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COMMENTARY: WE JUST CANNOT KEEP ON RE-INVENTING THE WHEEL! I am sure the reader will agree with us that it is critical to keep reminding the world about the achievements of the greatest paranormal researchers over the last one hundred and fifty years. Some of humanity's greatest minds have put years of effort into accumulating overwhelming evidence for both psychic phenomena and the afterlife.

Brilliant physical mediumship and materializations were investigated by one of the most respected scientists of all time, Sir William Crookes. His supporters in England included the four great physicists of the day: Sir William Barrett, Sir Oliver Lodge, Lord Rayleigh and Nobel Prize winner Sir Joseph ‘J. J.’ Thompson, the discoverer of the electron. There was also Alfred Russel Wallace who developed the theory of evolution at the same time as Charles Darwin.

In Europe and America other brilliant scientists claimed that they had seen materializations of spirit people under controlled laboratory conditions. Their written reports showed that they had ruled out all possible sources of fraud. We cannot allow this body of work to be forgotten.

'SCIENCE AND THE SEANCE' is a 2005 BBC video which, in treating the subject of scientific investigation of physical mediumship as part of a documentary on the religion of Spiritualism, was able to avoid having to give time to a token skeptic "in the interests of balance". A summary of the video was put out on BBC news. See a full discussion of the video on Michael Roll's website.

Most of our existing subscribers know that Wikipedia has been taken over by organised skeptics. Pages on all of the great scientists mentioned above have been systematically vandalised. Editors who insist on more objective reporting are removed. Read more...

The 2002 BBC documentary "The Day I Died" is one of the best made about Near Death Experiences. It features many top scientists and valuable interview with Pam Reynolds (pictured) who described her NDE while clinically dead. The BBC has refused to replay this documentary, and has stopped it from being sold as a dvd, apparently because of an organised campaign of hate mail. People upload onto Youtube old copies of the documentary and extracts (like the interview with Gordon Allen below) but they are blocked on Youtube on copyright grounds within a short short time. We need people to write to the BBC about it. Or perhaps a film maker in the USA can buy the rights and re-package it.

PEOPLE ARE PROFOUNDLY CHANGED BY NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES in positive ways that do not happen after hallucinations.
The following extract is from the BBC documentary "The Day I Died" (see item above).

Congratulations to well known Australian radio and TV presenter and host on online radio program Radio Out There, Barry Eaton, on the publication of his new book "No Goodbyes: Insights from the Heaven World."

A medium himself, Barry says he also used the services of a very spiritual trance medium to access an advanced group of spirits who provided a wide range of information. The book is very conversational, easy to read and deals with many fascinating topics about both the afterlife and life in the physical in 54 very short chapters. Read more...



KEEP AN OPEN MIND If you have a loved one who is insists that there is no afterlife, tell them that they can believe whatever they like but it is very important to keep an open mind about the afterlife.

Why? Because in the dimension closest to earth, the astral level, our thoughts are very powerful. On crossing over the stubborn person may not at first accept that he is in the afterlife - because he would have a solid body, memories, feelings and all senses. Information transmitted from the afterlife tells us that some stubborn people refuse to accept they are in the 'afterlife' because they find conditions very similar to those they left behind.


The book "The French Revelation" by a lawyer, Edward C. Randall, is one of the most valuable in afterlife research. It details his twenty years of recording independent direct voice communications through the superb mediumship of Emily S. French. He was able to ask searching questions about life and conditions in the spirit world.

In Chapter 7 there is an interesting report of a conversation with a crossed over materialist who did not realise he was dead. He was speaking in direct voice through the medium Mrs Emily French.

"I am not dead ... and not interested in the subject ... You are mistaken in your statements; there is no survival - no continuity of life. Death is the end? .... I tell you there is no such thing as life after death ... what's that got to do with me. I am not dead ... I cannot accept a word you say about a life after death. There is no other life - there can be none - a man dies like a dog..."

At that point the high spirits brought people he knew had already died to join him. There was the initial shock when he recognized them... and gradually he accepted the afterlife.

THERAPY FOR EXTREME GRIEF Induced after-death Communication (IADC) is a breakthrough in grief and trauma therapy which should be much more widely known and available. Allan L. Botkin, a Doctor of Psychology, worked for 20 years at a hospital and specialized in treating PTSD among combat veterans. He discovered that a variation of EMDR, or eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing, reliably induced after-death communications in his patients, giving them dramatic relief from anger, guilt and sadness.
See induced-adc.com and
for veterans and their families healingafterthewar.org.

who explains how grief can actually prevent people from having an after death contact. Read transcript.

Being a psychic or a medium or a healer (or a medical professional) is no guarantee of good health.

Silver Birch warns: " Mediums cannot be exempt from natural law, which encompasses all without exception and without deviation. If there is ill health there are two reasons:

1. One is that there is not the harmony between spirit, mind and body which produces the wholeness that is health.
2. The other possibility is a karmic condition, which means that the soul has yet to achieve progress on earth that cannot be achieved elsewhere because of what has happened in a previous lifetime." (S. Birch).

HOW CAN WE ATTAIN MIND-BODY-SPIRIT HARMONY? A medical researcher explains.


Case: 'Mirror Image’.
Place: Cass County, Dowagiac Police Department
Case: Murder of young female Barbara Warthan
Psychic: the brilliant Noreen Renier
Police Officer in Charge: Chief Tom Atkinson

POLICE COMMENT: Chief Tom Atkinson: “The psychic – Noreen Renier – started to hit on things that no one would have known except the investigators. …She knew the lights were on … the television was on … and the layout of the house … there is no way she could have got that information …My first response was somebody had to tell her … and then there’s no way any one could have because no one from the outside knew and my office hasn’t spoken to anyone … so it was kinda shocking ... As we were reviewing the information that was obtained from Noreen (the psychic) we came across the information that Kelvin (the killer) did frequent that bar and played pool there … When I first had the opportunity to do the interview with Noreen, I was a skeptic. But the more I spoke with Noreen there were a lot of items, and things that she had told us about, that were right on point - that were very, very accurate"


ALISON DUBOIS ON OPRAH explains how she began picking up information about crimes psychically while she was sorting crime photographs.


Question: "Victor, I've heard that some writers of fiction seem to be tapping into the future, perhaps being 'pre-cognitive' without realising it. Have you heard of this very important subject"?

Victor: There are some really good examples of this but the most famous one is about the ship Titanic. Futility, or the "Wreck of the Titan" is a novel which was originally written and published in 1898 by Morgan Robertson. This novel is the story of an ocean liner, called the Titan, which sinks in the North Atlantic ocean after hitting an iceberg. There are many similarities between this novel and the facts in the sinking of the Titanic fourteen years later.
- the name was Titan
- the ship was huge, relative to others

- it was designed to be 'unsinkable'
- built to accommodate 3,000 people
- it was 800 feet long,
- was hit by an iceberg on her Atlantic crossing,
- heavy loss of life due to insufficient lifeboats
- the iceberg was hit around midnight.

Morgan Robertson wrote another short story which could be pre-cognitive:“Beyond the Spectrum” published in 1914. In it Robertson writes of a sneak attack on the United States Naval fleet in Hawaii by Japanese ships, which leads to a war between Japan and the United States.


Question: "It seems to me that rich people have a lot more free will than poor people. What do you think?"

Victor: Whilst to a degree that appears to be correct, we are informed that we will always have the capacity to make choices. We exercise free will from the stage of spirituality we are at the time. It may surprise some people to know that if you happen to be highly spiritually evolved you may have even less free will than normal. You do not have a choice because you would already know what to do and not to do. But this means if you are spiritually advanced your exercise of 'free will' will be on more difficult decisions. Remember without free will we cannot spiritually evolve.


" In life, and with children especially, you have to focus on making memories. Every day, you have to ask yourself, 'Have I made a memory with her today? Something she'll really remember, look back on, and grow from?' "

Are you interested in evidence that ancient civilisations had technology far more advanced than today and other gems of hidden archaeology?
A one-day intensive slide and talk presentation on the keys to mankind's origins.

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FEEDBACK: (Three only). Received always with thanks!

1) Your afterlife reports are absolutely awesome! I have been reading them for years. Thank you for sharing such interesting and very informative reports every week! Jeffrey

2) Hi Victor, I just watched William Buhlman's video on astral travel and it sounded very interesting, so I googled proof of astral projection and only found one video on the subject. Do you have any links to where I can find proof of this as it seems to be a very subjective experience? Regards John.

Victor: Check out our page on Out-of-Body Experiences and follow up some of the links.

3) Dear Victor,
[In addition to your info on UFOs in your last newsletter] You might like to be aware of the detailed discussion about UFOs and their propulsion methods in the book "A Primer of the Zeta Race" authored by the medium, Paul Hamden, and me. I am retired from a career in scientific research, and I find it fascinating how the Zetas have introduced me to a new science for understanding reality.
William Treurniet


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