He and Dennis Mennerich helped set up the lab and preformed experiments leading to a fundamental scientific understanding of out-of-body experiences.

Tom is the "TC (physicist)" described in Bob Monroe's second book "Far Journeys", and has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena for nearly forty years. His trilogy of books called My Big T.O.E.(Theory of Everything) presents a scientific model of existence and reality that is based directly on Campbell's research and first- hand experience.

It represents the results and conclusions of 35 years of careful scientific exploration from both the outside (observing subjects in a lab) and the inside (doing experiments on his own consciousness). By demanding high quality, repeatable, empirical, evidential data to separate what's real (exists independently and externally) from what's imaginary; Campbell has scientifically derived a general model of reality that unifies physics and metaphysic, normal and paranormal, mind and body.

Below is the introduction to a video of Tom delivering the keynote speech recently at the 22nd Monroe Institute Professional Conference (March, 2010)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

" Why are we here? What's this reality for? So we can learn so we can grow so we can become love."

Dr Tom Campbell, NASA Physicist and consciousness explorer. Reference...

The video below is featured on the website of The International Association for Near-Death Studies at www.iands.org. The website offers a wealth of information on NDEs, local groups that meet to discuss NDEs and their ramifications, and the most current research. You can become a member for a small annual fee to receive regular updates on new research, different perspectives on the implications of NDEs for our lives and the world, and breaking news relating to near-death experiences.

For more than twenty years cardiologist Pim van Lommel has studied near-death experiences (NDEs) in patients who survived a cardiac arrest. In 2001, he and his fellow researchers published a study on Near Death Experiences in the renowned medical journal The Lancet. He, then, wrote the Dutch bestseller Endless Consciousness in 2007; over 100.000 copies were sold in the first year. The English translation will be out later this year. Read more...

Several readers this week flagged an article about NDEs in a popular English newspaper...

A boy of three claims he saw his great grandmother in heaven while he was clinically dead after falling into a pond. Paul Eicke came back to life more than three hours after his heart stopped beating. It is believed he was in the pond at his grandparents' house for several minutes before his grandfather saw him and pulled him out. His father gave him heart massage and mouth-to-mouth during the ten minutes it took a helicopter to arrive. The boy said that while unconscious he saw his great grandmother Emmi, who had turned him back from a gate and urged him to go back to his parents. Paul said: 'There was a lot of light and I was floating. I came to a gate and I saw Grandma Emmi on the other side. 'She said to me, "What are you doing here Paul? You must go back to mummy and daddy. I will wait for you here." 'I knew I was in heaven. But grandma said I had to come home. She said that I should go back very quickly.

A 2-part documentary called “Discovering Life: Near-Death Experience” will be broadcast by New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) to a potential audience of nearly 200 million Mandarin language speakers worldwide. A real time, internet simulcast in Chinese will also be available via the www.ntdtv.com website on successive Fridays, April 23 (episode 1) and April 30 (episode 2). Air times are simultaneous worldwide, (Eastern Daylight Time): 8am, 1pm, 7:45pm and 1:00am (Sat morning) and can be seen on NTDTV using digital channel 44.7. Experiencers filmed for the program include Tiffany Snow, Suzanne Boehm, Suzie Jezek, Mark Zeigler, and IANDS group leaders Beverly Brodsky (San Diego) and Denis Purcell (Los Angeles). Producers of the program that has been dubbed into the Mandarin language for the interviews, indicate that an English version will be available in the near future. Read more.....

The third issue of EdgeScience, a publication of the Society for Scientific Exploration, is now available. This issue contains an article titled "The Reincarnation of Mediumship Research" by Windbridge Director of Research, Dr. Julie Beischel.
Excerpt: "... For some time, parapsychologists have been engaged in this debate about whether mediumship data better support the survival psi or somatic psi theories. Individuals in this field have clear opinions regarding which of the theories tops the other, but no consensus has been reached. At Windbridge, we're looking to break the tie..." Download your free copy of issue 3 of EdgeScience.

(1) QUESTION: Does each individual have a house of his own?

Directly from the afterlife: "Yes ... (for an indefinite transitional period until one gets used to the new afterlife environment) they have houses of their own if they want them, because they desire them and they earn them. But some do not desire houses. Some prefer them built according to their own styles of architecture, some prefer to incorporate ideas of lighting which are, for example, not known to you. This is a personal taste dependent upon the creative ability of the spirit concerned ... The continuation of houses - for some time - prevents shock and life is smoother and more harmonious as a result ..." (S.B.)

(2) QUESTION: "Are there newspapers and radio in the afterlife?"

Directly from the afterlife: "No, we do not have radio because communication is differently used. Telepathy is the common method of reaching one another. But it is possible for those who know how, to address vast numbers and to reach them, even when they are not themselves present. But it does not work on the principle of your radio. There are no newspapers in your earthly sense, because there is n o necessity to chronicle happenings, as you do. Information is constantly being dispensed to those who should have it by the ones whose occupation it is to spread thee facts. That is difficult for you to understand ..." (S.B.)

Medium Alison Dubois talks about her role working to prosecute criminals.

" When I work in the court room, I go through questionnaires for the prosecution. I break down the questionnaires, I show them who they absolutely cannot have on a jury, because we wouldn’t get our verdict. I show them the ones that the defense would admit, that they would allow onto the jury and not realize that say, this woman had a sexual assault at a young age, and she will take her anger towards that situation and apply it to the defendant who also sexually assaulted his victim. So that’s where I can benefit the prosecution.

Then I sit in the court room and I tell them which juror they’re losing, as we’re going along in the trial, and what the juror needs to hear, in order to pull them back. I also tell them which jurors are the strongest champions and to give them the tools to go into the jury room to fight their battle for them, and to make sure they give them certain tools. So I kind of write it out.

They may actually ask me to predict the outcome of the case, the verdict, and what day that will be handed down. And I’ve actually been asked to predict the time, and I actually did, and they were quite blown away. So the DAs don’t question me any more, so that’s good." Read more....

HENRY VIII makes contact after 400 years
In a fascinating book A Tudor Story a Church of England missionary and clergyman Canon William Parkenham-Walsh outlines his experiences communicating with the spirit of King Henry XVIII through famous English automatic writing medium Mrs Hester Dowden. At first Henry was confused and arrogant but according to the Canon he changed his attitude when told that he could be reunited with his sons, Henry (who had died at six weeks of age but who had grown up in the afterlife) and Edward. Read excerpts in Google books.

SENIOR MOSLEM CLERIC BLAMES WOMEN'S 'PROMISCUITY FOR EARTHQUAKES'! A senior Islamic Iranian cleric - who 'heard spirit voices' i.e. who must also be a 'medium' says "... women who wear revealing clothing and behave promiscuously are to blame for earthquakes" . Iran is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries, and the cleric's unusual explanation for why the earth shakes follows a prediction by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that a quake is certain to hit Tehran and that many of its 12 million inhabitants should relocate. "Many women who do not dress modestly ... lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which (consequently) increases earthquakes," Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi was quoted as saying by Iranian media.
Comment: Is that mentioned in the Koran? NO! Is that mentioned in the Bible? NO! Is that mentioned in traditional 'holy' scriptures? NO! So, Professor Ahmed is right when he said that the Iranian male cleric making those statements had NO AUTHORITY from anywhere except from his own mind - and that other Islamics' understanding why Iran has earthquakes is that 'men are too sexually active there -because the hormones in males, testosterone have an effect on earth there', Prof Ahmed said. Another thing, for some nine months of the year Sydney and Queensland beaches are always full of attractive near naked women - thousands of them - nearly every day! They even have 'nude beaches' there - but the history of these beaches show that there has never been an earthquake, ever! In fact, the earth there is getting stronger! This Moslem cleric from Iran has to think again before blaming women for causing earthquakes with no evidence that women are being promiscuous there. How will this cleric explain horrific earthquakes where no people, no women live?

QUESTION: CREMATION? I am a Christian but scared to have my body cremated. Perhaps one day I will rise again as the Bible says. What do you think?
Victor: As I said many times, I am an empiricist - meaning I use Scientific Method to accept or reject information. Now we know with absolute empirical certainty that on crossing over, you WILL rise again, and under normal circumstances, if you have been a reasonable person with an open mind, on crossing over, your duplicate of your physical body - we call the 'etheric' body will proceed to the realm of the light and realization to continue a most beautiful life there. This means you are ALREADY RESURRECTED. What to do with the physically dead body? - BURN IT, cremate it. Cut all ties with the physical earth. That is the advice given to us by those highly credible teachers from the afterlife. Further, I advise you to arrange to have your ashes disposed of- in some garden somewhere, or a forest - or in the sea. I'm choosing to have my ashes thrown into the surf somewhere.

ISLAMIC 'BLASPHEMY LAWS' ENACTED:JAKARTA: Human rights groups pilloried Indonesia's Constitutional Court yesterday after it upheld a 1965 blasphemy law, ruling in favor of orthodox religions over basic freedoms.
On Monday the court rejected a petition by moderate Muslims, religious minorities, democracy advocates and rights groups against the law, in a case seen as an important test of the mainly Muslim country's pluralism. By a margin of eight to one, the judges ruled that the law was imperfect but did not contravene the constitution of the world's most populous Muslim country, which guarantees freedoms of belief and expression.The law carries a maximum punishment of five years for beliefs that deviate from the orthodox versions of six sanctioned faiths: Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Confucianism. Judaism and the Spiritualist religions have been left out. Read report.

COMMENT: This means that religions which are at a most advanced stage - such as the Spiritualist/ Spiritist religions will be prohibited. Spiritualist Centers throughout the world bring direct information and teaching from the afterlife- and enable many people to be reunited with loved ones from the afterlife. Human rights groups are appealing for the law to include more religions hoping common sense will prevail. Read more ...


If you are a developing psychic or medium and can get to Sydney on Saturday 8th May 2010 you may be able to speed up your development significantly by attending a one day workshop with international teacher of mediumship Christine Morgan.
The workshop will be held at level 1/ 499 Willoughby Road Willoughby from
10am to 4.30pm. Read more....
To reserve your place or to book a reading with Christine email indiki1962@gmail.com


Dear Victor and Wendy, Thank you so much for the hours and hours of high level research that you put into your reports every week. I know how time consuming it is and just want to let you know how much it is appreciated by your many grateful readers. Bill W.

Feedback 2.
Love your reports- there is always something new and interesting. And thank you so much for the Andre Rieu video last week- we don't see him on tv here and can't buy his dvds. That Australian soprano was just stunning. Teena.

Feedback 3.
Dear Victor,
I am very pleased you know of The Spirits' Book and its value. I find its excellence unsurpassed to date, on information and guidance regarding the faculty of mediumship and spirit interaction. [free pdf download available here]
Our own Society's website at www.spiritistsocietyfl.com explains basically what you yourself teach; in simple terms for the average person.....
Given 5 stars by Mike Tymn...a Spanish Spiritist literary classic
translated by my father into English for the first time, entitled
Memoirs of Father Germain, is currently available on www.amazon.com. Victor, keep up the great work you do!
Most Respectfully and Sincerely,
Yvonne Limoges

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