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April 2004

30th April 2004

TOP WORLD SCIENSTISTS: an open-minded reader would be most impressed by the number of brilliant scientists and empiricists participating in a Conference sponsored by the Institute of Noetic Sciences next June discussing the afterlife and mind-matter: D Byron Ph.D., Jane Kata Ph.D., Ed May Ph.D., Dean Radin Ph.D., Marilyn Schlitz Ph.D, Professor Russell Targ Ph.D, Jessica Utts Ph.D. More about this conference later.

HELEN DUNCAN one of the most powerful materialization mediums who ever lived and one of the most important women in history - click on BOOK top right and click chapter 11 . A full length movie is being planned for this magnificent medium. Sean Connery to play a leading role of a policeman, Judy Dench as Helen Duncan and other leading movie greats are being canvassed. More later.

DEFAMATION- BIG VICTORY AGAINST THE CLOSED MINDE DEBUNKING SKEPTICS! as I predicted last week - it fizzled out. Flamboyant closed minded skeptic Zwinge Hamilton Randi gave notice to a psychic writer Winston Wu he DROPPED the defamation case against him. As I explained last week, Zwinge had NO technical grounds for defamation. Apparently his lawyers obtained a copy of my defence for the writer and must have advised Zwinge Randi it would be absolutely disastrous for Zwinge Randi to proceed with the matter. Read more….

Are NDE's all in the Brain? One of my emails this week stated that she had read that a group of scientists had discovered that the NDE was "all in the brain". She was referring to a finding more than 7 years ago a group of neuroscientists at the University of California at San Diego identified a region of the human brain that appears to be linked to thoughts of spiritual matters and prayer and found that epileptics who suffer a particular type of seizure are often intensely religious, and are known to report an unusual number of spiritually-oriented visions and obsessions. But these neurological experiences omit critical things: the do not give the full picture. See below:

THE 'GOD SPOT' the experimenters themselves took this to be evidence that we simply have been given a physical mechanism for having spiritual experiences- the so-called "god spot" located between the two hemispheres of the brain. We know that electrical stimulation of the visual cortex produces visions- and electrical stimulation of the auditory centers produces sounds. But this doesn't mean that every time someone sees or hears something it is a product of their imagination! It simply means that we have a mechanism for seeing and hearing.

LANCET STUDY In December 2001 well after this brain research was published The Lancet published a 13 year study of patients undergoing heart surgery in 10 Dutch hospitals. Over and over again the author of the study Dr Van Lommel found that at the time people's brains were no longer functioning- i.e. totally flat EEGs and no electrical stimulation whatsoever they were able to see and report on things that were happening both close to and away from their immediate surroundings. PIM Van LOMMEL writes:
"In our prospective study of patients that were clinically dead (flat EEG, showing no electrical activity in the cortex, and loss of brain stem function evidenced by fixed dilated pupils and absence of the gag reflex), the patients report a clear consciousness, in which cognitive functioning, emotion, sense of identity, or memory from early childhood occurred, as well as perceptions from a position out and above their "dead" body. People who were blind from birth were able to see and people who were deaf from birth were able to hear. Read the full Lancet study… and analysis of the issue by Dr Jeffrey Long MD

LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS: "laboratory psychic experiments - using scientific method - have been conducted over a hundred years and continue to increase the voluminous objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife." Click on BOOK, then click on chapter 7

EXPERIENTIAL EVIDENCE- that which I experienced myself. People have been convinced about psychic phenomena because they themselves experience the phenomena - and many times do NOT share the experience with anyone else. Why not? We have a 2,000 years history where religion told us that anything religion cannot explain is evil or not to have contact with it. Things now have changed dramatically because the Catholic Church now has its own psychic department in the Vatican; it has specialists in psychic phenomena and more important - there are some Catholic and other Christian clergy who themselves have become mediums! The tide is turning and the empirical now is taking over from the irrelevance of tradition and anything else subjective. Remember, personal beliefs inevitably give way to any information elicited empirically- such as mediumship, telepathy and now Near Death and Out of Body Experiences. But ironic in the extreme, I am getting information all the time that for most people, the EXPERIENTIAL, that which was obtained from personal experience has become MORE POWERFUL than science!

23rd April 2004

CRIMINAL IRRESPONSIBILITY? I was asked to assist in a legal matter where a closed minded debunking skeptic threatened to sue a psychic empirical writer. This negatively entrenched debunker Zwinge Randi who made the issue a public one - obtains money from the public by way of 'charity' monies. Yet he stated among other things words to the effect, "I do not care what it costs I want to sue …' It is my view that if this negatively inclined Zwinge Randi is using 'charity' monies to pursue hopeless legal cases, he could be in breach of the Act. He has NOT a chance in the world of winning the case - and could be using public funding to try to save his ass because someone suggested Zwinge Randi was linked to pedophilia. Only if the negative debunker raises his character directly or by imputation as an issue does his character become an issue - and subject to close scrutiny. Read more…

THE REAL X-FILES: as an empiricist investigating the evidence for the paranormal, I came across a Puerto Rican - Fransisco Coll, some 15 years ago. I can tell you with absolute certainty and absolute honesty (and those in the Inner Peace Movement in the U.S., UK, Australia and New Zealand know what I am talking about) that we empiricists repeatedly made contact with afterlife intelligences. This was the CRITICAL evidence that made me continue doing evidentiary afterlife research. The afterlife dimension is an absolute certainty and the consequences are enormous. Click on BOOK top right for the evidence.

ELECTRONIC VOICE PHENOMENA - hear the voices of those people who passed on from the otherside: go to: "Voices on the Wind!" Message from Greg Brammer: If you are unfamiliar with us please let me share this invitation with you! We are amateur paranormal investigators / ghosthunters from Missouri, USA who have been working on researching and recording EVP, Electronic Voice Phenomena. I feel that so far we have been very successful.....and we have a list of almost 200 recorded ghost / spirit voices on our webpage for anyone to listen to. The site is FREE and there is NO registration required. If you have previously visited us....we invite you to view page 21 of our spirit voices.This page was completed just this evening. Many of the EVPs are
quite exciting! As you will hear if you choose to visit us......many of the voices are actually "interactive" with us with what we were saying or doing at the time. Please consider accepting this invitation to visit us on the web. Thank you for your time. Greg Brammer "Voices on the Wind"

REMOTE VIEWING: McMoneagle Beats the French Skeptics. Until recently France was a country where the paranormal was thought to be impossible. In October 2002 Joe McMoneagle took up the challenge of the most vocal skeptic in France and the head of the Parapsychological Association of America (Mario Varvoglis). Joe did the remote viewing from his dining room in Virginia while the Outbounder target persons (the skeptics he was asked to target and describe as to their location) were in Paris, France. On both trials he was stunningly accurate. As a result of the success, suit was brought to prevent the show from being aired on national television. The suit failed and it was aired on a different channel from the one originally intended. The program was recently reshown on French television. Read about Joe's other stunning success on Japanese television…

THE BLIND CAN SEE: Dr Ken Ring's latest research involves the ground-breaking work of investigating near-death experiences among blind persons. His findings are detailed in his latest book Mindsight which is bound to become a classic in the annals of near-death research much like his previous books, Lessons From The Light, Heading Toward Omega, Life At Death, and The Omega Project. Ken Ring researched NDEs that involve the experiencer witnessing events while out of their body which are later proven to have taken place. During his extensive research, Ken was also able to examine NDEs where the future was foretold.

THE PROOF IS IN THE AFTER-EFFECTS: According to Dr Ring, almost all subjects who experienced an NDE found their lives transformed and a change in their attitudes and values, and in their inclination to love and to help others. Dr. Ring was convinced that these were absolutely authentic experiences. And the subsequent lives of the experiencers were powerful testimony to our common ability to live more deeply, more appreciatively, more lovingly, and more spiritually.

THE OMEGA PROJECT: Kenneth Ring in his book The Omega Project tells of his surprise discovery that people who became interested in Near Death Experiences and spent some time reading about them showed many of the same effects as the NDErs themselves. They became more appreciative of life, more self-accepting, more compassionately concerned for others, more spiritual, less materialistic. These changes did not fade with the passage of time.

THE FUTURE CAN BE CHANGED: Over and over people who come back from a NDE report being told that the future is not fixed. "During my experience ... I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them." (Grey, 1985, p. 123)

ATHEIST PROFESSOR SEES THE LIGHT Before his near-death experience, Rev. Howard Storm, a Professor of Art at Northern Kentucky University, was not a very pleasant man. He was an avowed atheist and was hostile to every form of religion and those who practiced it. He often would use rage to control everyone around him and he didn't find joy in anything. Anything that wasn't seen, touched or felt, he had no faith in. He knew with certainty that the material world was the full extent of everything that was. He considered all belief systems associated with religion to be fantasies for people to deceive themselves with. Beyond what science said, there was nothing else. Read more…

CRITICAL VARIABLES IDENTIFIED: why do you think closed minded debunkers - which are less than 1% of the population do not experience psychic phenomena? Simply because they either do not have the sensitivity, the high vibrations or the honesty to be receptive to non physical energy. Further, there are those negatively deeply-entrenched closed minded debunking skeptics who remain anti-psychic for career promotion - for money. These I regard as traitors to humanity because they KNOW they will LIE, CHEAT and DECEIVE for their own selfish motives. Others remain closed minded because they are into corruption and would be terrified to think that one day they will be held accountable - so they go into 'denial' - nothing exists.

STRANGE PHENOMENA INVESTIGATIONS present a double bill 'Ghosthunting and what is the universe in ? 'Guest speakers Natalie Osbourne Thomason & Anthony Grey. Date: Saturday 24th April 2004 VENUE: The Sols Arms, 65-68 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 2PN.TIME: 3:00pm till 6:30pm.Nearest Tube Station: Warren Street on the Northern Line..Entrance: Public £7:00 SPI & BUFORA Members £5:00. (Price Includes Buffet)

16th April 2004

WHAT MUST YOU KNOW BEFORE YOU DIE: All are destined to die. Some of us are short term planners and can't plan beyond to-morrow. Others are long term planners. There is critical, most vital and most important information that YOU must know about while you are still here on this physical earth. This information is most urgent for you to know. Miss out on it and the consequences could be huge. Read more

REINCARNATION EXPERIMENT: by UK closed minded debunker psychologist, Dr R Weiseman (really not so wise!) on DISCOVERY cable TV channel must be the most stupid, most ridiculous and amateurish experiment in the history of psychic phenomena. The track record of some of these negatively prejudicial traditional psychologists shows they are lowering the standards.

PSYCHOLOGY is NOT scientific? From the Freudian, Jungian to the latest Phenomenology craze - all are NOT scientific! Psychology borrowed substantially from biology, scientific methodology, medicine - and from other disciplines of hard core science. Advanced psychologists are rapidly changing to more scientifically based TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOL-OGY- because it allows for the non-physical, psychic energy to EXPLAIN phenomena. Inevitably TRANSPER-SONAL PSYCHOLOGY will outlive the traditional, rigid, secular unscientific pure psychology.

THE ROCK OF TRUTH: by Arthur Findlay first published in 1933 is one book that you MUST read. It's PURE GOLD and most critical to your own spiritual well being now and for your inevitable future. When it was released it shook the world out of its over conservative, complacent, rigidly traditional unquestioning theology. We have to remove the rubbish from theology and allow only what is proven to be spiritual, helpful and inspirational. The ROCK OF TRUTH has been reprinted some 18 times and in different languages-to get a copy try esoteric bookshops or the ARTHUR FINDLAY COLLEGE - access details through

AFTER WE DIE, WHAT THEN?:A most impressive book published in 1987 by American psychic investigator and retired engineer George W. Meek. This research augments and complements Findlay's ROCK OF TRUTH. The whole world MUST access this critical information about what is going to happen to all humans after they cross over. No Bible, no Talmud, no Koran nor the Bhagavad Gita or any other traditional religious writing tells us ANYTHING in specific, accurate terms about WHAT is going to happen to us on crossing over. Empirically elicited and validated information is the most reliable as to our inevitable future when we cross over. Click on BOOK top right.

WHY REFORMATION NEEDED?: The founder of Christian theology EMPEROR CONSTANTINE, a Mithraist - (Pagan Sunworshipper) was solely responsible for organizing the most important ecclesiastical council in the history of the Western world in 325AD which shaped the thinking of the Western mind. He is on record for slaughtering six members of his own family: Maximian his wife's father in 310AD, Bassanius, his sister Anastasia's husband in 314AD; Licinianus, his nephew by Constantina in 319AD; Fausta his 2nd wife- (he killed her in 320 AD by drowning her in a bath of boiling water- ugh!!!!); Sopater, his former spiritual adviser, strangled in 321AD; Licinius his sister Constantina's husband in 325 and finally his own SON - he beheaded Crispus in 326AD. Emperor Constantine put off his baptism until the last moment believing that if he would be baptized immediately before he died he would go straight to heaven!!! What a lot of fundamentally erroneous rubbish!!!!

THE COUNCIL OF NICEA: in 324AD was the place where hundreds of ecclesiastics - sharply divided between the Unitarians and Trinitarians -VOTED on whether Jesus was God. History records that the first vote was LOST! Then the Trinitarians effectively lobbied Emperor Constantine to remove the Unitarians from the Council which lasted from May till September in 325AD. Of course, with the banishment of the Unitarians, the second motion was passed - so Jesus was declared God because there was no one left to vote against the motion! Read your history before you attempt to reply to me.

MORE ON WHY WE SHOULD HAVE A REFORMATION: did you know that according to the Catholic Church, if you die in 'mortal sin' you will go to hell for eternity? You will be eternally damned if you masturbate, if you divorce and remarry, if you do not believe in the Bible, if you are homosexual, if you do not believe that a snake talked Eve into biting an apple which brought down mankind … and if you do not go to Church on Sunday.

POINT OF ORDER! Early ecclesiastical translators willfully MISTRANSLATED the word 'eaon' which means a period of time. In the time of Jesus it was 100 years. They mistranslated it to mean 'eternally.' ONLY for this reason the Catholic Church as been preaching eternal damnation. Check it out for yourself. This was taken from a book written by a former priest, Johannes Greber's most insightful COMMUNICATING WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD. Former Father Greber identifies quite a number of instances where there were wilful Biblical mistranslations from the Greek into Latin into English. These just CANNOT be ignored hoping they will go away - they WON'T go away. Only by a proper REFORMATION will these huge blunders and obscenities be removed.

9th April 2004

EASTER PROBLEM?: We are TOLD that Jesus died on Good Friday and rose from death on Easter Sunday - three days later. Well, empirical data states that humans are 'resurrected' on dying, on crossing over. Most people do not have to wait three days- physics tells us that 'conscious dying' is like closing one door and opening another- there is NO time interval at all between death and 'resurrection.' As stated last week, it all has to do with a change of vibrations from the physical to the faster afterlife vibrations. Once again we have to postpone our existing historical beliefs based on the subjectivity of faith and allow the empirical information to tell us what is going to happen to us when we die. Click to BOOK top left - then click on chapter 27

'WALK-IN' FROM RUSSIA: A heart specialist emailed this week and described in detail a 'walk-in.' Yet he was not aware there was such thing. He wanted to know if I could explain such a phenomenon. The 'walk-in' symptoms are classic: a 21 year old female in a coma - later regains consciousness and is found to be a totally different girl, with different personality and character. Even her green eyes were now blue! People who knew her state she has changed physically and mentally. A 'Walk-in' occurs when a person's soul/spirit exits the physical body, usually permanently, and some other spirit/soul takes the place in the same physical body. Medical doctors have to be taught not only about OUT OF BODY AND NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, but also about 'WALK-INS.'

DR MICHAEL SABOM'S ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE: In his brilliant book LIGHT AND DEATH (1998) Dr Sabom reports a most important experiment on a patient having brain surgery. Dr Sabom had taped the patient's eyes shut. The ears were plugged but with transducers that 'provided stimulus sounds to check the responsiveness of the brain.' The patient's blood was circulating through an external heart-lung machine ... and all the blood had been drained from the brain. There was no detectable electrical activity in the brain. Other controls to were effected to ensure the safety of the patient. But the patient reported after the surgery that he had had a Near Death Experience and was able to describe critical incidents which happened during the operation- while there was no detectable electrical activity in his brain and there was no way he could hear or see anything. This is blatant scientific evidence which the hard-core traditional scientists have NOT been able to cope with. This is also a part of the 'new-science' REVOLUTION which is going on now and is stunning the world all over.

MEDICAL IGNORANCE: some old fashioned materialist doctors have NOT learnt that SOME patients in hospital actually being out of their bodies. One lady told me she tried to tell the doctor she experienced this spectacular out of body experience most vividly. The response by the doctor? "You've been dreaming."! Yet many other more intelligent, better informed doctors confirm patients reporting genuine OBE's. Teaching doctors about OBE's MUST become standard tuition - if we have to continue to refine our knowledge and learn more about psychic energy. Just because this doctor did not know about OBEs, it does not mean the OBE did not happen.

AN OUTDADED SCIENTIFIC PARADIGM?: Studies have shown that people become very totally convinced of the afterlife after they themselves have a personal EXPERIENCE of an afterlife phenomenon. Traditional science cannot explain non physical-energy - known as 'psychic energy.' So that when the hardcore closed minded materialists state that only old fashioned science is valid -they are making a huge blunder. The EXPERIENTIAL is more powerful, more convincing, more compelling than anything else on earth -far more convincing than science itself. The traditional hard core scientists have NEVER submitted any evidence to ANYONE to show that the paranormal does not and cannot exist. One of the reasons being that they're incorrectly applying an outdated scientific paradigm which is failing to measure non-physical phenomena.

INTELLECTUAL PROSTITUTES: Sycophancy for funding and bootlicking for media attention! I'm referring to those hard core closed minded debunkers who are disseminating so much darkness around the world - something for which someday they will have to pay a hefty price. These are people who are into extreme materialism, into corruption, who lend their intellectual skills to willfully attack the paranormal. They continue to deny the paranormal just to get more funding. Why? Because it will give these people enormous ANXIETY if they accept that one time in the future they will be held accountable for their negative deeds. So they hope that their DENIAL will offset the constant bombardment of guilt.

MYSTERY SOLVED! First, as an open minded skeptic myself I do encourage people to scrutinize all objective/subjective information. We must at all times remember that subjective information is itself subject to fundamental errors and to COMPLETE INVALIDATION. I respect those who have their beliefs - but always keep in mind that whenever there is an inconsistency between the objective, the empirical and the subjective, the personal beliefs, inevitably the objective will ALWAYS prevail of the subjective. It can NEVER be any other way. The afterlife research I have on this site is purely OBJECTIVE. I do NOT have the luxury of subjective beliefs.

Report 2nd April 2004

DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF THE DIVINE: A living legend Stan Grof is an American Professor who was important in founding Transpersonal Psychology. He has spent 40 years investigating practices which lead to a direct experience of the spiritual realms. Initially he did lot of work with psychedelics and later developed a method he calls "holotropic breathwork" in which people re-experience their own birth and beforehand. He claims he has seen many skeptics converted by their own experiences:
"Whenever the process of experiential self-exploration reaches the pre-natal (pre-birth) and the transpersonal levels, it leads to spiritual awakening, and the individual becomes interested in the mystical quest. I have seen many highly educated persons undergo this process in our psychedelic training program and in holotropic workshops, and have yet to see a single individual, including atheist, Marxists, and positivistic scientists, whose skepticism and cynicism about spirituality would survive such an experience." Highly recommended is his book The Cosmic Game (Stanislav Grof 1998).

GROF ON 'MATERIALSTIC SCIENCE': "Western (reductionist) materialistic science…has been able to maintain its present position only by resisting, censoring, and even ridiculing a vast body of observations indicating that consciousness can exist and function independently of the body and of the physical senses. This evidence comes from parapsychology, anthropology, LSD empirical research, experiential psychotherapy, thanatology, and the study of spontaneously occurring non-ordinary states of consciousness. All these disciples have amassed impressive data demonstrating clearly that human consciousness is capable of doing many things that the brain (as understood by mainstream science) could not possibly do." (Grof 1998:245)

THE 'NEW SCIENCE' IS TAKING OVER THE EXPLANATION OF DEATH: I asked elderly people this week what is going to happen to them when they cross over. Some gave me the theological response that their soul 'will sleep until judgment day.' FALSE! Why false? Because the new science tells us otherwise. The new physics tells us that crossing over is a matter of changing of frequency of vibrations. On crossing over the physical body will die- the 'physical' vibrations of the body will cease to vibrate. The DUPLICATE of the physical body - the REAL YOU - which will have its level of vibrations much higher than that of the physical body will find itself in the afterlife dimension. It does NOT go to sleep. The Law of Attraction will pull like a magnate - automatically - the duplicate body with its new vibrations to a realm - a world - with the same level of vibrations. We will cross over with the accumulated vibrations we earned while on this planet earth and will inevitably find ourselves in one of the realms in the afterlife dimension. Those with lower vibrations end down in the lower realms. Those with higher vibrations will end up in the higher realms. The higher the vibrations the hugely better conditions - for more about what happens when you die click on BOOK top right - click on chapter 27.

A NEW REFORMATION: is urgently needed. Christian theologians and Biblical experts agree there are certain very serious problems in the Bible which have to be removed. They are fundamentally inconsistent with 'spirituality.' (Try doing a search on BIBLE INCONSISTENCIES on Google). The Pope must take leadership in the most critical problem where modern technology and the vast accumulated epistemology - world knowledge - are showing us what is the truth against what is man-made religious from antiquity - the time of primitive man being phenomenally undiscriminating, NOT scientific and full of superstition.

BY POPULAR DEMAND - CAN AN ATHEIST BE 'SPIRITUAL'? Being religious and being spiritual is NOT necessarily the same thing. It is open to every religious person to become 'spiritual'. Some atheists and agnostics, by their CONDUCT could be far MORE 'spiritual' than those who call themselves 'religious'. What is being spiritual? It is a way of life - being UNselfish, willing to help others less privileged than you are - doing it NOT for money but because of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

MEDICAL IGNORANCE :- some old fashioned materialist doctors have NOT learnt that SOME patients in hospital actually EXPERIENCE an OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE. One lady told me she tried to tell the doctor she experienced this spectacular OBE most vividly - the response by the doctor? "You've been dreaming."! Too many other more intelligent, better informed doctors confirm patients reporting genuine OBE's. Teaching doctors about OBE's MUST become standard tuition - if we have to continue to learn more about psychic energy.

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