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February 9th 2018

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In order to understand where the afterlife is, and how we can contact it, many afterlife teachers talk to us about the speed of their "vibrations". They tell us that their world is just as solid as ours, and in the same space as ours. The only difference is that it is vibrating at a faster and finer level. The great teacher, Silver Birch, explains that in order for communication to take place, "either you must raise your slower vibrations (the speed of the swirling of the atoms), or we must lower our quicker vibrations".

So how do we raise our vibrations in order to make contact? Every culture in the world has developed what Stan Grof called "technologies of the sacred" to induce non-ordinary states of consciousness. Some of these include prayer, meditation, fasting, sleep deprivation, instrumental music, chanting, dancing, solitude in nature etc. The aim, in every case, is to still the conscious mind.

"To make contact with your world, engrossed and encased in matter as it is, one of two things has to happen. Either you must raise your slower vibrations (the speed of the swirling of the atoms), or we must lower our quicker vibrations ... To speak through this medium I have to slow down my vibrations - the speed of my atoms. When I return to the spheres, discarding the personality through which I manifest, I have to accelerate my vibration to manifest some of the consciousness which belongs to a higher state of being and activity. It is caused by vibration. It is the only word which succinctly explains our activity. It is interesting to note that so many scientists, who for years have turned deaf ears and blind eyes to the whole realm of spiritual activity, now, in their examination of a world of matter, are beginning to realise that its secrets are to be discovered in vibrations - the speed of the swirling of each individual's atoms."

LOVE LIVES ON: Dr. MATTHEW MACKAY When his son, Jordan, was murdered, Dr. MacKay was an agnostic. A clinical psychologist and professor, he had read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton and learned about his hypnotic method for exploring the “life between lives.” He also knew about Alan Botkin’s “Induced After Death Communication” (IADC). So he was in a better position than many to begin a search to contact his son. Read Michael Tymn's interview.

THESE DAYS PEOPLE ARE COMING BACK FROM DEATH IN RECORD NUMBERS Judy Bachrach conducted numerous interviews with medical personnel in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. She interviewed cardiologists, emergency room physicians, brain surgeons, psychiatrists, neuropsychiatrists, hospital nurses, and neurologists, all of whom came to the same conclusion: for many, death does not signal the end of thought or the end of experience." Read more...


WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE TO DIE? Dr. PMH Atwater knows - she died three times. She writes: "There is no pain at the moment of death. Only peaceful silence. . . calm. . . quiet. But you still exist. It is easy not to breathe. In fact, it is easier, more comfortable, and infinitely more natural not to breathe than to breathe. The biggest surprise for most people in dying is to realize that dying does not end life. Whether darkness or light comes next, or some kind of event, be it positive, negative, or somewhere in-between, expected or unexpected, the biggest surprise of all is to realize you are still you. You can still think, you can still remember, you can still see, hear, move, reason, wonder, feel, question ..." Read more...


The Scole Experiment was a recent example of physical mediumship witnessed by a number of people of the highest credibility. Scole is a village in Norfolk, England. These experiments were conducted in England in the home of Robin and Sandra Foy and also in the United States, Ireland and in Spain over a period of six years. There were five hundred sittings from December 1992 to November 1998. Read more...

Our zoom groups are going wonderfully - people are making friends, networking and gaining new perspectives. We currently have groups on animals in the afterlife, mediumship development, automatic writing, learning to record electronic voices and many others. Today Craig Hogan will be starting a new group for people who are currently sitting in physical mediumship circles: Thursday 6.30 pm L.A., 7.30 p.m. Phoenix, 8.30 p.m. Chicago and 9.30 p.m. New York; Sydney 1.30 p.m. Friday.
On Sunday, at our Global Gathering, we are inviting any of our subscribers who are working with hypnosis to come and share their experiences. Read times and details...

When Mark Ireland's son, Brandon, died, Mark was forced to embrace his family background as the son of a famous psychic medium.

Mark will be one of a number of speakers at the Helping Parents Heal First Annual Conference.
The Australian and New Zealand branch of Helping Parents Heal is now on Facebook and meeting online on zoom.

SEVERAL POINTS THE ASTRAL REALM WANTS US TO KNOW Cyrus Kirkpatrick is a young afterlife author and out-of-body explorer who writes a wonderful blog. This is his recent post:

"The astral realm is a loose terminology for any higher-density, parallel dimension that individual souls (our actual personalities, you and me) appear after death. It’s extremely hard for many to wrap their minds around the idea that their lives continue to the extent of living in houses, potentially having jobs and hobbies.
To be able to accept this possibility, you have to first consider the next point. They’re in a Solid Environment." Read more...

MEDIUM CHRIS STILLAR DOES A READING FOR A SKEPTIC Director of Metaphysics Research, Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, shares video footage from her 'non-believer's experiments' conducted as part of her research with mental mediums. Eighty-eight sitters and 10 mediums participated in the larger study.

DO WE LOSE OUR INDIVIDUALITY IN THE HIGHER REALMS? "As we progress into those high realms, we shall not lose our individuality in supposed etheric clouds and become lost to everyone except the dwellers therein. We shall ever continue to be ourselves, our TRUE selves; refined, to be sure, more etherealised, but still, YOU will be YOU, and I shall be I no one else. You and I will recognise each other, just as you will recognise all your friends, as they will recognise you ... our wisdom and knowledge will also increase...."
Mons. Hugh Benson through the mediumship of Anthony Borgia.

CONVERSATIONS WITH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS David and Jean Ingman, a retired professional couple from England, now living in Sydney, have had many experiences in different areas of mediumship and spiritual communication. David has been receiving Seth-style information from an unnamed higher consciousness about the meaning and purpose of life, the nature of reality, who and what we are, how we got here, our purpose, and where we are going from here. The material contained on their site is designed to expand your mind, to expand your awareness, to help you to think and speak from your higher consciousness, a more knowing part of you. Read more...

REMOTE VIEWING Russell Targ writes: "Here are just a few (now declassified) examples of the astonishing psi ability that remote viewers at SRI demonstrated in the government program. Most of the information from the program is still classified, but these are a few good indications of the results possible. Shown on each page is the sketch made by the psychic, and then below that, a photograph of the actual target." See examples... The real question is what are the implications of this ability for who we are.


"One night in 1997 Richard Schoeller thought he was dying because he found himself surrounded by both sets of deceased grandparents. They reassured him that it wasn’t his time to join them in the afterlife and that their visit was to help him understand that he could now “see them.” Who could ignore a visit like that? Richard had to learn more about what had just happened, so he began taking classes and researching the ability to communicate with those who have passed into spirit. Richard is now an ordained Spiritualist minister, Certified Medium, Commissioned Spiritualist Healer." Access main site.

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1) This is serious business. It is important and changes everything. Art.

2) Great to listen to Keith Parson on Afterlife books worth reading; He has knowledge on the many books from the past. Thank you. Marion Dampier-Jeans

3) I'm spreading the word... I have mentioned and quoted the back-cover words of your book in my new edition book. Your book is my number one recommended reading because it gives the evidence and links to it so nicely. All the best. James McQuitty.

HIGHLY INSPIRED MUSIC: from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA one of the most beautiful love songs ever written: SIERRA BOGGESS' version of "WISHING YOU WERE SOMEHOW HERE AGAIN" The presentation is visually magnificent, musically the very best, voice - just like an angel - just brilliant. Andrew Lloyd Webber claimed that Sierra Boggess was his favourite for the role; besides being an exquisite soprano she puts more emotion and passion into the role than anyone else. Absolutely brilliant!! Music that will penetrate your heart, soul, and mind!!


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