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January 2007

January 26th 2007

COMMENTARY: TIME FOR THIS PSI-IGNORANT HARVARD PROFESSOR TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP! It is time to take on this uninformed psi-ignorant Harvard Prof Pinker in a serious way. I find it shocking that TIME magazine allowed descriptive – unsubstantiated writings in the endeavor to invalidate the existing irrefutable evidence for psi and the afterlife.

I am more than happy to challenge this professionally uninformed Professor: I will donate half a million dollars to his department if he can show that what we are doing – communicating with afterlife entities in materialization experiments- is not coming from the afterlife dimension – from existing minds outside the physical brain.

Also, he has to rebut the empirical psi evidence validating communicating with inter-dimensional entities.

If he fails, he has to hand over to the Circle of the Silver Cord (seven open-minded skeptical investigators) half a million dollars for their empirical research. It is a matter of telling this reductionist professor who is inexorably lowering the standards of psychology at Harvard to put up or shut up.

Notwithstanding there may be laws regarding ‘betting’ in some countries, we hereinabove are talking about ‘donations.’

I am not at this stage calling this Professor Pinker an intellectual and a moral coward. We’ll see if he has the fortitude to respond!

(The above was sent to the Prof et al 25th January 07).

AN AFTERTHOUGHT: So this Harvard Professor, in a cowardly way writes to TIME magazine to knowingly denigrate, disparage and malign the brilliant paranormal work of those scientists – such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, Sir William Crookes and brilliant researcher/writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the old school. He also denigrates the empirical work being done by the Circle of the Silver Cord. This professor exhibits professional ignorance about what is happening in the world to-day in empirically validated communication experiments with afterlife entities. He, like other closed minded skeptics, has NOT done any research at all and rudely spouts his negative prejudice to satisfy his own negative partiality. I call that professional negligence. Will he prove to be a coward or will he show he has the moral courage to stand up for what he wrote against the validity of the paranormal?

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: Another physicist, Dr. Claude Swanson, has collated the "best evidence" illustrating the inadequacy of our present scientific paradigm. In his book, The Synchronised Universe, he describes scientifically controlled remote viewing and ESP experiments, demonstrations of long-range healing, psychokinesis (mind over matter), scientifically controlled experiments in levitation, teleportation and out of body phenomena (OBE). He outlines numerous examples of these strange forces being demonstrated under rigorous scientific conditions, with odds of millions or even billions to one against chance. Dr Swanson argues that there is a need for a new, truly "unified field theory" which can explain and understand both science and consciousness. Click on chapter 25 (right column)

‘AFTERLIFE COMMUNICATION’: A most impressive website: Click within the website to access afterlife information. On Direct Voice afterlife communication: “Direct-voice mediumship is the most difficult form of mediumship for people to understand and accept as genuine contact with the afterlife because it contradicts everything people have been taught about the afterlife. People have been taught one of the myths: that the dead have no existence beyond the grave, or that if the dead appear, they will do so only in the most haunted of places, as wisps of vapor or transparent ghosts, or that the dead will be in cold storage until the end of time when the saved will be bodily resurrected and the unsaved will be damned for eternity in hell.”

DEEPAK CHOPRA REBUTS SKEPTICAL DEBUNKER: “The old-fashioned materialism that underlies his opinions stands in stark contrast to quantum physics, which long ago opened up an unseen world where linear cause-and-effect no longer operates, where intuition has made more breakthroughs than logic. Virtual reality, populated with virtual photons and subatomic interactions that operate beyond the speed of light--a realm where events are instantaneously coordinated across billions of light years--is the foundation of our physical world.” Read more…

MIND/BRAIN DEBATE: notwithstanding the colossal ignorance showed by some of these materialist psychologists, there is abundant objective evidence for demonstrating that the mind is separate from the brain and that when the physical brain dies, the non-physical MIND survives. I have demonstrated by way of presenting some twenty two areas of afterlife evidence that the mind survives physical deaths whereas the physical brain dies and rots the way the physical body rots. I am offering ONE MILLION DOLLARS to anyone to show that my afterlife evidence cannot be valid. See CHALLENGE top right.

Using near-death experiences and other evidence of survival beyond physical death, this 2005 film explores the proof beyond faith that an afterlife heaven really exists. It gives documented, firsthand findings. Comatose people accurately describe details outside their room. People blind from birth see.

QUESTION: When was your $1million challenge mentioned on CNN?

Victor: This was stated on Larry King LIVE! on CNN Aired September 3, 2001 at 21:00 ET: SYLVIA BROWNE, author and medium stated : “Well, I don't even want his (the skeptical debunker’s) million dollars. I mean, the reason I came on is because he kept you know, my web site, yeah, yeah, and said I would never come on and face him. But I don't care about his (the skeptical debunker’s) million dollars. That's not it. It's not -- I would like him to go through a series of -- because there is a man in Australia who is going to give him a million dollars if he can disprove the fact that it doesn't exist. His name is Victor Zammit, he's an Australian lawyer.”

MARCEL CAIRO: radio program to-night from Holly wood. Guest speaker my good friend Marck Macy who will be speaking about ITC: Instrumental Trans-Communication.

HEALING: I’ve had a number of people enquiring whether we actually do healing or have a healing list in the Circle of the Silver Cord. No we do not. We are open-minded skeptics doing afterlife research. However, as I have told others, I highly recommend the White Eagle Healing Lodge in England, Australia, the United States and wherever else they have healing centers. Do get in touch with them, they are the best healers I have ever come across. The healing is free, but I’d recommend a small donation.

“ALL PSYCHICS ARE VULTURES” the misguided Zwinge Randi stated this week. Psychologists call this ‘projection’ – attributing his own characteristics onto others who make him look rather silly all the time. Here we have someone who got himself a reputation by attacking the rich, wealthy and famous. And his greatest most ridiculous claim – now internationally registered - is that he has the impartiality to test psychics. How can that be when he calls psychics ‘vultures?’ He shows he does not perceive the paranormal with empirical equanimity. He’s got innate twisted perception – which means he is not qualified to test mediums and psychics. So, he tries to shock to get headlines. He is known for his negativity, for his obnoxious scurrilous attacks on decent people who are doing empirical afterlife work and empirical paranormal mediumship. He’s got no credibility in testing psychics. In objective psi, he’s nothing, he’s a nobody. He’s conning the American people. He’s made no contribution to anything except to his own negative ways of making money from being unfairly critical about the most important discovery in human history: that consciousness survives. But one time in the future, guaranteed, he will have to state that he was wrong, that his dirty attacks on decent people were wrong. He will have no choice but to accept the afterlife and the validity of the paranormal. But that may take eons and eons of time.

PATRICK MCNAMARA: Patrick is a physical medium and has just installed a new website:

COAST TO COAST with George Noory.
Your one stop for everything Spiritual and Paranormal.

Dr. Albert Taylor founded Paranormal Research Investigations and is its Director of Operations. Specializing in research and investigations of: - Ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, apparitions and hauntings. - UFO sightings, encounters, and alien abductions.- Paranormal abilities, psychic functioning, and psychic manifestations. - Mysterious animals, strange beings, and sacred sites.- The mind/body connection, human performance and unlimited potential.- Consciousness exploration and life after death. Meetings First Sunday of every month 7:00-9:00 p.m. Open to the public (a $5 donation is requested). Located at The Learning Light Foundation, 1212 East Lincoln Avenue, Anaheim, California. Phone 714-533-2311 for information.

VICTOR REBUTS NEW YORK LAWYER: Lawyer Victor Zammit’s replies to a New York lawyer’s (Mr J's) cross examination of what Victor stated in his report about the successful materializations of David Thompson. This was in response to those who recently asked if David Thompson’s materializations have ever been attacked or rebutted . Even though I have a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS challenge to any debunking skeptic to put up or shut up, these professional skeptical debunkers, regarding David Thompson’s miracle materializations, chose to remain as quiet as a mouse. Hereinafter is my rebuttal of the argument of a New York who tried to attack David Thompson’s materializations: “I can answer all the issues/objections and negative imputations and nuances raised by the New York lawyer. It is good that another lawyer communicates and tries to cross-examine me on one of the most important critical and sensational phenomena of our time - David Thompson's materializations.” Read full report …

SCIENCE AND THE AFTERLIFE: INSTRUMENTAL TRANS-COMMUNICATSION (ITC). Here is a very interesting report about ITC by Professor Dr Ernst Senkowsky: This review describes initially two simple classifications for different types of communication and trans- communication. Possible sources of trans-information are discussed in short. Historical development is traced from "Voices on Tape" or "Electronic Voice Phenomena" to direct electro-acoustic voices, images on video-tape and TV-screens and messages through computers. Nine particularly impressive cases of trans-communication from Germany, England, Italy, Luxemburg and the USA are reported. Further scientific research of these psycho-physical phenomena is recommended. Current understanding leads to the possible definition of synchronistic events between different informational systems in a framework of harmonic resonance. Full report …

Victor’s First Law on Skeptical Debunkers: Skeptical debunkers’ desire to NOT believe in the paranormal is stronger than all the empirical evidence that it does exist.

Victor’s Second Law on Skeptical debunkers:
There can never be sufficient hard core empirical afterlife evidence for those skeptical debunkers who do not want to accept it.

THE ZERDIN FELLOWSHIP is a group of extremely knowledgeable people, passionate about physical and trance mediumship happening today. A great place to investigate the following: Physical mediumship. Psychic surgery, Psychic activity, Orbs, Psychic art, Spirit photographs, Training for physical and trance mediumship, Opportunities to sit in séances: Subscribe to their magazine now…

SKEPTIC’S $1m CHALLENGE: THE GREATEST HOAX IN PARANORMAL HISTORY! Read how slippery and greasy it is to try to apply for the hoax offer of a million dollars by this skeptic Zwinge Randi – who most psi empiricists call the greatest joke ever: Here is some of the information which shows that there may NOT BE ANY MONEY AT ALL- it is ALL A CON: While talking in the chat room, Annie made the observation that the prize was in the form of bonds, and not cash. She tried to explain to me how bonds can be "worth" a million dollars legally, but in reality could be completely worthless. So I decided to do some research on what might be going on. I had thought about taking the Challenge, and I know some of my friends have thought about it too... million bucks seems pretty sweet. But I've heard of stories about how Randi is dishonest, and it's all a scam. Either way, I figured researching would be the best way to figure out what the deal was. Read full article …

January 19th 2007

COMMENTARY: TO THE MATERIALISTS- ARE YOU A ‘DESPERADO’? (from ‘being desperate’)? My some twenty years of research and contacting people from different parts of the world produced a most interesting insight about the human condition. There is a class of people in the affluent Western world whom I consider to be rather ‘desperate’- I call them the ‘desperados.’ They have done very well materially. They put a great deal of effort into making money. They tend to live in relatively wealthy areas. Now they are retired, their children have grown up and left them. But they feel alienated and feel a huge disturbing, even painful emptiness. Underneath the façade of their bright light opulent living, there is a frightening darkness haunting their mind.

Now that they have the time, nagging thoughts creep into their mind questioning the purpose of their existence. To avoid answering these razor sharp questions they travel, go fishing, play golf or join a chess club. To get some excitement in their desperate life, some gamble or drink. For a short time, that relieves some of the pain of emptiness - some of the time. But deep down they feel a kind of deep despair about not having really made a selfless contribution to the community or to the world. They battle with their thoughts, they battle with the demons of the past – they try to justify their lifelong negativity, their extreme selfishness, the psychological cruelty they inflicted onto others during their lifetime in their greedy endeavor to make more money. They silently try to rationalize their constant need to dominate people, their children and the world - giving the clear impression they have all the answers. But they’re only deluding themselves, they’re only deceiving themselves - and they know that. Now they have been deserted and feel the aches and the pain of alienation.

At this critical time, they have no real friends, no real colleagues – for some, even their own children have physically and psychologically deserted them in a negative way. Spiritually they feel dead. But the disturbing nagging thoughts recur without mercy, without compassion all the time painfully reminding them that they have made no unselfish contribution ever, that no one wants to talk to them, no one wants to be with them. And they feel trapped.

Deep down they know they have been too selfish to do voluntary work helping others less fortunate and they have never made a real connection with the world of spirit. The despair keeps getting more viciously disturbing as they feel their world contracting. Now in their later years they still do not understand or do not want to understand what is decent human conduct or what is unselfish conversation, unselfish living, unselfish relationships, unconditional love. Their meaningless empty life in a castle that feels more like a prison keeps reminding them of their frail physical finality – that earthly life could end at any time without warning. In despair, they feel like screaming with much emotion and pain, “I am so desperate … PLEASE HELP ME!” But they don’t. Decades of greed and selfishness hold them back. Ironic in the extreme, the remedy for all the pain and suffering is so very easy – accordingly to the desperados I say: help someone to-day! go out and do voluntary work, stop being selfish! Do something for others – put unconditional love into practice. Make this a better world. And use the precious time you have to go on an inward journey and get beyond your ego. Time is LATER than you think! I urge you to read WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DIE chapter 29. Click on BOOK top right, click on 29.

Because the information gifted psychic Etta Smith gave to the police was deadly accurate and led to them finding the body of a missing nurse, The Los Angeles Police Department charged her with murder. This is where professionally untrained police make stupid blunders. Etta Smith was a quiet and shy psychic who related vital information as a psychic to police LAPD detective Lee Ryan. She never asked for money for her services. But Det Lee Ryan was moved off the case and more skeptical, mostly uninformed and less professional police detectives took it over. The police could not understand how Etta received information psychically about everything that happened and was able to lead police to the body of missing nurse Melanie Uribe. The autopsy showed that the murdered nurse Melanie had been kidnapped, viciously attacked and raped. Yet, the skeptical uninformed not so professional police actually booked Etta Smith, a gifted psychic for murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. Hello!! This case is fantastic evidence for the effectiveness of some psychics in gathering evidence to solve crimes. It also shows that police officers in some states lack the professional finesse to deal with critical information given by gifted psychics. The matter was discussed on the LARRY KING LIVE by Nancy Grace from Court TV.

WHY EMPIRIRICAL TRUTH? We, psychic investigators will pursue any avenue, we will follow every legitimate lead, we will question, reason, research and investigate all forms of energy, probe into phenomena hitherto unexamined or unexplained, explore and examine anything, anywhere, anytime to discover the truth - because empirical TRUTH - not faith - will set us free.

A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM is what is required to make people more discriminating about their beliefs. Why would you accept a personal belief to-day that somebody allegedly stated some 3,000 years ago when the world was enormously superstitious? Why refuse to accept what some empiricists and scientists are stating to-day about the same afterlife belief? Strange? The Galileo Principle is that whenever there is an inconsistency between science and a belief, inevitably science will ALWAYS prevail.

CRISIS IN CHRISTIANITY: I was talking to a Catholic priest recently who told me that the Church is rapidly losing numerical support. If it were not for the Latin American priests now working in Australia, things could be very grim indeed. The United States and Europe also have a crisis in religious beliefs. This is inevitable because the world is heading more towards empiricism. This priest asked me for any suggestions. Simply I stated, empiricize your beliefs, get rid of the dead, useless information and guaranteed, the people will be back. Why? People, especially young people, want evidence that what they are being told to accept is correct. You can only do that with empiricism. Exceptional claims require exceptional evidence.

ENVIRONMENT: I believe those who are concerned about afterlife matters are also concerned about the environment – it’s called the “G” factor – G for general. Concern about the environment has now become mainstream and spiritual groups are seeing it as a responsibility to co-ordinate discussion and action.

ONE MORE THING YOU CAN DO: experts tell us that one of the best ways to protect the environment is to become vegetarian. Consistent with ‘walking your talk’ as of this week I’m now once again a vegetarian. I was mostly vegetarian before – taking occasional white meat- chicken and fish. Apart from the spiritual benefits of being vegetarian, information from experts is most convincing stating that a huge amount of environmental problems would disappear if we all became vegetarian. For further information: and

INTELLIGENT DESIGN: I have not had one materialist scientist or empiricist or anybody else rebutting my submission that Intelligent Design explains some kind of ultimate and supreme power some people call God. Feel free to make any comments on the presentation: Read full report …

QUESTION: I received a cute question from a formidable female: Victor, she states, “You must be making a fortune from dealing in afterlife matters”.
Victor: Are you serious? I’ve been researching the afterlife for over sixteen years and can honestly state that in legal time it cost me more than $450,000. I don’t charge money for any advice regarding the afterlife. I do not make profit from the books I sell. I spent a great deal of money on books, travel, DVD’s and other communication essentials – computer equipment, cameras, microphones, speakers. I hope now you can sleep nights understanding that researching the afterlife primarily comes from the heart not for any desire to make money from it.

DR ALLAN BOTKIN: An information processing technique developed by US clinical psychologist. Dr Allan Botkin allows people to access and overcome grief and to communicate telepathically with departed souls on "the other side". A revolutionary new therapy for treating grief: basically, there are two explanations for a revolutionary new form of grief therapy discovered by Dr Allan Botkin, a clinical psychologist practising in Libertyville, Illinois. Either the grieving patients are hallucinating or they are in touch with "the dead". Read more …

DO YOU BELIEVE IT?: some English soccer footballer’s wife, made front page headlines in London because she happened to be buying a takaway pizza when her husband signed a big deal -$250 million to play soccer for an American Los Angeles soccer club – names really are unimportant here. Yet the public is not informed that people who died many years ago are materializing in Sydney and England – coming back to life in the flesh. They walk and talk and joke with us; this is what I call the greatest news story in the world to-day. But the forces of the universe will not allow the greatest discovery in human history to be ignored. It’s a matter of timing – like everything else, an accumulated consciousness has to reach a threshold and when that happens – something not far off now, inevitably, there will be a paradigm shift in the acceptance of the afterlife – that, with the Law of Progress, is guaranteed!

1. Before commencing to debunk, prepare your equipment. Equipment needed: one armchair.
2. Put on the right face. Cultivate a condescending air that suggests that your personal opinions are backed by the full faith and credit of God. Employ vague, subjective, dismissive terms such as ‘ridiculous’ or "trivial" in a manner that suggests they have the full force of scientific authority.
3. Portray science not as an open-ended process of discovery but as a holy war against unruly hordes of quackery- worshipping infidels. Since in war the ends justify the means, you may fudge, stretch or violate the scientific method, or even omit it entirely, in the name of defending the scientific method.
4. Keep your arguments as abstract and theoretical as possible. This will "send the message" that accepted theory overrides any actual evidence that might challenge it--and that therefore no such evidence is worth examining.
5.Reinforce the popular misconception that certain subjects are inherently unscientific. In other words, deliberately confuse the *process* of science with the *content* of science. (Someone may, of course, object that since science is a universal approach to truth-seeking it must be neutral to subject matter; hence, only the investigative *process* can be scientifically responsible or irresponsible. If that happens, dismiss such objections using a method employed successfully by generations of politicians: simply reassure everyone that "there is no contradiction here!").
By Daniel Drasin – a writer and media producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Full report:

January 12th 2007

MATERIALIZATION MEDIUMSHIP: Ongoing materializations experiments: first sitting for 2007 Sunday 14th January, sound files now available. William, the afterlife convenor speaking from the afterlife, answers claims that those materializing are not who they claim to be.

2007A.D. – A new year brings new challenges, new responses. We who do afterlife research know with absolute certainty that we are on the winning side. The afterlife evidence is definitively absolute. The evidence is irrebuttable and irrefutable. No orthodox reductionist scientist, no debunker, no one has been able to rebut the positively expressly stated evidence for the afterlife. The empirical evidence is global and continuing to accumulate as time goes on. Some of the most brilliant scientists who walked on this planet have all stated that the afterlife exists. (see Chapter 2). All these scientists and empiricists from the past and the many of the present have produced stunning irrefutable evidence and know with absolute certainty that consciousness survives physical death. I myself, along with others, have talked and joked with materialized entities from the afterlife for the last six months during weekly repeatable materializations experiments. Others have been doing the same on a regular basis for the last ten years, week after week, proving to us and to the world that life goes on. Those negatively entrenched in orthodox science or materialist psychology will one day wake up with a rude awakening knowing and experiencing that life goes on after they physically die. The battle for the mind is not an easy one to win as a number of people would rather be materialistic, without discipline, and short-term thinkers. But they have a problem with TIME. Time waits for nobody. Time will, inevitably catch up with them. And TIME in the afterlife could mean a state of suspended consciousness where their denial that they are physically dead, the denial they are now in the spirit world, keeps them in darkness for eons. But those who are open minded who use our reasonableness as to the interpretation of evidence will have NO problems at all – the more we know and the more we accept the afterlife the easier will be the transition to the realm of the Light – a world far more beautiful than we can ever imagine here. We who are disseminating the Light on a global level must never forget that are on the winning side – absolutely!

BRILLIANT ‘PSYCHIC DETECTIVES’: On the Biography Channel - brilliant gifted psychic, Nancy Weber, proved that the police polygraph testing by police expert J Lewis in a murder case in Belvedire, Warren County, New Jersey was all wrong. Nancy Weber supplied critical information which helped the police solve the crime. The police formally acknowledged that her assistance was critical. Detective Tom Trainor and Captain David Heater state in the program that they could not solve the murder of Elizabeth Cornish, a nurse who was brutally killed with a sharp instrument. The report stated that over a hundred police were involved, but the case went cold. The closest the police came to solving the crime was to suspect the victim’s boyfriend. “WRONG!” said gifted psychic Nancy Weber, “he’s innocent”. The actual suspect, she said, “has reddish brown hair, is 5’10” tall, has a scar in his right side of his face, has a beard, his first name is John and his surname was one syllable starting with “R” (later confirmed to be ‘Reece’), he wore a “W” buckle on his belt and he resided in the flat above the murdered victim.” All these clues subsequently were found to be one hundred per cent correct. The police brought him in, to do a polygraph test which was administered by a police expert with 23 years experience. But the polygraph CLEARED the suspect! At this point the police wanted to concentrate on the victim’s boyfriend but the psychic said ‘stay with the tenant.’ The breakthrough came after the autopsy report showed that John Reece’s alibi did not cover the actual time of death. After heavy questioning, John Rees confessed, was charged, convicted and is now serving a lifetime in jail. Capt. David Heater stated, “My thoughts had always been that a psychic is a very valuable tool (to solve crimes).” In this case, if it were not for the psychic the crime would not have been solved. Both Capt. Heater and Detective Tom Trainor stated words to that effect. Read more...

QUESTION: Terry here, Victor, you have been stating you have a half a million dollars challenge to anyone to duplicate the results you are getting from David Thompson’s meetings. I assume you are talking about the skeptical debunkers. Has anyone taken you on Victor?

Victor: No, no one has taken me on – no skeptic, no debunker, no scientist, no one has. I’m offering $500,000 for anyone to duplicate the results we get in the Circle of the Silver Cord. Hard core skeptical debunkers before I came on the scene some sixteen years ago used to state that they could duplicate anything psychics/mediums can do. Here I say, duplicate what we get and they get a cool half a million dollars. BUT, if they cannot duplicate our results, then the skeptical debunking applicant will have to pay our medium half a million dollars. We now can all see that the skeptical debunkers grudgingly admitted they cannot rebut, they cannot refute or negate in anyway the brilliant afterlife evidence we get with the David Thompson’s materializations experiments. That speaks volumes!!

ITALIAN TRANSLATION of Victor's message for 2007.Translated by Dr. Claudio Pisani.

‘DREAM DETECTIVE’ CHRIS ROBINSON: I received a number of video clips from pre-cognitive psychic Chris Robinson where he presents some of the evidence that he is a genuine psychic who has dreams that come true. A number of highly credible people attest to his psychic gifts, including: Detective Sergeant Richard McGregor, from Hertfordshire Police (U.K.), Dr Keith Hearne, premonition expert, RAF Sgt. Brian Ear. You will see where Chris dreams of a terrorist attack on an airfield; a aircraft collision and others. See for yourself. You be the judge and jury to this evidence of Christopher. For me, Chris’ evidence does savagely tear apart those debunking skeptics’ argument claiming (without investigating) that there is no such thing as a dream detective. More later. See

ITC researcher Keith Clark has created a forum for people to share ideas on all things paranormal with particular reference to ITC and current events in physical mediumship. Be among the first to share your ideas and experiences

A NEW BOOK: “SPIRIT RESCUE – A Simple Guide to Talking with Ghosts and Freeing Earthbound Spirits” by Wilma Davidson – just released– is a book that is important for those doing afterlife research. In her chapters, among other things, Wilma discusses: Reincarnation – is it real?; Do you Astral Travel – a real Out of Body Experience. What are Earthbound Spirits? Lost Spirits …Spirit Rescues; Are Animals ‘psychic’? Your Spiritual Development Circle. Becoming a Spiritual Healer. Psychic Protection. Negative Entities .. Let’s Talk About Death and Dying. $12.95 from most bookshops. Llewellyn Worldwide Woodbury, MN.

A PSYCHIC DETECTIVE BOOK: A Voice from the Grave: The Unseen Witness in the Jacqui Poole Murder Case (Paperback) by Christine Holohan (Author), Vera McHugh (Author). This is a highly controversial book because skeptics in England (and everywhere else) refuse to accept that gifted psychics have powers to assist the police. Here Christine Holohan relates the facts showing how and why the murderer was caught. Psychics state all the time that police solve crimes but the police in some instances obtain critical information from psychics as informants to assist in the capture and conviction of the criminal. Read more...

SURIVAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF CANADA A documentary will be shown on Vision TV here in Canada next week that you might find of interest. It includes good footage filmed in early 2006 of members of a Victoria-based Spiritualist study group engaged in table-tilting for the purpose of spirit communication, as well as interviews with several of the group's members, including myself. Conjuring Philip will air on Vision TV at these times . . . Wednesday, 17 January, 6 pm and 10 pm PST (9 pm and 1 am EST)Saturday, 20 January, 7 pm PST (10 pm EST) Monday, 22 January, 7 pm and 10 pm PST (10 pm and 1 am EST) If you live in the prairie provinces or Atlantic Canada, be sure to adjust the viewing time to your time zone. The channel number will depend upon the cable service to which you subscribe. Please consult the Vision TV program grid at to find the channel in your community. Website:

AL GORE’S BRILLIANT DOCUMENTARY ON THE ENVIRONMENT . Without doubt, Al Gore’s documentary about the huge global problems is the best documentary ever about the environment. He states among other things, that time is short to save the planet. He gives reasons for making that hugely important statement. You will be absolutely stunned by what you’ll see. The environmental problem is very urgent and very serious. You will be impressed by the empirical evidence about the seriousness of the problem – accordingly, I ask you to send it to as many people and groups as you can. You will be doing yourself and the world a big service. This appears to be the full one and half hours of documentary evidence for the problem. I believe those who want to know more about the afterlife, also would want to make a contribution towards saving our planet. We all, we are told, can save the planet by starting now to make our own contribution.

In Australia we can reduce our greenhouse emissions just by calling our electicity supplier and requesting to be put onto a green power plan.
See I've just signed up for 100% renewable energy which saves the same amount of carbon emissions per year as driving two cars. Total cost? About $4 per week which I plan to save through reducing power use. Call your electricity company today.

INTENTION AND SURVIVAL a book by Dr T. Glen HAMILTON. For those interested in objective afterlife evidence this is another brilliant book to access. T.G. Hamilton was a highly respected physician and member of the Canadian Parliament. In his laboratory under strictly controlled conditions he had a battery of fourteen electronically controlled flash cameras which photographed apparitions simultaneously from all angles. Observers present at his experiments included four other medical doctors, two lawyers, and both an electrical and a civil engineer. Each of the witnesses stated strongly and unequivocally that: “time after time, I saw dead persons materialize” (Hamilton 1942). His book is a masterpiece. The preface was written by a very senior lawyer in Canada, (King’s Counsel) who made sure the evidence presented was admissible and irrefutable. The publisher in Toronto, The Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, 1942 and is available online. Read more...

AN IRASCABLE UNINFORMED CRITIC keeps on saying that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (ACD) is not really materializing in our experiments or that fraud is taking place or that somebody else is impersonating ACD or that he is not speaking with his usual Scottish accent or ADC doesn’t sound like ADC. What these uninformed skeptics do not know is that he does not sound the same as he sounded on earth because when he materializes and tries to speak through ectoplasm, it is like trying to speak with your head underwater. It is much easier for ADC to speak by way of ‘direct voice’ where he does not have to be overwhelmed with ectoplasm. Those uninformed tend to superimpose their own expectations onto the process of materialization – that can NEVER be. We are working on voice correlations, but it will take time to obtain the best resonant voices and to do Forensic Audio testing.

FURTHER, the critic did not have the courage of his convictions to write under his own name – he signs his dirty, uninformed criticism under a pseudonym. He tries to criticize David Thompson’s mental mediumship in a cowardly, gutless, spineless way. He has no credibility at all. Why hide behind a pseudonym? Why the cowardice? Why subterfuge? If he had anything worthwhile to state, he would have signed his attacks under his own name. But he didn’t! He’s just like an urban terrorist of the mind. His conduct shows he has NO CREDIBILITY at all. Come out from your hiding place and have the courage to stand up and be counted – put up or shut up. There are very legitimate reasons why the performance of mental mediums varies from situation to situation. The critical thing is that David Thompson is basically a materialization medium NOT particularly a ‘mental medium.’

WHEN WILLIAM, THE AFTERLIFE CONVENER was asked why he does not allow infra-red filming to capture the entities who materializes, his reply was: “I understand: any form of electrical equipment that is used for infra-red photographic images of any sort does exude a type of ray, I believe the right word is, but of what consistency I do not know, but this type of ray that is exuded from the photographical equipment has a burning sensation upon the ectoplasm. It is a little like placing the hand in sulfuric acid. But as mediumship progresses in time there will be no need for infra-red photography because all will be seen in spirit-induced light or that of red light if possible so that, as skeptical as your colleagues may be, they cannot be skeptical when the medium is firmly strapped in the chair and a materialized form is seen to be standing in the room. Of course, there will always be those whom you cannot prove to them [sic] no matter what you do. Within your field you will always have those who believe or wish to believe, and those who do not. This is a fact of life. Unfortunately this is too.”

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE AFTERLIFE: Professor John Bokris in his book The New Paradigm--A Confrontation Between Physics and the Paranormal Phenomena (2005) discusses evidence for the paranormal, including telepathy, near-death experiences, out-of-body travel, mediumship, reincarnation, apparitions, possession, distant healing, and other phenomena. He concludes that other concepts such as the paranormal, theories about consciousness, and interconnectedness must be integrated into science to enable a superior understanding of reality. His central proposal is that we are living in a "synchronized universe," one layer of which we see and interact with and are synchronized with. This is what we identify as the “real” universe. There are other universes alongside this, he argues, which are just as real as this one. This, he states, “begins to offer a way to understand how the soul, the center of human consciousness, can exist in a permanent form, surviving human death. It offers a useful beginning to a deeper understanding of the universe and of ourselves.” (Bokris 2005) – click on BOOK top right, Chapter 25.

I cannot allow this column to end without mention of the passing of a courageous, inspirational spiritual leader, Eileen Caddy, one of the three founders of the internationally known Findhorn Community. Read obituary.

GOODBYE ALSO to Yvonne De Carlo 84, a most wonderful American actress and Italian Carlo Ponti producer, director, husband of Sophia Loren – aged 94. Also a goodbye to Gerard Ford, former American President. Finally to those others who died anywhere in the world, we sure hope you can make it to the realm of the light.

We'll meet again next time!

REPORT January 5th 2007

GLOBAL CRISIS: Are you interested in doing the spiritual work needed for mankind to solve the current global crisis? If you are in Sydney next Sunday 7th January come along to a talk at 10.30am the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Center The speaker is American Craig Hamilton, former managing editor of What is Enlightenment Magazine. (I’ll be there with Craig, so come and say hello after the meeting). In June 2004, he was one of thirty people in the world invited to participate in the Synthesis Dialogues with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Craig will be sharing the experiences and practice that expand his own awareness, and sheds light on how our species can realize the shift in consciousness that may soon transform our biology, our communities, and our spirituality. An earlier talk is available for download through New Dimensions Media.

PSYCHIC SPY FOR THE CIA: gifted former Central Intelligence Agency psychic spy Joe McMoneagle has been doing a number of tests on his abilities for television programs. A program in the Unsolved Mysteries series shows Joe McMoneagle from his home in Virginia being asked to identify where a specific person was. All Joe McMoneagle was given was just a picture of the mystery person. He stated a number of things such as: big glass building, skylights, near a subway or train station; there was a chapel; engine noises. The program then showed those same elements at Stansted Airport – where the mystery man was positioned!

Joe recently completed filming a live, double-blind demonstration for the A&E Channel, demonstrating Precognitive Remote Viewing. In what many consider totally mind-bending, Joe described the target photograph prior to its being randomly selected by a computer. His target was double-blind judged by Ed May to be a first-place match. He did a second target as well which achieved a second-place match. Joe believes it, too, should have been a first place match, but you can watch the show and determine this for yourself when it is shown. The A&E Special on Precognition is scheduled to air sometime late February or early March on the A&E Channel. Read more about Joe’s adventures on his blog.

THE RUSSIANS AND THE CHINESE have poured millions into paranormal – including remote viewing research. Judging by what one reads, the Chinese are ahead of the U.S. in paranormal military espionage. If at any time this is confirmed, I move that those skeptical debunkers who opposed psi research in the United States be jailed for life. (Thenafter we’ll give them a fair trial charging them with indulging in anti-state activities – or as enemy spies sabotaging national security!!). The consequences of military espionage are huge. The readers are reminded that during the cold war it was a remote viewer J McMoneagle who alerted the CIA that the Russians were ahead in nuclear submarines when he drew with great accuracy the magnificent Phantom Class nuclear submarine. The CIA confirmed that McMoneagle was one hundred per cent accurate in his remote viewing. The Russians, Chinese and who else could be well ahead of the West in paranormal military espionage?

SPIRITUAL GROUPS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Al Gore is currently training 1000 people in the US and another 84 Aussies to take his slide show about global warming on the road. Gore's group is promoting a fantastic innovative program The Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5,000 Pounds. The book guides groups of participants through a month-long process of behavioral change. Churches, fellowships and spiritual groups are taking a lead in being part of the solution. Read more...

MEET AN INSTRUMENTAL TRANSCOMMUNICATION RESEARCHER Brian Jones of Seattle has been researching the phenomena for eight years. Recently he did an internet broadcast on the Ghostly Talk internet program where evp interruptions occurred to the degree that it significantly disrupted the program. Listen to audio.

ITC researcher Keith Clark has created a forum for people to share ideas on all things paranormal with particular reference to ITC and current events in physical mediumship. Be among the first to share your ideas and experiences

POLICE INVITE PSYCHICS TO ASSIST IN SOLVING CRIME (Number 8): Police sergeant Richard Keaton of Marin County Police Department homicide division with 30 years of experience stated on a 1998 program prepared by Discovery Communications for the Science of the Impossible” series, “I call in a psychic to investigate (the crime with us). I don’t know how she (the psychic Annette Martin (pictured), whose been working with the police since 1971) actually obtains the information. I don’t ask too many questions because I have seen too many successes (using psychics) … ” He continues, “When Annette comes to the (Police) Department we normally sit in a quiet office. I give her a brief outline of what the case is about. Annette concentrates … goes into meditation … and starts sharing verbally with us the things she’s seeing or perceiving … we take her to the crime scene … and would ask her what she can see … about evidence … and she’s able to replay that like a video tape like a movie …” Sergeant Richard Keaton further stated, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful in the future to see a team of psychic cops working with us from the inception of the crime … and maybe shorten down the time element in the apprehension of criminals … that would be wonderful.” According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle the 30 year partnership of the police officer (now retired) and the psychic has led to them setting up in 2001, the Campbell agency Closure4U Investigations, which opened in 2001 and is currently working on finding missing persons and solving cold cases from around the country. Read more… also you can access Annette on

J (Zwinge) Randi Attacks Lawyer Victor Zammit Victor’s Rebuttal : Someone sent me Victor (pictured below) an email that James Zwinge Randi, (hereinafter JZR) had some fifteen articles attacking me. Why is JZR wrong and most unfair and unjust in his attempt to maliciously attack me? Why is he so hugely frustrated, why is he fuming with anger, why is he so venomously aggressive against me and psi experts and gifted mediums?

1. Failure to beat my challenge. More than seven years ago JZR implied he was going to take me on regarding the ONE MILLION DOLLARS for anyone to show that my objective empirical evidence has no validity. That was over seven years ago, I AM STILL WAITING!! And anything which has not been rebutted will stay valid until it is rebutted. If empirical afterlife evidence cannot be rebutted it will stay valid – permanently. His refusal to even try on his claimed basis that, “You can’t prove the negative” is invalid, illegitimate, unacceptable and worthless – not consistent with the professional rules of debate see below.

2. JZR is allegedly a stage magician – JZR is NOT a scientist, he is not an empiricist, he is not a scholar or an intellectual or a researcher. He has NOt formalized learning regarding experimentation. He never had any of his writings referred to by academic scientists or scholars. In fact his conduct shows him to be a conman, a mind-manipulator and someone who himself admits to being highly skilled in deception, trickery and conning. Read full report ....

PRE-COGNITIVES AND TERRORISM - C Robinson's memo to the CIA and MI5: A view by pre-cognitive Chris Robinson. He said among other things, “The question is can the refusal of scientists and intelligence and law enforcement officers to investigate the possibility of using this (pre-cognitive) phenomenon to its full potential be costing lives of its agents and the public. I believe that lives are being lost everyday, criminals and terrorists are gaining an advantage, and science sits back and does nothing but pontificate on can this be real or not and dare we publish the little evidence that is available. Science needs to be brave, it needs to open its eyes and it needs to explore what is going on in dreams that predict future events.”
Read full report …

WHO ISN’T INTERESTED IN THE AFTERLIFE AND IN OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF DEATH? Recently Michael Schmicker, journalist, author wrote: “Who isn’t interested in whether they will survive death? America is probably in for an explosion of interest in the subject as millions of Baby Boomers begin to feel the aches and pains of their advancing mortality. I certainly am. This is one mystery where you and I and every human alive have a personal stake in the outcome of the investigation. As a result, scientific evidence for life after death ranks at the top of the list of paranormal subjects of interest to Boomers (Trust me, when you hit 50 you’ll feel the same)." Best Evidence 2002.

VATICAN NOTE: EXORCISM IN MALTA? Natalino Vella, intelligent, articulate and a medium is usually highly reliable. He informs me that the three official 'exorcist priests' in Malta - an island in the Mediterranean just sixty miles south of the Italian heel and very Catholic - state that Natalino Vella and other mediums in Malta (and everywhere else) have "devils with them and need exorcism." Natalino is a medium who does not charge for his psychic skills. He told them about "lawyer Victor Zammit's website for psychic explanations. Their reply? "He too needs to be exorcised!" Clearly these three uninformed Catholic priests are out of line, show colossal ignorance and incompetence about afterlife activities and not acting consistently with Vatican directions about afterlife matters. I'm also informed that these three 'exorcist' priests have been trying for TEN years to exorcise a low spirit from a woman "Ms J" there and have miserably failed. Why not allow genuine mediums there to handle the exorcism? These priests should immeditaely get in touch with Professor Father Brune, a Catholic priest who liaises closely with the Vatican about afterlife matters. I will accordingly, be in touch with Professor Father Brune and the Vatican to inform these three uninformed priests that when there is serious afterlife research, colossaly uninformed Catholic priests are to keep out of the way- as the Catholic hierarchy has directed. More about this later on.

Someone said quite rightly, "It's not possible to know too much. It's not a sin to know too little, but it's criminal not to strive to know more." All about the evidence for the afterlife go to BOOK top right.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The author behind Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective in fiction, was no stranger to scientific method and critical thinking. The words of his detective reflect his thoughts about the afterlife, having done his homework and thoroughly investigated:

“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” (from his Sherlock Holmes)

THEORETICAL SCIENTIST NOT SO SMART! I read an article by English writer and theoretical scientist Prof R Dawkins stating that he is a complete atheist. That’s fine. It is his business what he believes or does not believe in – even though he has not been able to rebut the argument that the complexity of the design of the universe could not have come by chance. But then he continues to make heinous fundamental errors by stating that he is going to attack the paranormal again. This time he states that he had a laugh when he went to see a psychic; he says, he lied to her, he misled her, he deceived her and kept on misleading her. Ha ha, he said, you see, she’s making everything up!!! His remarks I call idiocy pushed to its extreme and shows how Dawkins lacks the sharpness, the incisiveness of practical empiricism. Why? Because was wasn;t smart enough to find a genuine psychic. He should have obtained at least three attestations from independent referees and other sources as to the skill and competence of the psychic. There are so many sharks posing as psychics, as medical doctors and as biologists and scientists. The onus is on us to be sharp enough to choose the right medium. For a substantive rebuttal by Victor on one of Dawkins’ article
Read more …

PROF ALBERT EINSTEIN: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

“THE GREATEST ILLUSION is that man has limitations.” Robert A Monroe, founder of the Monroe OBE’s Foundation.

DISCOVEROR OF ELECTRICITY, GALVANI, “I am attacked by two very opposite sects – the scientists and the *debunking skeptics – the know-nothings. Both laugh at me, calling me ‘the frogs’ dancing master. Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature.”

A WORD FROM OUR FRIENDS FROM HOLLYWOOD: MARCEL CAIRO & LENNY- “Hypnotic fun! Web Talk Radio Station devoted to Self Improvement, Health, Spiritual, Psychic and Holistic Programming. Join us on our journey of self discovery, self improvement and self empowerment. Get Angel, Psychic and Medium readings from some of the best rising stars in the field. Learn from the top names in the spiritual field. Get breaking alternative and holistic health news from the people who are making the news. With our 24/7 live streams and thousands of hours of archived talk radio shows and podcasts, available instantly worldwide, Achieve Radio is also a technology leader in internet radio broadcasting. Now 4 years young, Achieve Radio is what talk radio Should Be. Get Empowered!

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