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February 4th 2011

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Last week's report

COMMENTARY: COMMENTARY: WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR PROGRAMMING YOUR MIND? You may be religious, atheist, agnostic, a closed minded skeptic or someone who accepts the afterlife without beliefs. Tracing back your original beliefs – did they not come from your environment, your culture, from your parents, friends, school, the media? Now ‘consciousness’ (of humans) exists but not all 'consciousnesses' are developed equally. As to beliefs, it is generally agreed that the country you’re born in will program your mind the values and beliefs of that country.

If you were born in India, you’re likely to be a Hindu. In the U.S., UK, European West, you are likely to be someone with Christian beliefs. In Japan, Shintoist or Buddhist, in S Americas, Christian – in China the younger set is likely to be atheistic. So, if you want to seek the real, objective truth what must you do? Perhaps the best way is to rise above all personal beliefs you were born into (which cannot be independently substantiated) and use science, empirical methodology to make sense of this world and the world to come – as I have done.
. But if your religion is making you spiritually a better person – stay with that religion.

has collated the "best evidence" illustrating the inadequacy of our present scientific paradigm. In his book, The Synchronized Universe, he describes scientifically controlled remote viewing and ESP experiments, demonstrations of long-range healing, psychokinesis (mind over matter), scientifically controlled experiments in levitation, teleportation and out of body phenomena (OBE). He outlines numerous examples of these strange forces being demonstrated under rigorous scientific conditions, with odds of millions or even billions to one against chance. Dr Swanson argues that there is a need for a new, truly "unified field theory" which can explain and understand both science and consciousness.

He writes: " It's our science that needs to be upgraded. It cannot progress by ignoring real things that happen in the universe. If we want a correct theory of physics and science needs to include all the phenomena. Science needs to enlarge itself and grow up and include the phenomena that right now are being ignored."


Ron Gilkes became desperate when his daughter Jenny took her own life. He even thought about suicide because he missed her so much. So you can imagine how much emotion he felt when she materialized through a physical medium.

He writes: " I cannot even begin to describe how on this occasion, when I recognized Jenny's voice saying `Hello Daddy: I am sorry Daddy', that I was able to compose myself. I can only presume it was strength given to me by others."

Since that time has been reunited with Jenny on five different occasions through four different materialization mediums including David Thompson. After Ron's father died Jenny communicated again and told her dad that she had a new pony as well as the one she had while they were both alive and that she was teaching her grandfather to ride horses in the afterlife. At a later date both Jenny and her grandfather materialized together.

Ron has created a centre for physical mediumship in Banbury England which he calls Jenny's Sanctuary.

Many of us know Mark from his wonderful website on ITC and his books. This week Mark Macy answered a reader's request for information about his current afterlife work.

"My main ITC-related work is on my blog, I'm including series of articles under an "ITC Gem" heading (you can search on that term on-site for all the back articles). It's a collection of the best contacts received early by my former colleague in Luxembourg, Maggy Harsch-Fischbach, and her husband Jules. It includes lots of vivid descriptions of what life is like on the other side, and of our spiritual nature in general. I've given up public appearances (conferences, seminars, broadcast interviews)... and am planning to post a series of video clips on youtube. I've already posted a few of them:

I'm also working with some music, writing spiritual lyrics for some old classics and also developing some compositions of my own (music and lyrics). You can hear a clip of one of those songs here (the singer is a friend of ours named Debbie Blanco): I've found that the best ways to get to people's finer minds is through their hearts.

[COMMENT- Mark this is really wonderful music!! Please let us know where we can hear MORE].


On earth the terrorists and suicide bombers are informed that on blowing themselves up - even when they kill innocent people, these suicide bombers 'are met by some fifty virgins'. NO! Direct evidence from the afterlife tells us something very different. On crossing over a number of these suicide bombers find themselves in great confusion in something like a tent in barren-desert conditions not understanding where they are. Where they exactly go would depend on the circumstances of each individual suicide bomber. But here is what happened to some of suicide bombers. They apparently find themselves together in great frustration because of the conditions they find themselves in on crossing over. Here is an extract from Barry Eaton AFTERLIFE, Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death on page 183-4. Read carefully:

"Amid (not his real name) crossed over after blowing himself up in a car in Afghanistan. He also brought over some adults and children who were greeted by relatives and helpers ... Amid was met by a lone member of his former political group. He was led away to a barren campsite that was populated by others who had killed themselves for their beliefs. .. Some of these suicide bombers were drugged when they blew themselves up ... a really sad bunch the whole lot of them." They're likely to remain in that condition for a long, long time. See Barry Eaton book, Afterlife (below).

: no one on earth, no Pope, no Mullah, no Rabbi, no 'holy person' - nobody will have the power to in any way shape or form change, amend, alter the Law of Cause and Effect. As night follows day, those who intentionally do the wrong thing against others, will one day, have to pay the price. No doubt about that. People in position of power tell me that they were just obeying orders - to be cruel to others. It's not good enough! It does not matter what position you held in any organization - in the armed services, in National Security, in the police force, in the administration - even if you were a Church Minister, a clergyman of any rank - from a priest to the rank of a Pope, if you were cruel to others, if you did anything against another human being, there will always be a price to pay. No one gets away with it - that is the Law!


IS BARBRO KARLEN THE REINCARNATION OF ANNE FRANK? Dr Walter Semkiw MD is a passionate researcher into reincarnation. He writes:
"If the German people during WW II knew that one could be born Jewish in one lifetime and Christian in another, the Holocaust could never have happened. Similarly, when Muslim Palestinians realize that then can be reborn as Israeli Jews, when Sunni's know they can reincarnate as Shiites, Christians understand they can be reborn into an Islamic culture and vice versa, then conflict based on these cultural differences will be mitigated. Barbro Karlen's case dramatically demonstrates how reincarnation research and evidence of reincarnation can transform the world in a positive way."
Read more about his research into Barbro Karlen's memories.

Part 2

TOM MORRIS AND KEVIN LAWRENSON of 'THE YELLOW CLOUD CIRCLE' from Montcabirol in France will be giving their first demonstration in Sydney next Sunday night. Wendy and I will certainly be there. If you have been thinking about booking ACT NOW. Only a few spaces remain for the sessions in Sydney so if you want to experience direct Spirit contact for yourself don't wait.
Phone Inge Crosson on 0414 862 861 or email awakeningsoulsinfo@gmail.com.


1) PROF. ALBERT EINSTEIN ON THE SKEPTICS: ”Condemnation before investigation is the height of ignorance". This is something I come across regularly when skeptics try to condemn results BEFORE they investigate. This is technically known as an ‘a priori conclusion’. That is why the skeptics conclusions are WRONG, INVALID and absolutely IRRELEVANT. No skeptic has been able to show WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the empirical evidence for the afterlife cannot be valid!

2) SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE speaking through Sherlock Holmes: ”When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” I wish the cynics could learn from that genius of English literature Sir Arthur's statement.3) CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICSM EXPLAINED JUST BY TWO LINES:
”Two men looked out through prison bars …
One saw mud, the other stars.

Could two lines better express the power of mind over our surroundings? As it is here, so will it be hereafter. Some minds are only sufficiently developed to see MUD, but others to comprehend something BEAUTIFUL and the majesty of the universe.” From Arthur Findlay’s great book THE ROCK OF TRUTH, chapter 1O.

by leading empirically informed afterlife investigators- very highly recommended to read:
" The theme:- Praying for the Dead : The Ethics of Contact with the Dead. Have a look..... http://thegroundoffaith.net/issues/2011-02/
About 4000 people read this journal , including 55 Anglican bishops. We emphasize scientific method and are in no way attempting apologetics for any church doctrine. Nevertheless we do provide an independent witness to what people focus on in their faith communities. For previous articles see
http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~thegroundoffaith/index.html(reply SUBSCRIBE and we will try to make sure you are notified, reply DELETE if you want your address to be deleted from our mailing list) Read who produced the journal.

'LEGAL REASONING' IS DEVASTATING! Over the years I received a number of emails asking me if my work as a lawyer helped me in afterlife investigations. There is no dispute that the highest form of reasoning is to be found in the higher courts. I state that legal reasoning will completely make 'closed minded' skepticism look ridiculous. This is because according to legal reasoning, a closed minded skeptic would have to submit to cross-examination on his/her beliefs. They would not be able to make invalid objections. These skeptics would have to show where, when, how and why the existing evidence for paranormal and the afterlife is invalid. They have NOT done that yet! Even 'closed minded', 'blind faith' institutionalized religions would have difficulty standing up to legal reasoning since they cannot be independently substantiated and rely for evidence what was written by religious writers thousands of years ago - with no proof of authority, no proof of inspiration, no proof of accurate reporting but with a lot of proof of plagiarism from previous texts.

JOE EADIE'S TALK ON THE 10th YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE PUBLICATION OF "EMBRACED BY THE LIGHT"- the best selling book on her near-death experience by his wife Betty Eadie.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A THERAPIST IS ALSO A MEDIUM? Many spiritually aware practitioners face an ethical and practical issue when they are treating a patient in one modality and start receiving spirit impressions. August Goforth (the pen name of a new York psychotherapist) author of The Risen, has added a most interesting article on this topic to his list of academic writings:
"The Disparity of a 'Standards of Care' for Spirit Mediumship as a Permissible Behavioral Health Care Profession"

Read more....

ON THEOLOGY - SOMETHING ALL PEOPLE FROM AROUND THE WORLD WANT TO KNOW: Why didn't Jesus himself write a book? That would have saved many serious fights, killings of millions of people, disputes, violence and wars of religion. Also, why is it that nothing was put in writing about Jesus for many years after the death of Jesus? S.M. Louisiana.(U.S.).

Victor: That is an excellent question. Can you imagine a book written by Jesus, about what Jesus himself said, what Jesus meant by so many things he talked about? Over the centuries it could have saved the lives of millions of people who were victims of religious interpretations about what Jesus said.

There are those who claim that Jesus never intended to create a new religion - that what he was teaching had all been said before: "belief in the Fatherhood of God; the Brotherhood of Man; belief in the afterlife; that as we lived here, we should live there, and that as we were forgiving and kind here, so should we receive forgiveness and kindness there." (Quote from 'What Jesus Really Teach - chapter 4 THE ROCK OF TRUTH).

Further, those who were around him believed that Jesus was going to return in their lifetime - so there was no urgency to write anything. We must not forget, that according to Silver Birch, 1) Jesus did actually live and 2) that "Jesus was the most spiritually advanced person who ever walked on planet Earth." That comes directly from a highly respected and advanced afterlife intelligence. Information from the otherside tells us that the organized institutionalized Christian religions have got it wrong.

In 1965, Columbia University psychology professor, Helen Schucman experienced a distinct and clear dictation from an inner voice that identified itself to her as Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Her scribing of the Course began with the words: "This is A Course In Miracles, please take notes." Read more...

'SALUMET': THE POWER OF THOUGHT: (Proper exercise of THOUGHT can raise our vibrations. THOUGHT is considered to be our greatest asset - especially when we cross over to the afterlife dimension). "I cannot stress to you too much how important THOUGHT is. THOUGHT is the most powerful thing you possess." Salumet - an afterlife Master Spiritual intelligence http://www.salumetandfriends.org/


BARRY EATON'S BOOK, 'THE AFTERLIFE, UNCOVERING THE SECRETS OF LIFE AFTER DEATH': QUESTION: DOES THE OTHER SIDE KNOWS WHEN WE'RE GOING TO CROSS OVER? (from celebrity personality Barry Eaton's book THE AFTERLIFE - destined to become Australian classic): "My final question to John (afterlife intelligence) was whether they know in the afterlife when we are about to leave the body and cross over. The reply by the afterlife guide, "Again if we were talking time, you might have a couple of weeks before somebody passes. There is a lot of discussion about how this person is going to handle their transition, and what your job is. I mean, even though I'm low on the pecking order I still help." (AFTERLIFE book, chapter 47, page 250) Read more...

(thanks to Stephen Hodge for the tip).

QUESTION: UFO's: You mentioned sometime ago that your friend actually saw an alien very close to her. That is very serious to say that. Can she be trusted?

Victor: Yes, a dear friend of mine M.J. who died some ten years agp was psychically gifted and was, like me, clairaudient (able to use telepathy for communication with afterlife intelligences). She told me that she met one of these space beings only a very short distance from her. But she would not tell anyone and told me because she trusted me and I had to promise her not to say anything about it for ten years after she dies. She described the space being as having a face very similar to the picture on the left. She was an extremely good person, with excellent character, who had high credibility, was highly spiritual and someone I trusted completely. I have no doubt at all that she actually saw and met this being - and implied in what she said, she communicated with it telepathically.

QUESTION - ON 'WHITE EAGLE': HOW DO WE KNOW HE IS WHO HE CLAIMS TO BE?: That very high spirit called 'White Eagle' materialized according to what you said in your newsletter last week. But how do we know if it really was him who materialized?

: First, I have been stating over the last five years that we do not have physical evidence that those who materialize are who they claim to be. We do however have the testimonies of literally hundreds of people who have recognized their loved ones who materialized through David Thompson with the help of his spirit team.

But evidence comes from other sources. For example, there is comparative analysis of what White Eagle stated last week compared with trance talks he gave through the medium Grace Cook. There is a consistency in thought, style and nuance of expression. Secondly, the voice is similar to the voice in other recordings of his trance teachings- assuming the other recordings are those of White Eagle. Thirdly , there is the connection between White Eagle and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - who materialized the same night. We know that there was a strong connection between Grace Cooke White Eagle and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Finally, the message delivered by White Eagle is itself highly spiritual - and that in itself one has to concede it is particularly consistent with White Eagle's teachings.

DAVID THOMPSON, materialization and mental medium and Christine Morgan, psychic and medium are available for group demonstrations, workshops and private readings in person or by phone (by phone in any country or language as long as you have a translator.)
If you would like to book a reading or apply to attend a materialization session email Christine Morgan.
Christine also has a workshop on mental mediumship happening on in Sydney on Saturday 5th February email for details.

ABOUT LAST WEEK'S REPORT ON TERRORISM IN RUSSIA: "You said: "This means that those responsible for this terrible massacre will one day be on the receiving end". How do we know if those who were blown up were not individuals who were reaping justice or karma from some former act or not themselves?

Victor: Whoever commits a willful crime will have to pay the price. Those terrorists who killed and injured those people at the airport will pay the price – no one gets away with it. Now, it just may be that those who were killed and injured had a karmic debt to pay. They would have had to be chosen to be at the right place at the right time to pay that debt. This is the same with other incidents – plane, train crashes. The message which comes from highly credible sources from the afterlife is that anyone who willfully commits a crime – especially against other innocent people - must pay for the crime committed sooner or later. Nothing happens by chance we are informed.

12-NIGHT MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE TO ITALY - EGYPT - ISRAEL - GREECE with Spiritual Teachers and Best-Selling Authors JAMES VAN PRAAGH and TONY STOCKWELL. While exploring some of the world's oldest civilizations in Italy, Egypt, Israel and Greece, you will also discover your own divine connection to the world beyond. In this spiritual voyage of adventure you will not only explore ancient civilizations you will also explore and develop your own psychic and mediumship gifts through seminars and workshops aboard ship with James and Tony.

Thanks for your continued work in the afterlife these are all things we are all interested in. Kindest Regards T.
2) Victor: I can't thank you enough for all that you and Wendy do . You, Sir, have started my path toward an area of focus that I would not have otherwise followed. R.

3) Dear Victor & Wendy ... Materializations ... exceptional! ... wonderful! And I am much fired up by the communication from the retired NASA scientist Henry M Harris. A wonderful Friday Report ... thank you! ... G.

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Disclaimer: Whilst we encourage and we publish many papers and reports by afterlife researchers, we are not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of all claims. We accept the imputed claim that the afterlife and paranormal research done by the researchers is done in good faith.