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June 8th 2012

Apologies if I have not replied to your email.

REPORT in 50 languages including - French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese and Hungarian - and many others. Be very patient with the grammar of these automatic translations.

COMMENTARY: ' TIME TRAVEL' and 'REMOTE VIEWING': Einstein talked about time travel – in a way that is physically not conceivable. One of the reasons being is that no physical vehicle would be able to travel nearing the speed of light – at 299,792,458 meters per second. UFO's do not use conventional rocket travel. UFO's use materialization and de-materialization technique over distance. So for the UFOs distance is irrelevant. FICTIONALLY we can entertain traveling in time and space as we did when we watched movies like BACK TO THE FUTURE. But in the REALITY of the paranormal, time travel is being done virtually every day by gifted remote viewers. A gifted remote viewer can go back and forward in time instantly – 'faster than the speed of light'. Further, a gifted remote viewer would have the advantage of viewing a scene, hearing conversations that took place or will take place. There are a number of gifted remote viewers on record who experienced time and space travel – see Remote Viewing. I myself had remote viewing experiences going back in time and heard a critical speech regarding my own self. My very own experience shows remote viewing is real - it is happening, it is stunningly most impressive. Just because I cannot prove what happened in my remote viewing, it does not mean it did not happen. When scientists start researching the science of the paranormal, they will enter a 'new science' which will make the most advanced science of the twenty first century look as advanced as the science of at least 3,000 years ago.


PHYSICIST DR HAROLD PUTHOFF ON REMOTE VIEWING explains that much of the program is still classified to protect the remote viewers.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE - sensational revelations:
First, who is Dr Stephen Ward? He was the one who committed suicide in the Profumo -Keeler scandal affair in 1963. This was a shocking English scandal which involved the British Secretary for War fooling around with the mistress of a known KGB agent - Christine Keeler. Dr Stephen Ward was the host of parties to which he invited Profumo, Christine Keeler and her friends.

Even though he took his own life under tragic circumstances he managed to make the first of many most extraordinary communications from the afterlife through Leslie Flint on August 29, 1963, only 26 days after his death. Most of his paranormal voice recordings can be found right here: He vividly describes his passing and afterlife experiences while conversing with the sitter(s) in the room. Listen now
Thanks to Russell Symonds for reminding us of this gem.

WONDERFUL MATERIALIZATIONS IN THE NETHERLANDS What many people don't understand about physical mediumship is the importance of the energy of the sitters (audience). When people are loving, positive and open amazing things are possible. It's all about the vibration. Even one negative and cynical sitter can affect the vibration. Apparently the energy has been just right in recent demonstrations given by David Thompson in Europe as we have been receiving most wonderful feedback. Here's an example:

" Yesterday night I attended one of the two sessions of David Thompson in the Netherlands. Well, I have always been fairly critical about mediums, and physical mediums in particular (with the exception of Leslie Flint), so I went there without many expectations. But what I experienced there was mind-boggling. I am still confused by it. But one thing is certain: it was as real as it could be. No cheating. I think this whole event was life-changing, not only for me but also for all of the audience. Best wishes R." Netherlands.

Gordon Smith is one of Scotland's finest mediums. In this video Professor Archie Roy and Trisha Robinson explain how they conducted tests on Gordon for their PRISM (Psychic research Involving Selected Mediums) study on behalf of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research.


Gordon Smith is one of the UK's most accurate mediums. Based on his experiences of teaching and guiding complete beginners on their paths to communicating with spirit, this book provides simple and easy-to-follow exercises that will help you sharpen your psychic senses, open yourself to receive communication from your spirit guides and interpret the telepathic language of spirit. Once you have learned the basics and gained confidence in your skills, Gordon then guides you to the next step of your journey, showing you how you can use this very special energy to help others. Read more...

SUICIDE: What is the status of suicide in the afterlife dimension? Ayaka, N.Y.

"You cannot answer that right away. It depends on the earthly life that has been lived; it depends upon the qualities that have been developed; it depends upon the soul's progress; and above all these things, it depends on the MOTIVE. The Churches are wrong when they say that ALL suicide comes in the same category; it does not. While you have no right to terminate your earthly existence, there are undoubtedly in many cases, mitigating circumstances, to be considered. No soul is better off because it has terminated its earthly existence. But it does not automatically follow that every suicide is consigned for eons of time into the darkest afterlife dimensions.". (Occasionally I do receive disturbing emails about suicide - I repeat, it is critical to know that SUICIDE is preventable - one must see an suicide-counselor immediately).

Peter was a 17 year old dancer struggling with his sexuality when he has a motorbike accident that led to a NDE. For the first time he felt total acceptance and an absence of judgment. He met a man who he described as "see-through" and Asian.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES 'MIRACLES' - as Near Death Experiences (NDE's) are becoming irreversibly established - even scientifically proven - you will be finding that some Christians who previously rejected near-death experiences as being contrary to scripture (see PMH Atwater The Big Book of NDEs chapter 15) will be giving them a Christian interpretation. Millions of people around the world have experienced and are experiencing NDE's - and many are reporting meeting up with a being of light when they are out of their body. At least these Christian religionists are not opposing NDE's as many used to. Kevin Williams who runs the wonderful website near-death.com and has analyzed many thousands of near death experiences and has created a page where he shows the light near-death experiences have brought to his understanding of Christian doctrine. As he puts is " we don't attain heaven because of a belief in Jesus, but rather, we attain heaven through emulating Jesus by living a life of love." Read more..



Saving Hope is a Canadian supernatural and medical drama television series starring Erica Durance, Michael Shanks and Daniel Gillies. It will
air on CTV in Canada and on NBC in the United States, during the summer of 2012. It premieres on June 7, 2012. After a car crash, the Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks), of Toronto's Hope-Zion Hospital ends up in a coma. He finds out that he can roam the hospital in spirit form. His fiancee and fellow surgeon, Alex Reid (Erica Durance), tries to save his life with the help of other doctors.It's amazing how the idea of spirit contact is filtering through the mainstream media.
Thanks to Ernesto Hernadez for the link to this trailer.


QUESTION: I have a Fundamentalist Christian friend who told me this weekthat the earth is only some 6,000 years old where God created everything in six days. But I know you would not agree with my friend. Could you tell me why not? C. Alabama.

This used to be a popular question. First, before the universe came into existence, 'days' did NOT exist - because there was no solar system to base time on. But very briefly: The age of the Earth is approximately 4.54 billion years old .This age is based on evidence from radiometric age dating of meteorite material and is consistent with the ages of the oldest-known terrestrial and lunar samples. It was Bishop Ussher who said that after studying the Old Testament he calculated the earth was created on the 23rd October 4,004 before the Christian Era (read more) So here is a classic fundamental inconsistency between science and religion. In all fairness, these days not too many Christians accept Bishop Ussher's Old Testament theories. The Old Testament is over two thousand years old - written at a time when superstition was huge - even with priests. There are Christians around the world who would like to do away with the Old Testament altogether. It is full of barbaric cruelty and absurdities, it makes God an ethnic-cleanser, the author of brutal genocide - killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. There has never been an informed Christian who tried to defend the cruelty and genocide of the Old Testament.


On 6th June 2012 science and spirituality expert Lynne McTaggart discussed her new blueprint for how to fix our falling down world, and her past healing intention experiments, as well as presented a historic Heal America Intention Experiment during the live broadcast. We've created a world that doesn't work anymore, and "we have to consciously do things to change that world," without relying on the people/politicians in charge, she stated. By banding together in small groups, in a spirit of cooperation rather than competition, we can start changing lives, she continued. Interestingly, she's found that small groups of 8-12 that practiced healing intention together, effected positive health changes for participants. Additionally, small groups are more effective than someone acting alone, and just as effective as a larger group, she detailed. Listen...

QUESTION: I was discussing the afterlife with a lady friend this week who completely denies there is an afterlife. What happens on crossing over to those who deny the afterlife? Paul, Potts Point.

Victor: One would have to know the spiritual level of the person crossing over. Just because one was a materialist or an atheist or an agnostic it does not mean these are likely to have problems. But if one SPECIFICALLY encumbers her mind that the afterlife does not exist, then on crossing over, that person could continue to deny there is an afterlife even though they are IN THE AFTERLIFE itself! Mental confusion sets in because that person will try to talk to people still alive, but no one can see her, no one can hear her. So that mental confusion of this person who denied there is an afterlife could last for hundreds, even for thousands of years - in the Astral level closest to earth. It is a horrible state to be with this kind of mental confusion - knowing a change has happened but continuing to deny that there is an afterlife! This was portrayed in the recent movie The Sixth Sense. Watch the final scene where the Bruce Willis character finally realizes he is dead.


is now online. Editor: The Rev. Michael Cocks. Advisory Editors: Michael Tymn, The Rev Victor MacGill, Asst. Nate Cul. 'Steve Jobs' last words': Articles by Michael Tymn, Articles on Synchronicity etc. Back issues Advisory Panel (New members: The Rev Dr Karen Herrick of ASPSI; Dr Robert Gilbert of The Christian Parapsychologist.) (reply SUBSCRIBE and we will try to make sure you are notified).
Read online now...


CHILDREN IN THE AFTERLIFE: QUESTION: "In the next world we know that children grow up to become adults; but what about those guides who remain children for many years on earth, and also children who have been dead for 18-20 years who still return as children?"

"Your hard bitter world condemns those who go on being children, and claims all the time that it loves the innocence of the child. Yet it objects to them when they choose to persist in that form of evolution solely to help. The child is not beset by the many problems that perplex adults and therefore is the best channel for communication. In the case of the ordinary child who comes back after many years still as a child, this is done for recognition."

Women throughout the world are rejecting religious teaching that prohibits contraception. In this fascinating talk statistician Hans Rosling shows that now 80% of the world's families are choosing to limit their family size to 2 children. However he still claims that we can expect world population to increase by another 3 billion people before it stabilizes.



BOOK OFFER: THANKS TO CHICK LOWSON - again, he is offering free postage on my book - but only for those who cannot really afford to buy it. If you are in financial hardship - cannot afford to by my book - but would love a copy of A LAWYER PRESENTS THE CASE FOR THE AFTERLIFE send me an email with your full name and correspondence address vz@victorzammit.com. Last time Chick Lowson sent the funding for the book, the book went to people in India, Malaysia, Canada, England, the USA, Singapore and Australia.


AFTERLIFE DISCUSSION GROUP: you are invited to join a wonderful 'Afterlife Discussion Group' in Brisbane, Australia.
This discussion group is a gathering place for like-minded people to share their personal experiences when coming close to death, during death experiences and who have communicated with friends and loved ones who have already died. Members will also explore all facets of research into the afterlife and other phenomena relating to the continuation of life after death. Some topics for discussion, Near Death Experiences, Apparitions, Electronic Voice Phenomena - and other. Email Sheryl and to register: info@bodylight.com.au

This could be a good model for people in other places to use to organize similar afterlife discussion groups. With the right people, guaranteed, you will have a really wonderful group of spiritual people who can get along with extremely well. Check out the website.

Every week, one hour after this report comes, out a great afterlife radio program which is archived for you to listen at a later time. This week:
June 7th: Topic: Fraudulent Medium Techniques and How To Protect Yourself
June 14th:
Russell Targ

FEEDBACK: (Three only)

1) Hello Victor, I am enjoying this weeks report again and finding much of this information useful as it contains and confirms questions asked of me by clients. These subjects always arouse much
I like what David Thomson has to say about physical seances and although I feel his reasoning for clearer communications now, compared to earlier days, are valid, I do feel this is more due to the fact that society, is less driven by fear and are more accepting of afterlife reality. What has always been considered phenomena is now becoming so 'normalised' that it is in fact our reality. There is less fear of satan, demons, poltergeists, etc as even the church is beginning to 'back down' because many of their own are enjoying experiences with spirit clients, NDE's and clairvoyance. We, as a Whole, are now communicating better amongst ourselves within our families and communities which in turn has raised our vibrations and created more love and less fear ... . Technology doesn't raise our energies.. love does." Sharon Harding Clairvoyant, medium.

2) Dear Victor Zammit,
I think the help you are giving to the WORLD is fantastic no words can describe the incredible service you are giving others,
millions of people live in FEAR of dying. R egards Mrs Mary Stennett

3) HELP! One of our readers based in Cuba wants to know if we have any other readers or people interested in Spiritism in Cuba. Apparently internet access in Cuba is restricted and most people cannot access it from home.


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