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30th March 2012

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STUBBORN CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS ADMIT TELEPATHY HAS BEEN PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY!. A real shock to the system! We have on record some of the world's most stubborn skeptics accepting that telepathy has now been scientifically proven. These are the same ones who regularly attack mediums and the paranormal. Now Chris Carter points out in an article in EPOCH TIMES that leading hard-line skeptical psychologists Richard Wiseman and Chris French have admitted that the evidence for telepathy is so good that by the standards of any other area of science, telepathy has been proven. Not only that, he claims that "two surveys of over 500 scientists in one case and over 1,000 in another both found that the majority of respondents considered ESP “an established fact” or “a likely possibility”—56 percent in one and 67 percent in the other."

Professional investigators of the afterlife- scientists, lawyers, biologists and others who investigated will tell you that the essence of mediumship is TELEPATHY between a spirit and a medium.
Some scientists these days have already accepted that mediumship has been proven through scientific testing. Guaranteed in the relatively near future, we will see even the most stubborn closed minded skeptics coming to the same conclusion. Clearly it's only a matter of time.

Professor Josephson has always been an advocate for open-minded science. In 2001 after writing " Quantum theory is now being fruitfully combined with theories of information and computation. These developments may lead to an explanation of processes still not understood within conventional science such as telepathy, an area where Britain is at the forefront of research" he came under criticism from fellow scientists and from skeptics. David Deutsch, a quantum physicist at Oxford University attacked him stating "It is utter rubbish. Telepathy simply does not exist. The Royal Mail has let itself be hoodwinked into supporting ideas that are complete nonsense." As he says in this interview, time will show that he was right.


According to Dr Charles Tart (in his book The End of Materialism: How Evidence of the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together ) there are five areas of psychic phenomena for which there is impressive experimental evidence. These are:

  • telepathy- receiving messages from someone's mind
  • clairvoyance or remote viewing- knowing things at a distance
  • precognition- knowing things before they happen
  • psychokineis- moving things with the mind
  • and psychic healing.

Extensive experiments were carried out in the Rhine Research Center by Dr J.B. Rhine and his wife Dr Louisa Rhine who created the word “parapsychology”. In their book "Extra-Sensory Perception After Sixty Years", JB Rhine claims that by 1940, 33 experiments had been done involving almost a million trials on telepathy and precognition. Twenty seven (27) of the 33 studies produced statistically significant results.

These studies were repeated in 33 independent experiments in different laboratories in the five years following Rhine’s first publication of his results. Twenty of these or 61% were statistically significant where 5% would be expected by chance.


Starts at 7mins and 30sec.


WHAT HAPPENS MOMENTS AFTER YOU DIE? - "When you come to our world, when the (silver cord which is attached to the spirit body) is severed (is cut), you will have complete recollection of every visit that you have made in your earthly sleep state. Now if you recollect, it is fragmentary; then it becomes permanent ... (for the good, average, open minded person ) ...you will be met by loved ones who will help you to move on to the realm of the Light where conditions are just too beautiful - to continue to refine in mind, body and spirit...." ALWAYS, for the good average, open minded person there will be someone friendly to help you cross over - always.


Josie Varga had an ADC which came with a great validation. She says she no longer believes in the afterlife, she knows. Her book is called Visits from Heaven.

Her powers of clairvoyance, telepathy, and pre-vision were outstanding, but she never took a penny in the exercise of her gifts. "I believe in the humanities and common decency," she once said, proving this as a socialist, editor, publisher, author, psychic researcher, and philanthropist. Intensely interested in a genuine knowledge of psychic phenomena, she exposed herself to the finest scientists and psychic societies for examination of her rich talents, and founded the famous Parapsychology Foundation for this purpose. Well-known as a publisher of excellent books, she was also editor-publisher (1941-1962) of the important magazine Tomorrow. She wrote The Sense and Nonsense of Prophecy, Awareness, Life is the Healer, Many Voices.

One of Eileen Garrett's more memorable communications, as a medium, was the case of the R101.
In a sitting at the National Laboratory of Psychical Research on October 7, 1930, two days after the explosion of the R101, Flight Lieutenant H. C. Irwin, Captain of the airship, suddenly entranced Mrs. Garrett, announced his presence and gave the listeners a highly technical account of how the airship crashed. The narrative was taken down in shorthand and a copy was submitted to the Air Ministry. According to the opinion of experts, a number of observations in the message tallied in every detail with what was afterwards found in the course of the official inquiry. Read more details about this case.


THE MULTI-VERSE - POTENTIAL TO COMPLETELY MAKE REDUNDANT OUR COSMIC PHYSICS: new concepts at the frontier of physics: first we had the traditional cosmologists talking about the 'UNIVERSE'. Now we have more cosmologists and physicists - from University of California, Stanford University, University of Texas - and other scientists from other universities talking about the 'MULTI-VERSE' - (many 'universes'). They are saying that there are more than just one universe. The documentary BEYOND THE COSMOS on cable channel clearly shows there are scientists who accept the MULTI-VERSE concepts. When these concepts are confirmed, they will inevitably make redundant the physics and cosmology of traditional cosmologists - including Prof. Stephen Hawking. As predicted, as time goes by, new cosmologists make some of the older theories of old fashioned cosmologists completely redundant. Read more...

QUESTION: VICTOR ZAMMIT AND J. RANDI: You said, among (other things, in last week’s COMMENTARY: ”The evidence that consistently comes to us from transmitted information from the other side is that what will be critical when you pass over is how much love you have shown to others" Does this mean you're prepared to say you love James Randi?? – (kidding) Ron C.
Victor: I don’t think you’re kidding Ron.– but for the record I’ll reply the same way Martin Luther King replied when he was asked whether he could love the Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan - American extreme racists. After 22 years of investigating the afterlife, I accept that the highly credible afterlife entities consistently stated that we all have a ‘spark of the Divine’ in everyone of us. Translated this means that I may not like the person Randi himself – I don’t like his cruelty, his lying and cheating, his rudeness and conning and his unfairness and his verbal sleight of hand --- but I love the spark of the Divine in every human. That is why I can say, I do not have anything against anybody in this world.

Of course, there are no parliaments in the afterlife - and no need for politicians. But there would be positions for leadership which would be open not only to politicians but to anyone who has the spiritual advancement, the skills and competence, the leadership qualities and the motivation for high quality selfless service. There are many fine people who enter politics with a desire to make a difference. Those with unblemished character who are able to cope with all kinds of obstacles will do well in the afterlife. For example, there would be a need for negotiators to deal with stubborn spirits like those who were dictators on earth or who wilfully abused their power to hurt others. Clearly nothing is wasted and those with spiritual leadership skills will be able to make a significant contribution in the afterlife.

John opens up about his improved relationship with his skeptical father now that his father has crossed over.

Is this true? How can I make sure it won't happen to me?
Victor: Guaranteed, that if you read the weekly Friday Afterlife Report you will NOT get 'stuck' on crossing over. Normal people who regularly read about the afterlife and keep an open mind will have an easy transition to the realm of the Light. They will met by someone they love and trust and looked after. However there is highly credible information transmitted from the other side that there are millions who cross over with an inflexible, deeply entrenched 'belief' that they will stay asleep until some religious figure wakes them up in the future. Because their minds are so fixed they could well find themselves sleeping for thousands of years by our time waiting for an angel with a trumpet to wake them up. This, we have been repeatedly told, is not going to happen. Just one of the highly credible source is former Catholic priest, Mons. Hugh Benson (pictured left) who transmitted a number of books through the medium Anthony Borgia - very highly recommended books which are available for free download.


YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW! Watch this video where scientists are stating they are being attacked because they are speaking up against genetic engineering in food and animals. They state that genetic engineering is taking away taste and nutrition from food – making you take all the health risks for higher profits. Don’t you think you have a right to know what food you are eating – what risks have been put into your food? Why attack these brave scientists who are helping us understand what food we should be eating to avoid serious health problems?
Watch video.

INTERESTING COMMENT: Saying 'Thank you'! "I hope that you can find things in your life to feel gratitude about. Being aware of the gifts given and saying ‘thank you’ is a great way to get more opportunities, whilst complaining at every occasion will close many doors." Anonymous.
Read more about the power of gratitude to change your life.

Dr. Melvin Morse is a pediatrician who has been researching the Near Death Experiences of children for many years. He is one of the few researchers who has actually resuscitated many of the patients he has studied. Dr. Morse's research has convinced him that we all have a "God Spot" in our brains which permits communication with a source of wisdom and knowledge that exists outside our physical bodies.

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1. Every Friday I wait for your report, please continue to spread the light to our world and our souls. I'm living in a place that everything is tabu not allow to talk about this subject. Where I live, they can not understand what I'm talking about, even my husband does not believe, he told me to stop talking about this subject people will thing that I'm crazy. I stopped to talk to anyone. Thanks for everything you are doing for us. God bless you and bless your work. My regards. N.

2. Dear Victor, Thank you for being so kind as to provide these books to people like myself, at 80 and living on a strict budget. I have learned such a lot from AFTERLIFE which I spend hours reading, finding long held belief reinforced ! I hope you will not mind that I forward them to family and friends who show interest.
Victor and Wendy, you are amazing people, getting this information to the world, THANK YOU BOTH and all who work to this end! God bless you ALL. Mrs Lillian M. G.

3. Dear Victor and Wendy, Firstly i'd like to thank you deeply-(from all of your supporters too) for the marvelous effort you go to for us.You are truly gifts to the masses.God bless! Lori.

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