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6th April 2012
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WORLD CRISIS! ... WHY YOUTH WORLD-WIDE IS DEMANDING PROOF FOR THE BELIEFS THEY ARE ASKED TO ACCEPT: Youth around the world in the twenty-first century has become more questioning and cynical than ever before - demanding proof for the ancient religious beliefs they are asked to accept blindly, without questioning.

Youth is rebelling against some of the most obscene beliefs in religious writings none of which can be independently supported. The Old Testament for example makes God an ethnic cleanser, a cause of genocide, inspiring murder of thousands of innocent men, women and children. This God is viciously against women – and is described as a 'God of War', a 'jealous' God, and an 'Envious God'. That is NOT spirituality. That is not inspirational. That is not acceptable.

Youth – and others are protesting with their feet – abandoning the Churches and causing a serious crisis to religion around the world. Youth is rejecting the traditional beliefs created by a few men in ancient times who gave themselves AUTHORITY and POWER to control the minds and hearts of people using horrific fear.

INSPIRATION: Anything inspirational has beauty
. Inspiration is inevitably positive, spiritually uplifting, exemplary. It fills you with pure love, peace, ‘light’ and confidence that righteousness is unquestionably on your side. People around the world are getting to KNOW and EXPERIENCE more than ever that accepting the afterlife has nothing to do with blind personal beliefs or superstition - but with irrefutable and unrebuttable EVIDENCE - which can be independently substantiated.

HOW HUMANS CAME TO BELIEVE IN THE AFTERLIFE- In this frank audio interview Dr Raymond Moody admits on Coast to Coast that it was only recently that came to finally accept that life after death is the best explanation of the evidence. He predicts that the whole field will take off incredibly in the next five years.

The work of Mark Macy, leading American expert on ITC and others in Europe and South America is quite stunning.
I quite accept that one day in the future, when it is perfected, ITC will revolutionize contact with the afterlife. Just imagine a time where everyone will be able to see and hear their crossed-over loved ones. This may seem far fetched but on Mark Macy's website there is an article about how Klaus Shreiber was able to obtain clear pictures on a television screen of loved ones who crossed over: “Klaus Schreiber began to receive spirit images on his TV set in 1985 …. His technique, set up by his colleague Martin Wenzel, involved aiming a videocamera at the television and feeding the output of the camera back into the TV, in order to achieve a feedback loop. The result was a churning mist on the screen out of which the spirit faces would slowly form over a period of many frames." There are several videos on Youtube of Schrieber at work: video1 and video 2 and video 3. Schreiber’s spectacular results were the subject of a TV documentary and book by popular radio-television commentator Rainer Holbe in nearby Luxembourg, in 1985. (Information from ITC - History and future). Marc Macy's World ITC website site has a fascinating article which shows many of the pictures Schrieber received of his relatives. As well there are pictures of himself and his home in the spirit world that Schrieber transmitted after he died. Read article.

This month with the April 15th centenary we are likely to have enormous focus on the sinking of the Titanic. By far the most useful of the many books and articles being published is a book which looks at what happened to the passengers on the Titanic AFTER they died. Michael Tymn has collected in the book wonderful evidence for premonitions, apparitions, out-of-body experiences, telepathic communication among the living, and after-death communications involving Titanic passengers.

What Michael does so brilliantly is to contrast the after death communications of someone who was spiritually prepared for death with those who were not. He traces the after death communications of a famous Spiritualist and humanitarian on the ship, newspaper editor William T. Stead. In the days, weeks and years after the sinking he came through at least eight different mediums and materialized on many occasions giving detailed proof of his identity that were accepted by his daughter and close friends. He also gave accounts of what happened during and immediately after the sinking. The evidence of his personal survival is throroughly documented by witnesses of the highest credibility and is among the best evidence of the afterlife ever assembled. He describes the behavior of many of the wealthy passengers who did not realize they were dead and whose only concern was their possessions. As he says "Life here is a grander thing - and a happier thing for all those who have led reasonable lives on earth, but for the unreasonable there are many troubles and difficulties and sorrows to be encountered."

Two of the world's richest men who drowned on the Titanic and Lusitania and were not prepared for death had a great deal of trouble after they died. Michael recounts the after death communications of John Jacob Astor (who went down with the Titanic) and Alfred Vanderbilt (who died on the Lusitania in 1915). Apparently Astor complained "Why did no-one ever tell me these things? Why should humanity not be taught differently before death?"

Read more and purchase Transcending the Titanic (Kindle edition available instantly).

DR PETER FENWICK'S NEW BOOK- THE ART OF DYING- answers the question is there an ideal way to die?

Read more about his book

Dr Michael Newton claims that people being trained in "life between life hypnosis" are independently gaining personal conviction about life after death. He is impressed that over thousands of cases there is a consistency of reporting about what happens when you die.


Last week we brought you news of cutting edge research on telepathy between twins. This week a report by the Institute of Noetic Sciences highlighted Nancy Segal's book Entwined Lives which details research on research on identical twins raised apart launched in 1979 by the University of Minnesota. Sixty-eight cases were extensively studied. What startled the researchers were the many similar life details that defied the odds of chance and conventional understanding. The “Jim twins,” for example, had been separated at 4-weeks-old and were apart for 39 years. Both were named Jim, married a woman named Linda, divorced, and then married another woman named Betty. However, one Jim was on his third marriage. They both had had childhood dogs named Toy and sons named James. One son was James Allen and the other James Alan. They both had been firemen and sheriffs. Both bit their nails, suffered from migraines, smoked Salem cigarettes, and drank Miller Lite beer. Each was 6 feet tall and weighed exactly 180 pounds, though they wore their hair differently. Among the most remarkable shared details was that both had a compulsion to build a circular white bench around a tree each of them had in his yard right before they met. Also, they both had owned light-blue Chevrolets, which they had regularly driven to Pass-a-Grille Beach, Florida, for family vacations. What’s more, both enjoyed leaving love notes to their wives throughout their homes. Their facial expressions, IQs, habits, brain waves, and handwriting were nearly identical. To top it all off, they died from the same illness on the same day. Read more...

Dr Melvin Morse claims that it is rare for someone to lose a child and not see them again in a death-related vision (Morse 1994: 135). Read more about the ways in which our loved ones contact us.


INTERESTING, INSIGHTFUL COMMENT about the origins of life by Edwin Conklin, the biologist, "The possibility of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in the printing shop."

QUESTION: ON EVIDENCE: Why is it that with so much paranormal and afterlife evidence some people still reject the afterlife? Chiao, Rita, Italy.
Victor: This is a very frequently asked question. I dealt with it in the past. After investigating the afterlife evidence using scientific method - and for that time debating the closed minded skeptics, I now can say, that there is a class of closed minded people who will not accept any evidence for the afterlife no matter how convincing it is. This has nothing to do with intelligence, social status, gender, beliefs or nationality. This is because this small class of people does NOT have the capacity, the skills and the ability to seeing the evidence with scientific, objective balance. Remember, no one has been able to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the evidence for the afterlife is not valid. But guaranteed, one time in the future, inevitably, they will accept what they cannot inevitably ignore. More about this I talked in the past: Read more ...

Those on the other side don't seem more knowledgeable than we are. Doesn't learning continue? Herman K.

Victor: On crossing over, we will not become omniscient and infallible - all knowing or all powerful - nothing in character and knowledge change. But when a Professor of History crosses over, he/she would remember all his/her university learning. So it would be with other professionals. If someone relatively uninformed tries to pass any information, he can only pass information what he obtained whilst on physical earth - and what he learnt in the afterlife. If he/she did not bother to learn anything in the afterlife, then he/she would only know what was brought from physical earth. There are 'universities' and 'lecture halls' on the other side - but attendance is not compulsory. That would depend how intrinsically motivated the person is to learn, to attain and achieve.

QUESTION: "I was taught that when I die, St Peter will be there with a book about what I did on earth. Then God will be the judge where I am to go …" Is that true? K, Singapore.

Victor: Over twenty years I have been very carefully and with great discrimination reading transmissions from the other side. The highly credible ones all agree that there will be no St Peter, no God to judge you, no Angels. But there will be a loved one where you will have a positive heart-to-heart connection to help you go to the realm of the Light. Here is former Catholic Monsignor Hugh Benson, who transmitted information to us from the otherside because he said he taught people the wrong lessons about what happens soon after we die. In one of his books he says:

"Let me tell you at once, Roger (just crossed over to the other side), that there are no judges, or even a single great Judge, anywhere in this world, the spirit world. Any judging to be done, we do it for ourselves, and manage very nicely. You’ll find you will become extremely critical of yourself, as we all do. We can be very hard on ourselves even. So whatever you may have thought about Judgment Day, dismiss the whole idea from your mind.” from Hugh Bensons's MORE ABOUT THE WORLD UNSEEN.

Aart Bosman makes copies of classic Afterlife books available on his website Esoteric books. He wrote to us after last week's report featured links to four books about what happens when you die written by former Catholic priest Monsignor Hugh Benson (who died in 1914).

" I saw that you had four titles of the Anthony Borgia books in your Friday Report but I have two more. I do not know if they are still under copyright. But when I was scanning in the books for my website many years ago I asked to myself "What about the copyright ?" I heard a voice behind me say " To hell with the copyright. Then the voice said " I am Hugh. I will help you. You're doing a marvelous work to get my books to those that cannot pay for them." And Hugh stayed with me for four weeks to help me scan the books in. Then he said "I'll see you Upstairs when you're ready" .Then he was gone. That gave me the power to build up my website to what it has become. So Victor I think that Hugh would appreciate it If you keep mentioning my website, on your Friday report. After all everything on there is for free to Download . For the people that have no money to buy these books or tapes.

So here courtesy of Aart and Hugh Benson are the six highly recommended Anthony Borgia books in the series:
Life In the world unseen- book 1
More about life in the world unseen- book 2
Here and hereafter -book 3
Facts- book 4,
More Light- book 5
Heaven and earth- Book 6
[ scroll down to the fifth heading Books- all Borgia books]

"As our teaching grows in your world, it will mean the end of all separateness between people. It will mean the end of national barriers. It will mean the end of race distinctions, class distinctions, color distinctions and all the distinctions between churches and chapels, temples, mosques and synagogues, for gradually all will learn that they have a part of the Great Power's truth and that the part enshrined in the heart of every other religion in no way contradicts that portion which is precious to them." (A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS, S.B.)

A DECLARATON OF INTER-DEPENDENCE - is a crowd-sourced short film by Tiffany Shlain the filmmaker behind the important feature film CONNECTED.

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The 2012 IANDS Conference will be held Friday through Sunday, August 31 - September 2 (Labor Day weekend). On Thursday, August 30, there will be workshops plus a seminar for IANDS Group Leaders. Read more


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FEEDBACK - 3 only selected

1) Hi Victor and Wendy, I just watched the Shatner and Edward video. My emotions poured out at the point when Shatner took out a poem Edward's son had written. My father had the same emotional disconnect from me and yet I love me 2 boys to death. It's strange, because I grew up with Shatner as my trekkie idol who looks very much like my dad. My wife introduced John Edward to me on cable tv when at the time I had no belief in the afterlife. I guess as John says, we are shown things at a certain time in life to simply experience and learn life's lessons and you, Victor and Wendy, are helping tremendously in helping your loyal readers doing just that. Thanks again for your tremendous contribution, Mark.

2) Respected Victor, I have been following your website and reports for almost two years now and it has helped me a lot.... venommax

3) Hi Victor, Once again thanks for each inspirational newsletter which I would be waiting for during 12:30a.m. every Friday. The latest newsletter was immensely interesting: you discussed the scientific acceptance of telepathy or thought transference... Paul

SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL- My heart will go on
Andre Rieu's most evocative, beautiful music. This segment is one of our very favorites accompanied by some spectacularly beautiful ice dancing...enjoy "My Heart Will go On"- on ice in Vienna

" Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you
That is how I know you go on"

These beautiful lyrics capture the experiences of many of our subscribers whose partners or loved ones have already crossed over.



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