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October 28th 2016.

The number is getting smaller all the time, but many materialist scientists still believe that consciousness is a by-product of the physical brain, and that once the brain dies, that is the end of consciousness. However, more scientists are now accepting the idea that the physical brain is a receiver and transmitter of consciousness which exists outside of the human brain and indeed is the foundation of all life.

Most people who have studied this area are aware that Near-death Experiences are evidence that the mind can exist outside the brain, since many people who are literally brain dead have verifiable experiences (see University of Southampton study).

Our book, A lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, provides over twenty different areas of evidence showing why the brain is different from the mind. Materialist scientists run away when challenged to rebut the evidence. Read more

Save the date. AREI will be bringing pioneering researchers, developers, educators, and practitioners together, in Scottsdale Arizona, for a symposium on the state of global afterlife research and education.

As well as a number of presentations for the general audience, special-interest sections will have periods of time to meet to discuss their work, future directions, and collaboration. These will include: hypnotists, psychotherapists, instrumental trans communicators, mediums and medium mentors or trainers, grief support group organizers, end-of-life support workers, new spirituality workers, writers, film makers and media people. Read more...

CAN YOU MAKE CONTACT WITH A CROSSED OVER LOVED ONE? Directly from the afterlife: "... Now this function of thought transference is not confined exclusively to inhabitants of the spirit world, nor are we the only people who are able to practise it. Every human being can do so.

It is possible - and perfectly natural - for people still living in the earth world to direct their thoughts to some friend in the spirit world, and they are always doing so. If those thoughts are directed with the full intention, that they should be received by the person concerned, then received they will be, beyond any doubt whatever." Hugh Benson, through writing medium Anthony Borgia FACTS '95 ed.p.55.

Guided Afterlife Connections (also called Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy sessions) are performed by psychotherapists in their offices. They are over 95% successful, and they reduce grief from an average of 9.42 on a 10-point scale to an average of 1.41 in one session. Read more..

Self-guided Afterlife Connections use a procedure available free on the Internet that anyone can go through in their home, at any time. It is 86% successful in helping people have connections. Read more..

I get mixed up with the words 'supernatural' and 'supernormal'. Do they mean the same thing? T.S.
Victor: Supernatural phenomena are those which violate natural laws. There is no reason to suppose that any exist. Psychic phenomena, as all researchers and Spiritualists would agree, are not supernatural; they follow well defined laws so far as we can discover. 'Paranormal' is perhaps a better word, although it has been strongly associated with frightening things. Dr. Dean Radin's recent book is called 'Supernormal'. In this fascinating interview, Dean talks about some of the 'superpowers' described in ancient legends, science fiction and comic books which could well be real. Listen

EVIDENTIAL AUTOMATIC WRITING While much so-called automatic writing comes from the unconscious mind of the writer and provides no evidence of being "supernormal," there are some cases which are taken seriously by investigators. Read more...

Michael Tymn recently reviewed If Morning Never Comes: A Soldier’s Near-Death Experience on the Battlefield. He writes: "It is a very inspiring book, especially for the person who doesn’t appreciate adversity and blames all his or her misfortunes on God. My only concern is that the book begins a bit slowly, the first several chapters covering the 18 years before Vandenbush entered the Army. It might better have started with his arrival in Vietnam and incorporated bits and pieces of his early childhood here and there as he went on. I mention this only because I tossed it aside after the first two chapters and almost didn’t return to it. I’m sure glad I did." Read full review.


WHAT IS AN EVIDENTIAL MEDIUMSHIP READING? Martin Twycross explains, to student mediums at the Arthur Findlay College, what does and does not constitute evidence in a reading. This video is one of a set of 12 which together make up a comprehensive course on the theory of mediumship entitled "A Course in Mediumship".



DIRECTLY FROM THE AFTERLIFE: WE ARE ALL SURROUNDED BY ARMS OF INFINITE LOVE "There is no joy and no service that can match helping others. In a world so full of darkness, where millions have lost their way, where there are countless numbers troubled and perplexed with sorrow in their hearts, who awake each morning in fear and apprehension of what the day brings - if you can help one soul to find some serenity and to realise that he/she is not neglected, but surrounded by arms of infinite love, that is a great work. It is more important than anything else." (from Guidance from Silver Birch).



Tyler Henry, at 19 years old, was given his own TV program 'Hollywood Medium' and is wowing celebrities with detailed evidential mediumship. Hopefully this may lead to more young people becoming interested in mediumship.

Place: Gonzales Police Department
Murder of three women
Remote Viewer:
Rose Kopp (left)

Police officers in charge: Chief Bill Landry, Detective Mike Toney (Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Department).

Some of the evidence produced by Rose Kopp: “I astrally walked into her (the victim’s) house …I saw her on the floor … so I moved back in time … and I saw him (the killer) with a knife … wounding … multiple stab wounds … around the face and neck … I’m trying to read the label of the killer’s jeans to give me some idea who he was, and his height and weight …I determined he was between five foot eight to five foot ten … his hands were dirty … his fingernails dirty … he’s white … his hands are thick and callous like a laborer’s hands … Riverboat … river … a wall a rat… I see an old woman’s hand writing River Rat …"

Police Comments: Police Chief Bill Landry: “… the psychic’s description was identical to the FBI profile of the suspect! He’s …white, five foot eight … he’s a laborer … and we found Cindi’s former employer at a restaurant. The accused's nickname was River Rat – just as the psychic told us before we knew about it – and which I thought was mind boggling!" Read more...

REMOTE VIEWING TRAINING: THE INITIAL PHASES WITH PAUL H. SMITH Although he had no previous experience of a parapsychological nature, Paul H. Smith PhD. was trained as a remote viewer by Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff at SRI International. He argues that remote viewing is an ability that everyone possesses. He is a founder and past-president of the International Remote Viewing Association and author of Reading the Enemy’s Mind and The Essential Guide to Remote Viewing.

Part 2

Last week you told us "Contrary to Catholic teaching, we do NOT stay underground 'until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead'. Our consciousness and our 'etheric' or spirit body continues to survive immediately our physical body dies." But I thought it was only Jehovah's Witnesses that taught that.

Victor: I agree that it may not be talked about in the Catholic Church these days, but it's still in the The Official Catechism of the Catholic Church, approved by the Pope:
1038. "The resurrection of all the dead, of 'both the just and the unjust' will precede the Last Judgment. This will be the 'hour when all who are in the tombs will hear the Son of man's voice and come forth, those who have done good, to the resurrection of the life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of judgment.' (Jn 5:28-29). Then Christ will come 'in his glory, and all the angels with him ... Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and he will place the sheep at his right hand, but the goats to the left ... And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous into eternal life.'(Mt 25:31, 46.)."

Our very best wishes to all our friends throughout the world who are celebrating Halloween, next Monday 31st October, and Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) which falls on November 1 and 2 of each year, coinciding with the Catholic holidays All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day. While in many parts of the world Halloween is simply a fun festival which brings people together, The Day of the Dead focuses on remembering the human dead (hence the skulls and skeletons). Both can also be an opportunity for people to talk about death in a death-denying society.


KINDNESS IN ACTION: RESCUING LEFTOVER FOOD Robert Lee, 24, co-founded a nonprofit that makes it easy for volunteers in New York City to rescue leftover food and deliver it to people in need. Read more...



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FEEDBACK (2 only).

1) Oh my gosh Victor...this week was certainly THE jackpot to date. I listened in full, to Louise Hermann, and gained tremendous inspiration and insights. and then the ubiquitous and eternally beloved "Micky" followed by profound insights from Mr. Conacher. As i intently listened to his eloquent explanation of how flowers and such, manifest...my mind was exploding with the resonance I felt in getting what he was trying to explain to the mrs...that truly the bottom line is that one's thoughts... intentions... effort in application...all must be in consistent perfect alignment...and as i excitedly leaned forward to hear more...Mrs. Conacher, for whatever reason, was not as interested as i was...and almost interrupted him by asking what he did during the day; asking about his friends, etc. argh!!! Perhaps Mrs. Conacher had heard this before? but I had not, lol!! Anyway, I will continue being spirit first (per Louise Hermann), whilst consciously attempting to remain grounded...quite the juxtaposition, wouldn't you say? Leslie.

2) Just a quick email to express my thanks to you for featuring the Mercyships in your latest Afterlife Report. I had never heard anything about these ships, despite being on the wrong side of 50 and was truly humbled by the amazing work the crews carry out. I immediately put my name down as a donor and can't thank you enough for bringing this Spiritual organisation to my attention. Yvette.


INSPIRATIONAL MUSIC FOR YOUR SOUL: SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL 'To Where You Are' - a really beautiful, magnificent song, especially for those who lost a loved one, sung with a lot of feeling by Josh Groban. Subscribers regularly email us telling us how much they miss their loved one. Listen to this really special song with evocative lyrics to elicit some wonderful memories!

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