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Friday Report July 18th 2008

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The Pope addressed the world yesterday morning when he was with the Australian Prime Minister in Sydney for World Youth Day (see video below). Anything the Pope says, is world news. The Pope had the opportunity to view his thoughts about the world’s most urgent problems: drug addiction, excess alcohol intake, too much gambling, poverty, unacceptable suicide rate, especially among the young. Of course, there is the obvious huge problem of Catholic pedophilia, of divorced women being condemned to hellfire for eternity if they remarry. The Pope could have given hope to women about being given equality with males in higher levels of religious duties. He could have stated what changes the Church wants to make to meet other challenges of to-day’s world. Instead, The Pope avoided all these matters and indulged in platitudes. He came across as someone used to reciting speeches. He could have thrown away the written speech (probably what somebody else wrote for him) – and looked directly into the peoples’ eyes. He could have spoken with emotion and passion, from deep down in the heart and given the impression that he deeply feels the pain of those who are suffering – especially the many victims of priests’ pedophilia around the world. He could have given guarantees that there will be no more victims of sexual abuse by priests
and that those whose lives have been so blighted would be given adequate compensation. I feel the speech was a waste of time, irrelevant, immaterial and inapplicable to to-day's most urgent needs. His uninformed advisors should become more professional and much better informed about the world’s crisis in context of Catholicism and what the Church is prepared to do to deal with to-day’s most urgent crises to make this world a better place.

This email was sent by Maria, a lovely person I know,
“to help us get into the spirit of the World Youth Day 2008." She asks " Please pray for peace and safety at this great awesome event. With love and warm regards, Maria”. It is a delightful video which captures the idealism of the young people from all over the world who have come to the beautiful city of Sydney for the largest gathering since the 2000 Olympics. If the Pope’s visit to Sydney does increase goodwill, peace, ‘light’ and love, then World Youth Day will be a success. Watch video...

One of the things that excite me about Induced After Death Communication developed by Allan L. Botkin (see item last week) - apart from the fact that it actually helps enormously people in desperate need of help - is the fact that the patient's experiences of the afterlife are sometimes shared by the therapist working with them. Hania Stromberg, MA, MSW worked for three decades helping people to heal the pain of grief, bereavement, and the trauma of tragic death. Following training in the Induced After Death Communication method developed by she writes:
" Since working with my first client using IADC method, I have discovered that I have been graced with an ability to participate in the IADC experiences of my clients, that is, to be aware of the presence of "the deceased" and, even more astoundingly, to be able to experience a distinct and powerful Divine presence which literally comes into the physical space prior and during these communications. So what I say here is not only based on what I understand from my clients about their IADCs but also from my own experience at these times." Read more...

ETHERICAL BOOKSArt Bosman's site is a real treasure for those who want to read a great deal about the afterlife. The huge amount of relevant afterlife information could save you very serious problems in the future. He emailed me this week that he has re-organized the site making it easier to access the many precious spiritual books – 170 great books and 120 tapes - and information about the afterlife, including the brilliant Anthony Borgia series where former Catholic Mons. Hugh Benson transmitted a number of books from the other side as an eye witness to what is really happening in the afterlife. Read more...

REMOTE VIEWING, MIND CONTROL AND PRE-COGNITION (VIDEO): this is a most interesting episode of Discovery Science. It shows how psychic knowledge is becoming more empirical. I stated many times the world in the twenty first century is experiencing a dramatic shift in being able to recognize what to accept as a fact and from what is blind faith and irrational, illogical subjective beliefs. There will be more videos in the future which are going to help understand our world using empirical repeatable and objective methodology.

Patrick Price highly gifted psychic, and highly consistent with the remote viewing of Ingo Swann Price through remote viewing accurately described 'details of a secret Pentagon facility in the hills of West Virginia village of Sugar Grove...' Among its secret functions were the interception of intercontinental telephone communications, and the control of U.S. spy satellites. Price was also deadly accurate in his remote viewing in penetrating Russian installation at Mount Narodnaya in the remote northern Ural Mountains. The CIA confirmed the accuracy of Price's remote viewing. Click REMOTE VIEWING chapter 18.


The New Paradigm- A confrontation between Physics and the Paranomal (2005) by Professor John Bockris. He discusses the evidence for the paranormal, including telepathy, near death experiences, out of body travel, mediumship, reincarnation, apparitions, possession, distant healing and other phenomena. He concludes that other concepts such as the paranormal, theories about consciousness, and interconnectedness must be integrated into science to enable a superior understand of reality.

Congratulations to Caroline Sloneem Bennett who founded and has been doing a brilliant job of moderating a discussion group on all things related to this list. This week the Spiritual? Sceptic? Evidence and proof for existence of the afterlife list topped 1000 members with almost 400 topics on the discussion boards. Well done Caroline.

SOULMATES CONTINUE THE LOVE IN THE AFTERLIFE: Are you, or is someone you know searching for a soulmate? Claire, someone I trust absolutely, is a Master Teacher of the highly recommended "Calling in 'The One': 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life" course, which teaches people how to become “magnetic” to the soulmate they’ve been searching for. The course has had amazing success with people from 18 to 80. Next Thursday, July 24th, Claire and her teaching partner, bestselling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, will be teaching a Free Teleclass: “The Secret to Attracting Love.” You can participate by phone or listen online, live or via playback. To sign up or learn more, visit www.callingintheone.com

'THE ONE'- the seach for Australia's most gifted psychic. Thanks to Simon Turnbull, Pres. Aust. Psychics Assoc. for reminding me about a new Australian TV show.
This is the first time in Australia a local psychic show has been shown to such a wide audience and it is rating through the roof- prime time/network television on Tuesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7. Around one and a half to two million viewers each of the last two weeks and climbing! Three more weeks to go until August 5th. For network TV to take such a chance with their ratings is unheard of. It's paying off bigtime for FOX/Channel 7. They are over the moon with the response. The mediums have been facing some tough objective testing and have been displaying some great evidence for the after-life, warts and all. See http://au.tv.yahoo.com/b/the-one/.

HARD CORE ATHEIST ACCEPTS 'GOD' ('Intelligence Source'). Leo MacDonald is a valued contributor to the abovementioned Facebook discussion group often alerting us to gems like this one...
Anthony Flew, long time champion of atheism writes: “There were two factors in particular that were decisive. One was my growing empathy with the insight of Einstein and other noted scientists that there had to be an Intelligence behind the integrated complexity of the physical Universe. The second was my own insight that the integrated complexity of life itself – which is far more complex than the physical Universe – can only be explained in terms of an Intelligent Source…”

MORE ABOUT DIANA, 'Princess of Wales' next week!

A ‘MUST READ’: A SKEPTIC IN THE AFTERLIFE SAYS “THERE IS NO AFTERLIFE!! An American lawyer Edward C Randall, investigating the afterlife early last century through a brilliant medium Emily S French was able to contact a skeptic from the afterlife who refused to accept he was in the afterlife. Afterlife entities manipulated this skeptic to communicate through Mrs French, the medium. Here is something which should interest all people, especially the skeptics – remember, this skeptic who is confused, lost and frustrated, is speaking FROM THE AFTERLIFE – apparently he cheated and breached his role as a trustee when on earth :

Lawyer, Edward C Randall: Do you understand the situation in which you find yourself in?
Skeptic: I do not … I am not dead nor am I interested in the subject …. You are entirely mistaken in your statements: I am not dead nor am I interested in the subject … there is no survival – no continuity of life. Death is the end.
Lawyer: Are you sure?
Skeptic: Absolutely. There is no such thing as life after death!
Lawyer: Do you know where you are now?
Skeptic: … no but I must be somewhere … yes, things have changed… but I don’t want to see any dead people … they can’t talk, they are dead …
(Afterlife entities bring some of this skeptic’s friends (who had crossed over) when he was alive on earth. In fact, the skeptic had cheated a number of people, abusing his position as a trustee.
Skeptic:: Who are these strangers coming … they are looking at me …all with bodies like my own …where am I …wait … here comes John my old partner … I was his executor …but he’s dead … they are coming to arrest me? How can they … they are dead … I was honest to the trust …
ANOTHER ENTITY (John) SPEAKS: No, you were not faithful. You stole the money entrusted to you for my wife and child, and you left them to suffer …
SKEPTIC: No secrets? My crimes known to everyone? …The dead are alive? Have I too left my physical body to find life where I thought to find oblivion? Am I to meet those who I wronged … Darkness is gathering … I am falling … God help me ….
(The voice faltered, struggled for further speech, and was lost. The gross material that clothed his organs of respiration disintegrated, and he spoke no more …).
(Taken from THE FRENCH REVELATION by Edward C Randall. Complete work compiled and researched by N Riley Heagarty).

PETS IN THE AFTERLIFE: Medium Barb Mallon sent this article to share with the readers. It is a most popular topic.
“During one of my Spirit Message Nights, a participant asked if pets ever come through by themselves without spirit people bringing them through. I had to think for a moment, because I do have many pets come through, but was it with or without accompanying spirit people? After I thought about it for a minute, I realized it was actually both. I've had spirit people bring animals through for clients and also the animals have just appeared by themselves as well.” Read more …

: (from ANTHONY BORGIA, HERE AND THE HEREAFTER, transmitted by Mons. Hugh Benson, former Catholic priest) “In my own case, I was ill for only a brief while upon earth. When I passed into the spirit world I did so without losing consciousness. I was able to gaze upon my physical body which I had just vacated, and a friend and colleague of my earthly days, who had passed on before me, came to me at the instant of my departure from earth, and took me to my new home in the spirit world. After a brief survey of my new abode, my friend recommended that I should take a rest in view of the fact that I had just quitted a final bed of sickness. I did so in my own house. I allowed myself to lapse into a most delightful state of slumber, feeling that I had not a care in the world. When I awoke I felt in a vigorous and perfect state of health such as I had never experienced before. I do not know precisely how long I lay sleeping, but I was told it was very brief; indeed, of much less duration than the illness that had caused my passing into the spirit world."

QUESTION: When we cross over, where are we going to live? Would there be houses as we have them here or there is no need for houses?

Victor: Highly credible transmitted information from the other side tells us that on crossing over, in the initial stage, we go into some form of houses. But when we evolve into the higher realms, houses are not necessary. Here is what Mons. Hugh Benson transmitted from the afterlife.

“There is absolute freedom of choice as to what type of house one shall inhabit. Once you have earned the right to own a house which is to be your home, you are at liberty to choose just the style of domicile that pleases you most. It may be one that you have longed for all your life upon earth, but thus far you have been unable to gratify your long-cherished desire. Here in the spirit world your wishes are at length fulfilled. Or you may wish to have your spirit home in the same style as your earthly home, if by chance the latter suited you and brought you contentment and satisfaction. That is what I did, not because my old earthly home was particularly beautiful. It was quaint, it still is, and it suited my temperament and desires, and I grew attached to it. When I came to the spirit world I found my new home to be the exact counterpart of my ancient earthly home, but with all the various alterations
made to it which I had been unable to carry out upon earth, and which I had been desirous of doing, and no doubt would have done eventually had I not left the earth…”

GAIA FOUNDATION - summer conference in beautiful Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea – just 3 hours from London, two hours from Paris, one hour from Rome, two hours from Hamburg. Has the pleasure of hosting the following event The Solar Eclipse Meditation ~ August 1st 2008 A World Meditation Initiative with Janet Trevisan. The world is at the point of a global transformation. Consciousness now is Opening to its great potential. Mother Earth calls you to help balance the energetics of the planet at this time. The light of the Solar Eclipse ignites our aspiration to resonate with our higher being. Come and be a part of this event so that more and more energy, through large group meditations, can be directed to the Awakening of peaceful co-existence and Spiritual Awareness. This meditation is happening all over the world. LET US BE THE POSIITIIVE CHANGE PLACE: Gaia’s Elysium Centre, Ghajn Tuffieha (just before Apple’s Eye Rest) DATE: Friday 1st August 2008 ~ the date of the solar eclipse TIME: 7.30 pm. Please be punctual. For further details concerning the meditation, please e-mail Geraldine at geraldinecamilleri@yahoo.co.uk or call her For further details concerning the meditation, telephone (Malta) 99280804
Also, for more info. on this, go into Janet's latest Devata Dictations on www.theenvoy.org

BEQUEST- Why not leave a bequest in your Will to a reputable psychic investigation research group to promote empirical research into the afterlife. Funding could accelerate the understanding by millions around the world that there is an afterlife. There were those in the past who asked me for suggestions where to direct a bequest. Accordingly, I have a few on the list – depending on which aspect of the paranormal is preferred. The first research group, which also has charity status, is the American Association for Electronic Voice Phenomena, managed by Tom and Lisa Butler. I have known these researchers for a number of years and highly recommend the AAEVP as an organisation actively involved in meaningful afterlife research spreading the light on a global level. Guaranteed, leaving a bequest to further mankind's understanding about the afterlife will inevitably have huge spiritual benefits to the donor.

VICTOR ZAMMIT, retired attorney answers your legal questions - nothing to do with the afterlife. People - some of them friends of mine- regularly contact me to help them with their legal problems - in between the afterlife research and writing I do everyday. I do not charge any money for this service. Someone suggested to me that a lot of people could be helped by a question and answer type of presentation. Otherwise they would have to pay a lot of money even for a quick suggestion to the solution of a legal problem. So I am also including interesting legal issues from my files. My legal practice was in Sydney, Australia but there are legal similarities in the English speaking countries - U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa and elsewhere where the British law influenced local law - especially at Common Law and in Equity. Statutory laws are exclusive to each country. Technically, I cannot give legal advice - only lawyers who are presently registered as currently practising can give 'legal advice'. However, I am in a position to give guidelines to the legal problems raised. Of course, in any legal matter to be pursued, you are advised to see your own lawyer. I'll be adding two legal questions every week.

See Victor on Video

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