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October 21st 2016

Afterlife investigators over the last 200 years are repeatedly obtaining information which is fundamentally inconsistent with what the Catholic teaching. Reformation is urgently needed, as too many millions of people who cross over are adversely affected by beliefs which bring huge, unnecessary FEAR.

1. Eternal damnation: Information transmitted from the Other Side keeps telling us THERE IS NO ETERNAL DAMNATION. Absolutely, there is no eternal hellfire. All of us have a spark of the 'Divine' which one day will return to the Light. Read more
2. Priests' last rites: No priest has powers to forgive 'sins' since no-one on earth has the power to change the powerful universal Law of Cause and Effect.
3. Sleeping until the last judgement: Contrary to Catholic teaching, we do NOT stay underground "until Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead". Our consciousness and our 'etheric' or spirit body continues to survive immediately our physical body dies.
4. Communication with our loved ones: It has been repeatedly proved for hundreds of years that it will be possible to get a message back to our loved ones on Earth that we are OK. Even the Church of England found, in an important research study under Bishop Otto Lang, that crossed over loved ones can communicate whith the living. Many souls crossing over don't know that it is possible to get a message back to loved ones.
5. Faith is not essential: Whilst FAITH is good to have, it is the level of our spirituality which will send us to a place we have earned in the afterlife dimension.



DOCTOR DESCRIBES NDEs of INTENSIVE CARE UNIT PATIENTS Dr. Laurin Bellg MD, Critical Care Specialist, explores a potential new landscape of patient care that she believes could transform how we interact with patients who've had, not only near-death, but also out-of-body experiences. At the end of her presentation Dr. Bellg includes the trailer of an educational DVD prepared for health care providers.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT COMMUNICATION IN THE AFTERLIFE "When we focus our thoughts upon some person in the spirit world, whether they be in the form of a definite message, or whether they are solely of an affectionate nature, those thoughts reach their destination without fail, and they will be taken up by the percipient (receiver). After the use of organs of speech in conversation with each other, it was quite natural ... that we will be contacting each other telepathically, irrespective of distance ..." (by highly credible afterlife teacher Hugh Benson, former Monsignor in the Catholic Church).

Author of several books, including 'The Art Of Dying', 'The Truth In The Light' and 'The Hidden Door', neuro-psychiatrist Peter Fenwick talks about his research into End of Life Experiences and deathbed phenomena and what these mean in the greater picture of who we really are.


THE ACTUAL MOMENT OF DYING ON THE BATTLEFIELD Private Thomas Dowding, a 37-year-old British soldier, was killed on the battlefield in WWI. On March 12, 1917, he began communicating through the automatic writing medium, Wellesley Tudor Pole. This is how he describes his death:

"I was so little dead that I imagined I was still alive. I had been struck by a shell-splinter. There was no pain...I had thrown my overcoat away. The coat was my body. I felt free and light. I am still evidently in a body of some sort. After I had recovered from the shock of realizing I was dead, I was above the battlefield... Everything was distant, misty, unreal ... I am alive. 'Life' is strangely similar to earthlife."

Read more in Private Dowding: The personal story of a soldier killed in Battle.

Martin Twycross, a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College, explains why mediums talk so quickly when they connect with spirit. This video is one of twelve 10 minute extracts on youtube from his DVD "A Course in Mediumship". Very helpful for anyone planning to sit with a medium or develop evidential mediumship.



Louise was voted by her peers in the International Psychics Association, as Australian Psychic of the year in 2013. She works full-time as a computer engineer in a multi-national software company. Also she dedicates two nights a week to doing public mediumship demonstrations, mostly along the east Coast of Australia. Her first book is Dedicated to the Afterlife. In this interview with Roberta Grimes, Louise talks about some of her experiences. Listen.

"There is a pattern, a polarity, a diversity, a corollary always to be observed in the working of natural law. Depth and height, sunshine and storm, ignorance and knowledge, war and peace, love and hate, error and truth, weakness and strength, each has it part to play. Evolution cannot work in any other way. In your weakness you will find strength. In your darkness you will find light. In difficulty you will find help. It is platitudinous but still true to say that the darkest hour always precedes the dawn. This is part of the paradox of all being. This is how evolution is able to achieve its immutable purpose." (S. Birch).

Several people have asked whose is the child-like voice which talks to the communicators at the beginning of each of the Leslie Flint tapes. Mickey's real name was John Whitehead. He acted as a kind of "master of ceremonies" at all of Leslie's sittings, welcoming sitters, making jokes, teasing the medium and assisting other spirit people to come through.

When alive he was a London paperboy, who was run down by a lorry (truck) and died at the age of 11. On the other side he has grown to adulthood and is a very advanced soul/spirit. However, when he speaks through Leslie Flint, he usually presents the way he sounded when alive. He chose this way of speaking to make people more comfortable and raise the energy. In the first 8 minutes of this tape Mickey chats with a sitter, Eira Conchacher, about conditions in the afterlife and then her husband, Douglas Conacher, comes through to add his perspective.


Jurgen Ziewe talks about visiting his wife's uncle in the afterlife in full waking consciousness.

Re-incarnation has been discussed for over a thousand years and experts like the late Canadian Psychiatrist, Dr. Ian Stevenson, researched the subject and wrote books showing that there was much evidence to prove that reincarnation existed. This video is a summary of 10 well researched cases:
1. Barbro Karlen - Anne Frank
2. James Linegar - James Huston
3. Jennifer and Jillian Pollock- Joanna and Jacqueline Pollock
4. Chase Boman - black Union Soldier
5. Jenny Cockall - Mary Sutton
6. Mandy Seabrook - Mandy Clark
7. Helen Pickering - Dr James Burns
8. Gwen McDonald - Rose Duncan
9. Peter Hulme - John Raphael
10. Shanti Devi - Lugdi Devi

For those who accept reincarnation,
the great spirit teacher Silver Birch explains as follows:
"What reincarnates is another aspect of the same individuality, and I do not mean personality. If you visualise man as an individual, who in his earthly life is like an iceberg in which you have one small portion manifesting and the larger portion not manifesting, then that is the end of one incarnation. In a successive incarnation, a portion of the submerged self will come into the world of matter - two different personalities, but one individual. And in the spirit life, as progression takes place, it is part of the submerged self that comes to the surface all the time."

Remote viewer Daz Smith set out to remote-view a target for the Farsight Institute. He's told nothing more than "this is target 14-A." But he finds himself witnessing the John F. Kennedy assassination, and Kennedy's transformation at his moment of physical death. This video gives an inside look at the remote-viewing process and a dramatic example of where it can take you.

Are you suffering terribly from the loss of your child? If you feel alone and in need of support, especially on the anniversary day of your child’s passing, then The Prayer Registry can help. TPR is a free service for all bereaved parents. When you register your child with TPR, his or her name is printed on The Prayer Registry Calendars and every year on the passing date of your child, he or she (as well as you and your family), will receive prayers from the entire Prayer Team, which is made up bereaved parents who care about each other and each other's children. Read more...

It took years of fundraising by Don and Deyon Stephens, but in 1978 he and fellow fundraisers paid US $1 million for the Victoria, a former cruise liner, and work began to convert her to a hospital ship. In 1982, the vessel, refitted with three operating theatres and a 40-bed ward, sailed as the Anastasis – the first Mercy Ship. Since then, four ships, including the current vessel, the Africa Mercy, have served in 150 ports throughout developing nations, bringing hope, relief and healing to the most vulnerable people. Read more..

Our friend Keith Clark at idigitalmedium has noticed that the most successful ITC work today is being done in circles using similar practices to a physical development circle: group meditation, singing, harmony etc. He is calling for interested people to join in a monthly worldwide online meditation group to build the power for an English speaking ITC station. The next event will be this Saturday, October 22nd in the USA (Sun. Oct 23rd in Australia).

More details on this website.


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FEEDBACK: Very special feedback from Merryn Jose, in her wonderful online journal, Merlian News.

"I first came across Victor and Wendy Zammit’s website, The Afterlife Report, around June of 2015. Since that time, I have looked forward with great excitement every week to the latest newsletter. Something always captures my attention from the mix of articles, interviews, videos, and book reviews, and I learn something new each week. I can’t count how many times that I’ve “lost” an hour because I clicked on one or more links in the newsletter!

I am particularly captivated by the videos the Zammits cover. The range of topics include the afterlife, consciousness, science and more, with interviews and lectures by people such as Pim Van Lommel, Dean Radin, and Dr. Bruce Greyson, and others. Equally interesting is Victor Zammit’s response to the scientists and skeptics who mock the possibility of the afterlife.

A lawyer by training, Victor offers a court-like “burden of proof” argument that presents an ongoing challenge (including the willingness to put his money where his mouth is) to anyone who can prove that it doesn’t exist. His book, A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife, is a fascinating read.

I had my own proof of life after death experiences when each of my parents died, so for me this is not a belief, but a fact. Still, it’s extremely validating to learn of so many others, past and present, who share the same viewpoint. For that alone, I wish to thank Victor and Wendy Zammit for the wonderful work they do to inform the public and encourage the research and ongoing discussion of this important topic." Merryn's Musings October 13th 2016. "

We remember the assassination of a music legend, John Lennon, 36 years ago this month. What a loss to the world. Many will agree that John Lennon's best inspirational song was IMAGINE. Here it is - a most wonderful brilliant permanent contribution to the world.

Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith. ALL WORK IS COPYRIGHT BY THE CONDITIONS SET AT THE GENEVA CONFERENCE ON COPYRIGHT.