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Friday Report September 7th 2007

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“Einstein once had to actually change one of his equations because the establishment told him it was not consistent with their beliefs. More than three-quarters of a century later, new evidence from the study of the rate at which the galaxies are separating suggests that Einstein was possibly right. From this we could all perhaps agree that reasoned constructive criticism are fine, whereas objections based on emotion, fear, existing belief structure or dogma are not.”
From THE SCOLE EXPERIMENT – Scientific Evidence for Life After Death, by Grant and Jane Solomon

DAVID THOMPSON MATERIALIZATIONS: without doubt whatsoever, David Thompson's materializations are the most convinving most persuasive and most world shattering evidence we have to day on planet earth. As a lawyer/empiricist, after 12 months investigating David Thompson, I personally guarantee, that no fraud is taking place. I also know that without any doubt whatsoever, this type of evidence will be accepted as 'objective' evidence in the Supreme Court (U.S.). The reason why professional debunking skeptics at professorial level did not take us on is because David Thompson's evidence has two critical elements: OBJECTIVITY and REPEATABILITY. That says it all!

DR CARL JUNG, one of the greatest psychiatrists/empiricists of all times: “I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”

ANTHROPOLOGIST MARGARET MEADE: “The whole history of scientific advances is full of scientists investigating phenomena that the establishment did not believe were there.”

YALE physicist Henry Margenau: “To put it bluntly, science no longer contains absolute truths … the old distinction between the natural and the supernatural has become spurious.”

VICTOR’S 60 WITNESSES: Scientists and researchers - from Victor's book (click BOOK top right) who went beyond fear and existing belief structure and made a special contribution to our understanding of the afterlife (not in any order of importance or contribution):

Dr Prof John Bockris
Dr Prof Ray Moody
Dr Aubrey Rose
Dr Helen Wambach
Dr Peter Ramster
Dr Fred Alan Wolf
Dr Karlis Osis
Dr E Haraldsen
Dr Robert Crookall
Dr Prof Ernst Senkowski
Dr Albert Meader
Dr Edith Fiore
Dr Melvin Morse
Dr Konstantin Raudive
Dr Kenneth Ring
Dr Prof Archie Roy
Dr Ian Stevenson
Dr Morris Netherton
Dr Alexander Cannon
Dr Arthur Guirdham
Dr Prof James Hyslop
Dr. Carl A. Wickland
Dr. T. Glen Hamilton
Dr. Robert Crookall
Dr. Prof. C. J. Ducasse
Dr. Prof.Charles Richet, (Nobel L.)
Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace
Dr. Hereward Carrington
Dr Prof. William James,
Dr Prof. Charles H Hapgood
Dr.Elizabeth Kübler-Ross,.
Dr. Prof. Camille Flammarion
Dr Ivanova
Dr Prof David Fontana
Dr Prof.Amit Goswami
Dr. (Baron) Albert Von Schrenck-
Dr VON Schrenck Notzing
Sir William Crookes
Sir Oliver Lodge,
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sir William Barrett
George Meek
David Thompson
Mark Macy
Marcello Bacci
Emmanuel Swedenborg
Sonia Rinaldi
Anthony Borgia
Allison Dubois
Lord Dowding
FWH Myers
Leonore Piper
Eileen Garret
Maurice Barbanell
Sarah Estep
Jack Webber
Helen Duncan
Arthur Findlay
Leslie Flint
Fr Johannes Greber
Ron Pearson
Scott Rogo
John Sloan
Judge John W. Edmonds
Allan Kardec, Esq.
The Rev. William Stainton Moses
The Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas
Edward C. Randall, Esq.
Klaus Schreiber
John Logie Baird, inventor of television.
Thomas Alva Edison, inventor.

ASSESS YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL LEVEL: Adopt a criterion for self assessment – be your own judge. Score a Maximum 100 marks on spiritual advancement for someone who is:
A person who communicates peacefully, without violence, who is able to remain extremely calm under pressure, always helping, always doing something positive for others; someone who is disciplined and is able to maintain harmony in mind, body and spirit; someone who projects peace, light, love and understanding; someone who can get along with people; someone who can unconditionally love and unconditionally forgive; someone who ignores the negative, is moderate in other attributes and accentuates the positive; someone who has strength of character; someone who can meditate at the deepest, most intense level and experience themselves as extreme love; someone who is without ‘ego’ and identifies with the whole, who understands and practices humility, someone who is highly ethically exemplary who exudes positive energy; someone who can relate with extreme kindness to human beings, and also to animals, birds and living things; someone who respects the environment and who does not eat flesh foods, does not drink stimulants such as tea or coffee; someone who does not consume alcohol and does not smoke and/or take any drugs whatsoever; someone who does not lose his/her temper but is able to respond to all provocations and hostility with serenity, equanimity, peace, composure and love; someone who is morally strong not affected by envy and jealousy and avoids anger, greed and malice.

WAS JESUS PERFECT? Having stated all the above, and IF the Bible is right, then does Jesus fail on at least three things?? 1) losing his temper at the Temple, 2) eating flesh (fish) and 3) drinking wine – all expressly stated or strongly implied ? If you like to respond, please do.

LONG TERM EFFECTS OF NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES Australian NDE researcher Dr Cherie Sutherland found that NDE experiencers shared a long list of characteristics some of which we often associate with being “more spiritual”. These included:
• a universal belief in life after death
• a high proportion (80%) now believed in re-incarnation
• a total absence of fear of death
• a large shift from organized religion to personal spiritual practice
• a statistically significant increase in psychic sensitivity
• a more positive view of self and of others
• an increased desire for solitude
• an increased sense of purpose
• a lack of interest in material success coupled with a marked increase in interest in spiritual development
• fifty per cent experienced major difficulties in close relationships as a result of their changed priorities
• an increase in health consciousness
• most drank less alcohol
• almost all gave up smoking
• most gave up prescription drugs
• most watched less television
• most read fewer newspapers
• an increased interest in alternative healing
• an increased interest in learning and self-development
• seventy five per cent experienced a major career change in which they moved towards areas of helping others. Read more…

A REMARKABLE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE Arthur Yensen, a university graduate, geologist, and staunch -materialist -turned -syndicated -cartoonist had a remarkable NDE following an accident which changed his life. Read more...

QUESTION: what do you say to those misguided skeptics who try to throw mud at you Victor?

Victor: Let me first state that no one on earth has beaten my challenge in seven long years. I agree, that the scientific evidence for the afterlife is impossible to rebut because it has REPEATABILITY AND OBJECTIVITY. That itself elicits in the skeptics a great deal of anxiety. But read very carefully:

1 ) NO Professor, NO scientist, NO empiricist, NO informed researcher and NO debunker has ever rebutted the evidence for the afterlife.
2) Irrational criticism is based either on fear or ignorance or stupidity.
3 ) However the skeptical debunkers actually do the afterlife cause a favour because their opposition forces us to find sharper and better evidence (see my article on the 'Dialectical Spiritualism')
4) Closed minded skeptics only attack those who they perceive to have great VALUE. No professional critic has ever attacked anyone who was a nobody, a non-entity!
5) Old proverb, “Those who hate and attack you want to be just like you.”
6) And what do I call that poor quality American professor from University of Minnesota, Morris who attacks me using gutter-level material? I call him the greatest AMERICAN COWARD alive to-day – he attacks but does not rebut the evidence.

PERCEPTION IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE ENVIRONMENT: By and large, how we see the world is directly related to where we were born. If anything comes our way which was not part of our early environmental condition we will reject it. We want to stay within your comfort zone. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE NOW – and assess anything on the basis whether it is empirical or not. Be OPEN to things which yield the same results over time and space, keeping variables constant, even if they conflict with your childhood environmental programming. Then test and research for yourself. But keep on asking questions as long as you live - and guranteed, you will find what you are looking for!

GREAT INTERESTING RESPONSE TO ‘DIALECTICAL SPIRITUALISM’: Professors and many others replied – all stating that the theory of dialectical spiritualism is sound. I especially thank that professor from North California John, who made excellent suggestions. Accordingly, I reviewed the article. Read the second updated article Read more …

BRILLIANT BIOLOGIST, Bruce H Lipton, Ph.D is the author of a number of revolutionary books. The Wisdom of Your Cells is a new biology that will profoundly change civilization and the world we live in. This new biology takes us from the belief that we are victims of our genes, that we are biochemical machines, that life is out of our control, into another reality, a reality where our thoughts, beliefs and mind control our genes, our behavior and the life we experience. This biology is based on current, modern science with some new perceptions added. Read more... See Bruce interviewed on "Beyond Darwin" (Part 1) a 2 minute video clip which illustrates new biological perspectives on evolution and sustainability.

DIANA cont. part 2. There is still huge global interest in 'Princess' Diana. Diana is on record for accepting the afterlife. She deserved to be defended – there is huge interest in Diana. Of the many questions I received, I will make the space for one more question – the last one I received: Why are so many people against the Queen when she had the good heart to leave Balmoral, Scotland to return to London to pay respect over Diana’s death?

Victor: Some television documentaries are wrong for not telling the truth about this one. The present British monarchy was established by way of a parliamentary Act in England, in 1688 some years after republican Cromwell, the leader of the politicians, beheaded King Charles the First. The previous monarchs lost forever their claimed right to rule in 1649 after their defeat in a civil war. This means the Houses of Parliament – the politicians - created the present monarchy by way of a parliamentary Act. It also means that parliament can DISSOLVE the British monarchy anytime it wants to, so long as both houses of parliament agree. In the 1688 the monarchs were given only ceremonial powers. The British constitution shows that the Commander in Chief of the armed forces is not the Queen, it is the Prime Minister – and the Queen takes advice from the Prime Minister. The Monarch cannot have or command any of the security forces and is at all time politically subservient to the Prime Minister and politicians in Britain. When she opens parliament each year – she gets someone to knock on the door to be let in – she has NO AUTOMATIC right to enter parliament without the permission of the politicians. So in 1997 It was PM Tony Blair, consistent with the British constitutional law who COMMANDED and DIRECTED the Queen (against her will) to return to London from Scotland and to put the flag at half mast to show respect for the mother of the Queen’s grandchildren. Further, the speech she made on television was written for her by P.M. Tony Blair’s speechwriters.

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: ‘PARANORMAL’(name of the magazine)– UK’s best glossy paranormal magazine available in good newsagents shops in English speaking countries – U.S., UK. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries. In issue number 20, 2007 on page 32 there is a FOUR page interview with Victor. Also: The Curse of the Poltergeist, Who Really Exists, Us or Ghosts?, The Gift, the Spiritual Medium Michael, The Ghost of Flight 401, Ghostly Night Time Visitor, Spirit Faces – Mark Macy and the truth about the afterlife, Angel at My Side, Ghost Marriages, The Ghost of Rorke’s Drift. See also the magazine’s editor – Allison’s personal photo & Video collection – plus much more...


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